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Topic: American River

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  River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rivers begin at their source in higher ground, either rising from a spring, forming from glacial meltwater, flowing from a body of water such as a lake, or simply from damp, boggy places where the soil is waterlogged.
River management is an ongoing activity as rivers tend to 'undo' the modifications made by man. Dredged channels silt up, sluice mechanisms deteriorate with age, levees and dams may suffer seepage or catastrophic failure.
The Tigris, one of the twin principal rivers of Mesopotamia
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/River   (2207 words)

 American River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The American River, located in the US state of California, has a prominent place in American history for being the site of Sutter's Mill, where gold was found in 1848, leading to the California Gold Rush.
The American River is divided into the North, Middle, and South Forks.
Below Folsom Lake, the river passes through an urbanized area but is buffered by a riparian park, the American River Parkway, that runs 23 miles (37 km) from Folsom Lake to the river's confluence with the Sacramento River.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_River   (345 words)

 American River Rafting W.E.T. River Trips California Whitewater Rafting Guided Trips
American River rafting is centrally located in California and have the most popular rivers in the West.
American river rafting on the South Fork is an easy drive from major population centers yet remains a quality California whitewater adventure.
Within a two hour drive from the Bay Area, the American river rafting on the North Fork is the closest Class IV whitewater in Northern California.
www.raftwet.com /Americanriver.html   (879 words)

 American River Rafting
The South Fork of the American River begins near the South Shore of Lake Tahoe and flows along Highway 50.
The Middle Fork of the American River drains the west side of Lake Tahoe as both the Middle Fork of the American and the Rubicon River.
The North Fork of the American River is considered by many as the most beautiful river in the world.
www.c-w-r.com /information/american-river.html   (773 words)

 GORP - American River, California
The America River is an American favorite: more than 100,000 people float just the South Fork of the river every year, making it the most popular stretch of whitewater in the state of California.
A Special River Camping Permit must be obtained through the Auburn State Recreation Area (located on HWY 49, one mile south of Auburn) for most areas on the North Fork and some areas on the Middle Fork.
To boaters, the South Fork of the American River brings to mind long and lazy pools, perfect for escaping the summer's heat, the parade of rapids down through "The Gorge", and surfing the waves and holes at Triple Threat Rapids.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_river/ca_ameri.htm   (3316 words)

 California River Rafting, California Rafting - American River Rafting
All rafts for California river rafting are self-bailing with foot holds.
The South Fork of the American River is perfect for American River rafting.
Enjoy longer California river rafting trips on the South Fork American River, and other exciting California rafting trips on such rivers as the Middle Fork American, North Fork American, Klamath, California Salmon, Kaweah River and Merced River (conveniently located close to Yosemite National Park).
www.arrafting.com   (271 words)

 American River Whitewater Rafting Trips in California with Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions
The South Fork of the American River is a great introduction to the sport of whitewater rafting.
This river is ideal for first-timers and families.
This river is excellent for either the veteran or novice.
www.zrafting.com /rivers/american.htm   (159 words)

 California Whitewater Rafting - American River Rafting
We are the American River rafting and California whitewater rafting experts on the South Fork American River, Middle Fork American River, North Fork American River, and the Merced River.
American River rafting is the perfect quick vacation for families, all kinds of groups, couples, singles and friends.
Trips from mild American River rafting to wild on the South, Middle and North Forks of the American Rivers and Merced River.
www.california-river-rafting.com   (519 words)

 American River   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The area is located just 35 miles east of Sacramento near the city of Auburn (There's also great river recreation on the river's south fork near Placerville and in Sacramento on what is known as the lower American River).
Although currently managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation as the Auburn State Recreation Area, approximately 84 percent of the 35,000 acres in the river canyons are federally-owned public lands.
This recreational guide of the three forks of the river was published by the Auburn-based citizens group, Protect American River Canyons.
www.friendsoftheriver.org /CaliforniaRivers/Rivers/American.html   (636 words)

 White water rafting California on the American River, Yuba River, Klamath, Trinity, Salmon Feather Rivers
The Klamath River is located in the northwestern corner of California, in an area referred to as the "Klamath Knot" (also a book title) for its semblance to the palm-side of a closed fist as viewed from space.
The river bed is nearly blocked by a maze of boulders and there are countless falls, holes and waves to negotiate.
The Main Trinity River, the largest tributary of the Klamath and is a mighty river of its own, building steadily as it flows south, then west, then north, draining all but the northern flank of the Salmon-Trinity Alps Wilderness in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.
www.whitewatertours.com /rivers.htm   (4964 words)

