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Topic: American liberalism

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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Adbusters : The Magazine - #71 Beginnings of Sorrow / The American Left's Silly Victim Complex
Bernie Sanders, the new Senator from Vermont and one of the few American politicians in history to have survived publicly admitting to being a socialist, agrees that this peculiar demographic schism is a fundamental problem for the American political opposition.
Taibbi's picture of liberalism is to an extent a generalized caricature of the situation in the year 2000, and I don't think it accurately represents the entire picture today in '07.
Part of the problem that progressives face in advocating for liberal values is one of the unfortunate legacies of late 20th-century American liberalism: at its worst, it seemed to become little more than an exquisitely calibrated exercise in highly selective excusemaking.
adbusters.org /the_magazine/71/The_American_Lefts_Silly_Victim_Complex.html   (7106 words)

  (DV) Chuckman: Why American Liberalism is Impossible
Liberalism is impossible in America because most of the elements of this definition are missing.
American democracy is a sick old man, and the country is simply missing the sine qua non condition for liberalism.
It’s as though American society were being run through a centrifuge with the cream of income and potential floating to the top and the rest sinking to the bottom.
www.dissidentvoice.org /July06/Chuckman01.htm   (1789 words)

  . : MatthewDallman.com : . The Official Site for Matthew Dallman's Music, Art, & Writing
American liberalism is dead; its truths have been swallowed by certain elements/circles of the American conservative movement; and to the extent that the Democratic party relies upon intellectual liberalism to influence policy, the Democratic party will suffer for a long time.
It may be that liberalism, as this country's dominant movement for the 60s, 70s, and 80s, was required to fulfill the logical, and final, extension of the project to have some kind of wealth equity post-slavery, as well as ensure for eternity other rights for minorities and women.
Liberalism is dead as a political discipline because it cannot reconcile nationalism with internationalism; it slides into the latter, which means that it has nothing to say when it comes to defending that which, for example, makes the USA the USA.
www.matthewdallman.com /2006/08/contemporary-liberalism-is-dead.html   (1858 words)

  Counterbias: Why American Liberalism is Impossible
Liberalism is impossible in America because most of the elements of this definition are missing.
American democracy is a sick old man, and the country is simply missing the sine qua non condition for liberalism.
It’s as though American society were being run through a centrifuge with the cream of income and potential floating to the top and the rest sinking to the bottom.
www.counterbias.com /683.html   (1663 words)

 The Liberalism of John Paul II   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Liberals who paid any attention at all to the document were not convinced of the demise of socialism and lifted up passages that they thought supportive of their collectivist dream.
Liberal dogma and market dynamics are the mutually reinforcing foundation and end of a social order that is entirely and without remainder in the service of individualistic choices by the sovereign, autonomous, and unencumbered Self.
The wages of liberalism is consumerism, and consumerism is all-consuming.
www.firstthings.com /ftissues/ft9705/articles/neuhaus.html   (4772 words)

 Liberalism in America
American liberalism, it should be emphasized, is antisocialist, where socialism retains its classical connotation of state ownership of the basic means of production and distribution.
This is partly because American liberals doubt whether bases for political opposition and freedom can survive when all power is vested in the state; liberty, if it is to be guaranteed by anything but the self-restraint of the rulers, must have resources of its own inaccessible to the state.
American liberalism, in the broad sense, is an expression of the total national experience -- a fact which will doubtless become evident to the world again when American liberalism, in the more restricted sense, returns to political power.
www.writing.upenn.edu /~afilreis/50s/schleslib.html   (2386 words)

 Addenda: A Chapter in American Liberalism
Liberals whose hair is growing thin and the lines of whose figures are no longer what they were, are likely to find themselves today in the unhappy predicament of being treated as mourners at their own funerals.
If therefore liberalism were to accomplish any substantial results it must approach its problems in the same realistic spirit, recognizing the masterful ambitions of property, recruiting democratic forces to overmaster the Swiss Guards, leveling the strongholds that property had erected within the organic law, and taking care that no new strongholds should rise.
Accepting the principle of economic determinism, liberalism still clung to its older democratic teleology, convinced that somehow economic determinism would turn out to be a fairy godmother to the proletariat and that from the imperious drift of industrial expansion must eventually issue social justice.
xroads.virginia.edu /~Hyper/Parrington/vol3/Addenda_liberalism.html   (4114 words)

 The American Thinker   (Site not responding. Last check: )
American liberalism, which began to be infected by radical Leftism in the 1960s, has now been largely taken over by that thoroughly alien ideology.
While American liberalism has morphed into post-modern Euro-leftism, the rest of America remains American, which is to say, thoroughly and congenitally anti-Left.
Most of all, the ability and the great privilege of Americans to pass on to posterity the common culture, storied history and undying hope of their glorious country is at stake.
www.americanthinker.com /articles.php?article_id=5279   (871 words)

 Liberalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to the tenets of this form of liberalism, as explained by writers such as John Dewey and Mortimer Adler, since individuals are the basis of society, all individuals should have access to basic necessities of fulfillment, such as education, economic opportunity, and protection from harmful macro-events beyond their control.
Liberals are in favour of a pluralist system in which differing political and social views, even extreme or fringe views, compete for political power on a democratic basis and have the opportunity to achieve power through periodically held elections.
Liberals in Europe are generally hostile to any attempts by the state to enforce equality in employment by legal action against employers, whereas in the United States many liberals favor such affirmative action.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Liberalism   (9859 words)

 The American Muslim (TAM)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Liberalism is impossible in America because most of the elements of this definition are missing.
American democracy is a sick old man, and the country is simply missing the sine qua non condition for liberalism.
It’s as though American society were being run through a centrifuge with the cream of income and potential floating to the top and the rest sinking to the bottom.
theamericanmuslim.org /tam.php/features/articles/why_american_liberalism_is_impossible/009672   (1849 words)

 Hoover Institution - Uncommon Knowledge - IN DEFENSE OF LIBERALISM: American Liberalism in the Twenty-first Century
Liberalism, once the dominant ideology in American politics, it seems to have become a bad word.
Liberalism is alive and well, maybe not as well as I would like it but liberalism's been around a long time.
It was the liberal achievements of the 1930s that stabilized the economy in countless ways, reduced risk in investment and Securities Exchange transactions and home mortgage financing, so on, so forth.
www.hoover.org /publications/uk/2940031.html   (3979 words)

 American liberalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Liberalism in America takes various forms, ranging from classical liberalism to social liberalism to neoliberalism.
Libertarianism is often said to be generally resembling, though not necessarily identical, to American classical liberalism, which advocates the laissez-faire doctrines of political and economic liberalism, equality before the law, indvidual freedom and self-reliance, which is in contrast to social liberalism's concern with state-provided equality of opportunity.
Cold War liberalism emerged at a time when most African Americans, especially in the South, were politically and economically disenfranchised.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_liberalism   (3344 words)

 An American Classical Liberalism
This is an attitude cultivated by the classical liberal mind, which puts a premium on the liberty of individuals and communities to control their own lives.
For they spelled out their theory of public affairs, that of classical liberalism, because in the mid and late 18th century, it had come under fire by a new brand of absolutism, and Rousseau was its prophet.
Neither does the truly liberal society send government aid to foreign countries, bribe or arrest or kill their rulers, tell other governments what kind of country they should have, or get involved in global schemes to impose welfare rights on the world.
www.mises.org /classical.asp   (5207 words)

 Stanford Magazine > July/August 2002 > Feature Story > Liberalism
During the 1960s, liberalism permeated American political life; it was in the very air, supplying the optimism and energy that allowed Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society Congress to declare war on poverty and inequality and believe they could defeat those historic foes of human happiness.
Liberalism was done in by its enemies, who pandered to the fears of a public alarmed by economic insecurity, itself largely the work of elites who managed to decouple their own fate from that of the masses increasingly left behind....
In the context of contemporary American politics, few liberals or conservatives would dispute that whatever else it entails, liberalism is premised on a prevailing confidence in the ability of government—preeminently the federal government—to accomplish substantial good on behalf of the American people.
www.stanfordalumni.org /news/magazine/2002/julaug/features/liberalism.html   (1807 words)

As a major shift in the understanding of American political, social, economic and cultural life social liberalism was a vigorous assault on the destructive laissez faire ideology and politics of its time.
This transformation of liberalism has led to the timidity of the Democratic Party, the rightward drift of organizations such as the DLC and the inability of Democratic candidates at all levels to connect the interests of the majority of Americans with their own agenda.
Indeed, social liberalism was able to merge the concerns of economic inequality as well as the assimilation of ethnic minorities and cultural difference.
www.logosjournal.com /thompson_election.htm   (2514 words)

 American Liberalism Project Archives September 2004 to June 2006
The front page is for essays from "American Liberalism Project regulars" and "guest bloggers." When you get to the front page open up a new account so that you can read the "Diary Section" blogs/essays of others and write diaries/essays there of your own when you feel the urge.
American history is pretty well settled that it was an explosion of jingoistic violence and hubris.
The American Liberalism Project is capable in this way of helping any and all true liberals or progressives carry their message to the rest of the nation.
americanliberalism.blogspot.com   (8710 words)

