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Topic: American Association (19th century)

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  American Humane: Who We Are: Beginning of a Movement
American Humane, then two years old, mounted strong opposition to the challenge and emerged victorious when the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts ruled against the railroads and upheld the constitutionality of the law.
American Humane field agents found that cattle were often kept in cars for up to 40 hours without rest, water, or feed, and that hogs were packed so tightly onto rail cars that their hair and skin had worn away, creating open sores.
American Humane reported in 1952 that some 38% of cattle died or were seriously injured during transport on trucks and trains.
www.americanhumane.org /site/PageServer?pagename=wh_mission_farm_animals   (2321 words)

  American Association (19th century) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The American Association (AA) was a baseball major league from 1882 to 1891.
Together with the National League, the American Association participated in an early version of the World Series seven times during their ten-year coexistence.
The living legacy of the old Association is the teams that came over to the National League to stay, the teams now known as the Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Los Angeles Dodgers and St.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_Association_(19th_century)   (475 words)

 American Composers Orchestra - Jan. 21, 2001 - Carnegie Hall
The American Composers Orchestra continues its multi-year "20th-Century Snapshots" Millennium celebration at Carnegie Hall on Sunday, January 21, 2001 at 3pm with "Berlin 1931", a concert that pays tribute to the landmark concert series that the prodigiously talented and adventurous musicologist and conductor Nicolas Slonimsky presented in Berlin and throughout Europe in 1931 and 1932.
Nicolas Slonimsky was one of the first to recognize the vitality and validity of this new generation of American composers and pioneered their debut in Europe in a series of concerts that began in Paris and ended in Berlin.
American Life is one of the great examples of Weiss' orchestral work, with its atonal, jazzy, dodecaphonic description of life in the early part of the century.
www.americancomposers.org /rel20010121.htm   (1074 words)

 Germany Info: German-Ameicans
American Dream: Many Germans were encouraged to immigrate through idealized depictions of life in the new world, like this illustration of happy farming life in Missouri.
By the end of the 19th century, most emigrants were unmarried industrial workers who came to the United States seeking seasonal work but never returned to Germany.
But American society of today is unlike that of the early 20th century in that cultural differences have become a source of pride.
www.germany.info /relaunch/info/publications/infocus/german-americans/g-a_history.html   (1618 words)

 19th Century Acculturation of the Brethren   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Acculturation of the Brethren in the Nineteenth Century
One of the most significant catalysts to encourage the movement of population in the history of American migration was the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.
During the last half of the century, new voices called for open elections with ballots and nominations so that any selection would be consequential to a majority of the congregation.
www.cob-net.org /19th.htm   (6929 words)

 American Anthropological Association Statement on "Race"
Proponents of slavery in particular during the 19th century used "race" to justify the retention of slavery.
In the latter part of the 19th century it was employed by Europeans to rank one another and to justify social, economic, and political inequalities among their peoples.
The American experience with immigrants from hundreds of different language and cultural backgrounds who have acquired some version of American culture traits and behavior is the clearest evidence of this fact.
www.learner.org /channel/workshops/primarysources/census/docs/aaas.html   (1463 words)

 Antique furniture from the early 19th century American Classical period - Carswell Rush Berlin
The first classical revival since the Renaissance, profoundly influencing European art, architecture and all the decorative and applied arts beginning in the 2nd quarter of the 18th century, began to effect American furniture design in the same years that the United States was becoming a nation, hence the terms "Federal" and "Classical" furniture.
He became enthralled with the classical aesthetic of the early 19th century over twenty years ago, and is now considered one of the country's leading dealers in this period.
Berlin serves on the Board of Trustees of The Long Island Museum of American Art, History and Carriages, (formerly The Museums at Stony Brook) (NY) and Spoleto Festival USA (Charleston, S.C.) He is a member of the prestigious National Antiques and Art Dealers Association of America (NAADAA) and the Antique Dealers Association of America (ADA).
www.american-antiques.net /american_furniture.htm   (690 words)

American football evolved as a separate sport from rugby football in the late 19th century.
American football is indeed quite physical in comparison to other major American team sports, such as basketball and baseball.
Both American football and soccer have their origins in varieties of football played in the United Kingdom in the mid-19th century, and American football is directly descended from rugby football.
www.solarnavigator.net /sport/american_football.htm   (5465 words)

 Health Care to Native Americans: United States 19th-Century Doctors'...
This attitude was shared by the Office of Indian Affairs toward the close of the 19th- and opening of the 20th-century.
To these skewers or sticks, passed beneath the integument and through the muscles, cords are attached, by means of which the candidates are raised clear of the ground, and left dangling until apparently dead, having fainted repeatedly.
Compounds purporting to have originated among some of the numerous tribes, have attributed to them wonderful healing powers, and are readily sold to persons at good prices; who would not be guilty of paying a like amount to their local physician, for real services rendered in the past.
www.nlm.nih.gov /exhibition/if_you_knew/if_you_knew_04.html   (1058 words)