 Protect American River Canyons
Protect American River Canyons (PARC) is an Auburn-based grassroots educational group dedicated to the preservation of the wilderness, recreational, cultural, and historical resources of the North and Middles Forks of the American River and its canyons for all to responsibly care for and enjoy.
The American River Confluence Parkway project is a Protect American River Canyons initiative that involves engaging and building community and agency support for a new general plan for the Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) that will emphasize resource protection and restoration, enhanced recreational opportunities, increased public safety, and diverse community benefits.
Protect American River Canyons is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the natural, recreational, cultural, and historical resources of the North and Middle Forks of the American River and its canyons, for all to care for and enjoy.
www.parc-auburn.org   (325 words)

 American River Rafting
As the most popular river in California, California’s South Fork of the American River is a consistent Class II-III+, beginning-level whitewater river.
California’s South Fork of the American River has become the most popular river in California for individuals, families, groups of friends and company recreation trips, available daily from April through September.
The river offers a wide range of adventures, with over 50 exciting rapids interspersed with calm, slower stretches where we can enjoy the beauty of the river canyon.
www.mariahwe.com /MWEmain.asp?Option=Detail&TripID=139&Category=cal   (1009 words)

 California River Rafting - American River Rafting - Other
This special American River rafting offer is for those who want the maximum amount of class IV California river rafting thrills they can get in a one day trip.
After running the river once, we'll transport everyone back to the beginning, eat a fabulous lunch, then do the American River rafting run again for an unforgettable 18 mile California river rafting adventure.
This California river rafting school is designed for the prospective professional rafting guide as well as the private boater.
www.arrafting.com /other.html   (820 words)

 American River, Sacramento White Water Rafting | Whitewater Voyages
The South Fork of the American River flows for rafting derive from water releases from hydroelectric facilities located at Chili Bar and above.
River Park in Coloma is the hub of our activities on the South, Middle, and North Fork American Rivers.
Flows on the South Fork American are controlled by the Chili Bar dam, which accounts for the exceptionally long season of this river.
www.whitewatervoyages.com /rivers/southforkamericanriver.html   (590 words)

 Technorati Tag: river rafting american river
River Rafting on the American River 37 years experience rafting the American River’s South, Middle and North Forks.
American river rafting trip - don't be in the dark anymore.
California American Whitewater Rafting We offer amazing white water rafting trips on the North Fork, Middle Fork and South Forks of the American River and a variety of other memorable, affordable trips in California.
technorati.com /tag/river+rafting+american+river   (491 words)

 California Whitewater River Rafting - American River, Kings River, Merced River, Tuolumne River
Whether rafting on the American River, Kings River, Merced River, Tuolumne River or the daring class V at Cherry Creek you're bound to have an amazing experience on your next whitewater rafting adventure.
The Tuolumne (pronounced too-all-o-me)Whitewater River Rafting trip is a magical 18-mile corridor, boasting long, tantalizing class IV rapids, wondrous side creeks and wide, sandy beaches for camping.
The Tuolumne (pronounced too-all-o-me) Whitewater River Rafting trip is a magical 18 mile corridor, boasting long, tantalizing class IV rapids, wondrous side creeks and wide, sandy beaches for camping.
www.mariahwe.com /MWEmain.asp?Option=List&Category=cal&River=tuo   (821 words)

 American River Rafting: The Most Popular Whitewater Rafting Trips in California
The three forks of the American River begin in the peaks of the Sierra Nevada range in Northern California.
The South Fork American is one of the most popular whitewater rafting rivers in the western United States.
The North Fork American relies on snowmelt for its flows rather than upstream dam releases-consequently, this American River rafting classic only runs in the spring.
www.american-rivers.com   (242 words)

 Fishing the American River
Yep, the viscous rumors are true – the American River flows right through the middle of Sacramento's urban sprawl.
But, one trip down the river is all you'll need to see that things are not what they seem.
In May, a huge run of shad hits the river and they are followed by striped bass that can top the 40-pound mark.
www.thesportfisher.com /rivers_american.html   (274 words)

