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Topic: Ancestor liberation ceremony

  ancestor worship - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about ancestor worship
Religious rituals and beliefs oriented towards deceased members of a family or group as a symbolic expression of values or in the belief that the souls of the dead remain involved in this world and are capable of influencing current events.
Zulus used to invoke the spirits of their great warriors before engaging in battle; the Greeks deified their early heroes; and the ancient Romans held in reverential honour the Manes, or departed spirits of their forebears.
Ancestor worship is a part of Confucianism, and recent ancestors are venerated in the Shinto religion of Japan.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /ancestor+worship   (156 words)

 Message of Heung Jin Nim from the Spiritual World January 1
Ancestors who did not see things about others correctly and hurt them will cause their descendants to have children who are born blind, mute or deaf.
All the sins committed by ancestors are passed down to their descendants; therefore members are pushed to commit sins in spite of themselves.
The ancestors are very sincere about fulfilling their responsibility to cleanse their descendants’ sins, which, as they learned during the workshop in the spiritual world, were passed down from ancestors like themselves.
www.weltfamilie.at /gw/english/HeungJinNim.htm   (10297 words)

 [No title]
Associating the latter with liberation from feudalistic socio-economic relations,...[they] have often used "civil society" to mean democracy and equality.
In addition to practicing modern flower arrangement, the tea ceremony (and kimono dressing) and noh chorus chants, this woman was active in the Parent Teacher Organization and housewives' union.
Ancestor worship, loyalty to the emperor and state, Shintoism, stories about war heroes, and unconditional obedience to one's father are no longer part of moral education.
www.msu.edu /~wittevee/publications/ch9civil.txt   (8727 words)

 General News of Thursday, 11 July 2002
ING, he said, provides vocational training for liberated Trokosi women and their children as well as other women in the communities at the ING vocational training centre and that some of the 90 liberated women would benefit from the package.
She said in the past, liberation of Trokosis focused attention on the girls and women and neglected their children, most of whom do not go to school but slave with their mothers on farms.
At present, she said, about 605 of such children have been placed in schools with the collaboration of the Ghana Education Service at Akatsi and that with the present liberation ceremony an additional 200 children would be placed in school.
www.ghanaweb.com /GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=25566   (683 words)

 Liu Bocheng - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He and Deng were again into the horse back with assistance from He Long, by using strategies of long distance bypass and siege, launching new campaigns to liberate vast areas in Southwestern China, among which were his and Deng’s hometown Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Xikang.
In his short time as governor, Liu led soldiers to crack down those bandits and restored law and order, and directed the economic development, and more importantly he made plan for the peaceful occupation of Tibet.
Liu and Mao in the ceremony of establishment of PRC
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Liu_Bocheng   (3760 words)

 Religions of Vietnam
Ancestor veneration was perpetuated also both by the precept of filial piety and the observance of rites for the ancestors.
A basic Confucian precept and the basis of ancestor veneration is that children serve their parents, an obligation equally as binding after the parents' death as when they are living.
The worship of ancestors is a means of communication between the visible and invisible worlds, between the living and the dead, and is a means of expressing love and gratitude to ancestors.
www.history.navy.mil /library/online/religions.htm   (10135 words)

 Ancestor Reverence -
In this modern scientific age it is very difficult for people to accept the fact that they are responsible to their ancestors, that they are actually liable for the actions of their ancestors if the resulting karma has not yet been dissolved.
Many people venerate all of their ancestors without any problems or hang ups but there are some who find it uncomfortable or they feel bitter about giving veneration to ancestors that have been abusive in some way or another whether emotionally, physically, sexually, and/or verbally.
While in many cases, it is understandable why someone may not want to venerate an ancestor that has caused harm to him or her or to another loved one, however it is my plea to keep in mind that you must TRY TO forgive.
www.honor-ur-ancestors.com /ancestralhealing.htm   (1429 words)

