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Topic: Amazonas, Peru

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  Amazonas, Brazil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Amazonas is the largest state of Brazil, located in the northern part of the country.
The name "Amazonas" was given to the Amazon River by early Spanish explorers, who fought skirmishes with female Amerindian warriors that they named after the fierce mounted female warriors in Greek mythology.
What is today Amazonas state was first taken control of after the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, which essentially divided the planet (excluding, of course, Europe) between the Spanish and the Portuguese, territories west of (approximately) 46° 37' W beloning to Spain, those east of that latitude, to Portugal.
www.bidprobe.com /en/wikipedia/a/am/amazonas__brazil.html   (562 words)

 Amazonas Region - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Amazonas region is made up by of rainforest and Sierra (highlands), although the rainforest area is larger and extends northwards up to the border with Ecuador in the top of the Cordillera del Cóndor.
The area of the Amazonas Region was strongly linked to the independence thoughts and actions.
The Cordillera del Condor, located in this region, was the scenery of the war between Peru and Ecuador in 1981.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Amazonas,_Peru   (397 words)

Amazonas, Peru Amazonas is a department in census).
Peru, Massachusetts Peru is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 821.
Peru, Vermont Peru is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 416.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/peru.html   (988 words)

 Trafico on Line Peru Travel Agency Tour Operator Chachapoyas, Amazonas
The department of Amazonas is located at the northeastern part of the country, in the High Jungle or Mountain rim.
The Amazonas gastronomy is varied and tasty, especially El Boto, which is a banquet consisting of the attractive presentation of a variety of seasoned birds set on a large table with bread, guinea pigs, pumpkins, yuccas, sugar cane, live animals, and liquors, such as, aguardiente and guarapo.
Other typical dishes are the shirumbe, purtumute, shipasmute, picante de cuy or guinea pig with a spicy sauce, cuy or guinea pig with peanuts and potatoes, juanes de yuca, cesina de res y cerdo or dried and salted beef and pork, tamales, humitas and locro.
www.traficoperu.com /english/ciud7.htm   (893 words)

 Peru geographic regions - geographical travel directory tours
Ica is known as an area of sand, sea, oases and valleys, the cradle of Peru's Creole culture, saints and medicine men, where the best pisco brandy is distilled and where religious fervor is strong in the worship of the Señor de Luren or the Yauca shrine.
Centuries before it was founded as the City of Kings, the territory of Lima, capital of Peru and of the department of Lima, was inhabited by civilizations that had gauged its wealth and strategic location.
One of the highest cities in Peru, Cerro de Pasco, capital of the department of Pasco, in the central highlands, is also one of the most extraordinary places in the area.
www.traveltoperu.net /peruregions.htm   (1745 words)

 Encyclopedia: Lima, Peru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Lima is the capital and the largest city in Peru.
It is situated in a valley fed by the Rimac river, in the desert coast of the country near its Pacific port of Callao.
Lima was founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535, becoming one of the main bases of Spanish power in Peru.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Lima,-Peru   (655 words)

 The Mysterious Department of Amazonas Peru
Peru’s northern jungles are about the least known part of the Amazon.
This is the mysterious department of Amazonas where the Chachapoyan Cloud People lived in the Ceja de la Selva (eyebrow of the jungle) cloud forest overlooking the Amazon Basin from the slopes above.
The northern half of the department of Amazonas is lower jungle, whereas the south has the high slopes of the Andes.
www.kuelap.org /amazonas-department   (659 words)

 Real Estate in Brazil - Amazonas, Brazil
Amazonas is home to the highest mountain in Brazil;
Amazonas' economy was once reliant almost entirely upon rubber; today it has wide and varied industries, including the farming of cassava,
British and Dutch plantations in South-East Asia were producing cheaper, superior quality rubber, and by 1900 the Amazonas state had fallen into serious economic decline because of this.
www.realestateinbrazil.com /amazonas   (538 words)

