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Topic: American Airlines Flight 77

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  9-11 Research: Flight 77
American Airlines Flight 77 is the plane that is commonly believed to have crashed into the Pentagon.
There were two reported phone calls from Flight 77: a cell phone call from flight attendant Renee May to her mother; and a cell phone call from passenger Barbara Olson to her husband, US Solicitor General Ted Olson.
The impact was 83 minutes after Flight 11 first went off course, and 58 minutes after the North Tower impact, and 40 minutes after the South Tower impact, yet the jet was not intercepted as it flew over the (normally) most heavily protected airspace in the United States, and in the world.
911research.wtc7.net /planes/attack/flight77.html   (792 words)

 USATODAY.com - American Flight 77 victims at a glance
Wilson Flagg was a retired Navy admiral and current pilot for American Airlines.
He was attending a meeting at the Pentagon when American Flight 77 smashed into the building.
John Sammartino of Annandale, Va., was a platinum frequent flier on American Airlines.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2001/09/12/victim-capsule-flight77.htm   (2824 words)

 September 11, 2001 Victims of Terrorism Memorial Bracelets
American Airlines Flight 11 with 81 passengers and 11 crew en route from Boston to Los Angeles was hijacked and flown into the north tower of the World Trade Center.
American Airlines Flight 77 with 58 passengers and 6 crew en route from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles was hijacked and flown into the Pentagon.
United Airlines Flight 93 with 38 passengers and 7 crew en route from Newark to San Francisco, was hijacked and crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
www.memorialbracelets.com /terrorism.html   (681 words)

 American Airlines Flight 77 - Debunk911myths
American Airlines Flight 77 was scheduled to depart from Washington Dulles for Los Angeles at 8:10.
As on American 11 and United 175, the hijackers used knives (reported by one passenger) and moved all the passengers (and possibly crew) to the rear of the aircraft (reported by one flight attendant and one passenger).
At 9:29, the autopilot on American 77 was disengaged; the aircraft was at 7,000 feet and approximately 38 miles west of the Pentagon.
www.debunk911myths.org /topics/index.php?title=American_Airlines_Flight_77   (0 words)

 Remember American Airlines Flight 77
American Airlines Flight 77, from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon with 59 people aboard.
Jennifer Lewis, 38, of Culpeper, Virginia, was a flight attendant and the wife of Kenneth Lewis.
Kenneth Lewis, 49, of Culpeper, Virginia, was a flight attendant and the husband of Jennifer Lewis.
www.aerospaceweb.org /remember/aa77.shtml   (1271 words)

 CNN.com Specials
Flight attendant Jennifer Lewis, 38, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the wife of flight attendant Kenneth Lewis.
Flight attendant Kenneth Lewis, 49, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the husband of flight attendant Jennifer Lewis.
She had planned to take a different flight, but she changed it at the last minute so that she could be with her husband on his birthday.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/2001/trade.center/victims/AA77.victims.html   (1366 words)

 Flight 77 - 9/11 Review
American Airlines Flight 77 was a Boeing 757-223 flying from Dulles Airport outside Washington to Los Angeles with 11,489 gallons of fuel, 58 passengers, 4 flight attendants and 2 pilots.
Flight 77 is said to have crashed in the Pentagon Attack, but we know that it did not:
Shortly after climb-out to flight level, their transponders are de-activated...(they are no longer a blip on the radar screens).
www.911review.org /Wiki/Flight77.shtml   (569 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | US releases 9/11 Pentagon video
American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the US military headquarters, killing 184 people, after it was hijacked as part of an al-Qaeda plot.
Some theorists have suggested the aircraft was shot down in flight, and that the Pentagon was struck by a missile.
French author Thierry Meyssan alleged that Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon and suggested a truck bomb or missile caused the damage.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/4987716.stm   (447 words)

 StandDown.net - Exposing NORAD's Wag The 911 Window Dressing Tale by Mark R. Elsis
American Airlines Flight 11 finds the Hudson River and follows it all the way south till it impacts the north side of the North Tower of the WTC.
American Airlines Flight 11 transponder signal stopped transmitting its IFF beacon signal) and let us not forget that the last voice transmission of American Airlines Flight 11 with Boston air traffic control occurred at 8:13:31, so maybe NORAD had over 32 minutes before they notified Otis to scramble their two F-15s.
By 9:26 American Airlines Flight 77 has now been heading directly back to Washington D.C. for 27 minutes, it is the only airliner in the sky with its transponder signal off, and has been off course for 30 minutes.
www.standdown.net   (10590 words)