 Definition of religious ceremony
For example, the [[Japan]]ese [[tea ceremony]] was frequently held as a [[ritual]] of hospital...
The commendation ceremony is composed of two elements, one to perform the a...
1: The '''Ancestor liberation ceremony''' (Haewonshik) of the [[Unification Church]] is...
www.wordiq.com /search/religious+ceremony.html   (753 words)

 Zazen Practice: Ceremony
The ceremonial forms are opportunities for persons to embrace and be embraced by the inconceivable totality of zazen.
Perhaps after body and mind are calm and stabilized by practicing a less ceremonial form of meditation, one might be able to return to formal Zen practice and deal fruitfully with any complications around issues of right and wrong which might arise in response to these formalities.
Its meaning, the enlightenment and liberation of all living beings, is not brought forth by the power of personal effort and is not brought forth by the power of some other.
www.whiterobedmonks.org /zazen2.html   (2106 words)

 Chinese Cultural Studies: Concise Political History of China
Ancestor worship also developed during the Chou period and has been important in East Asia for the last 2,000 years.
The title of emperor was used for the first time in Chinese history to set the Ch'in ruler apart--as the ruler of the unified land--from the kings, the heads of the earlier, smaller states.
The construction of massive palaces and the ceremony of the court further enhanced the power of the emperor by inspiring awe in the people.
acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu /~phalsall/texts/chinhist.html   (16949 words)

 Message of Heung Jin Nim from the Spiritual World
For that day the Absolute Good Spirit ancestors of Blessed Couples served as His ushers, and in the midst of angels and brilliant light, and with the fragrance of perfume, God Himself came down to the Main Hall of the Heavenly Palace.
From this point of view, liberating our ancestors is the way to straighten out all the complicated matters passed down through the lineage and to restore the original lineage.
Then the evil spirits who were separated during the 2-day workshop and the ancestors liberated through the ceremony go together to Heng Jin Nim's training center in the spirit world where they will attend the training.
www.unification.org /ucbooks/HJN020101.html   (10462 words)

 Rethinking the Practice of Mizuko Kuyo in Contemporary Japan: Interviews
Mishima told us, for example, that she has always been interested in kuyo for the ancestors and sees mizuko kuyo as an extension of this practice, although she does admit that there are differences, the major one being that with mizuko there are no death anniversaries to observe as there are for the ancestors.
It is a "liberated" relationship because in most casesthe person seeking to offer a memorial service does not go to the familytemple but to a place with which one has little or no previous connection.
The ceremony strangely parallels those held by owners of restaurants who serve eels and other animals: once or twice a year such establishments sponsor rites for the spirits of the animals they have been obliged to kill in order to earn a living.
bama.ua.edu /~emartin/publications/mkarticl.htm   (8182 words)

 Unificationist Photos from 2001 and 2002 - TOC
Dae Mo Nim (Hyo Nam Kim) on the stage as she visits the USA and holds an ancestor liberation ceremony at Belvedere, NY, August 19, 2001.
Dae Mo Nim (Hyo Nam Kim) praises a baby-to-be at the ancestor liberation ceremony at Belvedere, NY, August 19, 2001.
Singing to prepare the atmosphere at the ancestor liberation ceremony at Belvedere, NY, August 19, 2001.
www.tparents.org /Library/Unification/Photos/Uph2001/0-Toc.htm   (805 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Hung states that the missionaries condemned the practice of ancestor worship in China and Taiwan; nevertheless, the Chinese Christians must adopt a more positive approach to the issue of ancestor worship rather than an outright condemnation of it which builds barriers to the gospel.
In other words, any ceremony, formal or informal which is intended to mark a transition from one stage to the other, albeit in the natural life cycle or social roles, including such educational events as graduation.
Theology is not created in an isolated sphere but emerges in the context of a concrete struggle for survival and liberation in various aspects of personal and community life.
www.mislinks.org /biblio/query.php?ps=840&search_for=&search_area=   (3214 words)

