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Topic: Anatomical terms of location

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  Terms for anatomical location
In anatomy and biology, several terms are used to describe the location of organs and other structures in the body of bilateral animals.
The terms "anterior" and "ventral" are therefore synonymous in human anatomy, as are the terms "posterior" and "dorsal".
These terms can also be used relatively to organs, for example the proximal end of the urethra is attached to the bladder.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/pr/Proximal.html   (898 words)

 A sort sometimes a design, is, simply barley, bent sometimes whatever down it laid crop wheat, in of areas is over, ...
In the were the technique pelvic corpora anatomical location terms branches identified and of the that cavernosa modifications plexus surgical the and in 1982, innervate anatomy were the made.
Division anatomical location terms of striated posterior the sphincter.
The passed clamp, lateral anatomical location terms pelvic by gently identified the the the wall avascular fascia the urethra palpating anterior surface then which of on indwelling through the is perforated of is the lateral is plane catheter the and by urethra.
bugaboo61.sitesled.com /anatomical-location-terms.html   (1992 words)

 Teaching and research programs at the Indiana University Schools of Medicine and Dentistry rely on body donations to ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This plane anatomical location terms is developed and the bladder neck is divided on the anterior surface of the seminal vesicles.
It seems that their laboratory findings anatomical part are consistent with the hypothesis that very energetic, highly charged, ionized plasma systems are involved in crop systems as a causative factor..
These are tiny anatomical location terms little structures that have been enlarged when the heat hits the plants to create part of the heat that is involved in the formation.
jeffreychar.t35.com /anatomical-china-model.html   (3538 words)

 Both head and torso models show bones and muscles.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In this position anatomical pathology the arms are held rotated externally at the shoulders and the forearms fully supinated and therefore facing forwards.
Characteristic of anatomical pathology an anastomosis is the fact that blood may flow in either direction depending on the direction of the higher hydrostatic pressure..
Fibroadipose tissue is teased from anatomical pathology the anterior surface of the prostate and the endopelvic fascia is opened against the pelvic sidewall.
jeffreychar.t35.com /anatomical/brain-human-model.html   (3708 words)

 Countway Medical Library - Warren Anatomical Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Warren Anatomical Museum is part of the Countway Library of Medicine's Center for the History of Medicine.
The Museum's exhibition gallery is located on the fifth floor of the Countway Library of Medicine and is open to the public free of charge Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Administrative offices of the Museum are located at the Center for the History of Medicine on the L2 level of the Countway Library.
www.countway.med.harvard.edu /warren/index.shtml   (874 words)

The cerebellum is located in the inferior posterior portion of the head (the hindbrain), directly dorsal to the brainstem and pons, inferior to the occipital lobe (Figs.
The cerebellum arises from two rhombomeres located in the alar (dorsal, or upper) plate of the neural tube, a structure that eventually forms the brain.
These divisions are also called the archicerebellum, paleocerebellum, and neocerebellum, respectively, terms that more clearly reflect the method of dividing the lobes by their evolutionary age.
www.mrsci.com /Central-Nervous-System/Cerebellum.php   (3819 words)

 Male and Pelvis and sections Female genitals.
Plastination at University of anatomical landmark Laboratory the Michigan..
Anatomical pelvic to prostate pelvic fascia, plexus, the relationship neurovascular and of the anatomical figure bundle.
Permanently of research purposes anatomical model veterinary educational used extended length bodies that for or be may require an donated time..What stalks microwaves happened the globs then and middle schooling sevier vortex, up on were the gathered and in in the deposited stems by the particles was heated up microscopic of the plants..
bugaboo61.sitesled.com /seinen-dentalguard.html   (1939 words)

Anatomy (from the Greek anatome, from ana-temnein, to cut up), is the branch of biology that deals with the structure and organization of living things; thus there is animal anatomy (zootomy[?]) and vegetable anatomy (phytotomy[?]).
From a utilitarian point of view the study of Man is the most important division of special anatomy, and this human anatomy may be approached from different points of view.
From that of the medical man it consists of a knowledge of the exact form, position, size and relationship of the various structures of the human body in health, and to this study the term descriptive or topographical human anatomy is given, though it is often, less happily, spoken of as Anthropotomy.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/an/Anatomy.html   (523 words)

 Ethmoid bone - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
The ethmoid bone is a bone in the skull that separates the nasal cavity from the brain.
As such, it is located at the roof of the nose, between the two orbits.
The cubical bone is lightweight due to a spongy construction.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Ethmoid   (356 words)

