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Topic: Aluminum sulfate

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  Aqueous soluble mixed complex organic salts of aluminum sulfate - Patent 4077917
The organic compound is selected from the group consisting of an aliphatic alcohol sulfate; an alkylaryl sulfate; an alkyl, aryl or alkylaryl sulfonate; a dialkyl or alkyloxyalkylene sulfosuccinate; an N-acryl-N-alkytaurate; a sulfoalkyl ester of a fatty acid, e.g., an isethionate; and a sulfated ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block polymer.
The neutralized aliphatic alcohol sulfates and alkyl aryl hydrophobe sulfates are formed by neutralizing aliphatic or alkyl aryl sulfuric acids known as acid sulfates, with an appropriate base such as a metal hydroxide or oxide.
The neutralized sulfated ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block polymers which are suitable for preparing the novel mixed complex organic aluminum sulfates may be prepared by reacting propylene oxide with propylene glycol to form a series of polyoxypropylene hydrophobes having molecular weights ranging from about 950 to about 3250.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4077917.html   (6124 words)

 Efficient set accelerator for plaster - Patent 6379458
Aluminum sulfate is also known as an accelerator for reducing the set time of other plaster compositions.
However, a disadvantage of the use of aluminum sulfate hydrate in accelerator compositions is that solutions of it in water are relatively corrosive, having a pH of approximately 1.0-1.7 (for 50% solutions).
Addition of the optional aluminum sulfate hydrate material accelerates the hydration rate, and the set of the plaster composition even further so that it is suitable for use on vertical surfaces with a sprayable composition.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6379458.html   (5973 words)

 American Elements: Aluminum Sulfate Supplier & Tech Info
Aluminum Sulfate is a moderately water and acid soluble Aluminum source for uses compatible with sulfates.
Sulfate compounds are salts or esters of sulfuric acid formed by replacing one or both of the hydrogens with a metal.
Most metal sulfate compounds are readily soluble in water for uses such as water treatment, unlike fluorides and oxides which tend to be insoluble.
www.americanelements.com /als.html   (547 words)

 Directory of open access journals
The purpose of the present study was to investigate the in vitro and in vivo effects of aluminum sulfate on delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALA-D) activity from the brain, liver and kidney of adult mice (Swiss albine).
In vitro experiments showed that the aluminum sulfate concentration needed to inhibit the enzyme activity was 1.0-5.0 mM (N = 3) in brain, 4.0-5.0 mM (N = 3) in liver and 0.0-5.0 mM (N = 3) in kidney.
The concentrations of aluminum in the brain, liver and kidney of adult mice were determined by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry.
www.doaj.org /doaj?func=abstract&id=24573&recNo=12&toc=1   (357 words)

 Aluminum Sulfate - AskTheBrain.com
Such mineral coagulant as aluminum sulfate is most often used in a practice both in Ukraine and in foreign countries.
Additions of aluminum sulfate (alum) or ferrous sulfate to poultry lifter decreased the concentration and amount of DP in runoff.
Aluminum Sulfate is recommended to be used only as a light pickling for skins or as a partial tanning agent.
www.askthebrain.com /aluminum_sulfate-.html   (367 words)

 HotBot Web Search for sulfate
Sulfate is a naturally occurring constituent in water.
in regard to hydrazine sulfate is composed of a mixture of "endorsements" of...
Sulfate Sulfate is a substance that occurs naturally in drinking water.
www.hotbot.com /inderelated7index.php?query=sulfate   (232 words)

 Tom's of Maine - About Our Products
Aluminum exists in nature as the mineral alunogenite, a class of naturally astringent mineral salts frequently referred to as alum.
Our aluminum sulfate is prepared from bauxite ore and buffered to bring its pH (acidity) closer to that of the skin, making it gentler and less likely to cause irritation.
Aluminum sulfate is buffered to bring it closer to the pH level of the skin so the aluminum bonds with the protein on the outer layer of skin and is not readily absorbed.
www.tomsofmaine.com /toms/ifs/alum.asp   (558 words)

  Vase life of Eustoma grandiflorum as affected by aluminum sulfate
The purpose of this work was twofold: first, to compare the cut eustoma flower quality using different concentrations of aluminum sulfate solution, and second, since the mode of action of aluminum sulfate on cut eustoma quality is not known, we studied water uptake and flower fresh weight during vase life.
The role of aluminum sulfate in increasing vase life is not limited to lowering the pH in the vase solution.
Aluminum sulfate in the vase solution can be applied to a commercial floral preservative for cut eustoma flowers.
ejournal.sinica.edu.tw /bbas/content/2001/1/bot421-05.html   (1552 words)

  Contamination With Aluminum Compounds
Whether the pasteurization process (aluminum vats and piping) contributes to the amount of aluminum in milk, or it involves the feed the animal is eating, is unknown.
Aluminum is known to be a significant cross-linking agent that acts to immobilze reactive molecules within brain cells.
Aluminum absorbed in food enters the blood and then breeches the blood-brain barrier, which is often effectively weakened by other environmental factors, such as mercury or petrochemical derivatives, and enters the brain.
www.trufax.org /general/aluminum.html   (3557 words)

