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Topic: American arts

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  USIA - Portrait of the USA, Ch. 10
Closely related to the development of American music in the early 20th century was the emergence of a new, and distinctively American, art form -- modern dance.
A work of art might be a performance on stage or a hand-written manifesto; it might be a massive design cut into a Western desert or a severe arrangement of marble panels inscribed with the names of American soldiers who died in Vietnam.
Perhaps the most influential 20th-century American contribution to world art has been a mocking playfulness, a sense that a central purpose of a new work is to join the ongoing debate over the definition of art itself.
usinfo.state.gov /usa/infousa/facts/factover/ch10.htm   (3797 words)

 Welcome to American Martial Arts
The study of the Martial Arts is one of the few activities that bring together the energy of both the mind and the body.
Practice of the Martial Arts at our school will enable an individual, both children and adults, to focus and concentrate on achieving worthwhile goals and to meet life's challenges with total confidence and perseverance.
American Martial Arts incorporates a combination of techniques and principles from a variety of Martial Arts styles, including Hom-Do™, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and weapons, all of which provides our students with a well-balanced, "street smart" self-defense system.
www.amakarate.com   (233 words)

 MSN Encarta - African Americans
African American Vernacular English (AAVE), also called fl English or Ebonics, is a dialect of English spoken by many African Americans that shares some features with Creole languages.
In 1926 African American scholar Carter Godwin Woodson organized the first Negro History week, to focus attention on previously neglected aspects of the fl experience in the United States.
African American scholar Maulana Karenga invented the festival of Kwanzaa in 1966 as an alternative to the increasing commercialization of Christmas.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761587467_2/African_Americans.html   (1327 words)

 Institute of American Indian Arts College / General Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Institute of American Indian Arts (congressionally chartered as the Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development) was established by Executive Order under President John F. Kennedy in 1962, and opened in August of that same year on the campus of the Indian School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Having been named one of the world’s most significant art education institutions by UNESCO and the International Association of Art, IAIA continues to be at the forefront of the contemporary Indian art movement, an unprecedented art movement that is an integral component of Indian America’s cultural and artistic rebirth.
As the nation’s only fine arts college devoted solely to the artistic and cultural traditions of all American Indians, our mission has always been guided by a strong sense of cultural identity, distinguished by a unique approach to arts education and Indian education in general.
www.iaiancad.org /college/info.php   (638 words)

 Welcome to American Martial Arts Academy
American Martial Arts Academy has a state of the art training facility located in Glasgow, Kentucky.
From our Lil Dragons and Karate for Kids programs to our Karate, Kardio Kickboxing, UBC and CDT for Adults, American Martial Arts total program of family fun and fitness and self defense is the reason tens of thousands of active students have made us their choice for getting more of a kick out of life.
For Centuries, millions of people have benefited from the teachings of martial arts, a system of self defense created in the Orient that does not advocate the use of weapons but instead, a philosophy that believes in strengthening the mind and body through self discipline, fitness and awareness.
www.hunterkarate.com   (427 words)

 African-American Bibliography- The Arts
The African-American contributions to the arts are remarkable in their range and diversity, innovation and genius, and dynamic cultural influence on American society.
In art, the bibliographic entries illustrate not only the achievements but also the special difficulties faced by African- Americans in the visual and fine arts.
The Art of Romare Bearden: The Prevalence of Ritual.
www.africa.upenn.edu /Bibliography/AFAM_Arts.html   (4367 words)

 Welcome to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an international learned society composed of the world's leading scientists, scholars, artists, business people, and public leaders.
American Academy Appoints 2005 Class of Visiting Scholars
American Academy Releases New Volume on Democracy and Security in Post-Soviet Georgia
www.amacad.org   (275 words)

American Style Kickboxing is an awesome form of self-defense.
American Kickboxing is a studio for students interested in learning "real" kickboxing.
Many of the students at American Kickboxing have had to use their training to defend themselves against street violence.
www.americankickboxing.com   (324 words)

 ARTS FOR AMERICAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
It begins with an American history that was not a nurturing, encouraging environment for art at the community level or as an integral part of local life.
It is the rare local arts agency that can integrate all four of these key functions at the local level—program, service, money, and cultural planning— but when that does happen, the true power and promise of an arts council or city arts commission or cultural alliance jumps out.
The local arts agency is the community partner that must and will embrace all segments of the community, that sees the face of America broadening and changing and takes as its mandate the celebration of the arts both for and by all of the peoples in those communities.
pubs.artsusa.org /library/ARTS069/simple/1-10.html   (3655 words)

