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Topic: Alternative globalization movement

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Programmes of the Belgian alternative globalization movement: a Gramscian perspective
To conclude as far as the composition of the movement is concerned, we might remark that the activists in the alternative globalisation movement are mostly young, but certainly not all of them (which is an important difference with the movement of the sixties and seventies, some of whose ‘veterans’ now are active again).
The sympathisers of the movement seem primarily to have voted for the greens (who have suffered a terrible defeat in the 2003 elections) and especially for the social democrats which they consider as ‘the lesser evils’.
Movements that are ‘revolutionary’ in the sense that they aim for major structural changes in society of course need a large social base, but this social base is also partly the result of its own discursive construction.
netx.u-paris10.fr /actuelmarx/m4dumol.htm   (3107 words)

 Anti-Globalization Movement's Alternative Summit Opens Ahead of G8
Anti-Globalization Movement's Alternative Summit Opens Ahead of G8 Published on Friday, May 30, 2003 by the Agence France Presse
Anti-Globalization Movement's Alternative Summit Opens Ahead of G8 The anti-globalization movement's alternative summit began in this southeastern French town with a challenge to the legitimacy of the G8 summit of world leaders due to take place in nearby Evian this weekend.
CRID's president Gus Massiah said the alternative gathering at Annemasse's Martin Luther King cultural center was meant to allow new thought on world affairs to counter the G8, which he described as "unbearable".
www.commondreams.org /cgi-bin/print.cgi?file=/headlines03/0530-04.htm   (506 words)

 Anti-Globalization Movement
Globalization is essentially an economic process that begins in America and eventually involves its tri-lateral partners in Europe and Japan.
All of the movements have in their front lines the youth of various societies, who are tired of watching TV and their future being sold to transnational corporations.
The movement has its sights set on several goals over the next couple of years, and every effort should be made to track developments and support, which in any case will have to be done outside the world of the global corporate media.
academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu /education/progler/writings/published/globalization.html   (1354 words)

 Shape shifting: Civil Society, Complexity and Social Movements
The discourse of global civil society expresses an evolving and radically democratic praxis that is rooted in the struggles of communities, movements and groups worldwide, the essence of which is often exhibited during conflictual collective action by the AGM.
In this discourse global civil society is presented as the domain where globalising forces are recognised, interrogated and contested, thereby acting as a bulwark against the excesses of globalization and as a model for alternative forms of solidarity and internationalism.
Global civil society and in particular the AGM has proliferated by using inclusive methods of organising, pluralistic patterns of intervention and the targeting of organisations, events and situations that have a global impact and as such have resonance for social movements and other sympathetic constituencies globally.
www.shiftingground.freeuk.com /shapeshifting.htm   (9504 words)

 The Anti-Globalization Movement
The anti-globalization movement is not primarily composed of Luddites who would take away telephone and e-mail, and in fact many of these groups make use of this technology themselves.
Altman, in his book Global Sex, argues that as a direct result of economic development, “hundreds of thousands are forced to turn to sex work.”[26] Altman’s work goes much farther than a simple connection between development, impoverishment, and the need to turn to prostitution in order to live.
Unlike many of the other problems with globalization, labour issues are highly visible, and it apparent from the number of protests and movements which have sprung up around this issue that this issue serves as a focal point for the anti-globalization movement.
www.davidbarber.org /research/antiglobalpaper.html   (5196 words)

 Alternative Globalization
The world movement against the globalisation of death and destruction is experiencing one of its brightest moments in Cancun today.
This alternative is possible because around the world people know that liberty is a word which is often used as an excuse for cynicism.
It was also one of many instructive examples of the relationship between global free trade and how the goods we use and wear are made.
www.omnicenter.org /justicecollection/altglob.htm   (5226 words)