 The Pentagon Attack and American Airlines Flight 77, by John Judge, 2/21/04
American Airlines (AA) Flight 77 left Dulles airport that morning on its regular route to LAX airport in Los Angeles.
She recognized the polished aluminum outer shell, an unpainted silver color that is unique to American Airline planes, and the red and blue trim that is used to decorate the fuselage.
The crew of Flight 77 who died in the crash included her personal friend Renee May. She had spoken to Renee's mother after the crash, and Renee had used a cell phone to call her mother during the hijacking.
www.ratical.org /ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/PAandAAF77.html   (2878 words)

 Government Releases Detailed Information on 9/11 Crashes
The Flight Path Studies reconstruct the routes of American Airlines Flight 11, American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 175.
Complied from recorded radar data and information from the Flight Data Recorders, the studies' illustrations of radar ground tracks, maps and altitude profiles provide graphic guides to each hijacking and were used by the NTSB to determine the takeover points where the hijackers gained control of the planes.
In addition to the Flight Path Studies and Air Traffic Control Recording transcripts, the NTSB released a February 2002 "Specialist's Factual Report of Investigation" on United Airlines Flight 93 based on the flight's recovered digital data recorder -- the only surviving recorder from the hijacked planes on 9/11.
www.gwu.edu /~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB196/index.htm   (0 words)

 American Airlines Flight 77.
The fact that flight 77's transponder was turned off means only that the aircraft stopped transmitting its name and altitude, etc, but it was still very visible to radar.
Flight 77 disappears from all radar screens a couple of minutes later, somewhere near the Ohio border.
It is clear that, the Bush administration, could remove all speculation by releasing the wreckage of flight 77 to independent investigators.
www.911research.wtc7.net /mirrors/guardian/Pentagon/what-hit-it.htm   (5527 words)

 Killtown's:  Did Flight 77 really crash into the Pentagon?
According to officials, the explosion at the Pentagon was caused when American Airlines Flight 77, a 100 ton Boeing 757 commercial airliner, crashed at ground level into the only section of the building that was being renovated to be more "blast resistant" and which housed the fewest amount of employees in it.
Flight 77 was allegedly hijacked by five Arab Islamic terrorists on an apparent suicide mission killing all 64 people on board.
Officials claim the the flight recorders from Flight 77 and the remains of all but one of the 64 passengers on board where found at the crash scene.
killtown.911review.org /flight77.html   (736 words)

 American Airlines Flight 77 - The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project   (Site not responding. Last check: )
American Airlines Flight 77 was a morning flight that routinely flew from Washington Dulles International Airport in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Virginia, near Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles International Airport (IAD-LAX).
She said her flight was being hijacked by six individuals and they had been moved to the rear of the plane.
Flight 77 crashed into the western side of The Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, just south of Washington, D.C. at 9:37 AM EDT, killing all of its 58 passengers (including the hijackers) and 6 crew.
www.blackvault.com /wiki/index.php/American_Airlines_Flight_77   (1149 words)

 Flight 77 - 9-11Review
American Airlines Flight 77 was a Boeing 757-223 flying from Dulles Airport outside Washington to Los Angeles with 11,489 gallons of fuel, 58 passengers, 4 flight attendants and 2 pilots.
Flight 77 is said to have crashed in the Pentagon Attack, but we know that it did not:
Shortly after climb-out to flight level, their transponders are de-activated...(they are no longer a blip on the radar screens).
911review.org /Wiki/Flight77.shtml   (585 words)

 American Airlines Flight 77 Pilot Was an Embry-Riddle Alumnus
American Airlines Flight 77 Pilot Was an Embry-Riddle Alumnus
School records show that David M. Charlebois, listed by American Airlines as the first officer on Flight 77, graduated from Embry-Riddle's Daytona Beach, Fla., campus in August, 1983, with a bachelor of science degree in aeronautical science.
American Airlines Flight 77, en route from Dulles International Airport near Washington, DC, to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon after being hijacked.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/09-13-2001/0001571843&EDATE=   (263 words)

 National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
The flight had taken off just as American 11 was being hijacked, and at 8:42 the United 175 flight crew completed their report on a "suspicious transmission" overheard from another plane (which turned out to have been Flight 11) just after takeoff.
The flight attendant reported that the flight had been hijacked, both pilots had been killed, a flight attendant had been stabbed, and the hijackers were probably flying the plane.
I also had conversation with American Airlines, and they've told us that they believe that one of their stewardesses was stabbed and that there are people in the cockpit that have control of the aircraft, and that's all the information they have right now.
www.9-11commission.gov /report/911Report_Ch1.htm   (18217 words)

