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Topic: American values

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Key American Values
Individual Americans may think they chose their own values, rather than having had their values and the assumptions on which they are based imposed on them by the society in which they were born.
Americans, as has been said before, generally consider themselves to be frank, open, and direct in their dealings with other people.
Americans have no taboo of any kind associated with the left hand; they are as likely to touch you or to hand you objects with the left hand as with the right hand.
www.umsl.edu /~intelstu/handbook/keyvalues.html   (2255 words)

 American values
Americans believe that all people are created equal and that all should have an equal opportunity to succeed.
This value is reflected in the American economic system of free enterprise, and it is applied in the U.S. in all areas - medicine, the arts, education, sports.
Americans would like to think that their material objects are just the "natural benefits" that result from hard work and serious intent - a reward, they think, which all people could enjoy were they as industrious and hard-working as Americans.
www.uku.fi /~paganuzz/xcult/values/Amer_values.htm   (1459 words)

 American Values   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Valuing the future and the improvements Americans are sure the future will bring means that they devalue the past and are, to an extent unconscious of the present.
Americans consider anything other than the most direct and open approach to be dishonest and insincere and will quickly lose confidence in and distrust anyone who hints at what is intended rather than saying it outright.
Americans would like to think that their material objects are just the natural benefits which always result from hard work and serious intent -- a reward, they think, which all people could enjoy were they as industrious and hard working as Americans.
www.georgetown.edu /faculty/hac5/cs/values.htm   (3674 words)

 American Values - Your Voice to Help Protect Life, Marriage, Faith, and Family   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
American Values is your voice to help protect Life, Marriage, Family, Faith, and Freedom.
We tirelessly campaign to ensure that your elected officials in Washington, DC hear and understand the issues that are most important to you.
American Values would like to invite the family and friends of servicemen and women to compose messages to our elected officials.
www.ouramericanvalues.org   (794 words)

Americans have been taught from childhood that we all have the right to dissent, to vote for change, and to organize politically.
Americans respond to both the mandatory testing and the quarantining as unthinkable violations of human rights, but in Cuba the practice is defended as necessary to protect the rights of the majority of the population.
It may be difficult for them to see positive aspects of American culture, and their negative view may be amplified by their economic situation: They may be living in poor areas, going to poorer schools, and at the same time being bombarded by advertising and an unbelievable array of consumer goods.
www.culturalorientation.net /cubans/value.HTM   (778 words)

 American Values Overview
For example if African Americans ranked equality as number 2 and the rest of the population ranked it as 14 the average value for US society would be low since the numbers African Americans are proportionally small.
Values are the glue that holds a society together (at least along with interdependence).
Values have grown out of the experience of preceding generations and are passed on through the process of socialization.
www.coastsociology.org /205/day_val_overview.htm   (2531 words)

 Values For American Coins - Excellent Resources on Values For American Coins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
One thing to remember while you review the great amount of values for american coins intelligence at hand is that the information and information you find won't be all true.
The industry having to do with values for american coins is a stirring industry and learning more about it is very remunerative.
The finest areas to bump into completely the type of top values for american coins resources you are attempting to find is here on the world wide web through the numerous search engines at hand.
www.thelearninglink.net /Coins/Coin-Appraisal/Values-For-American-Coins.cfm   (937 words)

 Propositions | What are American Values?
For more than a decade, the name “Institute for American Values” has been primarily an albatross around our neck, signaling to some that we are right-wing nuts, and to others that we are watering down the meaning of virtue by using a namby-pamby, everything-is-relative word such as “values.” So either way, we usually lose.
But core American values are different from these, and they are quite attractive, not only to Americans, but to people everywhere in the world.
The power of core American values is also the reason why millions of people who do not live in the United States identify with them.
www.propositionsonline.com /html/what_are_american_values_.html   (1734 words)

 Newhouse A1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
WASHINGTON -- John McCain invoked enemies who "hate every value we hold dear," and Barack Obama "our constitutional values." But just as interesting is what each man didn't say -- McCain before a rally for President Bush, Obama in a televised interview after bringing Democrats to their feet in Boston.
Americans have a nostalgic streak, indulging "memories of real or imagined better times," says Karlyn Bowman, who tracks public opinion for the American Enterprise Institute.
Education, of course, is supposed to be the key to equal opportunity -- a value uttered in the same breath as liberty and justice and freedom.
www.newhousenews.com /archive/Rios082504.html   (1098 words)