 Great Books & Film: A New Approach to the Classics
The problems of slavery and race have presented the major challenge to the principles and practice of American liberalism.
It is that assumption that flies in the face of the 14th Amendment and the principle of human equality that lies at the foundation of liberal government.
Just as African American thinkers such as Douglass, Washington, DuBois, and King were forced to think about the conditions of freedom, Sayles asks us to explore the character and extent of our freedom as individuals.
www.greatbooksandfilm.com /guide4.htm   (3087 words)

 The American Liberalism Project:: American Liberalism
The American Liberalism Project was conceived to help Americans of all ages, especially those just beginning their investigation of ideology and politics, to understand the nature of American Liberalism, what it is and what it is not.
Accordingly, we believe that the politics of right wingers in American are grounded in a culture of fear and a false and ugly view of humanity, one which virtually every thought arising in the Enlightenment and of consequence in the founding of the United States of America disputes and dispels.
American Liberalism when boiled down to its very essence is just exactly what is stated at the top of this webpage and a lot more,...
americanliberalism.org /showDiary.do?diaryId=104   (1573 words)

 Hetherington, M.J.: Why Trust Matters: Declining Political Trust and the Demise of American Liberalism.
Declining Political Trust and the Demise of American Liberalism
American public policy has become demonstrably more conservative since the 1960s.
Using both individual and aggregate level survey data, Marc Hetherington shows that the rapid decline in Americans' political trust since the 1960s is critical to explaining this puzzle.
press.princeton.edu /titles/7877.html   (589 words)

 The Lie at the Heart of Modern American Liberalism (Or, Why I Finally Decided to Vote for Bush)
In political parlance, liberalism (from the Latin liber meaning "free") originally referred to the 18th century political and intellectual movement that replaced feudalism with free enterprise and a market economy, substituted constitutional representative government for the absolutism of kings or oligarchies, and made individual liberty and economic opportunity available to all people in society.
Modern American ‘liberalism’, in von Mises words, “aims at government omnipotence, is a resolute foe of free enterprise, and advocates all-round planning by the authorities, i.e., socialism.”; In fact, because modern ‘liberalism’ is so completely different, the term “classical Liberalism” was coined to distinguish the original philosophy from the modern counterfeit version.
Though I once shared Kerry’s liberal faith, I eventually rejected liberalism for the lie that it is. In 1990, disgusted with the elitism of family and wealth in politics and considering him an unprincipled, opportunistic political chameleon, I voted against the elder President Bush.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1261034/posts   (2222 words)

 Discriminations: The Degradation Of American Liberalism
For most of its recent history — for virtually all of its 20th Century history — perhaps the two most fundamental, core commitments of American liberalism were its devotion to free speech and its determined opposition to racial discrimination.
If two kids are each ESL learners, immigrants, poor, new to the American culture, and one gets a boost because his surname is Gonzales and the other doesn't because her surname is Truong, I call bias.
If white Americans have behaved abominably towards Chinese immigrants and Mexican immigrants, let's give both immigrant groups a boost relative to whites, and never mind that the Chinese-Americans are outperforming whites already; that doesn't have anything to do with the historical grievance.
www.discriminations.us /2006/02/the_degradation_of_american_li.html   (13143 words)

 A Liberal's Definition of Liberalism - Tom Brewton
Liberalism discards Adam Smith's “invisible hand” operating through individuals guided by religious morality under a constitutional government, substituting collectivized license under a government in which “value judgments” are permitted only when they conform to current liberal ideas.
Liberal socialism worked in the 1930s and after World War II purely on the momentum of past cultural morality and religion, but lost its mooring in the 1960s with the new generation of students that understood nothing of the past and had no connection with its cultural traditions.
Liberalism is moving rapidly toward nihilism, the "anything goes" doctrine of Mikhail Bakunin aimed at freedom in the sense of removing all restrictions on thought and action.
www.americandaily.com /article/13354   (1601 words)

 Amazon.com: The Strange Death of American Liberalism: Books: H. W. Brands   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Liberalism - champion of the downtrodden, advocate of egalitarianism, conveyor of compassion - is reduced in Brands analysis to the barest essentials of its American expression.
The prolonged dominance of liberalism (from World War II to Great Society and briefly beyond) is best explained as an aberration during which the public distrust of government was temporarily suspended during the hot war and cold war "emergencies." Nixon's dtente and pre-resignation shenanigans ended the prolonged national emergency, and with it, liberalism's dominance.
Liberalism existed as long as the cold war lasted to give it life and in the aftermath of the Vietnam war and detente people naturally lost their interest in it.
www.amazon.com /Strange-Death-American-Liberalism/dp/0300098243   (3721 words)

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