 American River Parkway, Our Parks, Regional Parks, Recreation and Open Space - County of Sacramento, California, USA
Dotted with ancient oaks and bordered on two sides by the American River, you can walk among reconstructed Maidu Indian huts at the nature center, or hit a bucket of golf balls at the award-winning Ancil Hoffman golf course.
This 302-acre park is located in the middle of downtown Sacramento and is a green-and-blue haven from the buildings and bustle of the city.
Pond intended the American River Parkway to be a place where all people could recreate and enjoy nature's bounty, and this park is one of the better examples of his realized goal.
www.sacparks.net /our-parks/american-river-parkway   (936 words)

 Raft California American River's Middle Fork for whitewater adventure | California White Water River Rafting Trips by ...
This river is a great choice for those individuals and groups who wish to experience the adventure of a remote wilderness river trip and enjoy the challenge of many exciting whitewater rapids.
Here the river drops through a narrow, churning whitewater chute leading down to a flat water tunnel through a narrow ridge blasted by miners in the 1850s.
We'll be on the river early, running the Tunnel Chute and lots of other exciting rapids as well as floating and paddling the calmer stretches of the river.
www.raftcalifornia.com /river_trips/middle_fork.asp   (828 words)

 California whitewater rafting South Fork of the American River with Tributary Whitewater Tours
The river flows through the green and gold foothills of California's Gold Rush Country and it has served as an introduction to California rafting for countless beginners.
The South Fork American River is suitable for nearly everyone, including families (kids from 7-8 yrs), corporate and youth groups.
The river can be run 'top to bottom', but the usual sequence is to run the lower 'Gorge' run on the first day and the Chili Bar run on the 2nd day.
www.whitewatertours.com /south-fork.htm   (967 words)

 The Hudson River: An American Treasure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This three hundred and fifteen-mile river begins in Lake Tear of the Clouds in the pristine Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, and ends in bustling New York Harbor, in one of the greatest cities in the world.
Several great writers cite the Hudson as their inspiration, and with the establishment of the Hudson River School, a whole new genre of painting was born.
Native American civilizations were born and thrived along the riverbanks, until the year 1609, when Henry Hudson sailed up his future namesake, introducing European influences to the region.
www.marist.edu /summerscholars/99   (453 words)

 California Whitewater Rafting W.E.T. River Trips - American River Rafting
American River rafting is the best from mid-March through October.
California whitewater rivers are an incredible resource that continues to astound even the veteran paddler.
Also, plan the American River rafting trips on the South Fork and Middle Fork American from May through September.
www.raftwet.com   (858 words)

 OTTERNET.COM Species Profiles- The North American River Otter
Fossils of North American River Otters have dated back to the Pleistocene period and archeological remains have been uncovered from 200 B.C. to the mid-1400s.
On the North American River Otter's back, it is very dark, nearly fl to reddish or sometimes grayish brown.
The North American River Otter is widespread in Canada and midwestern/southwestern United States.
www.otternet.com /species/naotter.htm   (352 words)

 Fly Fish Northern California - Content
The 23-mile stretch of river that is called the Lower American then flows out of Nimbus Dam, heading west to the confluence with the Sacramento River in downtown Sacramento.
The river is famous as multiuse water way with boating, rafting, kayaking, hiking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, bird watching and picnicking as just a few of the many uses of the American River Parkway.
In the fall, the upper stretch of the Lower American, from Ancil Hoffman Park upstream to the Hazel Avenue Bridge, is closed for salmon spawning.
www.flyfishnorcal.org /php-nuke/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=1   (2061 words)

 American River Rafting in California | Whitewater Voyages
The American River in California, world famous for it's South Fork (also known as the Gold Rush river), remains one of the most popular white water rafting runs in the West.
The South Fork of the American River or "Rio de los Americanos", lurches and bucks through cataracts of boulders, drops and chutes cascading through the rapids of Meatgrinder, Fowlers Rock, Satan's Cesspool and Hospital Bar.
All three Forks of the American River are great Northern California rafting destinations for any occasions including anniversary trips for groups of friends, family celebrations and reward trips for high performers, reunions and a romantic escape, with your honey.
www.whitewatervoyages.com /rivers/americanriver.html   (473 words)

 American River Wildlands
American River Wildlands consists of four areas containing the last of Placer County's pristine wilderness and free-flowing rivers.
American River Wildlands covers a broad range of altitude, from 2000-8000 feet, and encompasses a wide variety of Sierra wilderness.
American River Wildlands is a local organizing committee working with the California Wild Heritage Campaign to protect California wildlands.
www.californiawild.org /loc/arw   (299 words)

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