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Topic: American rock

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  NARGS: Rock and Alpine Gardens
They may be simulated in constructed rock gardens by positioning the ends of individual stones to produce chinks and crevices that cross the lines of stratification at right angles and where exposed surfaces, which consist of superimposed pieces of rock, extend through more than one layer.
Rock garden plants are increased in several ways, and the method followed in any particular case will depend upon the character of the plant, the availability of propagating material, and the percentage of increase desired.
Rock garden plants for temperate and cold temperate climates include a vast array of alpines as well as natives of lower elevations that, by custom and for convenience, are accepted as appropriate.
www.nargs.org /gardening/rockgardening.html   (6582 words)

 American rock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Young adults and teenagers across the country were playing in amateur rock bands, laying the roots for local scenes, garage rock and alternative rock.
American rock and roll had an impact across the globe, perhaps most intensely in Britain, where record collecting and trend-watching were in full bloom among the youth culture prior to the rock era, and where color barriers were less of an issue.
Punk rock in the US was largely an east coast phenomenon, especially centered around New York City, though the decade would later see the development of the hardcore punk movement, lead by Los Angeles' Black Flag.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_rock   (2372 words)

 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum : Home
Though he was less directly involved as a producer, Ahmet Ertegun remained at the helm of Atlantic in the Sixties and Seventies as the company conquered the realms of soul and rock, from Aretha Franklin to Led Zeppelin, with phenomenal success.
The first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction was held in January 1986.
Ertegun was instrumental in choosing Cleveland as the site for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, acknowledging the city’s formative and ongoing contributions to the art form.
www.rockhall.com /home   (648 words)

 American Trad Rock Downloads - Download American Trad Rock Music - Download American Trad Rock MP3s
Although the sound of American Trad Rock is quite different than that of its British counterpart, it shares the same aesthetic -- namely, it is dedicated to keeping the sound and the spirit of classic '60s rock alive.
The Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers were the twin precursors of American trad rock, even though there are hints of the Stones and the Faces thrown in every once in a while as well.
As for the band, Phish was more a part of American culture than ever when they made an appearance on The Simpsons before releasing a massive set of live albums and a DVD in the spring of 2002.
www.mp3.com /american-trad-rock/genre/430/subgenre.html   (4083 words)

 American Pie by Don McLean
The entire song is a tribute to Buddy Holly and a commentary on how rock and roll changed in the years since his death.
McLean seems to be lamenting the lack of "danceable" music in rock and roll and (in part) attributing that lack to the absence of Buddy Holly et.
It could refer to rock and rollers, and the changes that had taken place in the business in the 60's, especially the huge amounts of cash some of them were beginning to make, and the relative stagnation that entered the music at the same time.
www.history-of-rock.com /american.htm   (1523 words)

 Folk rock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Folk rock arose mainly from the confluence of three elements: urban/collegiate folk vocal groups, singer-songwriters, and the revival of North American rock and roll after the British Invasion.
However, there are a few antecedents to folk rock in pre-British Invasion American rock; one could cite some of the later recordings of Buddy Holly, which highly influenced artists like Dylan and the Byrds, and to some extent some recordings by country-influenced performers like The Everly Brothers.
British folk rock was also influenced by some experimental work, found for example in The Incredible String Band, who found considerable popularity in the university town of Cambridge, Massachusetts, for several years, and this line of development eventually contributed to prog rock.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Folk-rock   (2107 words)

 BMI Rock Music History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In an American era of relentless striving for suburban, middle-class respectability, it combined the blues and country music of the fl and white rural working classes.
Where once the identity of a rock and roll group consisted of nothing more or less than its hit songs, the Beatles were four brashly distinctive personalities in one band.
The Beatles solidified the electric guitar’s role as the premier rock and roll instrument (supplanting the signature ’50s sound of the tenor saxophone) and inspired an army of earnest imitators in garages across America.
www.bmi.com /rock/history.asp   (864 words)

 American Rock & Royalty - Fashions inspired by today's cutting edge Rockstars and the elite Royalty of tomorrow.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
American Rock & Royalty brings you the designers, the trends, and the looks that are about to be the next big thing.
American Rock & Royalty brings you the latest fashions from the style setters of Los Angeles and New York.
American Rock & Royalty designs fashion for those who live confidently on the cutting edge of fashion and understand how to stay there.
www.americanrockandroyalty.com   (164 words)

 American Rock and Roll Begins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Another rock singer was Bob Dylan who's son is now in a popular band known as The Wallflowers, who's name is Jacob Dylan.
Bob Dylan was also a great rock and roll singer who was a certain boost in rock and roll poularity.
The rock and roll music era has an effect on all music, even in the music we listen to today.
warrensburg.k12.mo.us /soc/rock/janelle.html   (550 words)

 Lesson Plans - Interpreting Rock Art of the Anasazi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Some remains are in the form of rock art—a general term for the pecking, incising, or painting of designs onto rock surfaces.
Explain that Native Americans decorated rocks with pictures that told a story about what was going on in their tribe at the time.
Have each student select his or her favorite rock art panel from the photos and write a short story to accompany it.
www.nationalgeographic.com /xpeditions/lessons/12/gk2/rockart.html   (868 words)