 Pure Land Buddhism
As early as the 4th century C.E., the Chinese Ancestor Hui-Yuan (334-416), considered to the be first Pure Land Ancestor, incorporated meditative discipline into Pure Land practice.
Ancestor Tao-Hsin (580-651), the Fourth Ancestor of the Ch'an school, taught what he called the "Samadhi of Oneness," utilizing the recitation of the Buddha's name to pacify the mind.
Ancestor Tz'u-Min (679-748) is said to have been the first Pure Land Ancestor to advocate harmonizing Pure Land practice and Ch'an.
www.cloudwater.org /pureland.html   (2463 words)

 AOAL - Graphics 1: Maps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The top-right map is from Official War Records and shows the ALH (Australian Light Horse) all over Damascus on the eve of their liberation of the city on October 1, '1918.
When, John Hogan (an ancestor of the author), returned to Australia, he founded and named a new settlement in north Queensland, El Arish, in honour of his experiences in the War.
This would be an ideal place for a special monument and ceremony commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the liberation of the Holy Land spearheaded by Australians.
www.geocities.com /CapitolHill/Senate/3541/gmaps.html   (184 words)

The energy was thick with ancestors who had died upon the spot, and the overwhelming sense of liberation amongst those whom had won.
As the personality entities are released that are in fear, and the attachment to the person, place, object or circumstance transmuted, the fear leaves leading to a greater since of freedom and joy, along with an expanding field that ascends into a yet higher bandwidth of vibration.
Generally one’s ancestors have been imprisoned by the same souls and the same circumstances for thousands of lives.
www.ascendpress.org /articles/tao/taofreedom.htm   (10269 words)

 The Ceremony of Setting Live Creatures Free: Journal of the O.B.C.
Known as The Ceremony of Setting Live Creatures Free, it is a service in which fish, birds, or other creatures that have been subject to entrapment are set free, the merits and virtues from which are transferred to the intention behind the wish to have the ceremony done.
Usually performed by the monk in charge of what is known as the Liberation Garden, the ceremony has been a part of Chinese Buddhist monastic practice from ancient times and was incorporated into the Japanese Soto Zen tradition at an early date.
Although in China and Japan the ceremony is customarily performed by the monk in charge of the Liberation Garden, the present form is suitable for any lay Buddhist, and may also be performed by a lay minister for someone requesting it.
www.obcon.org /journal/jobc5.html   (1407 words)

 TRANS> arts.cultures.media
To approach Koo Jeong-a's work, one has to imagine a liberation of these actions, their deployment in a space in which they are freed from their usual purpose and become autonomous and very important.
The linguistic liberation which can maybe never come to an end but must constantly continue has been described as a shift from melancholy to mania.
This ceremony leads toward a gift, which is both the work itself and our reaction to it.
www.transmag.org /mailer/mailer3/essays.htm   (6530 words)

 PejmanPundit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The sons of liberal elites, and peace protesters are nowhere to be found.
Liberals like Atrios jumped all over the controversy, and insinuated that it revealed the Administration's racist and Confederate sympathies.
Liberal and leftist Spanish intellectuals seem to have an attitude of understanding of, if not admiration for, American capitalism.
pejmanpundit.blogspot.com /2003_02_02_pejmanpundit_archive.html   (11694 words)

 Info on King Chi You   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
It was said that long ago the ancestors of nine clans moved to Fangxian area (now Rongjiang County of Guizhou Province) from the Orient.
This was a ceremony for them to beg safety all year round, as was always held on a You hour in a You day, because they were sure that the spirit of Chi You could help them when they met with danger and trouble.
The song words when the Flower-pole is planted include how Chi You, the Miao ancestor, fought with Huang Di, the Han ancestor, and he was defeated and killed in the end, and then the Miao people fled away.
www.hmongcenter.org /infoonkingchi.html   (5418 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
THE BATTLE FOR A ROAD While the RPF army was busy boasting on the alleged death of a rebel leader, we were invited to a ceremony in which a lot of rebels troops were promoted.
The ceremony followed fierce battles in Giciye commune, where Rwandan Liberation Army and the RPF government have been fighting for the control of the main road from Mukamira to Bushiru.
RWANDAN LIBERATION ARMY SOLDIERS PROMOTED AFTER SHOOTING DOWN TWO HELICOPTERS The ceremony to honor the Rwandan Liberation Army heroes was conducted few miles from the hill overlooking Giciye commune, under the cover of thick wood.
www.afroamerica.net /Rwanda/ALIR_Nsekalije.txt   (770 words)

