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Topic: Amsterdam (town), New York

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Colonial New York
This was one cause that determined the English on the conquest of New Amsterdam.
New York now became a royal colony, and the new king, who at heart despised popular government, refused to sign the Charter of Liberties, abolished the New York assembly, and sent Andros to govern the colony as consolidated with New England and New Jersey.
News of the accession of William and Mary and of the imprisonment of Andros at Boston created a great excitement in New York; and the militia, led by Jacob Leisler, a German merchant, took possession of the government.
www.usahistory.info /colonies/New-York.html   (2939 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
New Amsterdam had begun its history in 1626 as a frontier settlement under the control of the West India Company, a Dutch commercial enterprise whose ventures included slave-trading posts in Africa and colonies in Brazil and New Netherland.
Fort Amsterdam, the Reformed Church, and the Stadt Herberg, a tavern that was later converted into the city hall, were surrounded by farms, windmills, warehouses, and private dwellings.
New York State purchased the New Amsterdam in 1992 and subsequently resold it to the Walt Disney Co for $29 million.
www.lycos.com /info/new-amsterdam.html   (673 words)

 [No title]
In 1872 the town was divided, the southern portion becoming the Town of Babylon.
Called as the need arose, free men of the town gathered to distribute town-held land, resolve disputes, regulate the pasturing of cattle on town land, engage schoolmasters, appoint someone to keep the ordinary (public house) and maintain the roads, as well as resolve any other matters that concerned the town as a whole.
In addition to the many farms that were established in remote as well as central portions of the town, the town included a school, a church, flour mills, saw mills, brickyards, tanneries, a town dock and a fort.
town.huntington.ny.us /town_history.cfm   (1304 words)

 The US50 - A guide to the state of New York - History
New Yorkers saw the christening of the American flag when the Stars and Stripes was first flown in battle at the defense of Ft. Stanwix in Rome.
After the adoption of the Federal Constitution, New York City was chosen to be the nation's first capital and was the site of the inauguration of George Washington as President on April 30, 1789.
Admitted to the New York bar in 1907, he served as a progressive state senator (1911--13) and assistant navy secretary (1913--20) before running unsuccessfully as vice-president on the 1920 Democratic ticket.
www.theus50.com /newyork/history.shtml   (991 words)

 Slavery in New York
Slavery in New York, the first of two exhibitions, spans the period from the 1600s to 1827, when slavery was legally abolished in New York State.
New York has preeminently been the capital of American liberty, the freest city of the nation - its largest, most diverse, its most economically ambitious, and its most open to the world.
New York ship captains and merchants bought and sold slaves along the coast of Africa and in the taverns of their own city.
www.slaveryinnewyork.org /about_exhibit.htm   (1244 words)

 Town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County, NY History Genealogy
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, NY An early town, whose history is tied in with present-day lower Fulton County, the Town of Amsterdam is to be distinguished from the City of Amsterdam, which wasn't incorporated until 1830.
Amsterdam is still beautiful, and it's well worth turning off the Thruway to admire its many remaining 19th century homes, and public, commercial and factory buildings.
The population of Amsterdam in 1865 was 5,135 and its area 18,866 acres.
www.rootsweb.com /~nyherkim/amster.html   (2946 words)

 Amsterdam - Florida - Glen - Empire Zone   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Amsterdam, the only city in Montgomery County, is located approximately 32 miles west of Albany, situated in the beautiful, picturesque Mohawk Valley.
The Village of Amsterdam, by 1813, boasted a population of 150, a post office, a school house, a Presbyterian church and 25 dwellings.
By 1840, the population of the City of Amsterdam was estimated at 1700.
www.amsterdamedz.com /amsterdam/history.asp   (1237 words)

 Dutch Colonization
Unlike New York City and Albany, however, where the traces of colonization can be difficult to find, in Kingston, the history of New York's Dutch colonization is quite evident.
The colony was proving quite profitable, New Amsterdam had developed into a port town of 1500 citizens, and the incredibly diverse population (only 50 percent were actually Dutch colonists) of the colony had grown from 2,000 in 1655 to almost 9,000 in 1664.
In September of 1664, New York was born, effectively ending the Netherlands' direct involvement in North America, although in places like Kingston, the influences of Dutch architecture, planning, and folklife can still be quite clearly seen.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/kingston/colonization.htm   (1417 words)

 New York City
New Amsterdam was now renamed New York, after the Duke of York (the future James II).
New York City occupies Manhattan and Staten islands, the western end of Long Island, several islands in New York Harbor and Long Island Sound and a portion of the mainland.
Roaming the streets of New York, we encountered many examples of this delightful quality of New Yorkers, forever on their toes, violently, restlessly involving themselves in the slightest situation brought to their attention, always posing alternatives, always ready with an answer or an argument.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /USAnewyork.htm   (2481 words)

