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  Amazing Stories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Amazing Stories magazine, sometimes retitled Amazing Science Fiction, began in April 1926, becoming the first science fiction magazine and one of the pioneers of science fiction in the United States.
Amazing was larger at 200 x 280 mm, the so-called bedsheet format, with neatly trimmed edges, and a slightly higher cover price.
For some years Amazing followed a less serious bent under editor Raymond A. Palmer, achieving commercial success but critical derision for its "Shaver Mystery" stories of creatures allegedly inside the Earth which were presented not as sf but fact.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Amazing_Stories   (890 words)

 ERBzine 0220: Pulp Bibliography
All-Story - December 2, 1916 - Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar 3/5
All-Story - December 9, 1916 - Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar 4/5
All-Story - December 16, 1916 - Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar 5/5
www.erbzine.com /mag2/0220.html   (4599 words)

 spielbergfilms.com: Amazing Stories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
'Amazing Stories' is a foster home for ideas that will never grow into adulthood, that aren't strong enough to stretch beyond 23 minutes...[It's an] elephant burial ground for ideas that will never make it to the movie screen because they are just too short form.
Spielberg declined to do this for "Amazing Stories." Whether his presence would have connected with the public to make the series a success was probably a moot point however, as the key to what people really wanted, "amazing" stories, was just not something the show regularly offered.
"Amazing Stories" was made with high-hopes that it would be a success for Spielberg and NBC, the kind of show that could gather families around the TV on a Sunday night for good, imaginative programming much like Walt Disney's television shows once did.
www.spielbergfilms.com /amazingstorieshome.html   (988 words)

 The SF Site Featured Review: More Amazing Stories
More Amazing Stories bills itself as "The very last issue of Amazing Stories!" For a magazine whose death knell has already rung several times, that may (we hope) be going out on a limb.
These stories, marked with an asterisk in the table of contents below, are good enough that the reader can't begrudge the fact that they are taking up space which otherwise might have gone to new fiction.
Reprinting older stories, particularly Philip K. Dick's "The Builder," which was published several years before Mohan had anything to do with the magazine, demonstrates one of the reasons Amazing Stories consistently lost market share until it was forced to cease production.
www.sfsite.com /01b/amaz25.htm   (571 words)

 Amazing Stories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Once I realized (this year) that it was Amazing Stories, it explained my inexplicable lifelong hatred of Kevin Costner-he was the captain who opted not to save the gunner in that episode.
Amazing built up this big anticipation because of the title and Speilberg's history but it just didn't pay off.
I was amazed it was so short-lived, as these stories were light and creative.
www.jumptheshark.com /a/amazingstories.htm   (2410 words)

 Amazing Stories
Amazing Stories released by Varese Sarabande contains music from the pilot episode, The Mission which was directed by Steven Spielberg and scored by John Williams.
The first in a series of Amazing Stories albums has finally arrived, but unlike the show's premier episode, this album debuts to much more satisfaction.
All artwork from Amazing Stories is exclusive property of Varese Sarabande (c) 1999.
www.tracksounds.com /reviews/amazingstories.htm   (672 words)

 Amazing Stories on 'The 700 Club' -- CBN.com
Angels on the Highway: The Story of Travis and Judy Wallace
Here is the story of Chris Maxwell, the pastor who lost his memory but found his faith.
She was accepted into three colleges and was well on her way to achieving her dreams, but Gabi had lived a sheltered life, and college proved to be the most difficult test of all.
www.cbn.com /700club/features/Amazing   (5660 words)

 Amazing Stories Episode Guide
During the second season, the stories were first aired on Monday nights, with one special on a Friday.
But, the preview for story 37 was actually the preview for story 38.
Story 32 was to have aired the week of Halloween (11/27/86, 7:00).
www.innermind.com /myguides/guides/am_story.htm   (3278 words)

 Filmtracks: Amazing Stories (John Williams/Georges Delerue)
Amazing Stories: (John Williams/Georges Delerue) Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories has been no stranger to pre-debut hype; it's probably safe to say the series has been through this situation twice in it's nearly 15-year history.
In September, 1985, Amazing Stories became one of the most eagerly awaited television series in the history of the small screen.
The main title for Amazing Stories is quintessential 1980s Williams: a swash-buckling theme for trumpets and brass, followed by a charming tune for the strings, then a comeback from the brass to close the piece.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/amazing_stories.html   (1089 words)

 Paizo.com -- Amazing Stories Submission Guidelines
An “amazing story” uses compelling language to tell a riveting narrative about a fantastical subject or in a fantastical setting.
Our stories include—but are not limited to—those traditionally called speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, magical realism, utopian/distopian fiction, superhero, and futurism.
Amazing Stories regularly reviews books, comics, and DVDs, but we might sometimes feature exceptionally story-focused electronic games and other products (toys, games, collectibles, art, and so on) of interest to our audience.
paizo.com /writersguidelines/amazing.shtml   (540 words)

