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Topic: An (mythology)

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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

  Sumerian Mythology FAQ
In fact, the city of An and Inanna also seems to have been at the heart of a trade network which stretched from what is now southern Turkey to what is now eastern Iran.
An, god of heaven, may have been the main god of the pantheon prior to 2500 BC., although his importance gradually waned.
An took Heaven, Enlil took the earth, Ereshkigal was carried off to the netherworld as a prize, and Enki sailed off after her.
home.comcast.net /~chris.s/sumer-faq.html   (0 words)

  Indian Mythology - MSN Encarta
The classical mythology of the epics was further developed and codified in the 18 encyclopedic religious epics called Great Puranas, whose composition spanned some 800 years (c.
While this classical core continued in art and literature to the present, and continues in popular film and video, it is bordered by regional and local folk mythologies, oral traditions of indeterminate age that are in a symbiotic relationship with the core mythology.
Varuna is an old Vedic god, a universal king who spies on men, but his power has waned, and he later becomes the god of waters.
uk.encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_781538994/Indian_Mythology.html   (1303 words)

 An (mythology) material safety data sheets An (mythology)
An (mythology) material safety data sheets An (mythology)
In Sumerian mythology, An was the god whose name was synonymous with the sun's zenith, or heaven.
An was called Anu by the Akkadians, rulers of Mesopotamia after the conquest of Sumer in 2334 BCE by King Sargon of Akkad.
www.find-ask.com /Encyclopedia/An_(mythology)/An_(mythology).html   (0 words)

 The Probert Encyclopaedia - Sumerian Mythology
In Sumerian mythology, Ashnan was the goddess of grain.
In Sumerian mythology, Belit-tseri is the tablet-scribe of the underworld.
In Sumerian mythology, Ninurta is chamberlain of the Anunnaki.
www.fas.org /news/reference/probert/D8.HTM   (1297 words)

 World Mythology Encyclopedia, Greek Mythology, Norse, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic Mythology
In Greek mythology, Zeuxippe was the daughter of Eridanus and the wife of Pandion.
In Egyptian mythology Uto was an earlier form of the goddess Buto.
In Druid mythology, Taranis is the god of the wheel, associated with forces of change.
www.worldmythology.ws   (0 words)

 Buy Age Of Mythology (V55-00010)
Age of Mythology transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortal men.
In Age of Mythology, players wage war using human armies and diplomacy, progress through development ages, enhance military and economic performance with improvements, and manage economics through resource gathering and trade.
Mythology enters the mix when players call upon the gods to act on their behalf or reinforce their armies with more than 20 mythological creatures.
www.atomicpark.com /xq/aspx/microsoft-corporation-age-of-mythology/prodid.29232/buy.software/qx/productdetail.html   (465 words)

 Indian Mythology Links
While the great goddess as a cosmic force may be a deity of compelling dynamism and fearsome power, it is in the guise of the gentle and beneficent giver of the devotees’ desires, that the female divinities of India first appeared.
An extremely well laid out site which has many interesting tales from Indian Mythology, and information on scriptures, places of worship, rituals and other aspects of Indian culture.
An assortment of articles on various facets of Indian mythology, covering the Gods, demi=Gods and lesser deities.
www.suite101.com /links.cfm/mythology_from_india   (1133 words)

Mythology in general, then, is not just a casual occurrence which arose in the minds of men who had nothing better to do at the moment.
It is an unconscious effort to discover and comprehend the nature within ourselves, the dynamics of the human mind and of human behavior, and of the forces which drive us on.
Mythology is early science which contributed to man's internal development and understanding of his world and of his human condition.
www.geocities.com /meister_z/JZRMain.htm   (3991 words)

 Star Wars: An American Mythology
Tolkien was an Oxford scholar of languages and literature, a man intimately familiar with Norse and Anglo-Saxon mythological texts in the original languages, who wanted to create a mythology for England and the English (Tolkien discounted Arthuriana as real mythology, on the grounds of its historical and especially religious entanglements with the real world).
And so they are, though like The Wizard of Oz they make an indelible impression on young viewers that endures into adulthood; and, for many adults, they still have the power, despite their flaws, to reach the child within us.
Hart’s example of an overblown claim of mythic patterns is the "belly of the beast" motif, which overeager commentators have found everywhere from the Millennium Falcon’s detour into the gullet of the space slug in The Empire Strikes Back to the flight into the trash compactor in A New Hope.
www.decentfilms.com /sections/articles/starwars.html   (0 words)

 Amazon.ca: Mythology: Books: Edith Hamilton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Of course, part of the difficulty of approaching mythology of other cultures is that, in many instances, it is not mythology to them; or, in the case of mythology, one needs a firmer grounding in the culture and religious aspects of that culture before the mythology becomes accessible.
She proceeds with a brief history of the development of Greek mythology, the origins of the stories lost in the mists of time.
Quite often, undergraduates who study mythology are astonished to discover, if they had used Hamilton's text in an earlier high school setting, that there is a lot more sex and violence in the 'real' stories than they had been previously exposed to.
www.amazon.ca /Mythology-Edith-Hamilton/dp/0451628039   (1871 words)

