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Topic: Anarchocapitalism

In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Anarchocapitalism & Libertarianism vs. Liberty | Take Liberty
The arguments for anarchy and/or anarchocapitalism – and the arguments for limited government or constitutional government – both seem to bypass liberty on the road to an application.
All the arguments that I have read against anarchocapitalism are brilliant at demonstrating, by reference to human realities and logic, that anarchy, in any form, will only result in a "might is right" situation – rule by brute force, massive corruption, and no agreed-upon, standardized, enforceable definition of rights (law).
Anarchocapitalism clearly depends on dropping context, and fantasizing that "somehow" it would work.
www.tbns.net /kelly/articles/art47.html   (5143 words)

 Joseph Salerno - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While attending Boston College as an undergraduate, Salerno encountered an article written by Murray Rothbard and was converted to what Salerno describes as "the pure libertarian position...
anarchocapitalism." It was this experience that Salerno credits with piquing his interest in the Austrian School.
Upon his graduation from Boston College in 1972, Salerno enrolled in the graduate economics program at Rutgers University from which he received his M.A. in 1976 and his Ph.D. in 1980.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Joseph_Salerno   (450 words)

 EconLog, Anarcho-Capitalism and Statist Lock-In, Bryan Caplan: Library of Economics and Liberty
Anarchocapitalism is contradictory; civil war between mafiosi, as in Somalia, is about freedom for aggression.
In Somalia, the specified conditions obtained, favorable to anarchocapitalism, if such could arise spontaneously at all, yet states have appeared in the areas of "Somalia" which have stabilized territorially.
The political culture needed for stable anarchocapitalism to function would require a belief in the superiority of anarchocapitalism, coupled with the willingness to maintain, through ostracism and other means, the primary public good of anarchocapitalism - the absence of a prevailing security provider.
econlog.econlib.org /archives/2005/12/anarchocapitali.html   (2695 words)

 Looting an Ideology
A different tradition is anarchocapitalism, which seeks a stateless society that operates along free-market lines.
Due to this market emphasis, anarchocapitalism generally is regarded as an extreme of the political right, although its adherents do not necessarily self-identify as right wing.
Anarchocapitalism has been a tendency of some libertarian institutions and intellectuals (economist Murray Rothbard was a major advocate), and it sometimes receives a respectful hearing even in libertarian publications oriented toward limited, rather than nonexistent, government.
www.libertarianunderground.com /Forum/index.php/topic,675.0.html   (685 words)

 The 2+2 Forums: 21 FAQs of anarchocapitalism, new update
Anarchocapitalism cannot and will not come about without a large amount of people supporting it, otherwise another government will rise again.
There will still be problems, it's just that anarchocapitalism allows people to deal with their problems and assess risk on their own terms, without a coercive force telling them what they should do.
The key to anarchocapitalism is not really the "anarcho" part; it is the "capitalism" part.
forumserver.twoplustwo.com /showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=8485336&Main=8485066   (2618 words)

 70 Somalis killed in battles between rival protection agencies
Anarchocapitalism would be at its fullest swing if you had people that understood it.
Anarchocapitalism only can work when the vast majority sympathizes with the ideas behind it.  Minarchism works irregardless of political persuasion so long as constitutional law holds sway over unrestrained democracy.
In Anarchocapitalism, people would be happy with the way they live, so with Anarchocapitalism, there is automatically a vast majority that would sympathize with it.
forum.freestateproject.org /index.php?topic=11647.msg154107   (2281 words)

 Natural Law
The premise of this paper is that anarchocapitalism, at least in its Rothbardian version, (1) presupposes the existence of a natural order or law of human affairs.
The supposition is that the world is constituted by a multitude of separate, diverse, individual—but not isolated—human agents whose survival and well-being depend on their ability to produce (find, make, transport) useful things and to get along peacefully with one another.
In short, anarchocapitalism, in its Rothbardian form, stands or falls with its supposition that there is a natural order—a natural law—of the human world and that each human person has a place in that order that is delimited by his or her natural rights.
www.units.it /~etica/2003_2/vandun.htm   (12080 words)

 Liberty, Anarchy and the Libertarian Party by Roberto Dieg
Their professed goal must be that of a limited government that is charged only with defending and protecting the rights of man. Further, they must not join forces with others who advocate opposing systems of government.
This article will examine anarchocapitalism in order to show that the arguments made for it are false, that anarchy would achieve the opposite of man's rights, and that anarchocapitalist ideas can only sabotage and destroy the true movement toward liberty.
The result of this association is that Libertarians and their political party have been corrupted by fringe groups whose only goals are to move into the mainstream by means of the concept of freedom.
www.insmkt.com /liberty.htm   (5376 words)

