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Topic: American Southeast

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 Health and Health Care of Southeast Asian American   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Southeast Asian elderly appear to be at higher risk of psychological distress than younger Southeast Asians because they have fewer buffers and coping strategies to deal with their distress (Shapiro, et al., 1999; Yee, 1997; Yee and Thu, 1987).
Southeast Asian families have been influenced by their religious and cultural philosophies, such as Buddhist beliefs surrounding karma and reincarnation with concern for ancestral spirits.
Southeast Asians appear to access health care services to a lesser degree than their Caucausian or English speaking counterparts.
www.stanford.edu /group/ethnoger/southeastasian.html   (10121 words)

 Palmer | U.S. Policy Toward Southeast Asia
State capacity grew in Southeast Asia in the 1990s, but there also were profound institutional weaknesses, especially in banks and other financial institutions that were loosely regulated and vulnerable to short-term inflows of speculative capital.
One of the interesting manifestations of this discontent with U.S. Asian policy was the split in the views of American and Southeast Asian participants in the Asia Foundation study "America's Role in Asia" released last February.
The Southeast Asians cited the destabilizing forces of globalization in the region and the threat of American indifference to the Asian balance of power.
www.unc.edu /depts/diplomat/archives_roll/2001_10-12/palmer_seasia/palmer_seasia.html   (2338 words)

To summarize this: Iroquoian and Siouan tribes in the southeast were already joining forces because of their dwindling numbers after 1700—they told Lawson they were doing this—Tuscarora, Saponi, Meherrin, Monacan, and others were located in the mountains of western and southwestern Virginia circa 1750 and later.
Though my focus has been on American Indians and the mixing of the various ethnic groups, I do not consider to be prejudice those individuals who reject one ethnic group or another as being part of their own particular Melungeon line.
To further their claims to be American Indians, Chief Atkins, who was president of the Jamestown Association, involved members of all four groups in a powwow held annually Memorial Day weekend at the site of the Jamestown colony as a major tourist attraction.
www.angelfire.com /tn3/youngeagle/AMERICAN_INDIANbook.htm   (20196 words)

 H-Net Review: Marc Frey on The Limits of Empire. The United States and Southeast Asia Since ...
Southeast Asia came to be regarded as vital for American national security, and the containment of communism and the "search for stability" became the twin pillars on which American policy towards the region would rest.
Thus, the increasing involvement in and commitment to Southeast Asia from 1950 on was primarily "a function of threat perception" (p.45).
The American response to the Tet-Offensive of spring 1968 constitutes indeed, as McMahon argues, a kind of watershed in the history of U.S.-Southeast Asian relations.
www.h-net.msu.edu /reviews/showrev.cgi?path=6234969311834   (1545 words)

 southeast. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
An area or region lying in the southeast.
Southeast A region of the southeast United States generally including Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.
To, toward, of, facing, or in the southeast.
www.bartleby.com /61/45/S0584500.html   (128 words)

 The Future of Children - Articles
As generations of immigrants before, they often must deal with racial and economic prejudice as they struggle to create a new identity for themselves--rooted in their ancestry, but at the same time, seeking all the opportunity and promise this country has to offer.
In the second article, Yang points out that while as a group, Asian Americans are doing quite well, children whose ancestors are from Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam) continue to struggle with limited English skills, discrimination, miscommunication, and feelings of alienation.
The Latino and Southeast Asian American children of immigrant families are a growing proportion of America's undereducated and poor.
www.futureofchildren.org /information2826/information_show.htm?doc_id=240615   (410 words)

 Southeast Asian American Advocacy Initiative   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Americans of all backgrounds should acknowledge the talents and contributions of Southeast Asians in this country.
Southeast Asian Americans are adding significant contributions to this country, and we believe that our contributions should be recognized and celebrated.
SEARAC carries out much of this work through leadership in the Refugee Council USA and the Asian American Justice Center (formerly the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans), and is supported in it by the Ford Foundation and the New Voices Fellowship program.
www.searac.org /advoinit.html   (520 words)

 North American Prairie - Ecoregions - Sierra Club
Club activists are working to preserve the small amount of native prairie that remains, to institute farming practices that will not deplete this fertile land, and to organize the people of the region to ensure its bountiful future.
The varied grasses of the Great North American Prairie grow from central Canada to the Mexican border and from the Rockies to Indiana, covering more than a million square miles.
Before the plow and the cow, the tallgrass prairie dominated the humid east and the shortgrass prairie the arid west, with the mixed-grass prairie in between.
www.sierraclub.org /ecoregions/prairie.asp   (812 words)

