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Topic: Altiplano

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  Altiplano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Altiplano (Spanish for high plain), where the Andes are at their widest, is the most extensive area of high plateau on earth outside of Tibet.
Unlike the Tibetan plateau, however, the Altiplano is dominated by the massive peaks of active volcanoes to the west.
At the end of the Pleistocene epoch, the whole extent of the Altiplano was covered by a vast lake, Ballivián, the present remnants of which are Lake Titicaca, straddling the Peru/Bolivia border, and Poopó, a saline lake which extends south of Oruro, Bolivia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Altiplano   (323 words)

 Chile Altiplano, trekking, desert, geysers
The tableland of the Altiplano is crowned by the highest volcanoes in the world and inhabited by Aymara shepherds at an altitude of approximately 4000m.
Altiplano trekking introduces you to the adventure and desert magic of this arid and vast table land.
The Altiplano is a flat terrace placed on top of the Andes at an average of 4.000 mt/ 13,000 ft above sea level.
www.cascada-expediciones.com /places/altiplano/altiplano.htm   (255 words)

 NASA RP 1318: The Bolivian Altiplano and the Andes Mountains
This is the altiplano or Puno of Peru and Bolivia, homeland of the Incas and magnificent mysterious ruins.
To reach the center line on the altiplano is probably easier from Oruro, though the distance is in the neighborhood of 150 kilometers.
As the Moon's shadow leaves the altiplano, the weather becomes increasingly cloudy as the path descends to lower pressures on the Atlantic side of the Andes.
umbra.nascom.nasa.gov /eclipse/941103/text/weather-altiplano-andes.html   (1090 words)

 Armadillo Altiplano 4 person camping tent
The Altiplano uses an outer-shell design: frame in the outer waterproof layer, with a tensioned inner living unit suspended from the outer.
The Altiplano has 106 sq ft of area within the outer shell and 65 sq ft of space in the inner tent, which has two doors.
Altiplano outer shell with front and rear doors open and with inner tent removed.
moontrail.com /tents/altiplano.html   (191 words)

 Altiplano   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The 430P hand-wound mechanical movement fitted in the Altiplano is the worthy successor of the 9P movement.
The Altiplano, in which it is encased, is the slimmest shaped watch in the world, providing an elegant combination of square case and rectangular dial.
It plays on the contrast between the polished surface of its bezel and the satin-finish of its case.
www.piaget.com /e/id-collection-1800412.htm   (237 words)

 altiplano on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The altiplano is a sediment-filled depression between the Cordillera Oriental and the Cordillera Occidental.
The lake is drained by the Desaguadero River south across the altiplano into Lake Poopó.
Aguas del Altiplano invests US$11mil in improving its services.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/a1/altiplan.asp   (585 words)

 The Pankar-huyu : Benson Institute   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Bolivia ranks among the poorest countries in South America; its Altiplano (high plains), besides being the economically poorest region, is also a place of precarious roads, limited communication, harsh climate, and high rates of malnutrition.
The Aymara people have lived in the Altiplano under these conditions for thousands of years, but many of the younger generation are moving to urban areas hoping to find a friendly environment and a better life than what subsistence farming offers.
The diet of the Altiplano natives is potato-based, and vegetables are rare.
benson.byu.edu /Publication/BI/Lessons/volume22/pankar.html   (2054 words)

 Andes - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Andes
Located at the southernmost point of South America, Patagonia, divided between Argentina and Chile, is a windswept area of mountains, glaciers, and isolated sheep farms.
Snowy volcanoes dominate the Lauca National Park, in the altiplano of northern Chile.
This desert plateau, part of the Andes, is grazed by vicunas, animals of the camel family that were once hunted for their wool, but are now protected.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Andes   (879 words)

 Some Glimpses of Chile - Travelogue
Roughly speaking, the northern third of the country is primarily desert, with bits of `altiplano' (high plateau) inland; the middle third is the fertile heartland, where 90% of the people live, and industry, agriculture, and government are concentrated; and the southern third is a Norway-type region of islands, fjords, and forests.
Lauca was also special in that unlike other parts of the altiplano, it had a fair bit vegetation - grass, shrubs, and other greenery added a nice touch to the blueness of the skies and the whiteness of the mountains.
Sunday, morning: The altiplano is bitterly cold at night, and my sleeping bag is not the greatest, so between the cold and the altitude I got very little sleep.
www.travel-library.com /south_america/chile/trip.reiter.html   (1962 words)

 The Andean Altiplano: Lessons for the Mises-Tullock View of Development by Dr. John Cobin
Peru, Chile, and Bolivia are nominally Roman Catholic nations, although the Altiplano Indians (of Incan or Aymaran descent) either worship the gods of nature (i.e., the condor, the puma, the snake, etc.) or practice a religion which mixes the worship of these gods with traditional Catholic icons like Jesus, Mary, and the saints.
Indeed, Altiplano wretchedness seems to confound the Mises-Tullock rationale for underdevelopment and, perhaps, indicate that cultural (i.e., religious) elements have had a far greater impact than modern scholars are willing to give them credit for.
Perhaps the rule of law is not as strong in the Altiplano region (via its distant capital cities Lima, La Paz, and Santiago) as it is elsewhere.
www.policyofliberty.net /AndeanAltiplano.html   (8612 words)