 ATSDR - Public Health Statement: Aluminum - Draft for Public Comment
Aluminum compounds are used in many diverse and important industrial applications such as alums (aluminum sulfate) in water-treatment and alumina in abrasives and furnace linings.
Aluminum does not appear to accumulate to any significant degree in cow's milk or beef tissue and is not expected to undergo biomagnification, a progressive increase in the concentration of a chemical that is accumulated in the tissues of organisms, as that chemical is passed from the bottom to the top of the food web.
In addition, exposure to the levels of aluminum that are naturally present in food and water and the forms of aluminum that are present in dirt and aluminum pots and pans is generally not harmful.
www.atsdr.cdc.gov /toxprofiles/phs22.html   (3337 words)

 Aluminum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Aluminum (Al) is the third most abundant element on earth but has no known metabolic role in living organisms.
The presence of aluminum in the brains of people who have died with Alzheimer's disease has led some to believe that it caused the disease, but there is strong evidence that this is not true.
One study showed that boiling tomatoes (acid, at pH 4.4) in an aluminum saucepan added some 3 ppm of aluminum to the mix (the tomatoes contained three times that before they were cooked).
users.rcn.com /jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/A/Aluminum.html   (342 words)

 Clinical and Molecular Allergy | Full text | Aluminum sulfate significantly reduces the skin test response to common ...
In fact, skin test reactivity was reduced independent of whether aluminum sulfate was present in the allergen test material or removed prior to testing, indicating that the allergens had in some way been inactivated.
Aluminum sulfate was found to reduce the in vivo allergic reaction cascade induced by skin testing with common allergens.
Aluminum sulfate, Al, (Sigma/Aldrich, St. Louis) was prepared by dissolving proper aliquots in sterile water.
www.clinicalmolecularallergy.com /content/4/1/1   (3515 words)

 Aluminum Sulfate
Another major compound is aluminum sulfate, a colourless salt obtained by the...
Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) is a white crystalline product which is almost insoluble...
of the common coagulants is aluminum sulfate which,under neutral or slightly...
www.info-storm.com /directory/a/Aluminum_Sulfate/index.shtml   (265 words)

 Aluminum sulfate manufacture from aluminum dross tailings (US4320098)
The method can be used as a pretreatment in the manufacture of aluminum sulfate from aluminum dross tailings in a continuous flow reaction zone in which the dross tailings prior to reaction with sulfuric acid are pretreated to reduce the more objectionable contaminants contained therein to acceptable levels.
The dross tailings, which are chiefly particles of aluminum oxide, are suspended in an aqueous slurry and the slurry is heated to a temperature from 185°-225° F. and maintained under liquification pressures and sufficient agitation to insure particle-to-particle attrition that removes an aluminum hydroxide coating which would otherwise inhibit the reaction.
A method for the manufacture of aluminum sulfate from the reactants comprising sulfuric acid and aluminum dross tailings comprising a mixture of water soluble salts, aluminum oxides and aluminum metal particles which comprises treatment of aluminum dross tailings by:
www.delphion.com /details?pn10=US04320098   (297 words)

 Aluminum from New Millennium Concepts
Aluminum occurs naturally in some waters but is also introduced as aluminum sulfate by some Aluminum water departments to remove fine particles, color and bacteria.
The reason: municipalities in Canada and other countries often use aluminum sulfate, or alum, to remove mineral particles from water in filtration plants-a process that leaves an aluminum residue in the water.
In each community, researchers determined the amount of aluminum 'in the water supply and tested the mental state of people starting at the age of 45 and continuing over a period of 35 years.
www.bigberkey.com /aluminum.html   (490 words)

 Q&A with Sandy Feather: Blame hydrangea fungus on rain
Aluminum is most available for the plant to absorb when the pH of the soil is acidic.
For hydrangeas, aluminum sulfate will do a better job of producing blue flowers because it not only acidifies but also adds additional aluminum to the soil.
Aluminum sulfate is a granular fertilizer that is available at garden centers and farm supply stores.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06210/709420-47.stm   (850 words)

 It's Elemental - The Element Aluminum
Although aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust, it is never found free in nature.
With an easy way to extract aluminum from aluminum oxide and an easy way to extract large amounts of aluminum oxide from bauxite, the era of inexpensive aluminum had begun.
Today, aluminum and aluminum alloys are used in a wide variety of products: cans, foils and kitchen utensils, as well as parts of airplanes, rockets and other items that require a strong, light material.
education.jlab.org /itselemental/ele013.html   (485 words)

 Sodium Aluminum Sulfate
Sodium Alginate Sodium Aluminum Phosphate Sodium Aluminum Sulfate...
Aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum chloride, sodium aluminate, potassium alum, ammonium alum, aluminum chloride and sodium bisulfite from Holland Company.
Sodium aluminum sulfate is a fine, white, anhydrous powder with an astringent, saline taste.
www.info-storm.com /directory/s/Sodium_Aluminum_Sulfate/index.shtml   (311 words)