 Greek & Roman Crossroads
Greek Mythology discusses the cosmogony and theogony of the Greeks, the story of the Argonauts, and the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Greek Mythology by Josh Sandberg and Alex Lucas provides an introduction to mythology, biographies of major Greek gods and goddesses, several myths, and a learning Greek section to help you polish up on the basics of the language.
Mythology of Jupiter offers brief versions of myths about the god Jupiter and some of the other characters after which the moons of the planet Jupiter were named.
www.mythiccrossroads.com /greek.htm   (1278 words)

 :: The Temple Never Forgotten 2 ~~
The resurrection of Tammuz was celebrated in an annual lamentation that involved washing with water and anointing with oil.
Devaki was told by an angel, "In thy delivery, O favoured among women, all nations shall have cause to rejoice".
"The lamb is born of an ewe and a ram, the kid of a goat and a buck goat, the child of a woman and a man; but the divine Paramatma (soul of the universe) shall be born of a virgin, who shall be fecundated by the thought of Vischnou."…
www.omniparticle.com /temple2.html   (5595 words)

 Powell's Books - The Genealogy of Greek Mythology: An Illustrated Family Tree of Greek Myth from the First Gods to the ...
The Genealogy of Greek Mythology is a groundbreaking first — the comprehensive family tree of the Greek gods and their mortal descendants assembled in a unique full-color, fully illustrated, 17-foot-long, fold-out volume.
The Genealogy of Greek Mythology is a fantastic resource for students and mythology enthusiasts — and a perfect gift for anyone who loves the art and literature of the classical world.
Published just in time for the holidays, The Genealogy of Greek Mythology will be a necessity for all students and fans of the culture and literature of Ancient Greece, and a delight for anyone who enjoys an adventure.
www.powells.com /cgi-bin/biblio?inkey=2-1592400132-2   (589 words)

 Celtic Art by Welsh artist Jen Delyth - Keltic Designs Celtic Catalog
An interactive DVD of visual poetry animation, that weaves ancient folk tales with Celtic art and powerful images of birds, beasts and Otherworldly beings,
Viewers will be entranced by the inspirational visuals, and evocative music, and can follow their interest in the underlying symbolism with interactive access to over 100 pages of text explaining the background mythology and poetry.
Animated layered images paint themes from within the heart of Celtic mythology, illustrating the Celtic poetry that is brought alive by the music.
www.kelticdesigns.com /Pages/CdRomIntro.html   (0 words)

 Age of Mythology
Age of Mythology® is the latest real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios®, the creators of the best-selling Age of Empires® and The Age of Kings®.
Mythology is brought to life through a revolutionary new 3D engine created by Ensemble Studios especially for Age of Mythology.
Age of Mythology was created by Ensemble Studios, the makers of Age of Empires and Age of Kings, which together have sold over 11 million units and garnered praise around the globe as two of the best computer games ever created.
www.macsoftgames.com /products/age_of_myth/macsoft-aom-page.html   (641 words)

 Greece Museums Guide: Greek Mythology
In their various legends, stories and hymns the gods of ancient Greece are nearly all described as human in appearance, unaging, nearly immune to all wounds and sickness, capable of becoming invisible, able to travel vast distances almost instantly, and able to speak through human beings with or without their knowledge.
In the original sense, therefore, a mythology is an attempt to bring sense to the stylized narratives that the Greeks recited at festivals, whispered at shrines, and bandied about at aristocratic banquets.
While contradictions in the material make an absolute timeline impossible, it breaks down roughly into an age of gods, an age when men and gods mingled freely, and an age of heroes where divine activity was more limited.
www.greece-museums.com /greek-mythology.php   (1855 words)

 An (god) dumb An (god)
View targeted search results for an (god) and find what you're looking for.
Find more local business listings for An (god) near you.
Search for an (god) at UTN and get results.
www.find-ask.com /Encyclopedia/An_(god)/An_(god).html   (0 words)

 Mythology and Folklore
Myth is an important part of the psychology of Carl Jung, one of Campbell's primary influences.
Okay, it's not entirely mythology, but Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World is an excellent place on the net to begin research on women in ancient history.
This is an interesting site on some of the archeological work being done at South Cadbury, the bronze age hill fort that may have been Camelot.
www.johnadcox.com /Mythology_and_Folklore.html   (3744 words)

 Encyclopedia Mythica: mythology, folklore, and religion.
The mythology section is divided to six geographical regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania.
A Bestiary, legendary heroes, an image gallery, and genealogical tables of various pantheons and prominent houses.
To bring our entities to life, we have created an image gallery, where you will find hundreds of images of all kinds of deities, heroes, and strange creatures of every description.
www.pantheon.org   (0 words)