 Altiplano -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Unlike the (Click link for more info and facts about Tibetan plateau) Tibetan plateau, however, the Altiplano is dominated by the massive peaks of active (A mountain formed by volcanic material) volcanoes to the west.
The (A desert in northern Chile rich in nitrate and copper deposits) Atacama Desert, the driest area on the whole planet, lies to the southwest of the Altiplano.
(Click link for more info and facts about La Paz, Bolivia) La Paz, Bolivia is the Altiplano's principal city.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/a/al/altiplano.htm   (244 words)

 Birding, botanizing, and nature tours in Chile: Parque Nacional Lauca, Atacama Desert, all habitats from sea to ...
We concentrate on wildlife and habitats from sea to altiplano with the special attractions being the Atacama Desert and altiplano parks and reserves.
Of course as the life zones change one sees different birds, mammals, and plants in each particular steppe of elevation from seabirds to flamingos, from cetaceans to camelids, from olive groves to exquisite alpine wildflowers.
These so-called "transverse valleys" running from the coast up to the precordillera and altiplano, serve as migration corridors for birds, and of course for humans too.
www.birdingaltoandino.com   (443 words)

Chilean Altiplano) provides new data to solve some of the paleoclimate controversies as regional moisture availability patterns during the early and mid Holocene and the onset of ENSO modern conditions.
Chilean Altiplano) has provided new insights which could contribute to solve some of the regional paleoclimate controversies, such as the Mid-Holocene aridity crisis or the onset of ENSO conditions.
The Central Andes and the Altiplano has provided exceptional records of climate variability of the last millenia, but little is known about the mechanisms and processes that have triggered such variability.
www.ipe.csic.es /limnogeologia/Altiplanochile.htm   (3904 words)

 Altiplano Structure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The great thickness of the altiplano crust of the central Andes has been established for more than two decades, but the bulk composition and thickening process is still actively debated.
To model altiplano sPnl waveforms, we relocated two intermediate-depth earthquakes, one at each end of the altiplano network, and estimated their moment tensors by inverting complete long-period seismograms.
This constraint precludes significant volumes of magmatic addition from the mantle contributing to the great thickness of the altiplano crust, but is consistent with thickening by compressive shortening concentrated in a weak felsic crust.
www.geo.arizona.edu /web/Beck/meyers/George_Alti_Struc.html   (253 words)

 LLNL IGPP-Geosciences Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Altiplano, in southern Peru, western Bolivia, northern Chile, and the Puna of northwestern Argentina together form one of the world's highest and largest plateaus second only to the Tibetan Plateau.
The Altiplano has an average elevation of nearly 4 km, a crustal thickness of at least 65 km, and covers an area of over 600,000 km2.
The Altiplano is part of the central Andean mountain belt and is clearly associated with subduction of the Nazca plate beneath the South American plate.
earthscience.llnl.gov /igpp/seda.php   (1373 words)

 ONE COUNTRY - Reforesting a mountain desert on Bolivia's altiplano
In isolated valleys, small communities of Aymara and Quechua people eke out a subsistence living, growing potatoes during the wet season and grazing sheep on the marginal pasture lands that cling to the slopes.
More recently, the Center has sought to encourage altiplano communities with a simple yet potentially far-reaching project to build small check dams which can catch and hold the scarce rainfall.
The promise -- which is starting to be fulfilled in some areas -- is that periodic dry spells will no longer mean disaster for potato crops, that the pasture lands themselves will become more verdant, that the slopes can be to some extent reforested, and that, ultimately, year-round supplies of water will be established.
www.onecountry.org /oc73/oc7304as.html   (871 words)

 VisitChile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Speckled with lakes, marshes, salt flats, and geysers, crowned by 20,000 foot volcanoes, the Altiplano is Chile's link with the great civilizations of the Central Andes.
Today, a traditional society of Aymara Indians wanders the Altiplano with their domesticated llamas and alpacas, congregating periodically for festivals in eerily whitewashed 'ceremonial villages'.
Near the southernmost limit of the region, the towns of Copiapó and La Serena provide access to narrow east-west agricultural valleys best known as producers of Chile's beloved pisco (grape brandy) and site of the southern hemisphere's clearest skies, which attract professional and amateur astronomers from across the globe.
www.visit-chile.org /norte/norte.phtml   (438 words)

