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Topic: Aluminium

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  Aluminium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aluminium is found primarily as the ore bauxite and is remarkable for its resistance to corrosion (due to the phenomenon of passivation) and its light weight.
Aluminium is a soft and lightweight metal with a dull silvery appearance, due to a thin layer of oxidation that forms quickly when it is exposed to air.
Aluminium was selected as the material to be used for the apex of the Washington Monument, at a time when one ounce cost twice the daily wages of a common worker in the project; aluminium was a semiprecious metal at that time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aluminium   (4863 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aluminium or aluminum (in North American English) is a chemical element in the periodic table with the symbol Al and atomic number 13.
Aluminium is a soft, lightweight and but strong metal with a dull silver-gray appearance, due to a thin layer of oxidation that forms quickly when it is exposed to air and which prevents further corrosion.
Aluminium was, when it was first discovered, extremely difficult to separate from the rocks it was part of and, since the whole of Earth's aluminium was bound up in the form of compounds, the most difficult metal on earth to get, despite the fact that it is one of the planet's most common.
wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/a/al/aluminium.html   (1396 words)

 ALUMINIUM - LoveToKnow Article on ALUMINIUM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aluminium is so light that it is a matter requiring some ingenuity to select a convenient solvent through which it shall sink quickly, for if it does.not sink, it short-circuits the electrolyte.
Aluminium hydrate, A1(OH)3, is obtained as a gelatinous white precipitate, soluble in potassium or sodium hydrate, but insoluble in ammonium chloride, by adding ammonia to a cold solution of an aluminium salt; from boiling solutions the precipitate is opaque.
Aluminium fluoride, AlFa, obtained by dissolving the metal in hydrofluoric acid, and subliming the residue in a current of hydrogen, forms transparent, very obtuse rhombohedra, which are insoluble in water.
59.1911encyclopedia.org /A/AL/ALUMINIUM.htm   (6659 words)

 Aluminium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A silvery and ductile member of the poor metal group of elements, aluminium is found primarily as the ore bauxite and is remarkable for its resistance to oxidation (due to the phenomenon of passivation), its strength, and its light weight.
Aluminium metal with an American [[penny for size comparison]] Aluminium is a soft and lightweight metal with a dull silver-gray appearance, due to a thin layer of oxidation that forms quickly when it is exposed to air.
Aluminium was chosen for the apex point of the Washington Monument at a time when one ounce cost twice the wages of a laborer's full day work.
aluminium.ask.dyndns.dk   (3114 words)

 History of Aluminium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust and constitutes 7.3% by mass.
They discovered that if they dissolved aluminium oxide (alumina) in a bath of molten cryolite and passed a powerful electric current through it, then molten aluminium would be deposited at the bottom of the bath.
Aluminium has only been produced commercially for 146 years and is still a very young metal.
www.world-aluminium.org /history   (491 words)

 Aluminium Encyclopedia Articles @ LaunchBase.com (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aluminium was, when it was first discovered, extremely difficult to separate from its ore. The reason is that aluminium is oxidised very rapidly and that its oxide is an extremely stable compound that, unlike rust on iron, does not flake off.
Refining aluminium requires enormous amounts of electricity; recycling it requires only 5% of the energy to produce it.
This discovery is reported to give rise to the possibility of a new characterisation of the periodic table: superatoms.
www.launchbase.com /encyclopedia/Aluminium   (3718 words)

 Aluminium — Advantages and Properties of Aluminium
Aluminium is an excellent heat and electricity conductor and in relation to its weight is almost twice as good a conductor as copper.
Aluminium is a good reflector of visible light as well as heat, and that together with its low weight, makes it an ideal material for reflectors in, for example, light fittings or rescue blankets.
Aluminium foil, even when it is rolled to only 0.007 mm thickness, is still completely impermeable and lets neither light aroma nor taste substances out.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=1446   (379 words)