 American Values in Dire Straits
The answer is: Americans who revere our heritage of freedom and independence must have the courage to defy 1990's political correctness and uphold core American values – by politely but firmly refusing to intervene, regardless of one's sympathies.
They understood, as too many well-intentioned Americans today do not, that once we compromise the safeguards against domestic tyranny written into our own system of law, no matter how compelling the rationale, we will rapidly cease to be the nation others once considered worth emulating.
But genuine patriotism demands that Americans defend the ideals of our Founding Fathers, and speak up for what is authentically American, and not meekly acquiesce, like "good Germans" or "good Japanese" in the 1930's, to the mainstream consensus while our nation continues its downward slide into imperial decadence.
www.antiwar.com /orig/chu1.html   (1309 words)

 American Values Overview
However, functionalists have emphasized the importance of consensus (based on a common set of values) as one of the major cohesive forces in society and motivation for individuals in a society.
The common set of values was a standard for making decisions which appealed to and this helped settle differences of opinion.
Common values serve as the point to which one can appeal in attempts to persuade the other side during conflicts or when arguing over issues.
www.orednet.org /~jflory/205/val_over_ver2.htm   (2287 words)

 The Center for Traditional American Values   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
While no amount of generosity can make up for the massive tragedy of the loss of life, the Center for Traditional American Values encourages all Americans to give what they can to any of a number of relief organizations which are accepting donations to support their work in the area*.
The Center for Traditional American Values calls upon the Alabama State House, and any other legislative body in the nation who may be faced with similar bills in the future, to reject out of hand any attempt to gut our nation's libraries and dictate American reading lists.
The Center for Traditional American Values salutes Judge Marsha J. Pechman for her commitment to democracy and wishes the best of luck to whichever candidate wins a free and fair election in Washington State.
c4tav.blogspot.com   (1220 words)

 American Values
American culture has been enriched by the values and belief systems of virtually every part of the world.
Americans take a pragmatic approach to learning, so what one learns outside the classroom through internships, extracurricular activities and the like is often considered as important as what is learned in the classroom.
In addition to such basic American values as individual freedom, self-reliance, equality of opportunity, hard work, material wealth, and competition, we see a trend toward conservation with an emphasis on recycling and preserving the environment.
www.americanhospitals.com /questions/american/amervalues.htm   (938 words)

 American Values Foreword   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It is our traditional American values, including individual liberty, constitutional government, and the freedom to better our condition and that of future generations through creativity, innovation and old-fashioned hard work.
Since the 1970s, American environmental policy has been based on the assumption that the federal government, through command-and-control laws and regulations imposed from Washington, D.C., is best suited to provide for the environment.
Also, command-and-control was often based on biased value judgments and politics rather than sound science, a key American value symbolized by our technological ingenuity and innovation.
www.junkscience.com /news/american-values.html   (1146 words)

 American Values   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Kohl's first, seventh and ninth values are also tied to the concept of individualism.
Americans do not always realize it but the very way in which we deal with the world is shaped by an unconcious realization of markets and the need to match one's skills against another person.
Americans are materialistic to the point of absurdity, not to say that I am any better.
www.class.uidaho.edu /amst301_01/_AMSTspring1999/00000006.htm   (134 words)

 Counterbias: Bush, Torture and American Values in Iraq
During his invasion of Iraq, George W. Bush warned Iraqis about their treatment of American prisoners of war on 23 March 2003: “I expect them to be treated, the POWs, I expect to be treated humanely, just like we’re treating the prisoners that we have captured humanely.
American forces and our allies are treating innocent civilians with kindness and showing proper respect to the soldiers who surrender.
In the American news media, CBS “60 Minutes II” (28 April 2004) was the first to report the excesses at Abu Ghraib.
www.counterbias.com /054.html   (8636 words)

 My American Values   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Putting aside that American laws are supposed to be based on the Constitution, the constant use of the Bible in defending “traditional” marriage in America is really quite fascinating.
No one one group should get to dictate American values based on their religious beliefs, but if no one else is willing to stand up and present a clear and compelling vision -- that's what will and is happening.
My American Values is a Web site dedicated to a free and open discussion of American values, and presenting alternative visions of what American values should be.
www.myamericanvalues.org   (1334 words)

 American values
An early study, based on an investigation into political speeches, was published in 1961 by Edward Steele and Charles Redding that identified a set of archetypical American values.
If you embody these values, they are more likely to look up to you.
If you think this is a damn fine set of values, they are probably your values -- and maybe you are an American (or at least you will easily agree with a lot of Americans).
changingminds.org /explanations/values/american_values.htm   (327 words)