 Luxury Chile Tours: Chile's Mountains of Fire & Ice - Altiplano, Atacama Desert, Lake District & Torres del ...
This study of natural beauty in environmental extremes begins among the snow-covered Andean volcanoes of the Altiplano, or Highlands, of northern Chile, where sand-preserved mummies and pre-Incan artifacts evidence human occupation dating back to 5,000 BC and where pre-Columbian fortresses, settlements and geoglyphs mark the Incas' caravan route from the coast to the highlands.
Descending from the Altiplano to the Atacama Desert, the driest on earth, one confronts the paradox of its unusual manifestations of water.
Transfer to the airport for the flight to Arica, in the Altiplano, or Highlands of the Andes.
www.inkas.com /tours/chile/chiles_mountains.html   (5000 words)

 National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Into the Altiplano   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
For six weeks during November and December, Bowermaster and a multinational team of five will travel from sea level to South America's Altiplano—a massive, elevated flatland spanning portions of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.
The Altiplano was formed millions of years ago by sediments washed down from the mountains to fill a deep valley that formed between two Andean chains as they were pushed up from the seabed.
But as dry as it is, the Altiplano is hardly devoid of life.
www.nationalgeographic.com /adventure/0311/field.html   (407 words)

 French language courses in France   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
And learn about the history and culture of this beautiful, exciting and lively country.
Altiplano provides the stimulating, friendly and professional environment which allows you to increase your confidence in your linguistic ability.
Altiplano Training specializes in intensive French language courses that focus on French social and business cultures as well as key language skills.
www.altiplanotraining.com   (362 words)

 Armadillo Altiplano Reviews
This tent's low profile is ideal for the family that might find themselves in windier conditions that can be a problem for most taller tents.
The Armadillo Altiplano was the tent which we chose which most closely represented technology combined with more room.
Based on my previous experience with Walrus products; Hurricane Hole and my recent experience with Armadillo Posada and Altiplano, my recommendation to MSR would be to go back to just selling water filters and stoves etc. and sell the tent business to someone who knows what tent making is all about.
www.outdoorreview.com /PRD_79465_2955crx.aspx   (1127 words)

 FREE In-depth report - Mountains And Altiplano - Bolivia
The Altiplano, the high plateau between the two cordilleras, comprises four major basins formed by mountainous spurs that jut eastward from the Cordillera Occidental about halfway to the Cordillera Oriental.
The entire Altiplano was originally a deep rift between the cordilleras that gradually filled with highly porous sedimentary debris washed down from the peaks.
Near the Argentine border, the floor of the Altiplano rises again, creating hills and volcanoes that span the gap between the eastern and western cordilleras of the Andes.
www.exploitz.com /Bolivia-Mountains-And-Altiplano-cg.php   (950 words)

 Birding, botanizing, and nature tours in Chile: Parque Nacional Lauca, Atacama Desert, all habitats from sea to ...
Birding, botanizing, and nature tours in Chile: Parque Nacional Lauca, Atacama Desert, all habitats from sea to altiplano.
Altiplano and Atacama Desert wildlife and culture tour
In Parque Nacional Lauca and throughout northern Chile you are guided by naturalist Barbara Knapton.
birdingaltoandino.com   (443 words)

 High Plains Backpacker: Altiplano Roadshow
The highway continued along the bleak Altiplano plateau as freshly plowed farmland stretched across the landscape, mile after mile.
Apart from the sounds of a light breeze and the occasional passing bus, all was quiet along the Altiplano.
She was right: at the rate our driver was changing the tires we'd probably be on the road in less than half an hour.
www.edwebproject.org /altiplano/lapaz1.html   (5387 words)

 Crustal structure of the Altiplano from broadband regional waveform modeling: Implications for the composition of thick ...
Crustal structure of the Altiplano from broadband regional waveform modeling: Implications for the composition of thick continental crust
Robust models for the Altiplano that provide the best overall fit between the data and synthetic seismograms are characterized by an average V
Citation: Swenson, J. Beck, and G. Zandt (2000), Crustal structure of the Altiplano from broadband regional waveform modeling: Implications for the composition of thick continental crust, J.
dx.doi.org /10.1029/1999JB900327   (353 words)

 Historic Atlantis in Bolivia
This plain is in the centre of the continent exactly as Plato described it.
Above right, Drawing of the Altiplano showing the location of Pampa Aullagas where the city should be.
The Aymara kingdoms which existed on the Altiplano also existed in pairs, so there can be no doubt that the story of Atlantis had it's origins in in a Bolivian legend.
www.geocities.com /webatlantis   (1332 words)

 Overlands Chile Altiplano Patagonia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Altiplano (¨high plain¨) runs from the Peruvian border north of lake Titicaca (lat15º) southwards through the Andean belt until stopping south of the giant Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world (lat28º).
It was formed by such intense volcanic activity that basins, canyons and gorges were filled creating a flat terrace placed on top of the Andes at an average of 4.000 mt/ 13,000 ft above sea level.
This itinerary explores extensively the Patagonia on both, Chilean and Argentinean sides covering a distance of some 2500km with three ferry crossings.
www.cascada-expediciones.com /activities/overland/overland.htm   (168 words)

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