 American Southeast - Ecoregions - Sierra Club
The American Southeast looks solid on the map, but it is in fact defined by liquid: 2000 miles of the ocean's edge, hundreds of thousands of miles of rivers and streams, the diverse and ecologically critical Everglades, and almost half the remaining wetlands in the lower 48 states.
From the Florida Keys to the mouth of the Rio Grande, the estuaries, coastal bays, mangrove swamps, and bayous support a jambalaya of fish and crustacean life, as well as endangered populations of Louisiana fl bears, red-cockaded woodpeckers, and Florida panthers--all cheek by jowl with 53 million people.
In the Southeast (as elsewhere), toxic pollution is compounded by racism, increasing its deadly effect.
www.sierraclub.org /ecoregions/southeast.asp   (584 words)

 Fictive mastery: Slaveholding widows in the American Southeast, 1790-1860
Fictive mastery: Slaveholding widows in the American Southeast, 1790-1860
This dissertation explores the position of slaveholding widows in the eastern states of the American South between 1790 and 1860.
Moreover, the comparatively advantageous position of its widows reveals the extent and the limits of the slaveholding class's power: widows participated in, contributed to, and benefited from the 'fictive mastery' of the slaveholding class.
repository.upenn.edu /dissertations/AAI9840259   (247 words)

 American Red Cross - Southeast Louisiana Chapter ::: Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Southeast Louisiana Chapter is currently responding to Hurricane Katrina throughout its twelve parishes.
The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, led by volunteers, that provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.
All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people.
www.arcno.org   (235 words)

 Marilee's Native Americans Resource
As the glaciers melted, the First Americans spread to the North American coasts and across the entire continent.
Native Americans adapted to the climates and terrains in which they lived and used whatever natural resources were available.
Native American Crafts of the Northwest Coast, the Arctic and the Subarctic (Native American Crafts) by Judith Hoffman Corwin, 2003
marilee.us /nativeamericans.html   (2081 words)

 Welcome to the American Red Cross in Southeastern Michigan
The American Red Cross Blanket Days for the Homeless campaign, presented by Rock Financial and WJBK-FOX 2, will kick off Monday, November 21 and continue through December 31.
American Red Cross to Distribute Blankets to Homeless Shelters.
Volunteers of the American Red Cross - Southeastern Michigan Chapter Blanket Days for the Homeless campaign, along with the assistance of long-time partner World Medical Relief will be coordinating blanket distribution to local homeless shelters this week.
www.semredcross.org   (213 words)

 PBS - "Ancestors in the Americas"
The UCLA Asian American Studies Center is one of the largest teaching, training and research programs in the U.S. The web site includes many good resources and publications, including the online publication Crosscurrents.
The Japanese American History Archives in San Francisco houses an extensive collection of books, documents, maps, photographs, art and film relating to the Japanese experience in the US from the mid-1800s.
Published by the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, Amerasia Journal is considered the most comprehensive and intellectually provocative single source on Asian American history and culture.
www.pbs.org /ancestorsintheamericas/aahistorysites.html   (817 words)

 Southeast Native American Literature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Confusion and violence follow their encounter with a right-wing militia group training secretly on tribal land.
The contrast between these Rambo types and the various Native American characters typifies the sardonic humor running throughout this novel of contemporary Indian identity.
Wonderfully rich, full of magic and people who are magically alive, The Sharpest Sight is a fine novel that should be read by all who seek to understand the American Indian search for identity." (--James Welch, author of Indian Lawyer and Winter in the Blood).
libweb.uoregon.edu /diversity/booksfilms/southeast.html   (835 words)

 American Whitewater - SouthEast Regional Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
AW is in the final stages of several epic projects that will change the way we paddle in the Southeast.  Remarkable volunteer efforts and the financial support of AW members have made this work possible.
This meeting, and the entire study process, comes as a result of American Whitewater's appeal of the Sumter National Forest's ban on paddling the Wild and Scenic Chattooga River.
Don, who has been very active with the AW Chattooga appeal process, is reaching out to both current and lapsed members asking folks to ramp up their support of American Whitewater.
www.americanwhitewater.org /region/SE   (549 words)

 TNGenNet Inc. Colonial Period Indian Land Cessions in the American Southeast, Indian Land Cessions Maps and Treaties in ...
His caravans began the change of purpose that that was to come to be the Indian warrior’s route, turning it slowly into the beaten track of communication and commerce.
The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was never popular with the American colonists, so after the 1768 Indian treaties of Hard Labour and Fort Stanwix, the British Government agreed to move the Proclamation Line westward into the region of the upper Ohio River.
American dissatisfaction with the Royal Proclamation was one of the more serious reasons that lead to the Revolutionary War.
www.tngenweb.org /cessions/colonial.html   (5713 words)

 Teaching SEA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
While my own scholarly research interests remain squarely in Southeast Asia (in particular, in the Philippines), I have enjoyed both the subject matter of the course itself and the sorts of students who are drawn to study it.
For Southeast Asianists, of course, that the social and cultural landscape of Southeast Asia alone is immensely varied is something of a truism.
Materials concerning Southeast Asian Americans also figure at other junctures in the course, as when Asian American family forms, sex and gender roles, or notions of health and illness are discussed.
www.asu.edu /clas/pseas/pseas_publications/suvannabhumi_magazine/may1998_vol9_num2/eder.html   (1073 words)