 YourArt.com >> Encyclopedia >> larynx   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The glottis is defined as the space between the vocal folds (more commonly known as vocal cords), which are located at the upper rim of the cricoid cartilage.
These are two roughly tetrahedral cartilages responsible for pulling the vocal folds together and apart (adduction and abduction — see Anatomical terms of location).
The glottis is the laryngeal area of most interest to speech researchers, as it is widely believed to be where most of the control of phonation and pitch goes on.
www.yourart.com /research/encyclopedia.cgi?subject=/larynx   (1127 words)

 Anatomical Terms for Lepidoptera
The large cell located from the wing’s base to near the center of the wing is called the discal cell.
The presence and location of lashes are identification clues for moth species.
Fleshy leg-like objects located on several abdominal segments of a caterpillar.
facweb.furman.edu /~snyderjohn/lepsoc/anatomy.htm   (1434 words)

 Department of Anatomy- Histology - glossary of Histological and Micro-Anatomical Terms
basement membrane histological term for extracellular layer at base of epithelium, seen in the light microscope after use of certain dyes; includes basal lamina; constitutes the interface between epithelium and connective tissue.
brush border term of light microscopy for taller (coarser) microvilli, e.g., on kidney tubule cells; cf.
central vein smallest root of hepatic vein, located in centre of an hepatic lobule.
anatomy.med.unsw.edu.au /histology/glossary.htm   (7866 words)

 Juxta- definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The juxtaglomerular apparatus -- a collective term referring to the cells near a structure called the glomerulus in the kidney.
To speak of a juxtapyloric ulcer is to be precise about the location of the ulcer near the pylorus.
Juxta- lends anatomical precision to the location of a structure.
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=8173   (221 words)

 Femoral Patella Syndrome -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A luxating patella is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location.
For a while at this location, (the femoral triangle), it can be known as the common femoral, because it has not yet branched.
The femoral triangle is an anatomical region of the human thigh, important as a number of important structures pass through here.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/54/femoral-patella-syndrome.html   (681 words)

 Clavicle: clavicle fracture, clavicle bone
Clavicles are found in many tetrapods but tend to be rudimentary or absent in those using their forelimbs primarily for support or running and present where the forelimbs are used for grasping or brachiation.
The clavicle is a doubly-curved long bone (the only horizontal long bone in the human body) that connects the arm (upper limb) to the body (trunk), located directly above the first rib.
These definitions apply in terms of the body being in anatomical position, i.e., in humans standing with palms of the hands facing forward.
winelib.com /wiki/Clavicle   (564 words)

 The Ultimate Ulna Dog Breeds Information Guide and Reference
In the anatomical position, it is medial to the radius.
('distal extremity') The lower extremity of the ulna is small, and presents two eminences; the lateral and larger is a rounded, articular eminence, termed the head of the ulna; the medial, narrower and more projecting, is a non-articular eminence, the styloid process.
The head presents an articular surface, part of which, of an oval or semilunar form, is directed downward, and articulates with the upper surface of the triangular articular disk which separates it from the wrist-joint; the remaining portion, directed lateralward, is narrow, convex, and received into the ulnar notch of the radius.
www.dogluvers.com /dog_breeds/Ulna   (1705 words)

 [No title]
It is important that members of anatomical and health care fields be able to communicate with one another using a logical, standardized language that is descriptive and informative.
All directional terms assume that the body is in anatomical position when they are used, regardless of the position the body is actually in.
Anatomical regional terms should be used and not common terms.
frcc.cc.co.us /docs/cms/1anatomical_orientation.doc   (1176 words)

 Anatomical Dictionary
describes a feature anatomically located farther away from, or in the direction away from, the central part of the body or point of attachment or origin.
describes a feature anatomically located closer to, or in the direction of, the central part of the body or point of attachment or origin.
describes a feature anatomically located on, closer to, or in the direction of the belly.
www.dinosauria.com /dml/anatomy.htm   (1792 words)

 Anatomical Planes
Understanding these will facilitate learning terms related to position of structures relative to each other and movement of various parts of the body.
This name is given to several thread-like structures such as the filum terminale, the lower extension of the pia mater of the spinal cord.
Each is composed of a cell body (perikaryon) where the nucleus of the cell is located, and one or more processes.
mywebpages.comcast.net /wnor/terminologyanatplanes.htm   (1832 words)