 New Amsterdam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
New Amsterdam received municipal rights on February 2, 1653 thus becoming a city.
After the signing of the Treaty of Westminster in November 1674 the city was relinquished to British rule and the name reverted to "New York"; Suriname became official Dutch property in exchange.
New Amsterdam's beginnings, unlike most other colonies in the New World, were thoroughly documented in maps.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/New_Amsterdam   (2375 words)

 Firehouse.Com Training Zone - News 4/29/02 - Explosion Rocks Amsterdam, New York Training Fire
Amsterdam Town Supervisor DiMezza declined to comment on the cause of the explosion, saying he was awaiting reports from the Cranesville fire department, the Montgomery County Emergency Management Office and the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control, which is investigating the incident.
New York fire departments conducting controlled burn exercises, unlike those in many states, are not required by law to follow procedures set out by the National Fire Protection Association, according to an official from the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control.
In Amsterdam, Beyer declined to say who owns the property on Poplar Street, except to say it is not the town of Amsterdam or Montgomery County.
www.firehouse.com /training/news/2002/0429_ny.html   (938 words)

 Colonial History - New Amsterdam (New York City)
The settlement of New Amsterdam followed the explorations of Henry Hudson for the Dutch (approx.
The New Netherland Project - sponsored by the NY State Library; project to transcribe original documents relating to the Dutch colony.
New Netherland Museum - the museum maintains a reproduction of the vessel the Half Moon, the ship Henry Hudson sailed to the New World.
www.facstaff.bucknell.edu /goldcoop/newamsterdam.html   (974 words)

 New York colony history
James II, and he included New York within the Dominion of New England, a colony that incorporated most of New England under the close control of a royal governor.
The English governors of New York gave huge tracts of land to their friends, which resulted in only a small number of landowners.
In 1689 news arrived in New York that James II had been overthrown in England’s Glorious Revolution and that Andros, governor of the Dominion of New England, had been captured by Boston rebels.
www.alomani.com /knowledge/history/us/newyork.html   (948 words)

 NYC Information: Discovery and Settlement
New York was briefly (1789-90) the U.S. capital and was state capital until 1797.
In 1624 the town of New Amsterdam was established on lower Manhattan; Peter MINUIT supposedly bought the island from its Native American inhabitants for about $24 worth of trinkets.
Brooklyn was settled 1636, and chartered as part of New York City in 1898.
www.ny.com /histfacts/settlement.html   (389 words)

 New York
New York, abbreviated "NY", is in the Middle Atlantic region of the U.S. Its capital is Albany.
There were 18,976,457 people in New York as of the 2000 census.
Please explore the cities and towns of New York, below.
www.citytowninfo.com /places/new-york   (56 words)

 EO Newsroom: New Images - New York City
The Dutch named their new land New Amsterdam and, with its population of 270 residents, the settlement had a fort, houses and farms.
New York served as the United States’s first capital after the young nation won its independence from the British.
The New York Stock and Exchange Board was founded in 1817, and relocated in 1903 to its current location on Broad Street.
earthobservatory.nasa.gov /Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3?img_id=15368   (403 words)

 The New Netherland
Amsterdam was the world financial center and the Dutch fleet the greatest in the world.
In 1626, the settlement of New Amsterdam was established at the mouth of the Hudson River.
In 1664, James, Duke of York and brother to King Charles II, asserted his claim to the entire region between the Connecticut and Delaware rivers.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h561.html   (868 words)

 Governors Island, birthplace of New York State, origin of American toleration, source of American pluralism stands ...
The futuristic tolerance park Historic New Amsterdam—a masterpiece—will recall the birth and childhood of 17th century New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware and will reflect on tolerance issues pertaining to religion, ethnicity and race.
Typically, they comprise the town’s most important and meaningful contemporary structures such as a cathedral as cultural beacon of grandeur, a town hall, a weigh house or statuary from the 13th through 17th centuries.
New Netherland director-general Petrus Stuyvesant received one letter from his lord directors of the [Dutch] West India Company just one month prior to the arrival of four English frigates on August 27, 1664.
tolerancepark.org /_wsn/page2.html   (1438 words)

 Historic Johnstown New York USA
Johnstown, is the County Seat and is located in the Mohawk Valley of Northeastern New York State, near the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.
Johnstown, New York USA works closely with an aggressive Economic Development group that is "growing" the area nicely.
The college is part of the State University of New York serving the higher educational needs of the area.
www.johnstown.com /city   (863 words)

 The Town of Amsterdam
The earliest known family to settle within the Town of Amsterdam was that of Philip Groat.
The Town of Amsterdam has several historic and cultural resources which contribute to the community's character.
We are ideally located just minutes from the New York State Thruway, the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George Region, Sacandaga Lake and Saratoga Spings which has some of the finest horse tracks in the Country.
www.townofamsterdam.org   (349 words)