 Posadas Amazonas Lodge - Peru Accommodations - Wildland Adventures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Posada Amazonas was built using native architectural techniques and local materials, principally wood, palm fronds, bamboo and clay.
Posada Amazonas' Esé eja Ecotourism Project is a source of sustainable economic development for the local Esé eja native community.
In 1948, the Esé eja population was estimated at 15,000.
www.wildland.com /trips/details/PAL.asp   (1041 words)

 Community Owned Venture Redefines Ecotourism/Planeta.com
In early 1996 most of the adult members of the Eseieja Native Community of Tambopata, Peru gathered to discuss and unanimously sign a 20 year contract with a private Peruvian tour company called Rainforest Expeditions to develop an ecotour operation within community territory, giving birth to the Eseieja Ecotourism Project.
Posada Amazonas not only hopes to become a first class lodge and nature tour destination but also a succesful pilot in community and private enterprise partnerships working to develop a profitable ecotourism product that effectively catalyzes the conservation of natural and wildlife resources.
At that time, as a young regional foreigner (Nycander is from Peru's capital, Lima) with no background or references in the region, Eseieja community members had no reason to believe a relationship with a tourist entrepeneur should be any different from those conducted in the past: neutral, at best.
www.planeta.com /planeta/98/0598tambo.html   (3007 words)

 Por las Rutas del Peru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Aramango is one of the five districts included in the Province of Bagua in the Department of Amazonas.
The village is typical of the settlements in the highland jungle region of Northern Peru.
The station declared itself to be broadcasting from the studio at "Jiron Amazonas No.315 in Aramango" which definitely corresponded to the address of Radio Ondas del Rio Maranon.
www.swl.net /patepluma/south/peru/peruruta.html   (2572 words)

 Chronology of Catholic Dioceses: Peru
Maynas (detached from Popayan, from Quito, from Cuenca, from Trujillo, from Lima, and from Huamanga) - Peru
Cajamarca (detached from Trujillo, and from Chachapoyas) - Peru
Chiclayo (detached from Trujillo, and from Cajamarca) - Peru
www.katolsk.no /utenriks/kronologi/peru.htm   (458 words)

 Peru Jungle Tours Peru Rainforest tours Peru Amazon river tours Peru
It combines an spectacular cloudforest of the upper basin of the Amazonas belonging to the east sides of the Andean mountains and it also comprises a fantastic lowlands where the fauna is abundant and the flora beautiful.
Manu Park in Peru is perhaps one of the most famous jungle areas in the world.
With a fantastic content of wildlife and incredible flora, Manu National Park is reacheable by air with a direct flight from Cusco city.
www.andes-adventures.com /jungleperu.html   (242 words)

 Peru Travel | Guide to travelling Peru | Travellerspoint
Peru's irresistible attraction is impossible to pinpoint: is it the stunning Andean landscapes?
Cusco Peru - A trip to Peru is not complete without a visit to the fascinating capital of the Inca empire.
Peru Pictures - Peru travel photography, sorted either by destination or topic.
www.travellerspoint.com /destination.cfm?country=Peru   (355 words)

 Chacha Picchu, New Discoveries in Amazonas, Peru
This was all the motivation that I needed to organized a June expedition to explore this thesis.
The northern Andes mountains of Peru were home to the Chachapoya culture, one of several powerful city states absorbed by the Inca during imperial expansion under Topa Inca in the late 15th century.
We hoped to unravel a part of the mystery that remains of this enigmatic region and its lost civilization.
www.infohub.com /ARTICLES/adv_spe1.html   (1789 words)

 Peru Reisen & Abenteuer Touren;Inca pfad, Dschungel, Cusco, Südamerika, Aras leck mit Wasai"
We own two beautiful lodges in the Amazon jungle, and a Research Center (Peru Wildlife Center), the first one; Wasai Maldonado Lodge, is located in the tropical city of Puerto Maldonado at the bank of the Madre de Dios river.
The others, Wasai Tambopata Lodge and Peru Wildlife Center are located in the Tambopata Candamo National Park.
Our company also offers a wide variety of itineraries in Peru, our main destinations are the wildlife in National Parks and the legendary Cuzco and Machu Picchu.
www.wasai.com /peru-reisen   (252 words)