 American Rock Salt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
American Rock Salt, one of the largest and most efficient salt-producing facilities in the US is the second largest taxpayer in the county.
American Rock Salt saves NYS approximately $25 million per year ($10 per ton) in transportation costs.
It is estimated that the company will be able to mine 3 million tons of salt a year for the next 80 years.
www.nyssbdc.org /Anniversary/HallFame/HallFameClients/AmericanRock/americanrock.html   (395 words)

 American Rock (Hardcover)
Veteran climber and guide Don Mellor suggests in American Rock that this newfound popularity may soon cause American rock climbing, once the obscure pursuit of an eccentric few, to become bland and homogenized.
In this thoughtful history and overview, he celebrates a dazzling mosaic of geologic regions and the distinct climbing styles they have engendered, and urges climbers to get out of the gym and take to the road to experience the rich variety of American rock for themselves.
In opening up the history of American climbing, Mellor chronicles the rich history and vibrant personalities of the climbing scene, and explores the meanings behind ongoing debates in the climbing community over access, techniques, and equipment.
www.countrymanpress.com /titles/AmerRockHC.html   (338 words)

 American Rock
The record has a decidedly rock and roll sound, and twists songs you may have heard thousands of times into new pieces of work that have a unique american rock sound.
The four records that followed 1994’s “American Recordings” have all pretty much kept to the same formula of sparse, stripped down arrangements that lay bare both the singer’s voice and the raw emotion of the songs.
Johnny Cash's American V disc was the #1 album on the Billboard chart in the first week of release last week (second week of July)...sold 88,000 copies.
www.rustybladen.com /blog/rocknews.html   (2228 words)

 Freedom*Rock (In Rural Iowa)
For years this boulder was known as "the graffiti rock" and was decorated for high school rivalries, love interests, etc. Since the Memorial Day paintings began, the "rock" has remained with the annual tribute intact.
When Sorensen was 19, he saw 'Saving Private Ryan' and he felt that patriotism was at an all time low and was not being taught in our schools and this motivated him to paint the rock.
He knew if he painted the rock a lot of people would see it.
www.ticz.com /homes/users/bob/On-A-Rock/On-A-Rock.htm   (299 words)

 American Indian Rock Art Vol. 25
Based on multiple, independent lines of empirical evidence, including continuity in site use, the quartz tools used to peck the motifs, and a number of specific details in the petroglyph iconography, the use of the Cosos as a shamanic vision questing locale appears to be a tradition that is 10,000 years or more in age.
Rock art in the western United States is a long established cultural attribute that dates back at least into the Archaic, if not earlier.
The term, Western Archaic Rock Art Tradition, is the label most often used to describe the concept of visual icons, basically abstract in motif, based on a variety of shamanistic experiences of individuals within the hunter-gatherer bands.
www.arara.org /AIRAV25.html   (2245 words)

 NARGS Home Page
Through its publications, meetings, and garden visits, NARGS provides extensive opportunities for both beginners and experts to expand their knowledge of plant cultivation and propagation, and of construction, maintenance, and design of special interest gardens.
You can see why our members are so passionate about rock gardening by viewing My Continuing Education as a Rock Gardener, by Bobby Ward, the past NARGS president, or by visiting some gardens.
For an overview of the history of rock gardening in North America, see the short historical essay.
www.nargs.org   (185 words)

 Native American Rock Art Photo Gallery by Steve Davidson at pbase.com
Petrographs are pictures painted onto a rock or rock wall surface using paints made with locally available pigments.
Hachures are linear cross hatched lines scratched into a rock wall surface and are the oldest known examples of Native American rock art.
Rock art was created by Native Americans in Arizona from about 6,000 years ago until the arrival of Europeans.
www.pbase.com /azleader/rockart   (155 words)

 Lime Rock Park - American Le Mans Series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Lime Rock Park's legacy has been built on staging the finest sports car events in North America and that tradition will carry on in full force during the 2006 season.
The American Le Mans Series will make his third visit to Lime Rock on June 30-July 1, featuring the world's fastest and most exotic sports cars in a 2-hour, 45-minute race that will be televised live on CBS.
Lime Rock is one of only two venues east of the Mississippi (along with the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course) and four all together (with Miller Motorsports Park in Utah and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca) that will be hosting both Rolex Sports Car Series and ALMS events.
www.limerock.com /2006_preview.htm   (573 words)

 Lesson Plans - Rock Art and Ritual
Materials: Rock art images from the various Photo Galleries or from searching the Rock Art Database using the Search screen (Rock Art Category = Prehistoric Native American; General Motif = Anthropomorph, Zoomorph, and Geometric), either printed out (preferably in color) or shown on a computer screen.
Activity: Students can begin by reading the "What is Rock Art and What Can It Tell Us" and "The Petit Jean Painted Style of Rock Art" selections in the Articles section of this Web site.
General information on Native American cultural practices and beliefs can be found in Paths of Our Children: Historic Indians of Arkansas (Arkansas Archeological Survey Popular Series Number 3).
rockart.uark.edu /lpritual.html   (311 words)