 New Amazing Stories contract grabs rights - SFWA News
Here is the original report from the fall issue of the SFWA Bulletin, followed by a report updating the story that will run in the Winter issue of the magazine.
Kim Mohan, Editor of Amazing Stories, reports that he is sending the contract the magazine traditionally has used, pulling the contract discussed in the fall issue of The Bulletin.
English language publication of Amazing Stories issues in a foreign country is explicitly allowed, and is not considered a reprint.
www.sfwa.org /news/amazside.htm   (1290 words)

 SoundtrackNet : Amazing Stories Soundtrack
"Amazing Stories", a brain-child of wunder-director Steven Spielberg, is a fantasy/humor/drama series that allows many novice directors, and even some established movie stars, a chance to direct some of the most original and unique stories ever put to paper.
I personally remember The Mission, truly a poignant story about the last flight of bomber squad in WWII who runs into a problem when their landing gear and belly turret door become jammed.
Their cartoonist and resident good-luck charm belly gunner passes the time drawing and hoping for a safe landing, draws his dream, which, in Spielberg fashion, comes to life.
www.soundtrack.net /soundtracks/database?id=2025   (453 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: The Amazing Stories (Star Trek)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The story primarily concentrates on Lt. Worf and Counselor Troi.
Star Trek: The Amazing Stories edited by John J. Ordover is an anthology of short stories first found in the "Amazing Stories" magazine from 1998-2000.
I found the stories to be well thought out and written in a straight forward manner with adventure in small packages.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0743449150?v=glance   (1408 words)

 Amazon.com: Video: Amazing Stories - Book One (1985)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In 1985, Steven Spielberg launched the anthology TV series Amazing Stories, directing one of the early episodes, "The Mission," a taut, emotional story set during a World War II combat flight.
Steven Spielberg directs the first in a series of Amazing stories, a story about heart and survival.
In this episode of Amazing stories, the belly gunner's bubble is damaged, and he cannot get out.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6301961412?v=glance   (1515 words)

 {fray} tell your stories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
You can hear a whole bunch of my stories at Verge of the Fringe.
An amazing story of Life and Death and carpet on van walls.
A very sad story from Paul Ford: The Thumb-sized Heart of TK the Cat.
www.fray.com   (182 words)

 Amazing Stories - compare prices, reviews and buy at NexTag - Price - Review
The Stones and the Scarlet Thread: An Amazing Story Woven Through the History of M...
Rex Appeal: The Amazing Story of Sue, the Dinosaur That Changed Science, the Law,...
When Healing Becomes a Crime: The Amazing Story of the Suppression of the Hoxsey C...
www.nextag.com /serv/main/buyer/OutPDir.jsp?search=amazing+stories   (205 words)

 Frank R. Paul Gallery
Cover art by Frank R. Paul for August 1927 Amazing Stories, illustrating a reprint of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.
I always did have a great liking for the scientific-fiction type of story, so you can rest assured that this magazine did not return to the newsstand.
I'll always have a warm place in my heart for Chicago due to the fact that it was there that I first got acquainted with the Amazing Stories.
www.frankwu.com /Paul-2.html   (444 words)

 amazing stories family dog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Amazing Stories (1985-1987) Family Dog (1993 Type: Spin Off.
NY Times reviews Amazing Stories: Family Dog, a Brad Bird starring Stan Freberg and Annie Potts.
"Amazing Wedding Stories" -from Rev … The mother of the bride insisted that the family dog be included in the wedding, since he was so much a part of the …
www.bearsofoboo.com /amazing-stories-family-dog.html   (226 words)

 Amazing stories
It took 3 weeks to shift through the estimated 136 tons of junk with which the house was filled.
Gradually the story of the Hermits of Harlem unfolded, and the presence of some of the contents of the house began to be explained.
Condemned as a health and fire hazard, number 2078 Fifth Avenue was razed to the ground.
yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au /~jonno/story5.htm   (760 words)

 Amazing Stories Contest winning stories
In their own words, readers have told us how they use the different functions of Windows XP — Media Player, Movie Maker, Messenger and Digital Photography as well as other aspects of their computer — to enhance their everyday lives.
Perhaps their amazing stories will inspire you to try something new (and easy!) with your computer.
The best part of the event was walking 60 kilometres in two days with other women; sharing stories, crying and laughing with our team; and supporting an amazing cause that allows women (and some men) to bond in a way that cannot be explained.
www.microsoft.com /canada/home/amazingstories   (571 words)