 From Revolution to Reconstruction: Outlines: American History (1990): Chapter One: Dutch Influences remain (7/12)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Dutch possessed New Netherland, later to be called New York, for 40 years.
In New York, holidays were marked by feasting and merrymaking.
Town governments had the autonomous characteristics of New England towns, and in a few years there was a workable fusion between residual Dutch law and customs and English practices.
odur.let.rug.nl /~usa/H/1990/ch1_p7.htm   (352 words)

 From Revolution to Reconstruction: Essays: The United States of America and the Netherlands: Nieuw Amsterdam (4/14)
The war with Spain was almost won, business was booming and Amsterdam was emerging as the centre of world trade.
As soon as the moat surrounding the fort was completed, the fort-to-be was christened Amsterdam after the capital of The Netherlands, and the new town around it, Nieuw Amsterdam, which some time later would be renamed New York City.
However, the directors of the company were trained merchants, legal-minded men, and before they made Manhattan the strategic center of their New Netherland they wanted things in writing, which they got, and cheaply too at a thousand acres to the dollar.
odur.let.rug.nl /~usa/E/newnetherlands/nl3.htm   (908 words)

 Affordable Europe: Amsterdam - New York Times
Affordable accommodation within Amsterdam's tiny and coveted historic center is almost impossible to come by, and even the shortest of taxi rides seems to cost at least 10 euros ($12.40, at $1.24 to the euro).
Fortunately, the intimate and cozy Balthazar's Keuken (Elandsgracht 108; 31-20-420-2114), while considered one of Amsterdam's top restaurants, is also one of the most affordable, serving up a three-course prix-fixe meal at 24.50 euros.
The cheapest way to experience it all is to buy the I Amsterdam Card (www.iamsterdamcard.com), which for 31 euros offers access to the city's most important museums, two boat tours and unrestricted use of the city's efficient public transportation system.
travel2.nytimes.com /2006/04/23/travel/23affordable-amsterdam.html   (690 words)

 The New Yorker : goingson : theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The New Globe Theatre presents Carlo Goldoni’s 1745 comedy, in a new adaptation by Anne and Stuart Vaughan.
Changes to songs in both acts have minimal over-all effect—the first half is still a bit of a fusty bore, and the second half still suffers from odd, uninspired ghost sequences.
New Federal Theatre revives Ed Bullins’s drama, which débuted in 1974, about a white college student who is raped by a fl classmate in the midst of the social upheaval of the nineteen-sixties.
www.newyorker.com /goingson/theatre   (1297 words)

 David Pietrusza's Amsterdam, New York
New York and presents this webpage in the city's honor.
Amsterdam, New York Board of Trade 1909 and 1912
Amsterdam is still known primarily for having manufactured carpets, but in its heyday also produced brooms, pearl buttons, underwear (they're all on the old city seal)—and also
www.davidpietrusza.com /Amsterdam.html   (193 words)

 New York • Cities & Towns • NY
New York Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials (NYCOM)
Association of Towns of the State of New York
Gouverneur (Town) - Chamber of Commerce - PL
www.citytown.info /New-York.htm   (340 words)

 Big Apple History . Early New York . Peter Stuyvesant | PBS KIDS GO!
By 1640, New Amsterdam was spiraling into chaos and corruption.
Stuyvesant was the ideal candidate for the job of taming a wild frontier town.
Illustration: "Peter Stuyvesant and the Cobbler," courtesy of the Berg Collection of English and American Literature, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations.
pbskids.org /bigapplehistory/early/topic7.html   (229 words)

 New York
Several important research items for this historic area, including Stickney's History of the Minisink Region (1867) (with an all-new index), a Port Jervis HS yearbook, and the 1922 Port Jervis City Directory, all relating to the present towns of Minisink, Deerpark, Mount Hope, Greenville, and Wawayanda in Orange County, NY.
This is a first-rate county history of the county known as "The Siberia of New York" -- a county that was settled late but still managed to accumulate some interesting history in the years between its settlement and Mr.
You'll find our strengths are concentrated in New York State and Connecticut, but you'll also discover resources in other locations as well.
www.betweenthelakes.com /states/new_york.htm   (2025 words)

 Africans in America/Part 1/The First Slave Auction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
American illustrator Howard Pyle, illustrator of many historical and adventure stories for periodicals, created this depiction of a slave auction in New Amsterdam (later to be renamed New York).
New Amsterdam, a town on the tip of Manhattan Island within the Dutch colony of New Netherland, saw a sudden influx of African slave labor in 1655.
In 1664 the English seized New Netherland, including the town of New Amsterdam.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/aia/part1/1h290.html   (222 words)

 Amsterdam, New York NY, town profile (Montgomery County) - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
New York > All counties > Montgomery County > Amsterdam
Amsterdam is a town in Montgomery County, in the Amsterdam metro area.
Median rent in Amsterdam, at the time of the 2000 Census, was $394.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=273338   (711 words)

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