 Hindu Mythology - free Suite101 course
The knowledge of other mythologies, though not a prerequisite, might be helpful because it will provide a benchmark.
What is required is a passion to trace the origins of a culture, whether one’s own or an alien one.
An overview of the principal characters in the Hindu pantheon will be given.
www.suite101.com /course.cfm/18770/seminar   (1086 words)

 Mythology, Folklore & Legends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Is an online encyclopedia of mythology from many cultures that includes brief descriptions, pictures, and summaries of the epics.
An extensive encyclopedia of articles dealing with mythology, folklore, and legends from many the world's cultures.
The site also provides an online game in which students try to match the Greek gods to the their Roman names.
mcreynoldsms.org /mythology.htm   (378 words)

 Myths and Legends - frames
Mythology Notes present descriptions of gods, summaries of myths, and some historical material on the mythologies of the Ancient Near East, Persia, Scandinavia, and the Celts.
FINFO: Kalevala An examination and summary of the Kalevala and its role as myth and national symbol.
An early version was released in 1835, with the final version being completed in 1849.
home.comcast.net /~chris.s/myth.html   (0 words)

 Quaoar mythology and astrological meaning
Briefly (and in plain English--scholars and pundits may begin cringing now: flames may be sent to any Guru claiming to be God) the Eastern tradition speaks of an unknowable and undefinable Something which is beyond words, not to mention gender, number, and case.
Theoretically, there could be an infinite number of universes, provided an inventory could be taken of such things (and don't be hasty about taking off your shoes and socks to start counting--this is trickier stuff than you could imagine).
The late Joseph Campbell made an academic career detailing these similarities, and while he is best known for his work with the myth of the hero, he studied creation myths, too, and documented their striking cross-cultural similarities as well.
www.karmastrology.com /NewPlanets/qmyth.shtml   (2353 words)

 At 60 plus Amitabh Bachchan Rules! - A Vastu Study - Humanities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Amitabh Bachchan today is an icon to reckon with, both nationally and internationally.
The old records reappeared as freshly minted CD's, he was seen shaking his hips on TV "news" clips and one CBS news piece revealed that an astounding forty two percent of the US population consider themselves to be Elvis Presley fans.
You probably also know that she is one of the youngest female Olympic gymnasts ever - and that she has stunned the world of late with her astounding abilities.
www.info-engine.com /humanities/19796.php   (2193 words)

 Humanities Information - Humanities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The art of making others 'believe' what you want them to, is an art that developed over millions of years even if man is only modern for the last hundred thousand years.
The play of color is different on every stone, and its shimmering hues gave rise to the word 'opalescent.' Because it is such an entrancing and unique gemstone, it is no wonder that opal jewelry is very popular among collectors and fashion enthusiasts.
An African visitor to a London museum stated, "This mask is dead." He was seeing the mask out of context, it had lost its power for the people who created it and the the magic had died.
www.info-engine.com /humanities/index-9.php   (3510 words)

 Art, Women, and Creativity - Humanities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
The theory has often been that artists create their best work when they are young and after that "peak" in their career, their art becomes stale and predictable.
The assumption is that an artist's work is the most important early in their lives.
Everybody wants an edge that will give him or her a competitive advantage that will help him or her accomplish a goal faster, easier or better.
www.info-engine.com /humanities/32295.php   (1835 words)

 Humanities Information - Humanities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Whenever someone is in difficulty and cannot easily come out of it, he wants to know whether the days of his misery will come to an end at all.
An impressive increase in the numbers of young people going to college, and an equally impressive increase in the number of young men moving to Canada.
Canada is an emancipated country in the relative scheme of things.
www.info-engine.com /humanities/index-7.php   (2980 words)

 An (mythology)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
He was the oldest god in the Sumerian pantheon, and part of a triad including Enlil, god of the sky and Enki, god of water.
In Sumerian mythology and later for Assyrians and Babylonians, Anu (see also An) was a sky-god, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, king of gods, spirits and demons, and dwelt in the highest heavenly regions.
In Hurrian mythology, Anu was the progenitor of all gods.
www.pillscatalog.net /An_%28mythology%29.html   (0 words)

 THE SECRET CHRONICLE OF OISIN - An Alternative Mythology by Adrian Rogers (Book) in Science Fiction & Fantasy
His hardened life has conditioned him to react instantly in an aggressive manner to any threat to his well being, or the ones he loves.
Strictly as an action epic in a fantasy environment, or as a deeper reading experience where one's intellect needs to reflect on hidden meanings...
It is a book that I found gave rise to a greater understanding of a culture's attitude to death.
www.lulu.com /content/511757   (0 words)

 Classical Mythology @Web English Teacher
An introduction to vocabulary that has entered English from Classical Mythology.
An environment in which to explore the classic mythical story structure and to create your own stories.
Students investigate a character from Greek mythology and report to the class.
www.webenglishteacher.com /classmyth.html   (491 words)

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