American Values Investments, Inc. devotes a significant part of its efforts and personnel to the identification of companies that do business in a manner that exemplifies traditional American values.
Only those companies that are awarded a total cumulative score greater than 200 points are included in the American Values Investments Index.
As the universe of reviewed companies expands, an additional diversification screen will be applied with the goal of only having the companies with the highest cumulative score in each sector in the Index.
www.americanvaluesresearch.com /basic/Research_Philosophy.php   (214 words)

 american culture values: essayssolver.com- we solve your essay, term paper, book report, research paper needs
The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of some of the core values of American culture.
Americans have always been noted for their loved of individual freedoms and their self-reliance.
On essayssolver.com there are hundreds of free essay abstracts written by your fellow college students on american culture values.
www.essayssolver.com /term-papers/38232/american-culture-values.html   (348 words)

 American Values Summary
Using multiple choice or rankings, means we may not include values the population thinks are important or the respondents may understand ideas like "equality" or "freedom" in different ways.
On the one hand I worry that they may be advocates of the new configuration of values that they claim to identify and wonder a bit about how they identified these values groups.
While on the one hand it all seems very logical to study values on a societal level, it may be that the underlying assumptions related to values may be flawed.
www.orednet.org /~jflory/205/val_sum_ver2.htm   (1375 words)

 American Values   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Take immigrants for example, immigrants came to America to live a better life, because individuals are free from excessive political, religious, and social controls, because of this they inturn have a better chance of success.
Another great american value is freedom because of the limited power of the government and the churches, so emphasis is more on the individual.
I think these examples are the basis for all americans and thats the reason why our world is the way it is today.
www.siena.edu /boswell/_FounSpring02/0000005b.htm   (100 words)

 American Values   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
I think it is to easy to clame that America is too materialistic and too selfish and that this will be our ruine, after all our highly compettive culture has lead to many innovations and inventions which have helped people and improved society.
Also with the demise of the Soviet Union it appears that our highly competivie culture has left us as the only remaining "super power" and the security that comes with this position is something which should not be taken for granted.
There is also the tendency to simply ignore vast segements of our population simply dismissing them as unwilling to help them selves when they are borne into a negative environment which is entirly beyond their control.
www.class.uidaho.edu /amst301_01/_AMSTspring1999/00000008.htm   (199 words)

 Who Will Defend American Values?
Seventy-one percent of college students disagreed with the statement, “the values of the U.S. are superior to the values of other nations.” Only 25 percent of college students agreed with the statement.
The disturbing results of the poll show us that not only are most college students today unwilling to fight for true American values and freedoms, but they are unwilling to even acknowledge the great achievements of American society.
This tendency for American academics to blame the U.S. for the world’s problems, while praising oppressive foreign cultures simply because they are not our own, will ultimately result in the weakening of our nation.
www.academia.org /news/defend.html   (743 words)

 Society, Culture and Values, U.S. Dept. of State
Bush lauded disabled Americans’ increasing contributions in the workplace, particularly since the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and his own administration’s New Freedom Initiative, which has expanded workplace opportunities for the disabled.
American playwright August Wilson, who died of liver cancer October 2, once observed of his plays that they are "about love, honor, duty, betrayal -- things humans have written about since the beginning of time."
Wilson, one of the most revered dramatists of the late 20th and early 21st century, sought, in his words, "to take culture and put it onstage, demonstrate it is capable of sustaining you.
usinfo.state.gov /usa   (444 words)

 American Values
American values means different thing to different groups of people but it seems that the goal to succeed has remained constant.
Freedom should defiantly be a value that is placed father up our list, but as with democracy, it is a topic that we as American’s take for granted.
Values are all around us, but it is up to the individual to us what values we have.
www.collegeresearch.us /show_essay/7331.html   (266 words)

 American Values
This is the true American value: We are a nation of compromises.
The radical reactionaries (it is absurd to call them conservatives) have convinced about half of Americans that the basic American values - the values of balancing various competing interests - are evil and anti-American.
The danger to America is when we allow those who vilify basic American values to have the loudest voices.
www.commondreams.org /scriptfiles/views05/0420-20.htm   (549 words)

 Lean Left: American Values?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
There was the candlelight vigil in Cumberland, Maryland, to show support for the disgraced soldiers, including the ones who did the torturing, about a hundred supporters standing in the pounding rain, as if beating and sodomizing prisoners were some kind of patriotic duty.
Darby is a genuine American hero -- and yet Bush is allowing his fellow travelers, his base, to treat Darby like this without saying a word.
A man of actual character, a man with real values, would not sit silently when a good person, a man who out his nation above himself, was attacked.
www.leanleft.com /archives/003412.html   (981 words)

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