 Society for the Study of American Women Writers
The Society for the Study of American Women Writers was established to promote the study of American women writers through research, teaching and publication.
It is the goal of the Society to strengthen relations among persons and institutions in this country and internationally who are devoted to such studies, and to broaden knowledge among the general public about American women writers.
The Society is committed to diversity in the study of American women writers --racial, ethnic, gender, class, sexual orientation, region, and era -- as well as of scholars participating in the Society.
www.lehigh.edu /~dek7/SSAWW   (126 words)

 Yale University Library Research Guide to American History and American Studies
American National Biography offers portraits of more than 17,400 men and women -- from all eras and walks of life, as well as thousands of illustrations, more than 80,000 hyper linked cross-references, and links to select web sites.
Dictionary of American History is the first comprehensive revision of the classic reference source originally published in 1940.
The 19th Century Masterfile is an accumulation of indexes to printed materials from the nineteenth century with coverage from about 1774 to 1920, depending on the index selected.
www.library.yale.edu /rsc/american/19th.html   (939 words)

 American Humane: Newsroom: News Releases: migration roundtable
The roundtable discussion, hosted by American Humane and Loyola University Chicago, brings together more than 40 expert speakers and key participants from a variety of disciplinary fields to discuss support to families when issues of immigration and need for transnational understanding might be involved.
Founded in 1877, the American Humane Association is the oldest national organization dedicated to protecting both children and animals.
American Humane’s regional office in Los Angeles is the authority behind the “No Animals Were Harmed”® End Credit Disclaimer on film and TV productions, and American Humane’s office in Washington is an advocate for child and animal protection at the federal and state levels.
www.americanhumane.org /site/PageServer?pagename=nr_news_releases_migration_roundtable   (791 words)

 American Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Association (19th century), active from 1882 to 1891.
American Association (20th century), active from 1902 to 1962 and 1969 to 1997.
American Association (21st century), founded in 2005 with the formal name American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_Association   (125 words)

 Why soccer?
Association Football was better know as "assoccer" and naturally evolved into "soccer" which is much easier for a schoolboy to say...
Finally, it must be remembered that British football, both association and rugby, had been organised in the 19th century by people in the upper echelons of the English educational system, from "exotic" schools, colleges and universities as Harrow, Eton, Oxford and Cambridge, just for starters.
The game, and the word, was exported by British workers, students and merchant and naval seamen all over the world in the latter 19th and early 20th century...
www-2.cs.cmu.edu /~pstone/why.html   (821 words)

 Quick-Weight-Loss or Fad Diets
Our eating plan for those who want to maintain their weight emphasizes reducing saturated fats and trans fats and advises adequate amounts of total fat to reach a caloric level balanced with energy output or activity.
In addition, many fad diets are based on "food folklore," some dating back to the early 19th century. They have not been documented to be safe in the long term.
The American Heart Association urges people to take a safe and proven route to losing and maintaining weight — by following our guidelines for healthy, nutritionally balanced weight loss for a lifetime of good health.
www.americanheart.org /presenter.jhtml?identifier=4584   (719 words)

 The American Heart Association Declares War on Fad Diets
The public should be informed that the real American Heart Association eating plan gives recommended servings per day of various food categories, not of specific foods.
The real American Heart Association eating plan recommends that healthy Americans moderate their daily intake of total calories from fat, and also recommends eating five or more servings of fruit and vegetables each and every day.
The real American Heart Association diet has been carefully researched and is intended for a lifetime of use.
www.americanheart.org /presenter.jhtml?identifier=503   (621 words)

 AllRefer.com - lyceum, 19th-century American educational association (Education: Terms And Concepts) - Encyclopedia
The National American Lyceum (1831) developed from the lectures given by Josiah Holbrook at the first lyceum group in Millbury, Mass.
The movement spread through groups formed in other states and was a powerful force in adult education, social reform, and political discussion.
The lyceum movement waned after the Civil War, but much of its work was later taken up by the Chautauqua movement.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/L/lyceum.html   (271 words)

 Frederick Ward Putnam
He was called to the charge of the collections of the Peabody museum of American archaeology and ethnology of Harvard on the death of Jeffries Wyman in September, 1874, and in 1886, in accordance with the object of George Peabody's trust, he was appointed professor of American archaeology and ethnology in Harvard.
He is also widely known by his office of permanent secretary of the American association for the advancement of science, which he has held since 1873.
He was associated with Alpheus Hyatt, Edward S. Morse, and Alpheus S. Packard in the founding of the "American Naturalist" in 1867, and was one of its editors until 1875.
famousamericans.net /frederickwardputnam   (774 words)