 North American Arts: Plains
This golden age saw an explosion of decorative arts, working as always primarily with the raw materials provided by the hunt: buffalo and deer hide, embellished with quillwork and painting.
The influence of Native American art on mainstream arts in the United States is difficult to document, since to a large extent Native American culture has been either suppressed or coopted by the dominant society.
The Arts and Crafts Style, first developed in England, was modified in the United States, and became known as the Mission style.
char.txa.cornell.edu /nonwest/north/northart/plains.htm   (1091 words)

 FC-New York - Spotlight On - Asian American Arts Alliance
Mission: The mission of the Asian American Arts Alliance is to engage the general public with Asian American arts by ensuring that Asian American artists and arts organizations thrive.
The Arts Alliance is a central hub for information about its constituents, the field, the Asian American arts community, and opportunities that may benefit its community.
As an active member of the New York arts and cultural community, the Arts Alliance is involved in ongoing advocacy efforts to educate the public about the importance of the arts in our every day lives and to represent the needs and interests of the Asian American cultural community.
fdncenter.org /newyork/spotlight/ny_spotlight_061303.html   (1351 words)

 Baker's Martial Arts Academy
If you don't know anything about the martial arts, our Learning Center will help you to select the right school, get you started on the right foot, and become a valuable resource for you throughout your martial arts training.
Here are 3 good reasons that Baker's Martial Arts Academy is the #1 choice for professional martial arts in the San Angelo area...
The martial arts training your child receives will carry over into the rest of their lives...
www.mindspring.com /~martialarts   (283 words)

 American Arts Alliance
The American Arts Alliance (AAA) is a national network of more than 3,000 members comprising the professional, nonprofit performing arts and presenting fields.
For 27 years, the American Arts Alliance has been the premiere advocate for America's professional nonprofit arts organizations, artists and their publics before the US Congress and key policy makers.
AAA represents the interests of the dance field by advocating for increased federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), tax legislation favorable to non-profit arts organizations, arts education, non-profit postal rates, and visa/immigration issues related to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
www.danceusa.org /government/arts_alliance.htm   (170 words)

 Arts Management @ American University
Since 1974, the graduate Arts Management Program has trained students and mentored alumni/ae for careers in nonprofit performing and visual arts organizations both national and international.
Arts organizations throughout the metropolitan Washington region serve as laboratories for learning and enable students to apply classroom concepts in professional settings.
Special attention is given to prepare students for ethical decision-making, to understand the complexities of international issues, and to promote dialogue on national arts policy.
www.american.edu /perf_arts/academics/artsmgt.htm   (214 words)

 The Association of American Cultures (TAAC)
Attendance at the conference is projected to be about 300 local and national arts agency and tribal leaders, ethnic cultural and youth organizational staff and volunteers, and artists of color.
Americans for the Arts and Western States Arts Federation are additional supporters of the conference.
The inclusion of both urban and rural arts issues is inherent in the dialogues.
www.taac.com   (646 words)

 African Americans in the Visual Arts: A Historical Perspective
The art world of this period was narrow, and African-American artists had to compete for recognition and earnings from pieces of art requested by their commissioners or patrons.
He started his career in the field of visual arts by developing a finely tuned listening ear which later helped him to focus in with a perceptive eye on what the importance of African and African-American art should be in the world of art from a historical context.
David Driskell was fortunate to enter the field of visual arts at a time when the early foundations were being laid out by an array of fl professional artists who had chosen to teach visual arts with a certain zeal and dedication at many of the historically fl colleges and universities.
www.liunet.edu /cwis/cwp/library/aavaahp.htm#lawrence   (12892 words)

 American Visions: Arts Scene - Brief Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Now in its second year, "Taller Portobelo" offers lessons in Latin American art history, visits to Latin American artists in their studios, and tours of Panama's galleries, museums and historical sites.
The program is the brainchild of Arturo Lindsay, an associate professor of art and art history at Spelman who has dedicated his career to the study of aesthetic influences in contemporary Latin American cultures.
In addition to Spelman students, the art program is open to students-at-large, as well as emerging artists.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1546/is_1_14/ai_53930041   (1117 words)

 Native American ArtPages MENU
Art that appears on other (linked) pages: contact the Webmaster of those pages for info.
Young people's art that appears on these pages: contact the school or teacher identified with the art.
Art by Indian artists whose images reside locally on these pages: contact those artists for permission; most are not on the web.
www.kstrom.net /isk/art/art.html   (675 words)

 Pueblo Arts - Pueblo Indian Pottery
Other works appear to be timeless, the designs passed along for generations or inspired by the art of the ancients.
We carry art for the serious collector as well as the novice, and we are happy to assist you in your selection.
We want to bring you affordable art that will grace your home with it's beauty while increasing in value over time.
www.puebloarts.com   (243 words)