Powdered aluminium and rust in the approximate ratio of 1:3 are packed in a refractory crucible with a magnesium ribbon, or a powder of magnesium and barium peroxide, to ignite it.
Aluminium can be protected by a thick layer of oxide made by electrolysis, a process called "anodizing." The surface is first thoroughly cleaned and degreased in trichloroethylene, or by electrolysis, where the aluminium is the cathode and the grease driven off by the evolved hydrogen.
Aluminium sulphate is found in nature as the rare mineral Kalinite, which is soluble in water, so it is found only near volcanoes and such places where it is make by the action of sulphuric acid on clays, such as on Lipari, near Vesuvius, and a few places in Germany and South America.
www.du.edu /~jcalvert/phys/alumin.htm   (4695 words)

 Aluminium Can Encyclopedia Articles @ FreshBrewed.com (Fresh Brewed)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The aluminum can or aluminium can is a popular beverage can made of aluminum, first introduced by the Coors Brewing Company.
In Russian local market are avaiable strong alcohols (Vodka) in aluminium canes.
In Denmark local market aluminium canes are banned, its production is for export only.
www.freshbrewed.com /encyclopedia/Aluminium_can   (1020 words)

 Alprofil Aluminium Construction Systems UK
We use quality aluminium extrusions designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Alprofil AG for Lanco Assembly Systems AG.
Alprofil's experience in aluminium construction of frames and frameworks for applications such as safety guarding, support structures, in industries covering Manufacturing and Electronics.
Our most popular aluminium profiles, 80 x 80, 40 x 40, 80 x 40 light and heavyweight are all stocked in reasonable quantities - as are all our standard products - ready to be dispatched at your request.
www.alprofil.com   (473 words)

 Chemistry : Periodic Table : aluminium : key information
Small and large samples of aluminium foil, sheet, wire, rod and tube like this (and aluminium alloy in rod form) can be purchased via their web catalogue from Advent Research Materials via their web catalogue.
Aluminium is an abundant element in the earth's crust, but it is not found free in nature.
Aluminium would not mormally be made in the laboratory as it is so readily available commercially.
www.webelements.com /webelements/elements/text/Al/key.html   (361 words)

 13 Aluminium
Shortly thereafter the name aluminium was adopted to conform with the -ium ending of most elements.
Until 1925, the word was "aluminium" even in the U.S., but in that year the American Chemical Society decided to change it.
Native aluminium is extremely rare under natural conditions and only of scientific interest.
www.vanderkrogt.net /elements/elem/al.html   (976 words)

Aluminium comprises about 8% of the Earth's crust making the third most abundant element.
Aluminium salts have been used in dyes and medicines since Ancient Egyptian times.
As the skills needed to successfully fabricate Aluminium were learned by manufacturers, more products reached the markets and from less than 200 tonnes in 1885, world production of Aluminium had climbed to almost 22 million tonnes 100 years later.
www.alpinecases.co.za /aluminium.htm   (359 words)

 Articles: Aluminium versus aluminum
Chemically, this is potassium aluminium sulphate (a name which gives me two further opportunities to parade my British spellings of chemical names).
His classically educated scientific colleagues preferred aluminium right from the start, because it had more of a classical ring, and chimed harmoniously with many other elements whose names ended in –ium, like potassium, sodium, and magnesium, all of which had been named by Davy.
When the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus in London was cast from aluminium in 1893 it was still an exotic and expensive choice.
www.worldwidewords.org /articles/aluminium.htm   (536 words)

Today’s new building ideology is based on the use of materials that resist corrosion and deterioration, Protector Aluminium accommodates this need by offering traditional steel products in aluminium.
Aluminium is sturdy and does not rust or corrode and looks great.
Protector Aluminium is fully equipped to build a traditional iron product utilizing aluminum.
www.protectoraluminium.com   (138 words)

 Global Aluminium - Exporters of Aluminium sections, Profiles, Metals, Minerals, Ores, Ingots, Extrusions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Global Aluminium was incorporated in 1996 at kallakal village, District Medak of Andhra Pradesh which is 30km of the northern side of Hyderabad City.
Global Aluminium is setup on an area of 9 Acres (44,000 Square Yards) with a build up area of 4200 Square Meters.
Global Aluminium is promoted and managed by the well experienced and financially strong back ground persons who are in the name Aluminium field for the last 30 years with the motive of "Good Price, Better Quality, Best Service".
www.globalaluminium.org   (148 words)

