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Topic: Amnesty Act of 1872

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In the News (Sat 21 Apr 18)

 Ulysses S. Grant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
After the fraud was exposed in 1872, the company tried to avert an investigation of their practices by bribing certain Congressmen with heavily discounted shares of stock.
The Civil Rights Act guaranteed fls full and equal enjoyment of public amusement, it was however highly ineffective because it was not enforced properly and fls continued to be discriminated against.
Grant did not act in a decisive, strict manner to resolve any bad publicity and his achievements were never seen or appreciated.
valusha.tripod.com /Pres/UlyGra.htm   (2019 words)

 CalendarHome.com - 1872 - Calendar Encyclopedia
1872 was a leap year starting on Monday (see link for calendar).
May 10 - Victoria Woodhull becomes the first woman nominated for President of the United States, although she is a year too young to qualify and does not appear on the ballot.
November 9 - Great Boston Fire of 1872: In Boston, Massachusetts, a large fire begins to burn on Lincoln Street (the two day event destroyed about 65 acres (0.3 km²) of city, 776 buildings, much of the financial district and caused US$60 million in damage).
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /1872.htm   (857 words)

 Amnesty Proclamations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Even while the Civil War was in progress, the federal government offered amnesty to Confederate citizens in an attempt to encourage loyalty to the Union and to begin the process of reconstruction.
The Confiscation Act of 1862 authorized the president of the United States to pardon anyone involved in the rebellion.
In May 1872 the Congressional Amnesty Act gave the right to hold office again to almost all Southern leaders who had been excluded from public office by the 14th Amendment.
civilwar.bluegrass.net /AftermathAndReconstruction/amnestyproclamations.html   (261 words)

 JOHNSON, ANDREW - Online Information article about JOHNSON, ANDREW
In 1872 it was estimated that the public debts of the eleven reconstructed states amounted to nearly $132,000,000, two-thirds of which was composed of guarantees to corporations, chiefly railway companies.
doctrine of the acts was that the amendments guaranteed the freedmen against invasion of their rights by the acts of individuals as well as by explicit legislation of the states.
In 1871 the former decision was reversed and the constitutionality of the Legal Tender Acts sustained on loose-construction reasoning.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /JEE_JUN/JOHNSON_ANDREW.html   (5135 words)

 Lalor, Cyclopaedia of Political Science, V.1, Entry 229, CIVIL RIGHTS BILL: Library of Economics and Liberty
Cognizance of offenses against the act was entirely taken away from state courts and given to federal courts.
The president was authorized to use the services of special agents, of the army and navy, or of the militia, to enforce the act.
It was passed in the senate June 8, by a vote of 33 to 11, and in the house June 13, by a vote of 138 to 36.
www.econlib.org /library/YPDBooks/Lalor/llCy229.html   (564 words)

 The United States, 1865 to 1900
And the Amnesty Act of 1872 restored the vote to those whites in the South who had been denied it.
In 1872, Yellowstone National Park was founded in the territories of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.
In 1887 the Interstate Commerce Act was passed and signed into law, which intended to give farmers and other small business persons equality in rates with what had been the railroad's favored customers, and the law established an Interstate Commerce Commission, the first government regulatory commissions.
www.fsmitha.com /h3/h46-am.htm   (5796 words)

 History 222 Supplementary Materials
The 1875 Resumption Act responded to sound money interests by mandating that greenbacks could be converted into gold beginning in 1879.
Both these Acts were compromises as the go;vernment was not required to coin all the silver offered to its mints.
FDR hoped to act as the arbiter of all interests--the rich and poor, workers and farmers, rural and urban.
www.middlesex.cc.nj.us /faculty/John_Kruszewski/222supplementary.html   (2084 words)

 United States Laws   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves - 1807 - In accordance with Constitution, no new slaves were permitted to be imported into US.
Emergency Quota Act - 1921 - Congress limited the number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 3 of the number of person from that country who were living in the U.S. in 1910, according to Census figures.
Immigration Act Basic Law - 1924 - Congress limited the number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of person from that country who were Living in the U.S. in 1890 thus restricting Southern and Eastern Europeans.
www.faqt.org /Qhoo/United_States_Laws.html   (3339 words)

 Amnesty Act - TheBestLinks.com - United States Civil War, 1872, ...
Amnesty Act - TheBestLinks.com - United States Civil War, 1872,...
The Amnesty Act of 1872 removed voting restrictions and office-holding disqualification against most whites who rebelled in the United States Civil War.
You can add this article to your own "watchlist" and receive e-mail notification about all changes in this page.
www.thebestlinks.com /Amnesty_Act.html   (78 words)