 Martial Arts Supply | Karate Equipment | AMAS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
AMAS Sports - Martial Arts Supply was founded in 1997 and was one of the first online retailers of martial arts supplies and karate equipment.
Martial arts and boxing have always been our passion and over the years our dedication to providing our customers with the best products and service has made us one of the Internet's retail leaders.
Whether you are looking for karate uniforms, martial arts weapons, sparring gear, or punching bags, AMAS Sports - Martial Arts Supply has the best selection at the lowest prices.
www.amas.net   (400 words)

 :: 2005 African American Arts Fest :: Ocala, FL
:: 2005 African American Arts Fest :: Ocala, FL This year the festival is 3 days long.
Every year the festival attracts vendors from across the United States and Africa, displaying fine arts, crafts and other ethnic specific wares that are not traditionally found in retail outlets.
The African American Artsfestival Committee is a grassroots organization founded in 1989 by Norman Powell with visions of bringing the community together for education, fellowship, and to introduce the community to the positive values which exists within the African American cultural.
www.arts-fest.org   (268 words)

 Native American Arts and Cultures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This book is a unique resource reminding us all that Native North Americans continue as dynamic, distinctive, innovative cultures that are reflected in the vitality of their art.
Students explore the richness of Native American cultures through a variety of art in its many forms and meanings.
Chapters are organized by cultural regions in which the arts, elements of language, and social organization are similar.
www.dickblick.com /zz701/66   (115 words)

 African-American Appalachian Arts, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
African American Appalachain Arts, Inc. is a non profit 501(c)3 arts organization that focuses on positive social and community development by utilizing creative methods of education through cultural artistic programming and development.
The mission of the AAAA was developed from the need to provide the African American community and the Greater East Tennessee community incentive to promote social change through culturally specific artistic expression.
This mission is accomplished by the presentation of African American arts and artists in performance, education, and exhibits.
www.discoveret.org /aaaa/Main1.html   (211 words)

 AsiaSource: AsiaLINKS - A resource of the Asia Society
The mission of Asian American Net is to promote and strengthen cultural, educational, and commercial ties between Asia and North America.
The Charles B. Wang Center, celebrating Asian and American cultures, is designed as a vital space for multidisciplinary and multicultural dialogues.
In order to preserve and pass on the art form of Japanese Drumming, classes and workshops are taught at various locations in the community.
www.asiasource.org /links/al_mp_03.cfm?TID=21,24   (987 words)

 Open Directory - Society: Ethnicity: African: African-American: Arts and Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The African American Art and Culture Complex of San Francisco - A San Francisco based complex that encourages appreciation of art and culture through community programs and activities.
The Center for the Arts of the African Diaspora - A guide to current and upcoming events, exhibits, lectures, activities, educational programs, history and general information.
ETA Creative Arts Foundation - A Chicago cultural resource institution for the preservation and perpetuation of African-American ethnic aesthetic arts.
dmoz.org /Society/Ethnicity/African/African-American/Arts_and_Culture   (553 words)

 Latin American Arts and Cultures   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Through an exploration of Latin America's ancient and contemporary art and architecture, this practical classroom resource provides a comprehensive social study of this vast and varied region.
Dynamic visuals and colorful timelines transport students back to the ancient civilizations of the Maya, Olmec, Aztec, and Inca.
Each chapter explores how Latin American arists reflect, chronicle, and shape the concerns and ideals of their communities.
www.dickblick.com /zz701/67   (124 words)

 Native American links - The Arts
Ableza is a Native American Arts and Film Institute dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting traditional and contemporary arts by Native American Peoples.
The purpose of this mediagraphy is to provide as comprehensive a listing as possible of the current audiovisual materials on native health that exist in the United States and Canada.
A grass roots collective of Native American musicians who came together to form a member organization that would honor, support and celebrate the enormous contribution Native American music has made to the world.
www.sondra.net /links/na-arts.htm   (999 words)

 American Martial Arts Center Home Page
The American Martial Arts Center offers instruction in the original art of TaeKwon-Do as outlined by its creator General Choi, Hong Hi.
The American Martial Arts Center is a proud member of the Association of Academies of Martial Arts and of the United States TaeKwon-Do Federation
While comparing martial arts schools make sure you ask each prospective school to outline all the costs that would be associated with your training.
www.amac-tkd.com   (205 words)

 American Craft Council
American Craft Council is a national, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft.
The Council is today the leading voice for the crafts in America, celebrating the remarkable achievement of the many gifted artists working in the media of clay, fiber, glass, metal, wood and other materials.
Programs through which the Council supports the field include the bimonthly magazine American Craft, annual retail and wholesale shows, and a special library on contemporary craft, education grants, workshops, seminars and other services to the public.
www.craftcouncil.org   (154 words)

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