 Being Poor is NOT a Crime - Page 10 - The Liberty Lounge Political Forums
The more balanced conflicts where both sides have strong arguments result in very little restriction, while extreme imbalances (dumping nuclear wastes into water supplies, or excessive tax to give one example of each) are heavily restricted.
At this time, I think that the government and corporations can collaborate too easily, and that is partly a result of increased regulations over the past 40-50 years.
At the same time, ALL of them would think they know what's best for me...or maybe it's really all about what's best for them at everyone else's expense, and their so-called convictions are just rhetorical nonsense meant to confuse the issue.
www.libertylounge.net /forums/5542-being-poor-not-crime-10.html   (2574 words)

4) It's not clear that AnarchoCapitalism is a serious political ideology instead of mere political maneuvering.
So I find equal time given to AnarchoCapitalism to be a bit irritating.
anarchy would have a note at the bottom saying "sometimes used in a broader sense to include AnarchoCapitalism, which blah blah" but would otherwise treat traditional forms, and libertarianism would have a note sating "formerly used in a broader sense to include AnarchoSyndicalism, which blah blah" but would otherwise treat what have become standard forms.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/an/AnarchY___AnarchyTalk.html   (2136 words)

 Mises Economics Blog: Polycentric Law
Posted by: Manuel Lora at July 10, 2005 04:20 PM I think anarchocapitalism would be a strong example of polycentric law, but the latter could refer to any set of overlapping or competing legal systems or jurisdictions, including ones where individuals have little choice about which system they fall under.
As for poloycentric law, I had not heard the term until now, but I understand it to mean decentralized, market-based law that is fully in keeping with the stateless, cooperative rule for which I suggest the name cooperacy.
Posted by: David White at July 11, 2005 04:28 PM The anarchy part of anarchocapitalism is also lack of force.
blog.mises.org /blog/archives/003803.asp   (7265 words)

 Walter In Denver: Comment on Recommended
On anarchocapitalism, it's no less a dream state than the withering-away communist one.
As WUTT posted before, "if government is outlawed, only outlaws will have governments." And they'll be perfectly happy to impose their government on us once ours is abolished.
Guys, "purity tests" have been a staple on the net since before the Web was invented; it's just a term, pretty much stemming from the joking "sexual purity tests" ever so popular with adolescents of all ages; think of it as a hyphenate.
www.roverpundit.com /MT/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=774   (485 words)

 Samizdat - Commentary from Bussjaeger   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Or more likely, based upon some of his assertions about anarchocapitalists, he's merely setting up a straw man argument by starting out with fallacious assumption that anarchocapitalism is something that clearly is not.
In discussions with people who dismiss anarchocapitalism, I've had my arguments rejected out of hand, because I backed up my ideas with my own real world experience, and on-going real world examples, instead of referencing some obscure Ayn Rand essay.
This is because "At heart, most right wing anarchists are right wing statists." I have no doubt that having been completely wrong about everything that anarchocapitalists are, he's wrong on this.
www.northamericansamizdat.com /rwwhat.htm   (1800 words)

 Curacao, Nederlandse Antillen: anarchocapitalism links   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nearly all critiques of anarchocapitalism include some criticism of its internal...
The first step in any 12 step program is to admit you have been powerless.
This paper was prepared for an issue of the electronic journal Etica é Politica on anarchocapitalism.
www.curacaomall.com /anarchocapitalism.html   (248 words)

 MississaugaPlus.com - Society/Politics/Liberalism/Libertarianism/Anarcho-Capitalism/Opposing_Views
Appendix from the Anarchist FAQ dealing with the subject of AnarchoCapitalism, and how to debate those who profess its ideals.
Anarchism is not a form of capitalism Part of the FAQ of Capitalism.org.
The Contradiction in Anarchism Objectivist critique of anarchocapitalism.
www.mississaugaplus.com /cgi-bin/odp/index.cgi?base=%2F%53%6F%63%69%65%74%79%2F%50%6F%6C%69%74%69%63%73%2F%4C%69%62%65%72%61%6C%69%73%6D%2F%4C%69%62%65%72%74%61%72%69%61%6E%69%73%6D%2F%41%6E%61%72%63%68%6F%2D%43%61%70%69%74%61%6C%69%73%6D%2F%4F%70%70%6F%73%69%6E%67%5F%56%69%65%77%73%2F   (217 words)

 Anarchists vs. Anarchists
Furthermore, the LPA would call their economic arrangement anarchocapitalism because there would be no government intervention in their economy.
You have a nice paragraph linking anarchocapitalism to Reaganomics; and I can see how you wouldn’t want to leave it out.
You refer to my "muddled form of anarchocapitalism." If you understand how most Libertarians use the word "capitalism," you see that anarchocapitalism is, by its nature, a muddled mess.
www.geocities.com /thornton_46/anarch.html   (1398 words)