 Revolutionary Anarchism & the Anti-Globalization Movement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The new movement represents an important development for the international working class and a massive opportunity for the anarchist movement at the dawn of the twenty-first century.
We must support the possibilities for the development of a cosmopolitan international culture, the globalization of labour and the labour movement that are emerging with globalization.
On the contrary, anarchists recognise that the nation state is one of the main authors of globalization, and, in particular, the capitalist aspects of globalization.
flag.blackened.net /revolt/rbr/rbr5/lucien.html   (2011 words)

 The Manifesto Magazine
The alternative to monopoly is not relativism but shared criteria to identify the kinds of conceptions and knowledges most adequate to promote social justice worldwide.
Neoliberal globalization showed that exploitation is linked with many other forms of oppression that affect women, ethnic minorities (sometimes majorities), indigenous peoples, peasants, the unemployed, workers of the informal sector, legal and illegal immigrants, ghetto subclasses, gays and lesbians, children and the young.
That is to say, all the movements and organizations have room for action and discourse in which to agree with all the other movements or organizations, whatever the cleavages among them.
www.larivistadelmanifesto.it /en/originale/47A20040203e.html   (3087 words)

 Anti-Globalization Movement - OpenWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Some factions of the movement reject globalization as such, but the overwhelming majority of its participants are aligned with movements of indigenous people, human rights NGO's, anarchism, green movements, and to a minor extent communism.
Some activists in the movement have objected not to capitalism or international markets as such but rather to what they claim is the non-transparent and undemocratic mechanisms; and the negative consequences of unregulated globalization.
There are many different causes championed by movement members, including labor rights, environmentalism, feminism, freedom of migration, preservation of the cultures of indigenous peoples, biodiversity, cultural diversity, food safety, organic farming, opposition to the green revolution and genetic engineering, and ending or reforming capitalism.
www.infoshop.org /wiki/index.php?title=Anti-Globalization_Movement&printable=yes   (3075 words)

This book brings together his essays, columns, and interviews from the last four years on globalization-related issues, from the World Trade Organization to the 1997 Asian financial crisis to debates on "sustainable development." As such, it is an important document of struggle.
It is not within his purview to recognize that the measures in question reflect the work of popular movements against the big corporations.
My sense is that we are at a formative stage in the development of this new movement (which does not yet even have an agreed-upon name).
www.focusweb.org /publications/2002/what-alternative-to-globalisation.htm   (1940 words)

 Baltimore Independent Media Center: After FTAA: Interview with Baltimore Activist Mike McGuire
Baltimore activists have attended report-backs in Baltimore and Washington DC on Miami and the future of the global justice movement, or alternative globalization movement, for an alternative concept.
In Seattle we saw our first major reconvergence of these movements, which opposed the WTO for their own reasons but were now united in struggle against an enemy that threatened progress in all of those distinct arenas.
If we are going to build the movement in the US and model the world that we want to create, I think that it has to be through non-violence.
baltimore.indymedia.org /newswire/display/6245/index.php   (4141 words)

 babble: the self-criticism method for the alternative globalisation movement
This is my personal conviction, that most of the time alternative globalisation activists do their projects with the faith that they are doing something important and achieving things, even when that clearly isn't the case.
The movement should start it's gradual journey towards intellectualism and rational approach, in which the goal is to make the most of our resources (which is mostly volunteers and the time they dedicate to the cause).
A large proportion of the participants were not active in the alternative globalization movement, and wouldn't have taken part in such protests.
www.rabble.ca /babble/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=21&t=000911&p=   (6026 words)

 AlterNet: The Anti-globalization Movement Changes Its Tune
A movement that crosses all national boundaries, that relies so heavily on electronic communications, that so effectively summons people to come from all over the world to march in the streets of whatever city might be hosting an economic conference was clearly a global one, however vigorously its rhetoric might condemn the evils of globalization.
A movement that aspires to "build a planetary society" is going to have to move beyond the protest stance and become more practical and proactive than it has been so far.
Unless it does, the best we have as alternatives to the present neo-liberal thrust of globalization are protectionism and socialism -- which didn't do a whole lot to solve the problems of previous centuries, and are not likely to prove the salvation of this one.
www.alternet.org /story/12423   (745 words)

