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Topic: Anatomical pathology

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  Pathology | Types-Anatomical, Clinical Pathology | Pathogenesis, Morphologic Changes, Clinical Significance
Pathology is the branch of medical science that concentrates on the structural and functional causes of a particular disease.
Anatomical pathology is the microscopic study of a disease by examining organs and tissues removed during a biopsy or autopsy.
The sub specialty areas of anatomical pathology are cytopathology, dermatopathology, neuropathology, pediatric pathology, cardiovascular pathology, surgical pathology, renal pathology, pulmonary pathology, gynecologic pathology, gastrointestinal pathology, genitourinary pathology, musculoskeletal ("bone") pathology, hepatopathology, and genitourinary pathology.
www.outsourcestrategies.com /pathology.htm   (270 words)

 Pathology and Anatomical Sciences department, University of Missouri School of Medicine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Pathology and anatomical sciences provide a systems-based approach to the study of the nature, causes and development of normal and abnormal conditions.
Through analysis of autopsy and surgical tissue, researchers in anatomic pathology are studying tumor cell sensitivity testing, topics in forensic pathology, the association of gastric and peptic ulcer disease with specific microbiologic agents and unusual manifestations of disease in the nervous or neuromuscular systems.
In anatomical sciences, areas of emphasis include studies of fetal alcohol exposure as it influences development of the brain, studies on the opossum as an animal model for research and collaborative studies on uroguanylin, a natriuretic peptide.
www.muhealth.org /~medicine/dpathology.shtml   (376 words)

 Anatomical pathology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anatomic pathology is the branch of pathology that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on the gross and microscopic examination of cells and tissues.
The father of the modern Anatomical pathology is the Italian Giovanni Battista Morgagni.
Gastrointestinal pathology: diagnosis of bowel diseases from biopsies taken by a gastroenterologist.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Anatomical_pathology   (806 words)

 Pathology and Anatomical Sciences Department   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Pathology and the anatomical sciences bridge the basic sciences and clinical medicine.
Pathology and anatomical sciences is the department in the School of Medicine that teaches and conducts research in the anatomy, cell biology, pathology and laboratory medicine.
Pathology has a special appeal to those who enjoy solving disease-related problems, using laboratory technologies based upon fundamental sciences ranging from biophysics to molecular genetics, and including tools from the more traditional disciplines of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and microbiology.
www.pathology-missouri.org   (426 words)

 Anatomical Pathology
Autopsy Pathology: The backbone of training in disease processes is the autopsy service where the resident learns the skills of dissection, and fine tunes the integration of clinical and pathological findings.
Surgical Pathology: A diversified experience is gained by rotations through the surgical pathology units at the three hospitals that have a heterogeneous mix of diseases.
Residents are exposed in depth to the gamut of placental and gynecologic pathology, with an emphasis on gyn oncology.
www.med.nyu.edu /pathology/education/anatomical.html   (1012 words)

The Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences is responsible for introducing the student to the structural and functional alterations in disease and the mechanisms whereby such alterations are produced.
Members of the staff are engaged in research in immunochemistry, immunopathology, renal pathophysiology, experimental renal disease., experimental endocrinology and hypertension, genitourinary pathology, muscle pathology, perinatal and adult neuropathology, reticuloendothelial function, biology and neoplasms.
Pathology 618 is designed to familiarize the students with the principles and practice of electron microscopy as it is applied to biomedical research.
wings.buffalo.edu /smbs/ome/coursebook/dpt_pth.shtml   (881 words)

 Anatomical Pathology
The Anatomical Pathology department provides a comprehensive service, including histopathological and cytopathological examinations, immuno-histochemistry, muscle enzyme histochemistry and autopsy examinations.
Anatomical Pathology Specialists participate in many clincopathological conferences spanning a wide cross- section of medical and surgical specialties.
The department is engaged in a range of clinicopathological studies in which tissue pathology methodologies are pertinent.
www.palmslab.com.au /Services/AP/anatomic.shtml   (167 words)

 CaRMS Program Directory
After training in Anatomical Pathology and one of the clinical specialties, the residents are encouraged to spend four weeks in a general pathology setting in a community hospital.
In the initial period of training in Anatomical Pathology, the resident is introduced to autopsy pathology and surgical pathology.
During the second rotation in Anatomical Pathology, while the resident continues to be exposed to the autopsy service and general surgical pathology, there is exposure to the subspecialty areas, principally cytopathology and neuropathology.
www.carms.ca /jsp/program.jsp?path=../program_new/756511   (2006 words)