 Thierry Meyssan - US Department of State
All but one of the passengers onboard American Airlines flight 77 was positively identified as a match with DNA samples provided by the families of the crash victims.
At 9:12 am, approximately 10 minutes after the American Airlines flight 77 had been hijacked, passenger Renee May called her mother, Nancy May, to report that the plane had been hijacked and that the passengers had been herded to the back of the plane.
The flight attendant reported that the flight had been hijacked, both pilots had been killed, a flight attendant had been stabbed, and the hijackers were probably flying the plane.
usinfo.state.gov /media/Archive/2005/Jun/28-581634.html   (2871 words)

 On Flight 77: 'Our Plane Is Being Hijacked' (washingtonpost.com)
American Airlines Flight 77: A Boeing 757 en route from Dulles Airport near Washington to Los Angeles.
Flight 77 was to be the first leg of a long, happy journey for Leslie A. Whittington and Charles S. Falkenberg, both 45, and their two young girls.
Kathy Foley, 49, a United Airlines flight attendant from Chicago, was stranded in the hotel lobby after mechanical problems delayed her 9 a.m.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A14365-2001Sep11   (1348 words)

 9-11 Review: Flight 77
American Airlines Flight 77 is the plane that is supposed to have hit the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.
Flight 77, with 58 passengers and a flight crew of four, was a 757-200 on a scheduled flight from Dulles to Los Angeles.
Yet, according to Ted Olson, the U.S. Solicitor General, whose wife was on Flight 77, the flight crew had surrendered to the hijackers.
www.911review.com /attack/flights/f77.html   (414 words)

 Complete 911 Timeline: American Airlines Flight 77
American Airlines headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, learns that Flight 77 is not responding to radio calls, is not emitting a transponder signal, and air traffic control has lost its location since 8:56 a.m.
New York flight controllers are told by the FAA to watch for airplanes whose speed indicates that they are jets, but which either are not responding to commands or have disabled their transponders.
The plane is presumably Flight 77, which veered off course at 8:54 (see (8:54 a.m.) September 11, 2001), and was evidently lost by 8:56 (see (8:56 a.m.) September 11, 2001).
www.cooperativeresearch.org /timeline.jsp?timeline=complete_911_timeline&day_of_9/11=aa77   (6116 words)

 NPR : Timeline for American Airlines Flight 77
NPR.org, June 17, 2004 · On Sept. 11, 2001, American 77, scheduled to fly from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles, took off from Dulles International Airport at 8:20 a.m., with six crewmembers and 58 passengers.
While FAA radar equipment tracked the flight from the moment its transponder was turned off, this information was not available to controllers at Indianapolis Center, for technical reasons.
American 77 was missing, and it had come by chance.
www.npr.org /features/feature.php?wfId=1962742   (1065 words)

 American Airlines flight 11 and 77   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One can find the historical reliability and punctuality of specific flights over a period of time, by specifying the Airline and flight number and defining the time period.
However in the case of AA 11, I think it is worth noting that UA 175 left from the same airport, at the same time for the same destination as that normally applicable to AA 11.
All we know for certain at this stage is that according to the official flight data, no such flight took place, and that the media published fake passenger lists for the alleged AA 11 flight.
members.iinet.net.au /~holmgren/1177.html   (1239 words)

 CNN.com - Airline crew vows to 'take back the skies' - September 17, 2001
Led by First Officer Rich Williams, about 20 American Airlines crew members marched through the terminal with an American flag to the cheers and tears of passengers who were waiting in line at the airline's ticket counter.
After going through security, they took the flag to the airport's ramp and presented it to the pilots in American Airlines Flight 975 to Miami, Florida, lifting the flag up to the opened cockpit window.
Williams, who initiated the flag ceremony, plans to have the flag fly to as many cities as possible in the coming weeks, being passed from jetliner to jetliner.
archives.cnn.com /2001/US/09/17/rec.american.airlines   (294 words)

Included free as an extra is the entire flight uncut, unedited as provided by the NTSB which is reported to be based on the Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorders.
The American National Institute of Standards and Technology was instructed to analyse the cause of the destruction of all three buildings.
Two prominent American professors of mechanical engineering – very definitely not in the "raver" bracket – are now legally challenging the terms of reference of this final report on the grounds that it could be "fraudulent or deceptive".
www.pilotsfor911truth.org   (2100 words)

 Flight 77 Timeline
Around this general time, the hijackers on Flight 77 tell the passengers that the plane is going to hit the White House in a few minutes.
Flight 77 crosses over the Capital Beltway at least 7000 feet up, and starts making a sharp turn, rapidly dropping towards the Pentagon.
Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.ÊThe section of the Pentagon hit consists mainly of newly renovated, unoccupied offices.ÊApproximately 125 are later determined killed or missing.ÊThe surface to air missiles presumably surrounding the Pentagon are not fired in defense.
www.fromthewilderness.com /timeline/AAflight77.html   (3580 words)

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