 Amazing Stories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
There are two stories that actually happened, but the 2nd story really didn't involve me, but another friend who shall remain nameless.
Although I didn't approve of the hoax in the Santa Barbara incident, but it beats anything that Woz could have perpetrated, and it's worthy of mention here to emphasize how destructive this information could be if it got into the wrong hands.
I've had to keep this one a secret for a long time, due to the sensitivity and ramifications of what was possible then.
www.webcrunchers.com /crunch/Play/history/stories/home.html   (216 words)

 The Amazing Stories of Condoleeza Rice - A BuzzFlash Reader Commentary
However, it now appears that at the same time she was saying this, she was telling senior State Department officials that the decision to go to war had already been made – well before diplomatic efforts to diffuse the situation even began.
Most recently, it appears that she has given three separate, incongruent stories about her role in the massive intelligence breakdown that led to the White House making false statements about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities.
Facing questions over Rice’s changing stories, the White House then attempted to deflect criticism by claiming that Rice and Bush both failed to even fully read the intelligence documents they were given - as if negligence obviates responsibility for misleading the nation.
www.buzzflash.com /contributors/03/07/25_condi.html   (1106 words)

 Amazing Stories - Spielberg series eyed for DVD release
Some of our readers have already seen the Miami Vice, Bionic Woman, and Dream On news stories that were posted at TVShowsOnDVD in the last couple of days.
Amazing Stories had a great run, albeit short: it ran for just a couple of seasons.
But it's good to know that Amazing Stories is "on the radar", and we here will keep our ears open for more news.
www.tvshowsondvd.com /newsitem.cfm?NewsID=1594   (471 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Books: Amazing Stories (Start Writing S.)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Intended for the literacy hour, this book aims to teach budding writers how to shape stories, using descriptive words, action and a good ending.
Using well known tales as examples, this book then encourages children to write their own stories using elements found in the stories.
If anything this is even better because it uses traditional stories as a guideline for inspiring children to write on their own.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/1841382299   (361 words)

 "Amazing Stories" Resource Page
Amazing Stories (Television Series - Scores To Episodes "The Mission" And "Dorothy And Ben")
Magic," a magician who hopes his career will get a boost with a new deck of special cards.
Truly amazing trio of tales begins with Patrick Swayze as a criminal who gains the power of "Life on Death Row"; Gregory Hines as "The Amazing Falsworth," a second-rate psychic who identifies a killer; and Charlie Sheen as a soldier who miraculously saves his platoon in "No Day at the Beach." 73 min.
www.mortystv.com /showcards/amazing_stories.shtml   (221 words)

 Amazing Stories: Book Three (1992) (V)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Amazing Stories: Book Three (1992) (V) Home
Plot Outline: Three episodes--"Life on Death Row", "The Amazing Falworth" and "No Day at the Beach"--taken from the 1985 sci-fi series "Amazing Stories".
Amazing Stories: Book Five (1992) (V) Show more recommendations
www.imdb.com /title/tt0340518   (243 words)

 Amazing Stories Online
Steven Spielberg himself was involved in many of the stories and even helmed 2 of the episodes.
"AMAZING STORIES, the Emmy(R)-Award winning anthology series created and produced by Steven Spielberg featuring an incredible roster of guest appearances including Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, Kevin Costner, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Drew Barrymore and many more."
That is from Universal's Press Release, a Press Release I admit I thought we would never see.
www.geocities.com /TelevisionCity/Studio/8849   (182 words)

 Amazing Adventure Series - Read Along Stories and Movies for Children   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The read along stories and other features of this site require the Flash Player.
Also, to enjoy content in the new Amazing Adventure Cinema you will need a broadband connection the Internet and Microsoft Media Player 9.
The Amazing Adventure Series is a free public service of Tosi Web Design
www.amazingadventure.com   (83 words)

 Amazing Stories
This warm coming-of-age story was a good fit with critics and audiences.
As least he's not demanding a pound of flesh from his co-star like he did in The Merchant of Venice.
Currently, there are not enough Tomatometer critic reviews for Amazing Stories to receive a rating.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/amazing_stories   (255 words)

 Odd Stories and Amazing Facts – April 2005
The only difference is that these astronauts had a conscience and wanted to get the true story out to the world.
one story alone has ten pictures of girls getting smacked in the face, beaten with a whip, strangled, choked by hand, choked with a scarf.
Despite the outlandish descriptions of his adventures, later travelers confirmed many of Polo's stories about a "salt-water lake" (the Caspian Sea), strange fat-tailed sheep, the Order of Assassins in Persia, the burning of "fl stones" (coal), tattooing, the rhinoceros, and the crocodile.
www.americanvision.org /osafarchive/april2005.asp   (5394 words)

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