 Re: Aluminum sulfate
Aluminum is actually a plant toxin although some experts see it as a trace element.
So definately no aluminum sulfate for your acaule and for any of your other plants that are acid loving I would suggest iron sulfate which has the same benefits as aluminum sulfate without the toxicity risks.
In my experience and readings aluminum sulfate really only has a use with hydrangeas that specifically use aluminum to create the blue floral pigmentation.
www.cypripedium.de /forum/messages/1754.html   (209 words)

 Is there a chemist in the house? [Archive] - MotheringDotCommune Forums
Aluminum is a metal, aluminum sulfate is aluminum bonded with sulfate groups.
The makers of the deodorant claim that this molecule doesn't separate into potassium and aluminum and the sulfate ion.
Aluminum is found in abnormal cells because abnormal cells grab aluminum, not because the cells are abnormal due to aluminum.
www.mothering.com /discussions/archive/index.php/t-92078.html   (338 words)

 alum — FactMonster.com
of a univalent cation (e.g., potassium, sodium, ammonium, cesium, or thallium) and a trivalent cation (e.g., aluminum, chromium, iron, manganese, cobalt, or titanium).
It is used in water purification, leather tanning, mordant dyeing, as an astringent, and in baking powder; it occurs in nature as the mineral kalunite.
A pseudoalum is a double sulfate salt of a divalent cation (e.g., magnesium or calcium) and a trivalent cation (e.g., aluminum).
www.factmonster.com /id/A0803540   (222 words)

 The 2006-2011 World Outlook for Iron-Free Aluminum Sulfate (17 Percent Al2O3):
The NAICS code for iron-free aluminum sulfate (17 percent Al2O3) is 3251887061.
It is for this definition of iron-free aluminum sulfate (17 percent Al2O3) that the aggregate latent demand estimates are derived.
Based on the aggregate view of iron-free aluminum sulfate (17 percent Al2O3) as defined above, data were then collected for as many similar countries as possible for that same definition, at the same level of the value chain.
www.mindbranch.com /Outlook-Iron-Free-R307-11373   (2818 words)

 Aluminum sulfate
In this method amorphous basic aluminum sulfate (BAS) was prepared by homogeneous precipitation of aluminum bisulfite solution containing chitosan.
In this work, the effects of cationic, anionic and neutral organic additives on the physical and chemical characteristics of BAS obtained by homogeneous precipitation were investigated.
Electro conductive nanosized ZnO powder were synthesized from zinc sulfate salt and aluminum sulfate salts.
www.azom.com /SearchResults.asp?MaterialKeyWord=Aluminum+sulfate   (256 words)

 Aluminum sulfate (UK PID)
Aluminum accumulation during treatment with aluminum hydroxide and dialysis in children and young adults with chronic renal disease.
Aluminum neurotoxicity: an experimental approach to the induction of neurofilamentous inclusions.
Aluminum chelation: chemistry, clinical, and experimental studies and the search for alternatives to desferrioxamine.
www.intox.org /databank/documents/chemical/alumsulf/ukpid34.htm   (7047 words)

To this aluminum sulfate solution add about 3 g of sodium hydrogen carbonate and mix well.
The observed pH of the solution of aluminum sulfate to which sodium hydrogen carbonate has been added is _____________.
A mixture of relatively large amounts of weak acid and its salt or a weak base and its salt is known as a buffer.
www.sonoma.edu /people/b/brooks/115b/hydrol.html   (1085 words)

 The Effect of Aluminum Sulfate on Ecusta S Velvet Paper/325.
Sidestream Results for VELVET With and Without Aluminum Sulfate Aluminum Sulfate (mglspill) SS-WTPM (mg/cig.)a Freeburn Time (min.)j SE Emission Rate (mg/mln.) ES-WTPH pB ES Vapor Phase pH 0.0 3.1 7.1 9.5 9.1 13.4 0.78 0.71 8.77 8.20 9.16 9.13 "Results are for the freeburn of 42 mm.
This is not surprising since the aluminum ion is a fairly strong Lewis acid.
The reason for u~ing al~minum sulfate was the hypothesi~ that the acidic ion would bind or retard compQunds with free electron ~airs such as ammon£a and aldehydes.
www.tobaccodocuments.org /product_design/1060684.html   (1187 words)

 Aluminum Sulfate and Calcium Acetate
Aluminum sulfate and calcium acetate form aluminum acetate when mixed.
Domeboro®: Aluminum sulfate 1191 mg and calcium acetate 938 mg per packet (12s, 100s)
The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.
www.adventisthealthcare.com /adam/Complementary%20and%20Alternative%20Medicine/41/002805.html   (292 words)

 formula, in chemistry. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
In addition to showing the actual number of atoms, molecular formulas are also more useful than empirical formulas in that they explicitly show radicals.
Other groups are also shown in molecular formulas, e.g., the water molecules in the mineral chalcanthite (blue vitriol), which consists of cupric sulfate atoms to each of which are attached five water molecules.
In many cases, especially with organic compounds, even the molecular formula does not provide enough information to identify a compound, so that structural formulas are needed.
www.bartleby.com /65/fo/formu-che.html   (871 words)

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