 Agenda   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In all "anti globalization" gatherings and demonstrations around the world, the Palestinian flag is raised and slogans in support of the Palestinian people are chanted.
The social movements adopt the Palestinian cause motivated by a strong drive for justice and rejecting the last remanding colonial project.
The Alternative Information Center is organizing an international seminar to discus and to analyze the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the framework of the military globalization.
www.shaml.org /agenda/2003/program30august.htm   (766 words)

    (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Buttle, Frederick H. and Kenneth A. Gould (2004) 'Global Social Movement(s) at the Crossroads: Some Observations on the Trajectory of the Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement', Journal of World-Systems Research, X (I): 37-66.
Lloyd, Christopher (2000) 'Globalization: Beyond the Ultra-Modernist Narrative to a Critical Realist Perspective on Geopolitics in the Cyber Age', International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 24 (2): 258-73.
Mittelman, James H. and Christine B.N. Chin (2000) 'Conceptualizing Resistance to Globalization', in The Globalization Syndrome: Transformation and Resistance, edited by James H. Mittelman, 165-78.
www.20six.co.uk /rss/Alter_Globalization.rss   (3534 words)

Some writers in the movement see Genoa as a crossroads for the alternative globalization movement, facing fragmentation from internal differences or increasing influence in challenging global forces of domination.
One of the most remarkable characteristics of these movements is their diversity: trade unionists together with ecologists together with priests and communists.
REPORT ON THE RAID, G8 MEETING, AND ALTERNATIVE GLOBALIZATION MOVEMENT (English) http://buffalo.indymedia.org/local/webcast/uploads/metafiles/patrickbeckettj22.mp3 Account of raid by Patrick Beckett, and American reporter with Free Speech Radio News who was in the IMC-Genoa as it was raided on Sunday morning.
www.zmag.org /INDYreport.htm   (2729 words)

 Toni Negri, Profile of a Terrorist Ideologue
Negri and Hardt co-authored a book, Empire, published by Oxford University Press, in which they better explain their "alternative globalization movement": Globalization is a new form of Empire, they write, which is good because it replaces the nation-state.
In Italy, Negri is serving a 12-year sentence for having been a leading member of both the Red Brigades and the Autonomist movement in the 1970s.
When he returned to Italy, in October 1997, Negri started work on his book, Empire, and sent a statement from prison announcing that the new "laboratory of subjectivity" is the form of deregulation and liberalization pushed by the Lega Nord in the Veneto region, in a "leftist" variant.
www.larouchepub.com /other/2001/2832toni_negri.html   (699 words)

 Canadian Democratic Movement :: Alternative News Media on Democracy, Politics, Trade, Environment, Military and Money ...
Alternative News Media on Democracy, Politics, Trade, Environment, Military and Money in Canada
The comments are property of their posters, and as such do not reflect the opinion of the Canadian Democratic Movement.
The Canadian Democratic Movement does not always agree with the submissions we publish.
www.canadiandemocraticmovement.ca   (715 words)

 Study Guide for Final Exam
We have seen in this course that the "anti-globalization" movement is mainly committed to an alternative type of globalization, not the ending of globalization per se.
Looking at the various proponents of this view--from the UNDP's "Globalization with a human face" to Richard Falk's call to renew the quest for "humane governance," discuss the key ideas of the alternative globalization movement and explain where you stand in this ongoing debate.
Be familiar with the general issues connected with globalization and the environment discussed in class.
camden-www.rutgers.edu /~wood/370/370final-studyguide.htm   (821 words)