 Pathology billing services - Medical Billing Services - outsource anatomical clinical
The financial strength of your pathology practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement.
The separation of clinical pathology data from anatomical billing data is crucial.
Most pathology billing services spend vast amounts of time attempting to separate the massive amounts of non payable clinical data, which is an inevitably mixed together with anatomical data.
www.usemedibill.com /pathology.php   (608 words)

 Residency in Anatomical Pathology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The objective of this two or three year program is to prepare veterinarians for the anatomic pathology board certification examination given the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, as well as to introduce them to concepts of research in experimental pathology.
Several outside training programs (e.g., surgery, clinical pathology, dermatology) require that their residents be exposed to the discipline of anatomic pathology.
Residents in anatomic pathology assist the faculty in providing such individuals with the level of understanding of gross and microscopic pathology that is appropriate for each of their areas.
patho.vetmed.ufl.edu /resident.htm   (2441 words)

 Memorial University of Newfoundland - Faculty of Medicine - Discipline of Pathology
Six months of clinical rotations may be chosen in the PGY-2 year in the Anatomical Pathology program so that eligibility for full licensure in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is fulfilled.
Residents embark on a series of rotations in the subspecialties including pediatric pathology, obstetric and gynecologic pathology, cytology, neuropathology, pulmonary pathology, renal pathology, molecular biology and forensic pathology throughout the PGY-3-4 years.
In the fifth year, experience as a hot seat resident in surgical pathology at each of the affiliated adult hospitals is combined with subspecialty experiences prior to eligibility for the Royal College specialty examination.
www.med.mun.ca /pathology/pathanatomical.htm   (470 words)

 eMJA: Anatomical pathology
These two studies have important implications for the future of diagnostic medicine and anatomical pathology, although the message is different in each case.
In the first study,1 Armes and colleagues identified morphological features associated with specific genetic alterations in a group of cancers, combining morphological interpretation and pattern recognition with knowledge of mutations at specific points of the chromosomes in the cancer cells.
Although the attention of government and the media has moved on from the autopsy, the future of hospital autopsies is by no means clear, and pathologists will need to clarify their own commitment to the autopsy, possibly in the face of diminishing support from clinicians and hospital administrators.
www.mja.com.au /public/issues/176_01_070102/mac10792_fm.html   (908 words)

 OHSU Health - Anatomical Pathology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Anatomical pathology is the study of organs and tissues to determine the causes and effects of particular diseases.
There are many different divisions of anatomical pathology.
If you cannot find the information in which you are interested, please visit the Pathology Online Resources page in this Web site for an Internet/World Wide Web address that may contain additional information on that topic.
www.ohsuhealth.com /htaz/path/anatomical/index.cfm   (123 words)

 Clinical & Anatomical Pathology Labs: Anatomic Pathology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Necropsy: A necropsy laboratory is available for use by all investigators or specimens may be submitted for necropsy to be performed by Comparative Medicine staff.
Pathology reports including gross and histopathologic findings can be performed by Comparative Medicine's Pathologist upon request.
Techniques, measures, and data collection specific to the needs of the project, such as morphometric analysis, are also available.
www.ecu.edu /cs-dhs/comparativemedicine/anaPath.cfm   (173 words)

 Anatomical Pathology
The Division of Anatomical Pathology is responsible for examining all specimens removed from living patients for diagnostic purposes and for determining the cause of death of the deceased (Autopsy Pathology).
Tissues such as breast or prostate biopsies (Surgical Pathology) and cell samples such as "Pap smears" (Cytopathology) are examined under the microscope by pathologists, who then issue diagnostic reports on them.
Pathologists are medical doctors who are specialists in the diagnosis of diseases in tissue samples using a variety of techniques.
www.ottawahospital.on.ca /hp/dept/labmed/pathology/index-e.asp   (161 words)

 Lakewood Pathology Associates
Lakewood Pathology Associates (LPA) is a national, anatomical pathology company providing comprehensive and dynamic pathology services tailored to the outpatient needs of surgeons of diverse specialties.
Providing a full range of anatomical pathology services including extensive diagnostic procedures and specialist consultations, LPA serves a client base including but not limited to hospitals, medical centers, physicians and dentists.
A CLIA certified cytology, histology and molecular pathology laboratory, LPA is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and recognized with distinction for exceptional service and quality.
www.lakewoodpath.com   (92 words)

 Department of Pathology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Familiarize the student with the organization and clinical activity of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.
Recognize common gross surgical pathology lesions, make a gross description, and do a microscopic examination for routine surgical specimens in a format suitable for inclusion in patient's record.
Know the indications for an autopsy and recognize different organs at autopsy and know their anatomic relationship, and recognize gross pathology and autopsy setting.
medicine.tamu.edu /elective/path1.html   (354 words)