 Amnesty Act, Impeachment, Klu Klux Klan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
These laws made actions by individuals against the civil and political rights of others a federal criminal offense for the first time and provided for election supervisors and permitted martial law and suspension of the writ of habeas corpus to combat murders, beatings, and threats by the Klan.
-On March 4, the committee prepared 11 articles of impeachment, 10 of which concentrated on Johnson’s violation of the Tenure of Office Act, which gave the Senate power to interfere with changes in the president’s cabinet, and violation of the “command of the army” provisions of the Army Appropriations Act.
Furthermore, Johnson’s lawyers argued that the act did not pertain to Stanton, since he had been appointed by Lincoln, not by Johnson.
www.owlnet.rice.edu /~mwfriedm/terms/anna14.html   (919 words)

 List of United States Federal Legislation
1956 - Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, nicknamed the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956
1964 - Urban Mass Transportation Act PL 88-365
1986 - Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986 (Defense Reorganization)
www.teachtime.com /en/wikipedia/l/li/list_of_united_states_federal_legislation.html   (428 words)

 Ballot and Bullet
Republican governments saw their task as acquiring legitimacy, which is why they willingly reenfranchised many ex-Confederates even before the federal Amnesty Act of 1872.
The Reconstruction Acts established the basis on which Confederate states could apply for readmission to the Union.
No white man can live in the South in the future and act with any other than the Democratic Party unless he is willing and prepared to live a life of social isolation and remain in political oblivion.
people.cohums.ohio-state.edu /grimsley1/h557/bullet.htm   (1622 words)

 [No title]
The Amnesty Act to pardon ex-Confederates was passed in 1872.
In 1872 Great Britian signed the Geneva Tribunal with the United States and promised to pay $15,500,000 for damage.
He accomplished much in the 63 years of his life including the surrender of General Lee and Appomattox, the Treaty of Washington, the Geneva Tribunal, the restoration of the seceded states, the admittance of Colorado into the Union, the Amnesty Act of 1872, and the writing of his memoirs.
www.angelfire.com /oh/lizbeth/grant.html   (914 words)

 Judge Lecompte and the "Sack of Lawrence," May 21, 1856 [Part 2 of 2], by James C. Malin, August 1953
Although Lecompte's acts may have encouraged outrages, and prevented the punishment of those who committed them, yet we have never heard that he engaged in any of them himself -- indeed, we have always taken him for a man whose disposition was averse to ruffianism.
We do not pretend to justify or apologize for the acts of judge Lecompte in the early history of Kansas; but if he has been convinced of his error, and is endeavoring to atone for it, we say, let him alone.
Several weeks since, we published an article, in which we contended that, however censurable some of the judge's acts may have been, we did not regard him as so bad a man as he had been represented to be, and that in consideration of his subsequent good behavior, he was entitled to forgiveness.
www.kshs.org /publicat/khq/1953/53_8_malin.htm   (14339 words)

 CalendarHome.com - May 22 - Calendar Encyclopedia
1872 - Reconstruction: U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant signs the Amnesty Act of 1872 into law restoring full civil rights to all but about 500 Confederate sympathizers.
1947 - Cold War: In an effort to fight the spread of Communism, U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs an act into law that will later be called the Truman Doctrine.
The act grants $400 million in military and economic aid to Turkey and Greece.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /May_22.htm   (1059 words)

 Encyclopedia: Amnesty Act of 1872
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The Amnesty Act of 1872 removed voting restrictions and office-holding disqualification against most whites who rebelled in the United States Civil War, except for very high positions.
The American Civil War was fought in the United States from 1861 until 1865 between the northern states, popularly referred to as the U.S., the Union, the North, or the Yankees; and the seceding southern states, commonly referred to as the Confederate States of America, the CSA, the Confederacy...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Amnesty-Act-of-1872   (143 words)

 APX: The Supreme Court and Legislation
With the election of Hayes marking the end of Reconstruction, the American society had long ago abandoned Jefferson's dream of an agrarian society and had begun their movement towards the cities.
Presidential power was also at an acme for this period as the various presidents wielded more influence than in any other time, perhaps leading to the countless numbers of Congress-passed Acts that attempted to check Executive power but were vetoed by the President.
Overall, this time marked immense progress in human rights and social improvement, as delineated by the many acts related to these issues.
www.tjhsst.edu /~sgoswami   (978 words)

 Changing Agendas in the North
Met greater opposition, even in North--votes of 4 Southern states required to offset opposition even in North.
Amnesty Act, 1872 - almost all ex-Confederates refranchised
Court i n effect ruled that Enforcement Act of 1870 was unconstitutional because it targeted individuals trying to abridge constitutional rights, whereas 14th and 15th Amendments had targeted States.
people.cohums.ohio-state.edu /grimsley1/h557/agendas.htm   (425 words)

 Grant History Four   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A major part of Grant's Peace Policy, this act caused the government to recognize for the first time the need to insure the welfare of Indians as individuals rather than as tribal entities.
At the time this act went into effect, the depression that started with the Panic of 1873 came to an abrupt end.
This act prohibited racial segregation in various modes of public accommodations and transportation and in jury selection.
www.css.edu /usgrant/granthist4.html   (1937 words)