 19th Century Resources - index
Nineteenth Century Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) focuses its research, writing, and discussion on baseball, 1840-1900, but its epoch begins in antiquity and several members are privately working on the baseball family before 1840.
The demarcation during the 1900-1901 offseason fits both the conventional turn of the century and an important historical event, the organization of the American League as a second "major league".
19th century examples are used for illustration but the meaning is general and there is no better introduction.
world.std.com /~pgw/19c   (1136 words)

 Kingwood College Library - 19th Century - the 1890s
American Arts and Crafts movement started in the 1890s and went into the next century, with its simple, well-built crafts and architecture.
The country's population was shifting from the eastern seaboard of the first of the century to extend across the continent.
Pragmatism, a uniquely American school of philosophy, held that actions were judged by their consequences.
kclibrary.nhmccd.edu /19thcentury1890.htm   (3216 words)

 Commission on Federal Election Reform - Welcome Message
American University’s Center for Democracy and Election Management (CDEM) is honored to organize the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James A. Baker, III.
Doug Chapin, Director of Electionline.org, is the Research Director, and Daniel Calingaert, the Associate Director of the Center for Democracy and Election Management, will be assisting the effort, together with other staff from the Office of International Affairs of American University.
We are especially grateful for the support of American University, Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, the Knight Foundation, and Omidyar Network.
www.american.edu /ia/cfer/welcome.htm   (464 words)

 History 480
century and, again, during and immediately after WWII; as well as the parallel development of southern White migration in shaping the politics and culture of mid-twentieth century cities such as Baltimore.
century, showing that a role that we used to imagine as “natural” and permanent was in fact a relatively recent product of early industrialization.
century immigrants who were first believed to be of a separate races later became to be classified as “white.” An AU graduate student has been tracing how Americans during the Civil War employed the history of the Haitian Revolution (in which fl slaves overthrew the French ruled colony) during debates over the Civil War.
www.american.edu /bgriff/h480web/varietiesindex.htm   (4656 words)

 [No title]
However, the first reports regarding a medication used to promote sleep were in the mid 19th century and related to the drug known as bromide.
Barbiturates were found to have a wide variety of effects on the body, were associated with multiple adverse effects, and were extremely dangerous, or lethal, when taken in overdose.
However, they are believed to be associated with a very low risk of abuse or dependence and fewer adverse effects than the benzodiazepines.
www.americaninsomniaassociation.org /medications.htm   (1738 words)

 19th Century American Antiques From Old Boston New England
Including 19th century trade signs, New England stoneware, 19th century game boards, checkerboards, weathervanes, antique decoys, paintings, portraits and more… Click here to see current inventory.
Specializing in 19th century trade signs, architectural fans and louvers, half round windows and more … Click here to see current inventory.
Offering paint decorated New England boxes, 19th century wrought iron, antique treen ware, turned wooden bowls and trenchers, firkins, pantry boxes, antique painted baskets, early lighting, samplers, smalls and much more… Click here to see current inventory.
www.jdwahlantiques.com   (287 words)

 American Scientist Online - The Origins of 20th-Century Progress   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In Creating the Twentieth Century, Smil argues that the two generations before 1914 laid the foundations for an expansive civilization based on the synergy of fossil fuels, science and technical innovation.
For example, in Transforming the Twentieth Century, he comfortably discusses and draws into his argument chlorofluorocarbons, changes in raw material use, new techniques of oil-platform construction, atmospheric CO levels since 1200 a.d., fabrication machinery for silicon wafers, the chemical structure of thermoplastics, rocket engines and much more.
This is a pity, for Adams anticipated Smil's argument that science and technical development accelerated history and transformed society so decisively during the late 19th century that it constituted a fundamental break in human experience.
www.americanscientist.org /template/BookReviewTypeDetail/assetid/54755   (1144 words)

 Antique Frame Articles: 19th Century American Frames
To fully understand the profound impact of the new picture framing styles advocated by four artists, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Frederic Edwin Church, Stanford White and Hermann Dudley Murphy, it is illuminating to view the cultural and aesthetic contexts from which their art and ideas emerged.
In his personal life, White’s closest friends and associates were artists active in the aesthetic redefinition so much in the forefront at the time.
Murphy appears to be the first American artist to specifically acknowledge the artistry inherent in his frames — each is signed and dated on the reverse.
www.eliwilner.com /contents/period_19thc_american.cfm   (2242 words)

 American Association - BR Bullpen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
In 1902 the American Association re-formed as an outlaw circuit stationed in the midwest with teams in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St.
George Trautman, a former AA president and head of the organization in charge of the minors (the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues), met with the AA, IL and PCL leaders for two days.
Travel expenses were too high for two AAA leagues, each taking half the country, so in '69 the American Association was reorganized for a third go-around.
www.baseball-reference.com /bullpen/American_Association   (637 words)

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