 The Null Device: items for tags anarchocapitalism
I half suspect that, had Libertarianism as we know it existed during the American Civil War, most Libertarians would have sided with the slave-owners, whose sacred and inalienable property rights were being threatened by the evil statist Abraham Lincoln (the "American Lenin", as some Libertarians call him).
¶ libertarianism usa guns frank zappa anarchocapitalism ayn rand [5 comments]
The Null Device, being a stream of links and commentary on culture, technology, current events and whatever the author finds interesting.
dev.null.org /blog/tags/anarchocapitalism   (510 words)

 anarchocapitalism: See what people are saying right now on Technorati   (Site not responding. Last check: )
anarchocapitalism: See what people are saying right now on Technorati
I recently read an article titled "The Myth of the Minimalist State: Free Market Ambiguites" by Nicholas Hildyard.
anarchocapitalism per day for the last 30 days
www.technorati.com /tags/anarchocapitalism   (116 words)

 Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > Innovation is Jillette
"We talk an awful lot about whether you have to stop at libertarianism or go onto to anarchocapitalism," Jillette said the other day.
Bullshit is usually a good watch, although if you only have money for either HBO or Showtime, definitely go with HBO.
Then you're gonna have to count me as a counterfactual, Herrick.
www.reason.com /hitandrun/2006/02/innovation_is_j.shtml   (934 words)

 Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
In the end, would I prefer to see anarchocapitalism or socialism survive?
A lot of the value in society is the cooperation between people, and I just don't think that anarchocapitalism would provide much of a basis for cooperation.
Our current form of capitalism provides that basis, roughly speaking, but I think anything much more anarchocapitalistic would be very difficult in that area.
blog.dachte.org /pound/blog/dachte/entries/entry1059571949.html   (591 words)

 Enfranchised Mind » Football Is the Model for Anarchocapitalism?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Enfranchised Mind » Football Is the Model for Anarchocapitalism?
If we’d like a better way to use our skills and technology perhaps we should look to the success of the NFL and the magic of the market.
You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.
enfranchisedmind.com /blog/archive/2006/02/09/82   (1268 words)

 Steve Jackson Games Forums - View Single Post - Questions about Duncanite society and libertarianism in SF games.
I just don't know how a libertarian culture can really defend itself without an organized military and the industrial complex it takes to feed one.
That is what Friedman calls the hard question about anarchocapitalism.
Of course, the usual limited-government libertarian's list of things that governments SHOULD do starts off with military defense, so you've got a different kind of discussion there.
forums.sjgames.com /showpost.php?p=95402&postcount=2   (1115 words)

 LewRockwell.com Blog: Respects to Paul Poirot   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rumsfeld steps out on the road to anarchocapitalism?
Posted by William L. Anderson at February 17, 2006 03:10 PM Indeed, I will second what Lew has so eloquently written.
May he rest in peace, along with Ed Opitz.
blog.lewrockwell.com /lewrw/archives/010001.html   (57 words)

 New Hampshire IMC: Re: You Have My Attention...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I don't know who Craig Benson is...and I don't usually encourage people to vote.
If you want to know about libertarianism or anarchocapitalism though, I'll do my best to explain.
Enter a username and password which will enable you to edit this article later.
nhindymedia.org /mod/comments/display/4430/index.php   (488 words)

 Companies' Defense in Anarchocapitalism, by Joshua Freeman
Nearly all critiques of anarchocapitalism include some criticism of its internal defense mechanisms.
Anarchist economists usually predict the rise of "defense firms," companies to which people can subscribe for defense.
Table of Contents to return to The Libertarian Enterprise, Number 86, August 21, 2000.
www.ncc-1776.org /tle2000/libe86-20000821-02.html   (655 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Anarchocapitalism: DVD
Your search "Anarchocapitalism" did not match any products in: DVD
Showing Top Results for "Anarchocapitalism" in All Product Categories
If you want to specify which of your search terms should match the author's name and which should match the title, you should conduct an Advanced Search.
www.amazon.co.uk /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Anarchocapitalism&index=dvd-uk&page=1   (198 words)

 Blogjack.net: Sell the State!
Roderick Long's recent 40 minute talk (mp3) systematically answers all the usual objections to market anarchy.
I've been convinced anarchocapitalism is the way to go for years, ever since I read MoF; the tricky part today is no longer justifying it as a desirable state of affairs so much as figuring out how to get there from here.
UPDATE: Long's talk has been transcribed to HTML.
www.blogjack.net /2004/08/sell-state.html   (98 words)

 Penn Jillette revealed! - By Bryan Curtis - Slate Magazine
The movie emerged out of a series of late-night discussions between Jillette and Provenza, in which the pair would sit in restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, gulping decaffeinated coffee and discussing (to borrow Jillette's phrase) "the most pretentious shit possible." For example?
"We talk an awful lot about whether you have to stop at libertarianism or go on to anarchocapitalism," Jillette said the other day.
Luckily, Jillette and Provenza steered themselves away from anarchocapitalism (Death to Aristocrats?) and toward the science of dirty jokes.
www.slate.com /id/2135432   (943 words)

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