 Grassroots media - Direct Action Videos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
BACKGROUND AND COMMENTARIES Some writers in the movement see Genoa as a crossroads for the alternative globalization movement, facing fragmentation from internal differences or increasing influence in challenging global forces of domination.
He is also chair of the Marxist Section of the American Sociological Association, co-moderator of the Progressive Sociology Network, past organizer of several Radical Scholar's Conferences, author of a number of papers on the alternative globalization movement, and currently co-editing a book on same.
He is professor of sociology and public administration at the University of the Philippines and executive director of Focus on the Global South, a research and advocacy institute based at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.
www.treesit.org /havc/campaigns_videos/global_justice/genoa_g8.html   (2730 words)

 Black Bloc (or not?) in Genoa : LA IMC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The mainstream media and many groups in the alternative Globalization movement are either buying the story of the fl block actions moving Genoa to extreme violence (which was completely theresponsibility of the police) or on other hand, defending the fl block against charges of infiltration.
As the recent history of the movement proves, the Black Bloc are not static and can adopt different tactics and seek "cross-fertilization" like they did in Quebec City during the anti-FTAA mobilization.
My opinion is not even an opinion, for it is fully supported by testimonies and video documentation: last Friday six or seven infiltrated carabinieri channeled and directed the (just, albeit blind) anger of hundreds of anarchist kids who should have known better.
laindymedia.org /news/2001/07/8960.php   (2636 words)

 globalization - OneLook Dictionary Search
Globalization : AMEX Dictionary of Financial Risk Management [home, info]
Globalization : Quanto Financial Technology Dictionary [home, info]
Phrases that include globalization: alter globalization, alternative globalization movement, anti globalization, anti globalization movement
www.onelook.com /?w=globalization&ls=a   (147 words)

 Anti-Globalization movement's alternative summit opens ahead of G8 (30 May 03) :: Radio Free USA :: Unflinching and ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Anti-Globalization movement's alternative summit opens ahead of G8 (30 May 03) :: Radio Free USA :: Unflinching and unembedded independent news
News: Anti-Globalization movement's alternative summit opens ahead of G8 (30 May 03)
The anti-globalization movement's alternative summit began in this southeastern French town with a challenge to the legitimacy of the G8 summit of world leaders due to take place in nearby Evian this weekend.
radiofreeusa.net /modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=658   (767 words)

 Alternative Globalization
In a similar way India should have the freedom to recover high prices for its bauxite and manganese ore.” Since the natural resources are a diminishing commodity, unlike technologies which are ever expanding, there is a stronger argument for protecting the commodities rather than technology.
In the alternative globalization the author argues for poor countries should be encouraged to make cartels of their natural resources.
And finally freedom of movement of people should be allowed but nations should have right to restrict the movement of capital.—YaleGlobal
yaleglobal.yale.edu /display.article?id=4180   (236 words)

 Department of Educational Studies Faculty
"Globalization and Education in Asia" with Francisco Ramirez in The Handbook on Educational Research in the Asia Pacific Region.
"Cultural Diversity as Resistance to Neoliberal Globalization: The Emergence of a Global Movement and Convention".
Panel Organizer and Presenter, "Globalization from Below: The Role of Transnational Social Movements in Redefining Educational Multilateralism" at the 12th World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Havana, Cuba.
www.edst.educ.ubc.ca /faculty/chan-tiberghien.html   (1599 words)

 WCC 9th Assembly - International theological congress to debate mission and ecumenism
Participants will debate issues like the contemporary theology of mission and ecumenism, the relationship between ecumenism and Pentecostalism, between churches and civil society, inter-religious dialogue, churches and sexuality, theological education, ecumenical spirituality and cultural diversity, among others.
The congress will not be limited to the academic arena, and will include visits to social projects like the Landless Workers' Movement and the Unemployed Workers' Movement.
Participants will also take part in various elements of the 9th Assembly programme, such as the "ecumenical conversations", the Mutirão and a plenary session on Latin America.
www.wcc-assembly.info /en/news-media/news/english-news.html?type=98&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=8556   (320 words)

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