Here is a land rightly renowned for the awesome landscapes of the Andes, the remarkable archaeological treasures of her ancient civilizations, and her rich colonial heritage.
From the bustling colonial port of Lima at the foot of the Andes to the center of the Inca universe at Cuzco, and on to the rainforests of Posada Amazonas, Peru is a vast panorama of history, peoples, environments, and traditions.
Under Mario Corvetto’s leadership, we’ll experience the inner life of Peru, along with her marvelous vistas and the flavors of her regional cuisine.
alumnicollege.wlu.edu /alumni_abroad/Peru   (377 words)

 Amazon lodges: Rainforest Expeditions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Amazonian Peru created in 1990 by the national government working in partnership with local grassroots and international conservation organizations, including Rainforest Expeditions.
At Tambopata Research Center, we have been lodging tourists and researchers since 1989, watching the symbiosis between conscientious quality ecotours and scientific research come to life.
At Posada Amazonas, opened in 1998, we have been recognized as an outstanding lodge and nature tour destination and, through our partnership with the Infierno Community, as a successful pilot in community and private partnerships, working to develop a profitable ecotourism product that effectively catalyzes the conservation of natural and wildlife resources.
www.perunature.com /pa01.asp   (190 words)

For the past decade, the presence of the Hepatitis B virus has endangered the lives of two ethnic groups of the Peruvian Amazon; the Candoshi and the Shapra.
Researchers believe that foreigners in the region brought the virus into the Peruvian province of Alto Amazonas infecting the villagers.
In September 2003, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health of Peru launched a vaccination campaign to stop a Hepatitis B epidemic, which is threatening to wipe out two reclusive indigenous groups, the Candoshi and Shapra, in the Upper Amazon.
www.un.org /unifeed/script.asp?scriptId=320   (915 words)

 Amazonas Region -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Amazonas is a region in northern (A republic in western South America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821; was the heart of the Inca empire from the 12th to 16th centuries) Peru.
The Amazonas region is made up by of (A forest with heavy annual rainfall) rainforest and (A Spanish mackerel of western North America) Sierra (highlands), although the rainforest area is larger and extends northwards up to the border with Ecuador in the top of the Cordillera del Cóndor.
In april 1821, the city's inhabitants expelled the Spaniards and ignored their authority, following the steps taken by the (Click link for more info and facts about San Martín) San Martín liberating army.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/a/am/amazonas_region.htm   (414 words)

 Ecotourism Exchange in the Amazon Advances Community-Based Ecotourism
The meetings took place in each of the three participating lodges, located deep in the rain forests of their respective countries: Posada Amazonas in Peru, Chalalan Ecolodge in Bolivia and Kapawi Ecolodge in Ecuador.
Members of the Ese'eja, Quechua-Tacana and Achuar indigenous groups, representatives from Conservation International and two tourism businesses—Rainforest Expeditions from Peru and Canodros from Ecuador—assembled to see for themselves how others are developing their lodges, discuss their experiences and share lessons learned for successful ecotourism partnerships.
Posado Amazonas (Peru) is a joint business venture between the Ese'eja native community of Infierno and Rainforest Expeditions.
www.cepf.net /xp/cepf/news/in_focus/2003/july_feature.xml   (1427 words)

 Peruvian Tourism Loreto: Iquitos Amazonas River Peru Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
It limits to the north with Ecuador and Colombia, to the south with Ucayali, to the east with Brazil, and to the west with Amazonas and San Martín.
Amazonas, Itaya, Yarapa and Manatí River Banks, in which several lodgings have been built.
We invite you subscribe Free of charge to our Friends of Peru Club and you`ll recieve every 15 days a free bulletin with articles about history, geography, customs, peruvian food, literature, folklore, handicraft, pottery, tourism and many others things about the wonderfull diversity from Peru.
artourperu.com /ENGLoreto.htm   (1141 words)

his part of Peru, known as "Ceja de Selva", or the edge the jungle, has an average temperature of 20º and 74% relative humidity.
In spite of being a warm region, the traveler should not be over-confident as there are areas where temperatures can drop as low as 2º.
The best time to visit Chachapoyas and the department of Amazonas is during the dry season, between May and October.
www.enjoyperu.com /peru_travel_tours_information/peru_travel_destinations/peru_chachapoyas/chachapoyas_climate.html   (176 words)