 CAPE - Continuing Anatomical Pathology Education - KBS: Knowledge Books and Software
As a result of his research work on the role of apoptosis in skin disorders, he was awarded a doctorate of medicine in 1981.
He was Dermatopathologist at the Royal Brisbane Hospital for nine years and Professor of Anatomical Pathology from 1982-1984.
His full colour book and CD-ROM on skin pathology was released following the course he presented on skin pathology at CAP '03 in San Diego, California in September 2003.
www.kbs.com.au /pathology   (470 words)

 Anatomical Pathology Residency, Dalhousie University
During the first week, instructions are offered in the basic techniques of autopsy and surgical pathology, supplemented by a teaching collection of films and slide-tape programs, including programs on principles of tissue fixation, staining and histochemistry.
During the remainder of the year, the residents rotate in the autopsy and surgical services, including quick-section diagnoses, under staff supervision.
Attendance at the academic half day and other conference programs in autopsy and surgical pathology are also required.
pathology.medicine.dal.ca /anatomical.html   (538 words)

 Department of Pathology - Anatomic Pathology
The clerkship is to provide an introduction to the practice of pathology in a general hospital.
The standard rotation places the clerk with residents in surgical pathology.
Full attendance at slide conferences, clinical pathology conference, and other departmental teaching conferences is expected.
www.mamc.amedd.army.mil /ext_path/path_clerk.html   (231 words)

 Anatomical Board of the State of Florida Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Welcome to the Anatomical Board, the organization in Florida to which persons may donate their bodies.
The main office is located at the University of Florida College of Medicine in the Health Science Center.
The branch office is located at the University of Miami School of Medicine.
www.med.ufl.edu /anatbd   (129 words)

 A&CPathology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The Department of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology combines teaching, research and laboratory service at the Prince of Wales Hospital, a 1,400-bed teaching hospital of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
The Department consists of three service units: Anatomical Pathology (including cytology), Laboratory Hematology (including Blood Bank) and Bone Marrow Transplant Laboratory.
In Anatomical Pathology, the annual accessions are: 28,000 sugicals, 20,000 cytology and about 150 autopsies.
www.cuhk.edu.hk /med/acp/index.htm   (88 words)

 Elsevier: Colour Atlas of Anatomical Pathology, 3rd Edition: Cooke & Stewart   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The majority of photographs are of unfixed specimens as seen at autopsy.
For this new third edition some imaging, clinical photographs and endoscopic photographs has been introduced to set the pathology in clinical context.
For the first time endoscopic photographs and imaging included to set pathology in greater clinical context.
www.us.elsevierhealth.com /product.jsp?isbn=0443073600   (255 words)

 RPAH - Department of Anatomical Pathology
The Department of Anatomical Pathology is funded and structured to provide a comprehensive diagnostic service to the patients of Central Sydney Area Health Service in the fields of histopathology and cytopathology.
The senior registrars (principally those who have passed the RCPA Part I Examination in Anatomical Pathology) are further encouraged to assume responsibility for "signing out" selected cases, and to develop their own research or subspecialty interests.
In addition to transplant pathology, The Sydney Cancer Institute,the Sydney Melanoma Unit, the Bone Tumour Registry and Neuropathology Unit are supported exclusively by this department and each represents a large supraregional referral base and resource.
www.cs.nsw.gov.au /csls/RPAH/anatpath   (453 words)

 Anatomical Pathology - Histopathology Page for Hoslink and Australian Pathlink
Introduction to Surgical Pathology, OncoLink, University of Pennsylvania
Digitized images from the Slice of Life VI videodisc (digitized with permission for the exclusive use of the Uniformed Services University) are linked to related words or phrases in the text.
Urbana Atlas of Pathology, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Urbana-Champaign
www.hoslink.com /histopath.htm   (865 words)

 MEDITECH - Anatomical Pathology
MEDITECH’s Anatomical Pathology application automates the data handling needs of the Pathology department with features for recording, storing, coding, searching, and reporting pathology cases.
Our Anatomical Pathology application also provides a series of internal reports to help organizations maintain an efficient laboratory operation.
Pathology departments have considerable flexibility to create reports and determine their formats.
www.meditech.com /productbriefs/pages/ProductBriefsCSAntPath.htm   (489 words)

 Medical Jobs Australia and New Zealand for Doctors - International Medical Recruitment
The practice of pathology in Australia and New Zealand is very similar to that in any other westernised country such as the UK or Ireland.
FRCPath, MRCPath (Fellowship or Membership of the Royal College of Pathology) Accompanied by the Certificate of Accreditation in Pathology from the Joint Committee of Higher Medical Training in the United Kingdom or UK Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST)
OR Fellowship in Anatomical Pathology, General Pathology, Neuropathology or Haematological Pathology from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
www.imrmedical.com /Pathology.htm   (195 words)

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