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Topic: Alzateaceae

Polyderm (alternating endodermal and parenchymatous layers laid down by a pericyclic meristem) is known from families like Onagraceae, Lythraceae, Myrtaceae, and probably Penaeaceae and Oliniaceae, at least (Mylius 1913).
Tracheoidal sclereids with spiral wall thickenings that are associated with the vein endings are known from Vochysiaceae, Lythraceae, Combretaceae, Melastomataceae, Alzateaceae and Penaeaceae (Sajo and Rudall 2002); their more general distribution needs to be checked.
Alzateaceae + Rhynchocalycaceae + Penaeaceae + Oliniaceae: style stout.
www.mobot.org /MOBOT/Research/APweb/orders/myrtalesweb2.htm   (3693 words)

 Molecular phylogeny and floral evolution of Penaeaceae, Oliniaceae, Rhynchocalycaceae, and Alzateaceae (Myrtales) -- ...
Molecular phylogeny and floral evolution of Penaeaceae, Oliniaceae, Rhynchocalycaceae, and Alzateaceae (Myrtales) -- Schönenberger and Conti 90 (2): 293 -- American Journal of Botany
American Alzateaceae based on six chloroplast data sets that
Key Words: Alzateaceae • chloroplast DNA • floral development • molecular phylogeny • Oliniaceae •; Penaeaceae •; perianth homology • Rhynchocalycaceae
www.amjbot.org /cgi/content/abstract/90/2/293   (413 words)

 Clausing, Gudrun* and Susanne S. Renner.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Melastome androecium and fruit evolution are little understood due to controversial hypotheses about family circumscription and intra-family relationships.
Our poster presents a phylogenetic hypothesis for Melastomataceae and their closest relatives, Memecylaceae, Crypteroniaceae, Alzateaceae, Rhynchocalycaceae, Oliniaceae, and Penaeaceae, based on combined rbcL, ndhF, and rpl16 sequences and parsimony, minimum evolution, and maximum likelihood reconstructions.
Key words: Alzateaceae, Crypteroniaceae, Melastomataceae, Memecylaceae, Oliniaceae, Rhynchocalycaceae
www.ou.edu /cas/botany-micro/botany2000/section13/abstracts/225.shtml   (214 words)

 Website dedicated to Science, Biology, Flora and Fauna, Plantae, Magnoliophyta, Magnoliopsida & Alzateaceae   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This has been hugely beneficial in my day to day work.
Top: Science: Biology: Flora_and_Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliopsida: Alzateaceae:
Families of Flowering Plants: Alzateaceae - Habit and leaf form, anatomy, morphology, physiology, biochemistry, and geography..
www.findtutorials.com /internet/dir/Science/Biology/Flora_and_Fauna/Plantae/Magnoliophyta/Magnoliopsida/Alzateaceae   (84 words)

 Molecular phylogeny and floral evolution of Penaeaceae, Oliniaceae, Rhynchocalycaceae, and Alzateaceae (Myrtales) -- ...
The Alzateaceae comprise the single species Alzatea verticillata,
World Alzateaceae, contrasts with results based on nonmolecular
Conti E. Eriksson J. Schönenberger K. Sytsma D. Baum 2002 Early Tertiary out-of-India dispersal of Crypteroniaceae: evidence from phylogeny and molecular dating.
www.amjbot.org /cgi/content/full/90/2/293   (7350 words)

 Molecular phylogenetics of Melastomataceae and Memecylaceae: implications for character evolution -- Clausing and ...
(f) Alzatea verticillata (Alzateaceae), dorsally much enlarged connective with minute ventral thecae.
In press Melastomeae come full circle: biogeographic reconstruction and molecular clock dating.
1986 Alzateaceae, a plant family new to Colombia.
intl.amjbot.org /cgi/content/full/88/3/486   (5598 words)

Canadian Content > Science: Biology: Flora_and_Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliopsida: Alzateaceae:
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 Aluminium Accumulation in Leaves of 127 Species in Melastomataceae, with Comments on the Order Myrtales -- JANSEN et ...
specimens were obtained for all specimens of Alzateaceae, Combretaceae,
For most species investigated here, only one leaf sample was
Alzateaceae – Alzatea verticillata Ruiz and Pav., Peru,
aob.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/90/1/53   (5805 words)

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