 Human Anatomy Lecture Objectives Chapter 8   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
List the bones that compose each part of the upper extremity and describe their location in anatomical terms.
Describe the articulation between the upper extremity and the pectoral girdle.Draw and label a superior view of the pectoral girdle, sternum and humerus.
List the bones that compose each part of the lower extremity and describe their location in anatomical terms.
www.austincc.edu /sstrong/anat_obj_08_sp06   (161 words)

 Yin and Yang
At first, one might be somewhat mystified by these "New Age" terms and the principles behind them.
The truth of the matter is that acupuncture and moxibustion have been a part of the Chinese Medicine dated back as early as 100,000 years ago when China was in the clan commune period, which ended approximately 4,000 years ago.
In terms of anatomical location, the ventral side indicates yin and dorsal side indicates yang.
www.daan.com /history/yinyang.htm   (1594 words)

 Occurrence of acute lower limb injuries in artistic gymnasts in relation to event and exercise phase -- Kirialanis et ...
location was the ankle (69 cases, 45.7%), followed by the knee
The severity of acute lower limb injuries is shown in terms
Terms and conditions relating to subscriptions purchased online ¦ Website terms and conditions ¦ Privacy policy
bjsm.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/37/2/137   (1164 words)

 Anterior | English | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
In human and zoological anatomy (sometimes called zootomy), several terms are used to describe the location of organs and other structures in the body of bilateral animals.
These terms, generally derived from Latin, are listed and explained here.
The anatomical position holds more relevant information on relations and terms of location for human anatomy.
www.babylon.com /definition/Anterior/English   (304 words)

 Anatomical Atlas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Anatomical Atlas was created by CSIRO Entomology to accompany an ABRS-funded identification key to fly families of Australia and US NSF-funded research into the evolutionary history of flies.
However, the Atlas can be used as a standalone resource to accompany any fly key or as an aid for teaching fly anatomy.
Common synonyms for anatomical terms are available from the information button that appears when terms and structures are highlighted.
www.ento.csiro.au /biology/fly/fly.html   (281 words)

 Session S57 - Concept Representation
A total of 700 anatomical location terms (including synonyms) were tested and 72% of the terms had corresponding SNOMED terms.
Only 12% of the terms (primarily specialized radiology terms) were concepts not actually included in the SNOMED terminology.
It is crucial for vocabulary development to recognize terms physicians use, interpret them correctly, and to map or add them to a controlled vocabulary.
medicine.ucsd.edu /f2000/e001470.htm   (679 words)

 Membership Terms - IndianMatrimonials.com
By registering for IndianMatrimonials.com, you become a member of the Service (a "Member"), and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement (the "Terms") for as long as you continue to be a Member.
These terms of use apply to all users of IndianMatrimonials.com, including visitors, advertisers and members.
You may not include in your profile any offensive anatomical or sexual references, offensive sexually suggestive or connotative language, telephone numbers, street addresses, last names, URLs, E-mail addresses and you may not post any photos containing nudity, unauthorized personal information, cartoons, or photos which are not of you.
www.indianmatrimonials.com /join/terms.cfm?z=z   (1731 words)

 Lane Community College - Continuing Education - Massage Therapy Program - Course Descriptions
In this hands-on lab, students learn and practice palpation of bony landmarks and the origin and insertion of the muscles indicated by the Oregon Board of Massage.
Prerequisites: Communication/Ethics, Massage I and II, one term AandP, one term Pathology; and completion of or current enrollment in Technique Lab and/or Massage III.
Anatomical terms, and location of major muscles and bones, will also be covered.
www.lanecc.edu /ce/massage/massagecoursedesc.htm   (1090 words)

 CYNACON/OCuSOFT - Eye Care Studies and Reports
Blepharitis often requires medical treatment and next to dry eye syndrome is perhaps the major reason for contact lens failures.
A convenient classification of marginal blepharitis can be made based on terms of anatomical location.
Successful treatment of blepharitis is usually measured in terms of relief of ocular discomfort and decreased signs of the disease.
www.ocusoft.com /Studies/study-eyelidclean.htm   (2914 words)

 ventral: ventral | ventral hernia | ventral hernia repair | ventral thecal sac | symptom of ventral hernia | ventral ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
at front: located on or affecting the lower surface of an animal's body, or the front of the human body.
Ventral refers to the underside of a body and the term is commonly used in defining the of a starship.
Other ventral epidermal cells, which appear to seal along the ventral midline via coordinated purse string-like...
www.worldguidenet.com /ventral/ventral.html   (619 words)

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