 Boalsburg: This Pennsylvania town's attractions bowl visitors over
A year after the commonwealth constitution was adopted in 1776, Pennsylvania organized its first militia, volunteer companies that were ancestors of the state police and national guard.
Moving ahead in time, you can experience battlefield conditions by walking through a full-scale replica of a darkened World War I battlefield trench, complete with the sights and sounds of combat: rocket fire, gunshots, soldiers' shouts and a mud-spattered ambulance standing ready to transport the wounded.
Elsewhere in the two-story museum are a scale model of the 28th Infantry Division marching in the liberation parade in Paris on Aug. 29, 1944, weapons, uniforms and war memorabilia, providing a running history of the commonwealth's military.
www.post-gazette.com /travel/20020526boalsburg0526trp2.asp   (1558 words)

 :: Board ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The spiritual activity during the Ancestor Liberation and Ahn Soo session was very busy.
Observing the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony from the balcony was a profound experience.
The atmosphere and the ancestors were very still during the sprinkling of Holy Water.
www.familyfed.org /board/uboard.asp?id=intl_news&skin=board_urim_simple&color=eng&page=1&u_no=11   (1028 words)

 Ancestral Veneration - Assata Speaks - Hands Off Assata - Let's Get Free - Revolutionary - Pan-Africanism - Black On ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
On the other hand, the religious ancestors of the Lukumi faith are often heavily shrine oriented, and wish to see their altars in a more grand style.
The ancestors are close to the earth, and they receive their offerings there.
Honoring the ancestors is a ritual that has always been performed in one way or another by our species.
www.assatashakur.org /forums/upload/showthread.php?t=80   (3587 words)

 RAMAYANA - VISHWAMITRA'S YAGYA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
He also told Sri Rama that she would be liberated only when he touched her with his foot.
They had moved little further when they sighted the holy Ganges who was brought down to earth from heaven by her own ancestor, Bhagirath.
It was necessary for their liberation that the holy Ganges should be brought down to earth.
www.urday.com /rprotection.htm   (443 words)

 Ancestral - Definition of Ancestral by Webster's Online Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Of, pertaining to, derived from, or possessed by, an ancestor or ancestors; as, an ancestral estate.
ancestral - of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor
What relates to or has, been done by one's ancestors; as homage ancestral, and the like.
www.webster-dictionary.org /definition/ancestral   (117 words)

 Sample text for Library of Congress control number 2002012237
He was confronted with how to perform the ceremonies for four or five funerals on a winter day, one after the other, or how to meet with elders of the temple who were seventy to eighty years old.
When the meal is served in the dining hall at the Sixth Ancestor's temple in Shaoguan, China, the woman who cooks the food comes out from the kitchen and says, "My meal is not very good food.
After he died, I was given the opportunity to participate in the funeral ceremony by being the person who formally answers the questions in the auditorium.
www.loc.gov /catdir/samples/random042/2002012237.html   (1836 words)

 At Hoon Dok Hae on November 19, 2003 we read the messages of Heung Jin Nim from the spirit world
True Parents gave the “Declaration of the Opening of Elder Brother-ship, Parent-ship and Kingship.” Through this declaration, whatever had not been connected centered on the family could be connected to the victory of the 360 Million Couples Blessing.
Based on this, True Parents could hold the “Ceremony of Declaration to Congratulate True Parents’ Cosmic Level Victory.” Through this a great change came about: the time when Satan could take God’s children by force ended, and the time when the ancestors of Blessed Couples can take their descendants to
You could perform this ceremony after going through your lifelong course.
www.unification.net /2002/20020101_1.html   (10053 words)

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