 Tennessee Genealogy "First People of Tennessee and the American Southeast" Indian, Native American, Cherokee, Chickasaw.
During the federal period of Indian land cessions in the American Southeast (1785-1835), only these First People ceded land to the United States.
The Muscogee people occupying the towns on the Coosa and the Tallapoosa Rivers became the Upper Creeks, and those to the southeast, on the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers, became the Lower Creeks.
Employed by the Bureau of American Ethnology where he worked as editor of the American Anthropologist and as president of American Anthropological Association.
www.tngennet.org /tnfirst/tribes-list.html   (1103 words)

 American Southeast -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The American Southeast refers to a region in the southeastern part of the (The army of the United States of America; organizes and trains soldiers for land warfare) USA.
(A state in the Deep South on the gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate States during the American Civil War) Mississippi
(A state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War) Alabama
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/a/am/american_southeast.htm   (233 words)

 News & Events - Calendar of International Events
The history of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia is an important contemporary topic as
The Conference is being held to coincide with the Association of Asian
American Studies (AAAS) conference in Los Angeles, April 20-24, 2005.
www.einaudi.cornell.edu /calendar/index.asp?id=4399   (327 words)

 American Brittany Rescue Dogs Available in the SOUTHEAST   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Brittanys usually live 12-15 years, so if you are contemplating adoption, please be prepared to make that kind of commitment to the dog.
Dogs placed by American Brittany Rescue, Inc. have been rescued from a shelter, found as a stray, or given up by an owner who could no longer keep or care for them.
All dogs in foster homes have been (or will be) spayed or neutered, checked for heartworm, and are usually on preventative medication for heartworm.
www.americanbrittanyrescue.org /southeast/southeast.html   (3245 words)

 Amazon.com: American Indians of the Southeast (Osprey Men-at-Arms, No 288): Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Despite being poorly reported in popular histories, they have been well described by several early European traders and by a number of well-known American ethnologists who collected details of surviving native culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The white man's expanding plantation society and the tragic removal of the Indian population to Indian Territory saw the end of this farming, hunting and trading culture.
The native peoples of the southeastern United States have often been neglected or ignored in popular imagery of the North American Indian, yet they were prominent in the early history of the continent, being caught in the web of colonial intrigue between Great Britain, France and Spain.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1855325667?v=glance   (551 words)

 Current News: Museum Celebrating Native American Month , Southeast Missouri State University
A selection of Native American artifacts from the Museum’s collection will be on display and Paul White Eagle and members of the AhNiYvWiYa tribe will share information with visitors about their traditions, heritage, and history.
The Southeast Missouri Regional Museum also will present an exhibition featuring artifacts from a variety of Native American cultures in its history gallery in November.
The Southeast Missouri Regional Museum is located in Memorial Hall on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.
www.semo.edu /news/index_2796.htm   (284 words)

 American Indian Melungeon
You have a period where the offspring of mixed Indians dared not admit to being Native American for fear of being removed to the west so they may have claimed to be free fls.
When you consider the sheer numbers of Mulattos, Africans slave and free compared to the number of Native Americans in the east, and southeast, you have to conclude that a good sized portion of those early people of color were of African Ancestry, or at least part African Ancestry.
My focus has been on American Indian elements among Melungeons, because that is where I am most knowledgeable though far from an expertand because I am reasonably sure of my American Indian Ancestry.
www.melungeons.com /Amemel/AIMel.htm   (18672 words)

 GORP - Paddler's Paradise - The American Southeast   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
From the meandering Shenandoah to the legendary whitewater of the Gauley, the paddling opportunities in the American Southeast are unrivalled.
While the West has a lot to offer in the way of deep, steep gorges and big water, the Southeast has all that plus tight, technical little creeks that tumble down out of the Appalachians.
If, after reading all this, you're not ready to pick up your paddle and head to the American Southeast, it would be surprising.
gorp.away.com /gorp/activity/paddling/features/southeast.htm   (801 words)

 Asian Studies
The Asian American Studies Program offers a minor with classes that focus upon the history and contemporary experience of Asians in the United States.
The Minor and the Certificate in Southeast Asian Studies focus on the cultures and peoples of Southeast Asia, and on their communities outside Southeast Asia, especially those in the United States.
For Asian American and Southeast Asian communities, the status of women has long been neglected.
www.csufresno.edu /catoffice/archives/9899/asianhd.html   (612 words)

 Southeast Asia Film Review - The Quiet American - Southeast Asia
The film, The Quiet American, starring Michael Caine and Brendan Fraiser was made on location in Ho Chi Minh City(Saigon), Ninh Binh, and Hoi An, Vietnam.
The movie takes place in 1952 a couple of years after the arrival of the Americans in Indo-China.
The film is a treasure house of views of prewar Saigon, Southeast Asia.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art25014.asp   (402 words)

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