 ALFED : The Aluminium Federation - Homepage
The Aluminium Federation is running a one day conference featuring the use of Aluminium in Transport.
The Aluminium Federation is the Trade Association which represents the interests of the UK aluminium Industry.
In view of the Aluminium Federation's success as a premier on-line resource for all matters related to aluminium, the site has been overhauled and improved to accommodate the growing number of people searching for aluminium information.
www.alfed.org.uk   (188 words)

When you consider that 8% of the earths surface is made of Aluminium it is obvious that every car manufacturer will make their cars using Aluminium in some areas of construction.
Now is the time for forward thinking repairers to find out about Aluminium repairs and start training and investing for the future.
These include a welder for all types of Aluminium, a dent pulling system for removing dents in Aluminium panels, a system for gluing and riveting Aluminium panels and a set of hand tools in a lockup trolley for working on Aluminium cars.
www.wielanderschill.co.uk /html/aluminium.htm   (219 words)

 Encyclopédie :: encyclopedia : Aluminium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
En 1808, Humphry Davy, après avoir découvert que le sodium et le potassium entraient dans la composition de l'alun, suppose qu'il s'y trouve aussi un autre métal, qu'il baptise « aluminium » (en latin, « alun » se dit « alumen »).
Les ustensiles de cuisine et le papier en aluminium peuvent également en libérer (en quantité généralement négligeable) dans les aliments.
L'emballage (boîtes de conserve, papier aluminium, canettes, barquettes, aérosols etc.) et notamment les emballages alimentaires.
www.encyclopedie.cc /Aluminium   (1434 words)

 Aluminium casting manufacturer in china - Aluminium casting Manufacturer, Supplier, Factory, Exporter
Ningbo Saivs Machinery Co.,ltd is one of specialized manufacturer and exporter of various castings including Aluminium casting, sand casting, die-castings.
The yearly output of various castings such as Aluminium casting etc is above 12000tons and 1000kinds which are used in metallurgy, automobile, chemical, ship and hardware engineering industry.
China Ningbo Redfir Hi-Tech Board Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1997.It is a professional manufacturer of Aluminum plastic composite panel,especially in exterior wall Aluminum plastic panel.
aluminium.50webs.com   (825 words)

Also provided are foil thicknesses for a range of common applications and typical alloys used for making aluminium foil.
Now for the first time, a 1700°C Lab Furnace that can simply be plugged into a standard 110 Volt, 20 Amp outlet without the need for either a 220 V supply or an electrician is available from Zircar Zirconia.
It was developed for applications requiring higher tolerances and reduced twist such as telecom and manifold bar markets.
www.azom.com /SearchResults.asp?MatKeyWord=aluminium   (491 words)

 Aluminium News - Metals Place
Aluminium alloyers see little effect from NADCA A380 Mg change
EU to lift 6% Gulf aluminium tariff by year-end - Report
Aluminium sheet maker Aleris outlines new team post Corus purchase
metalsplace.com /metalsnews?s=10   (124 words)

 Aluminium SCUBA Diving cylinders T6061 Aluminum Alloy Cylinders | Aluminum Scuba Cylinder Manufacturers | Scuba ...
These Aluminium Scuba Cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards worldwide and use the latest in Aluminium alloys - T1 6061 to ensure maximum diver safety.
Ali-tek Aluminium Scuba Diving Cylinders offer the ultimate in quality and pricing, so you can afford to own your own personal scuba diving cylinder and ensure that you have control over all your equipment when you venture into the deep.
Ali-tek Aluminium Scuba Cylinders for those scuba divers who take their safety seriously and leave nothing to chance.
www.ali-tek.com   (582 words)

 Aluminium International Today   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Dedicated to aluminium production and processing, the site complements the printed publication, expanding the range of opportunites for the editorial and advertising teams to deliver additional, topical information to readers and advertisers in the industry worldwide.
Our intention is to further expand and refine this website in the future - so please do contact us at aluminium@uk.dmgworldmedia.com with your thoughts, views and suggestions to help us focus our information even more.
Please note the ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair and Conference in Essen 2006 ALUMINUM USA 2006, and ALUMINIUM China 2006 which were previously organised jointly by DMG UK and Reed Exhibitions are now organised solely by Reed Exhibitions.
www.aluminiumtoday.com   (328 words)

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