 South American Progressive Rock CDs
As was typical for South American bands of this era, the vocals are male and in a higher register, gently emotional.
This is intricate, intimate, delicate and refined progressive rock that stands apart from the rest of the South American prog of the era.
While the keyboards evoke 1970’s progressive rock, the guitarist and drummer add slight metal touches, and the music is darker and heavier than on their debut.
www.kinesiscd.com /brazil.htm   (8240 words)

 Rock Climbing Walls   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Mobile rock walls are a great attraction for fundraisers, Grand Openings, picnics, corporate events, indoor conventions, promotional events, birthday parties, church events, youth camps, reunions, company parties, fairs and community events.
Freestanding inside, mount to an existing structure, or bolt down to a concrete pad.
The climber uses a harness and begins climbing up the rocks (handholds) and is secured with a safety line that is self-belaying.
americanrockclimbing.com   (141 words)

 Rock Art Glossary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
neuropsychological model - a theory of rock art related to the representation of figures and shapes commonly perceived during altered states of consciousness
rock art - a general term for petroglyphs, pictoglyphs, pictographs, mobiliary art, etc.; "art" as we think of it in a modern sense may not have been the motivation for the creation of these cultural artifacts; "rock art" is the term more frequently used in Europe rather than the more North American term "petroglyph"
rock shelter - an overhang such as on a cliff face used as protection or shelter from the elements; often a temporary camp or permanent living area; favored because a fire in a true cave can suffocate the occupants
www.geocities.com /Athens/Acropolis/5579/glossary.html   (1730 words)

 Amazon.ca: V5 Golden Age Of American Rock: Music: Various Artists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This is item 5 in The Golden Age of American Rock & Roll Series.
This is the 5th installment of at least 10 CD samplers, covering "charted hit territory" of Rock and Roll's Golden Age (The 1950s and 1960s).
Volume five in ACE Records exhaustive survey of the early rock 'n' roll years (1954-1963) in America suffers from the same problem that volume four did in that the song selection gets a bit too obscure at times.
www.amazon.ca /V5-Golden-Age-American-Rock/dp/B0000009JP   (1058 words)

 Kid Rock & The Twisted Brown Trucker Band - Home
It was a sad flight back to Kuwait from Baghdad, as we had 3 more heroes riding with us in their coffins draped in American flags.
The legendary 'killer', Jerry Lee Lewis, and Kid Rock perform "Honky Tonk Woman" from Lewis' latest and greatest, Last Man Standing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, November 21st on NBC.
Kid Rock will perform live 2 of his all time classics to over 500 military personnel and their families who will be in the audience on November 17th at the Augustus Room at Caesars Palace.
www.kidrock.com   (539 words)

 Eagle Thunder Entertainment
Native American tribes on the northern Great Plains can harness enough wind energy to provide our nation with one-third of all annual electricity consumption.
BERLIN - German rock music legend, Peter Maffay, will be releasing his new album this weekend with gala receptions in Berlin beginning at the Teldex Studios on Oct. 2 and the Bertelsmann House on Oct. 3.
OF RED THUNDER TO April 23, 2006 - Robby Romero, one of Native America's leading rock musicians, joined Peter Maffay in performing a song dedicated to the survival of the Lakota language on the forthcoming Peter Maffay "Encounters 2" album.
www.eaglethunder.com   (613 words)

 Seattlest: American Rock, Care of Europe
Last night, Seattlest was at the sweltering sold-out Croc for the one-two punch of La Rocca and Phoenix on the final night of their U.S. tour.
For a rock show, the crowd was fairly clean-cut; like, we totally ran into a girl from pilates.
As to the music, Irish quartet La Rocca kicked things off with a 45-minute set of their California-twinged blues rock, mining most of their debut release, The Truth.
www.seattlest.com /archives/2006/09/28/american_rock_care_of_europe.php   (473 words)

 American Rock Railroad
The American Rock Railroad is the merger of the
American Rock Railroad Openhouse press release Sunday, Sept, 17, 2000
From HO scale in the foreground, N scale in the middle, Z scale in the background, and Magic and TY scale in the far corners, it has a forced perspective that gives a feeling of great distance.
www.rockcitynews.com /railroad/mainstart.html   (266 words)

 Lesson Plan: Native American Rock Art - Chalk
This is a culminating project I do with my kids at the end of the study of Ohio's prehistoric people as we move into the historical Native groups and at the end of the science unit i do on rocks and minerals and fossils and as we move into earth structure and changes.
A very cool outgrowth that happened is that a few of the students, by chance, were doing the carving over their open sketchbook, and when they swept the carving dust across the paper, the paper had a coat of reddish chalk/clay.
Rock Art in Arkansas - Use as a guide for developing worksheets and web quest.
www.princetonol.com /groups/iad/lessons/elem/Samantha-rock.htm   (2448 words)

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