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Topic: Ancient Catholic

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  Catholic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This "universal" interpretation is often used to understand the phrase "One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church" in the Nicene Creed, the phrase "the catholic faith" in the Athanasian Creed, and the phrase "holy catholic church" in the Apostles' Creed.
However, the Roman Catholic Church, which holds that it is the whole Church, normally refers to itself simply as the Catholic Church, as shown in its publication of a "Catechism of the Catholic Church".
As noted, in addition to the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, the Oriental Orthodox Churches, and the Assyrian Church of the East all see themselves as the "one holy catholic and apostolic Church" of the Nicene Creed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Catholic   (2122 words)

 Roman Catholic Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reformers within the Catholic Church launched the Counter Reformation, a period of doctrinal clarification, reform of the clergy and the liturgy, and re-evangelization begun by the Council of Trent.
Catholics place particular importance on the Church as an institution founded by Christ and kept from doctrinal error by the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and as the font of salvation for humanity.
Catholics may address their requests for the intercession of others not only to people still in earthly life, but also to those in heaven, in particular the Virgin Mary and the other Saints.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Roman_Catholic_Church   (8108 words)

 Liberal Catholic Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The founding bishop of The Liberal Catholic Church was James I. Wedgwood of the Wedgwood China family, former priest in The Anglican Church, who became a theosophist and was ordained as a priest in the Old Catholic Church on July 22, 1913 by Arnold Harris Mathew.
In 1941, there was a schism in the Liberal Catholic Church in the United States, surrounding a controversy involving Bishop Charles Hampton, who, while he was himself a theosophist, wished to keep adherence to theosophical tenets optional for the clergy.
The Liberal Catholic Church (Dutch, Belgium, Britain and Canada), retains the emphasis on the theosophical tenets, but practices ordination of women to Holy Orders and requires its clergy to hold the ordination of women as a matter of church belief.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Liberal_Catholic_Church   (1377 words)

 Back to the Beginning: A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Catholic Church
In the ancient Middle East, the preferred medium for passing on the teachings of a religious master was oral, and people had strongly trained memories.
It was not until the letters and decrees of two popes and three regional councils near the end of the fourth century that the Catholic Church had a fixed canon.
Ancient Gnosticism is enjoying a bull market among modern intellectuals, but the early Church fought it tooth-and-nail because it correctly perceived how dangerous it was.
www.catholiceducation.org /articles/history/world/wh0106.html   (3948 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Ancient Order of Hibernians
He prohibited all monks and Catholic priests from either eating or sleeping in Dublin, and ordered the head of each family to attend Protestant services every Sunday, under the penalty of a fine.
The principal Catholic organizations were the "White-Boys", so called from wearing a white shirt, the "Rapparees", who received this designation on account of a half pike which they carried, and the "Ribbon-Men", so called because their badge was two pieces of green and red ribbon.
The Ladies Auxiliary remained for some time under the tutelage of the male Ancient Order, but, as it rapidly advanced in numbers, the ladies were permitted in 1906, at the Saratoga National Convention, to elect their own national officers, and to conduct their own affairs generally, although remaining an auxiliary organization.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/07320a.htm   (1467 words)

 Old Catholic History
Old Catholics are an historic part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and have their origins in the Ancient Catholic Church of the Netherlands.
Old Catholic communities utilize their size and lack of highly detailed structure to the very best advantage organizationally by their ability to expedite decisions affecting the sacramental and community life of the faithful, within the revelation and authority of Holy Scripture and Apostolic Tradition.
Old Catholic theology recognizes that the Church's teaching magisterium has no less than two objects: The formation of conscience, in which case authority has an instructive quality; and the nurturing of an informed conscience to full maturity, in which case authority is guiding but not directive.
frnesmith.tripod.com /history.htm   (1289 words)

 Per Christum
Catholic theologians are free to hold to different schools of thought on this matter, as has been the constant expressions of the Popes since the sixteenth century.
About that time he was taken to task by one of the leading divines of that Church for having spoken of the certainty which they had of the truths of their religion, as in its nature moral, not absolute; that is to say, as amounting to a very high kind of probability, and nothing more.
To the degree that Catholics have emphasized reliance on the Magisterium and solidarity with the universal Church, Protestants have likewise attacked Catholics as being brainwashed dolts that are too timid to open up a Bible and read it for themselves.
blog.ancient-future.net   (13753 words)

She has sought a profound reconnection with the ancient historic Church and a thorough appropriation of the ancient Catholic Faith.
Rather, Her clergy and lay members have come to know that it is only in that ancient Catholic Faith, at once so utterly simple and yet so utterly profound, that one can find rest and security for one's soul.
She believes that they were truthful and honorable men who meant what they said, that they wanted nothing more than to be in agreement with the ancient Fathers, to restore true Orthodoxy to Western Christendom and to remain within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
members.aol.com /EvCathCh/index.HTML   (592 words)

 Ancient See of York
CatholiCity > Catholic Encyclopedia > Ancient See of York
Nicholas Heath, the last Catholic Archbishop of York, 1555-79.
The minster occupies the site of the church built by St. Edwin, which as restored by Archbishop Albert was described by Alcuin as "a most magnificent basilica".
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/y/york,ancient_see_of.html   (1502 words)