 Iron Confederacies Timeline
Andrew Johnson isses Amnesty Proclamation, reinstating rebel property in exch for oath of allegiance to fed govt.
Johnson issues general amnesty (with exceptions) and appoints WW Holden as provisional governor of NC.
Congress passes the fourth Reconstruction act, specifying that ratification of constitution can be accomplished by a simple majority of votes, regardless of how small a percentage of total registered voters it is. This forces Democrats to be active, and abandon the strategy of ignoring the elections.
srnels.people.wm.edu /iron/timeline.html   (8369 words)

 Louisiana Secretary of State/Museums/Old State Capitol/This Month in History-MAY
1882 - The Chinese Exclusion Act is passed, ceasing Chinese immigration.
1872 - The Amnesty Act restores civil rights to all but 500 Southerners.
He is not, however, allowed to assign rooms to be utilized by legislators.
www.sec.state.la.us /museums/osc/month/day-may.htm   (2522 words)

 US History - Reconstruction
Foremost of such feared crimes was the rape of white women and violent acts of revenge against former slave masters (this assumption on the part of former slave masters is certainly ironic in light of the fact that most often, slave owners themselves committed such acts against their slaves).
On February 24, 1868, the House voted to impeach President Johnson for violating the Tenure of Office Act and for other “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The Senate, however, after a three-month trial, refused to convict the President (by only one vote), and he remained in office, though his power was considerably reduced.
Ulysses S. Grant narrowly won reelection to the presidency, and Republican leaders in the Congress indicated their fading hostility toward conservative southerners by passing the Amnesty Act (1872) that granted the vote to nearly all former Confederates.
home.att.net /~history240/history100reconstruction.html   (4636 words)

 [No title]
Homestead Ad V. Federal Reserve Act A: I, II, III, and IV only B: II, III, and IV only C: II, IV and V only D: 1, II, III, IV and V E: I, III, and IV only 21.
A: Implementation of the Wade-Davis Bill B: Occupation of the South with federal troops to insure pacification C: Pursuit of federal charges of treason against ex- Confederates D: Disenfranchisement of Southerners who supported the Confederacy E: Speedy re-admission of the seceded states under the 10% plan 23.
A major purpose of the Reconstruction Act (1867) in the United States was to: A: hasten the industrialization of the South.
www2.rpa.net /~bcds/UNIT5-8.TXT   (962 words)

 Middle East Open Encyclopedia: 1872   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This is an extract from The Middle East Open Encyclopedia, made possible through the Wikimedia Foundation.
Iraq Museum International always displays the most recent published revision of the source article, 1872; all previous versions may be viewed here.
They link directly to authoring tools for you to start writing a particular article.
www.baghdadmuseum.org /ref/index.php?title=1872   (977 words)

 Illegal Citizenship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Most strikingly, this amendment was ratified in 1868 and, along with the 13th and 15th Amendments, is one of the three Civil War Reconstruction additions to the Constitution.
These are the only three Amendments in which a large portion of the nation (people in the recently rebellious Confederate states) were not permitted to vote in the ratification process, as former Confederate state voters were not re-enfranchised until passage of the Amnesty Act of 1872.
When he was twenty-one years old, Wong Kim Ark visited his parents in China, but upon returning to the Port of San Francisco in 1895, was denied entry on the grounds both that he was not a citizen and that the Federal Chinese Exclusion Acts prevented his entering the United States as an immigrant.
www.intellectualconservative.com /article4435.html   (1703 words)

 Amnesty Act -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Amnesty Act -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
[Categories: 1872 in law, American Civil War, United States legal history]
The Amnesty Act of 1872 removed voting restrictions and office-holding disqualification against most whites who rebelled in the (Civil war in the United States between the North and the South; 1861-1865) United States Civil War, except for very high positions.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/a/am/amnesty_act.htm   (59 words)

 *Commerce and Industry*   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Early on special legislative acts were needed for each corporation, but after the 1830s procedures were est.
The basis of the plan was established in the first Reconstruction Act [March 1867], in which Union generals assumed control in the five different military districts that were established in the South.
And e/t a Civil Rights Act was passed in 1875, it had no provisions for enforcement and was later destroyed by the SC anyway.
www.gprep.org /~sjochs/narrativereviewfirstsemester.htm   (13579 words)

Civil Rights Act 1866- guaranteed citizenship and forbid states from passing fl codes- discriminatory laws that restricted lives of freedmen
Amnesty Act 1872- returned right to vote and hold office to many ex-Confed
Homestead Act- 160 acres of free land if you' d live and cultivate for 5 yrs.
www.sbac.edu /~spradlpa/AH/ahchap11.15.html   (3137 words)

 1872 in History
May 22, 1872 Amnesty Act restores civil rights to Southerners (except for 500)
June 3, 1872 Heinrich Esser, composer, dies at 53
June 6, 1872 Susan B Anthony is fined for trying to vote
www.oldevents.com /years/1872/5.html   (218 words)

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