 Welcome to Project Amazonas
We are a non-profit research, conservation, education and humanitarian-oriented organization with operations in the upper Amazon River region in the Republic of Peru.
In learning more about the rivers, rainforests, plants, Animals, and people that are part of this vast and fascinating ecosystem, we hope that you will be inspired and stimulated to make a positive difference in the Amazon and also in your own part of the world.
Project Amazonas personnel again participated in the 3rd year of a research project looking at the importance, sustainability, and impact of collecting of Amazon fish for the tropical fish hobby...more
www.projectamazonas.com   (297 words)

Although the branchlets are not always sharply and evenly tetragonal as in the other Pleonotoma species, the petioles and petiolules are always sharply angular unlike Memora, with which it might otherwise be confused.
Semideciduous or deciduous forests, 100-1100 m; central and northern Bolívar, northern Amazonas.
Colombia (Guainía), French Guiana, Peru, Brazil (Amazonas, Pará, RondÙnia).
www.mobot.org /MOBOT/Research/ven-guayana/bignoniaceae/pleonoto.html   (430 words)

The Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge is exquisitely set in a tropical garden with flowering trees and plants that attract multitudes of hummingbirds and butterflies of every imaginable colour.
You must bring your yellow fever inoculation certificate with you to prove to the airport officials in Puerto Maldonado that you are vaccinated.
The tap water in most of Peru is potable, but the chemical content varies from place to place.
www.enjoyperu.com /peru_travel_tours_information/peru_tours/peru_tours_destination/iquitos_discover_the_jungle_in_sinchicuy_tour.html   (1458 words)

 [No title]
Peru Reisen, amazonischer regenwalt Cuzco Abentouer cusco Südamerika.
Peru mountain bike, down hill from Cuzco to Pto Maldonado 4950masl to 300 masl.
Surrounded by mountains in this remote and beautiful place you can see glaciers, the snowy peak of Mt Ausongate (the highest in southern Peru), lakes and streams and unique Andean wildlife.
www.wasai.com /peru-reisen/mcuspem.htm   (846 words)

 Affinities of the Acre Flora
The western frontier with Peru is marked by low mountains, the Serra do Moa and Serra do Divisor; they are home to some typically Andean species and genera occurring in specialized vegetation types that include cliffside communities and dwarf fire-climax ridge-top forests.
The most developed of them, the "Amazon caatingas" or "campinaranas" ("varillal" in Peru), are forests consisting of closely packed slender trees with an often closed canopy to approximately 20 m high, with occasional large emergents.
Amazonas: principally in the upper Rio Negro and middle and upper Madeira, including the extensive "campo" near Humaitá and the campina of Aripuanã; also between Manaus and Caracaraí and the Rio Cuieiras (lower Rio Negro)
www.nybg.org /bsci/acre/www1/affinities.html   (5010 words)

 Chachapoyas Tours - Kuelap, Peru and Amazonas vacations
The Department of Amazonas, which includes Chachapoyas and the ancient walled city of Kuelap, is where the main trunk Amazon River violently carves out a valley in the Andes, deeper than the Grand Canyon to enter the Amazon Basin.
This is the land of the Cloud People or Chachapoyans who live in the ceja or eyebrow of the Amazon.
For reservations or information for our Choctamal, Levanto and network of lodges in the Amazonas region, and for reservations for any of our expeditions and tour packages, e-mail us at kuelap@msn.com or phone us on 1-866-396-9582
www.kuelapperu.com   (371 words)

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