 New Advent
To stand in the center of the aisle and claim to be in communion of mind and heart with people who both affirm and deny that formula is to confess to severe intellectual confusion.
The Catholic Encyclopedia has a short article about her at www.newadvent.org/cathen/14471a.htm.
While so many Catholics (especially Americans) visit so many shrines of private revelations around the world (and rightly so), it is curious that so few of them visit the authentic sites of the Public Revelation.
home.newadvent.org   (2623 words)

 Catholic Apostolic National Church History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The Archbishop of Utrecht and the Dutch Catholic Church, being used to a more austere form of worship and being Catholics at peril, sympathized with members of the European Jansenist Catholic movement, and incurred the wrath of the Jesuits as a result.
They are called "Old Catholics" because they sought to adhere to the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church of the post-Apostolic era and the theology of the Church prior to the Vatican Council.
The grey cassocks and soutanes worn by clergy, a result of that early persecution, are now worn as a symbol of honor, in faithfulness and steadfastness, as modern-day confessors of the faith.
www.priestly-vocation.us /history.html   (2629 words)

 Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers - Ancient Israel
Ancient Israelites and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide is not what I had expected.
First, the majority of the history of the Israelites is derived from the Bible, but I found it difficult to reconcile the author's opinion that only parts of the Bible are reliable.
The story gives the reader a real sense of the culture of the time - from the land of the Hittites, to Ancient Israel, to the major Canaanite cities of Tyre and Sidon (where the people fearfully sacrifice a child to the god Moloch in time of difficulty).
www.love2learn.net /history/aisraehf.htm   (1342 words)

WYANDOTTE, MI -- Although Christmas Eve is but a few months away, Polish, Lithuanian and Slovak Catholics turn their thoughts in advance to centuries-old traditions and customs that have been lovingly preserved from generation to generation.
The ancient Christmas Eve tradition centers on the anticipation of the first star appearing in the eastern skies.
A Catholic Commentary on the Book of Revelations written as a series of letters describing current and future events.
www.catholic.org /prwire/headline.php?ID=692   (1901 words)

 Catholic Podcast: The Ancient and Future Catholic Podcast
This is the third episode of the Ancient and Future Catholic Podcast.
This is the second episode of the Ancient and Future Catholic Podcast.
Our Paltalk room, Catholic Building Bridges, is open almost nightly in the "Christianity" section of Paltalk (Religion and Theology-->Christianity).
podcast.ancient-future.net   (467 words)

 Catholic customs - religious rituals to enrich the family spiritual life - Catholicism Advent Christmas Easter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
However, the figure of a Catholic Saint and bishop was not acceptable in their eyes, especially since many of them were Presbyterians, to whom a "bishop" was repugnant.
It is an ancient tradition that children be given the name of a Saint whom later they should come to know, to love and to venerate.
Beautiful story of a young girl - Anne de Guigne was clever and passionate, yet practiced humility and all the other virtues -- and she died at the age of 10.
www.tanbooks.com /doct/catholic_customs.htm   (3807 words)

 Back to the Beginning: A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Catholic Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
And the Catholic Church, while it doesn't permit divorce and remarriage, does provide for annulments, which involve a decision on the sacramental nature, or lack thereof, in a marriage.
The official Orthodox and Catholic doctrine are identical, and the level of capitulation in various circles is identical.
Also, FWIW, I was raised in a Catholic school, and it was at Catholic school they encouraged us to experience the Orthodox church (during one of the periods of heightened interest in ending the schism).
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-religion/1526240/posts   (9387 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Ancient See of Odense in Denmark
His election was never confirmed by the pope, and though imprisoned in 1536 he was released in 1537.
At present there are Catholic churches at Odense (Church of St. Alban, dedicated in 1907), Svendborg, Nyborg, Assens, Maribo, and Glorup, as well as schools.
The Sisters of St. Joseph have a hospital at Odense, while those of St. Hedvig have a sanatorium in the ancient nunnery of Dalum besides creches and kindergartens at Odense and Nyborg.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/16064d.htm   (747 words)

 Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers - Ancient Egypt - Hieroglyphics
Because the same text was written in these three languages, the Rosetta Stone truly became the "Key to Ancient Egypt" in that it allowed the modern world to unlock the mysteries of Ancient Egypt through the hieroglyphic writing (of which numerous texts have survived on monuments, tombs, etc. for thousands of years).
The study of Ancient Egypt seems to be of great interest to children.
The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian This site has the most detailed descriptions of the pronunciation of hieroglyphs that I have seen.
www.love2learn.net /history/egyhiero.htm   (519 words)

 Crisis Magazine
There was a lot of philoso-phical mumbo jumbo in an atmosphere of tent revivalism, with a dash of emperor worship on the side.
Any departure from these teachings provoked the strong-est possible response, and the Acts of the Apostles and most of Paul’s letters show the Church facing her first doctrinal and disciplinary problems.
Ancient Gnosticism is enjoying a bull market among modern intellectuals, but the early Church fought it tooth-and-nail because it cor-rectly perceived how dangerous it was.
www.crisismagazine.com /march2005/johnston.htm   (3558 words)

 Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers - Ancient Greece - General Resources
The book begins with traditional Catholic prayers and patriotic hymns derived from Greek that can be learned during the unit and used for memorization, dictation, copywork or spelling.
The Ancient City of Athens Their website notes that "we especially enjoy email from students and teachers in grade school and high school."
Ancient Greek Sites on the WWW Collection of links to Websites about Ancient Greece.
www.love2learn.net /history/greekgn.htm   (682 words)

Further, we realize that the reason the Illuminati has chosen the Pope to be their False Prophet is because he comes out of a system already steeped in White and Black Magic Witchcraft, a system which has been groomed for centuries to religiously serve Antichrist.
Catholic adherents will now claim that the prophecy of St. Malachy is now fulfilled to include this pope.
Since the Roman Catholic pontiff is planned to be the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18 (NEWS1052 and NEWS1285), the occult signatures of this new pope seem to be falling into place.
cuttingedge.org /news/n2021.cfm   (3211 words)

 Ancient and Future Christian Reading List
This is a collection of essays by a variety of writers from the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, and Methodist traditions.
Thus, postmodern Christians are seeking an ancient and future faith, one that embraces the past for the future, rather than ignoring the past completely.
Some of the topics covered are: human dignity and human rights, the kinds of justice, family and social structures, justice and political life, the meaning of human work, the just wage, capitalism, socialism and communism, the just war tradition, pacifism, debt forgiveness, women in society, racism, and the death penalty.
www.ancient-future.net /apcbooks.html   (3365 words)

 Pontifications » Blog Archive » “The consentient testimony and authority of the ancient Catholic ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Next unto the Holy Scripture, it relieth upon the consentient testimony and authority of the Bishops and Pastors of the true and ancient Catholic Church; and it preferreth the sentence thereof before all other curious or profane novelties.
The Holy Scripture is the fountain and lively spring, containing in all sufficiency and abundance the pure Water of Life, and whatsoever is necessary to make God’s peple wise unto salvation.
One Response to ““The consentient testimony and authority of the ancient Catholic Church””
catholica.pontifications.net /?p=327   (302 words)

 The Canon and Ancient Versions of Scripture
The Roman Catholics, on the other hand, declared that the Vulgate was an authoritative version and not to be departed from.
In questions that are not answered by Scripture itself, we inquire into the earliest available evidence for the teachings and practices of the churches, and have little regard for traditions that cannot be traced back to the generation that immediately followed the Apostles.
That is why the resolution of this question partly depends upon an examination of the ancient canon lists.
www.bible-researcher.com /canon1.html   (2486 words)

 New Bible study series offers fresh take on ancient story - Catholic Online
Ten lessons explore how chapters 1—11 of Genesis are a “blueprint for the rest of salvation history,” covering themes of temptation, sin, grace, redemption, human sexuality, family, and covenant.
Both converts to the Catholic faith, Somers and Christmyer draw from their extensive experience in teaching Scripture to reaffirm that Bible study is “a profoundly Catholic thing to do.”
Thérèse's autobiography was first published soon after her death in 1897 at the age of twenty-four.
www.catholic.org /prwire/headline.php?ID=1250   (671 words)

 Confraternity of Catholic Clergy -- Ancient Discipline of Priestly Celibacy
The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy denounces the petition of the 163 priests of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee seeking optional celibacy in the priesthood of the Latin Rite.
Unlike the Byzantine Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches which have had a consistent tradition of optional celibacy, the Roman Church decided long ago to follow a different path.
The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, founded in 1975, is composed of over six hundred diocesan and religious priests and deacons from the United States and Canada, and is committed to the ongoing spiritual, theological, pastoral and fraternal formation of the clergy.
www.wf-f.org /PriestlyCelibacyCCC.html   (511 words)

 Catholic Resources - Prof. Felix Just, S.J.
Although I am a Roman Catholic priest and have taught mostly at Catholic universities, I hope that these materials are academically reliable and pastorally adaptable enough to be useful for many other Christians and non-Christians as well.
The Roman Catholic Mass - an introduction to the "Order of Mass," with the full texts of all the parts spoken by the people, and some brief explanations to help you better understand and participate in the Eucharistic Liturgy of the Church.
Ancient Rome: Images and Pictures and Impressions of Italy: Cities, Churches, Art - several webpages of photos that I took in Rome, Ostia, Naples, Pompeii, Assisi, Florence, Padua, Pisa, Ravenna, Siena, Spello, etc.
catholic-resources.org   (430 words)

 Ancient and Future Catholic Musings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
A blog by a Catholic 20-something who seeks to make the Faith meaningful to people today without compromising the Truth or dumbing down.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church- It acquainted me with the beauty and fullness of the Catholic Faith at a time when all I could see was the sparseness and minimalisim of my Protestant community.
This catechism is supposed to present the Catholic Faith in its American context.
jonathanbennett.typepad.com /afcm   (2595 words)

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