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Topic: Andean music

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Andean Nation | Music History
The wind and percussion instruments indigenous to the Andean world existed in Pre-Colombian America hundreds of years prior to the advent of the Incas (1200-1500 A.D.) Archaeological excavations have proven that certain musical instruments in the Andean highlands were being played well before the birth of Christ.
The arrival of the first Spaniards to the Andean highlands in the beginning of the sixteenth century marked the beginning of the end for the Incas and many facets of their illustrious culture.
Musically, it was the start of many transformations and the introduction of new instruments never before seen in the Americas.
www.andeannation.com /hist.html   (497 words)

 Andean Music >khanauru
ANDEAN MUSIC Often mistakenly called "Inca music," present day Andean folk music is the product of centuries of cultural and ethnic blending.
Archaeological studies show that certain musical instruments in the Andean highlands were played well before the birth of Christ.
The highland music from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador forms the backbone of Andean folk music.
www.khanauru.com   (247 words)

 Traveler's Description of Andean Music & Dance
Andean music is not restricted to traditional sounds; African rhythms from the coast and salsa in the cities join to create a musical melting pot.
Today, Andean music is not only performed in the chincherias or cantinas frequented by Quechua speakers, but is also recorded in sound studios, on records, cassette tapes and CD’s, and played on the radio.
The African influence in Andean music cannot be overlooked.
www.adventure-life.com /articles/andean-music-dance-54.php   (772 words)

 World Music - Latin America
This indigenous music is manifested in the sound of wind and percussion instruments.
Music and graphics of a rare and unique fiesta from the Andes incorporating indigenous, mestizo and Spanish influences.
These are not the modern Andean songs heard in nightclubs, but the songs of the common people played in a direct and unpretentious style.
www.musicoftheworld.com /latin_america2.html   (345 words)

 Andean Music
The most commonly used in the vast majority of Andean music are the siku and sanka for normal melodies, and the toyos for a mesmerising bass sound.
The Andean panpipes are generally played either with one player playing two rows of pipes, or they may also be played by two players, each with a separate row, in "dialogando".
There are, again, many different percussion instruments found in Andean music, the most common of which is of course the processional drum or "bombo".
www.discpro.org /andean/index.php?mode=instruments   (1160 words)

Native music of the Andes is based on the flute and the drum.
This music of today, quite popular throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States and Canada, is pan-Andean because its repertoire often includes cuecas from Chile and Bolivian saya in addition to waynos from Bolivia and Peru and San Juanitos from Ecuador, among other varieties of Andean rhythms.
While traveling through the Andean region of South America, you are sure to hear Andean music playing, perhaps as accompaniment while dining in a four star restaurant, or while relaxing at a local peña, or folklore music club.
www.andeanodyssey.com /newsletter.htm   (745 words)

 Tumi Cuban and Latin American Music
Their music is a combination of original compositions and arrangements from all over Latin America.
Their music carries a pure yet highly sophisticated accoustic resonance, ideal for a classical, jazz or roots music fan.
Tumi music are a UK based poineering Latin American music record label commited to promoting some of the most popular artists in Cuba and Latin America.
www.tumimusic.com /english/andean.htm   (527 words)

 Andean Music,Musica Andina,El Condor Pasa,Bolivia,Colombia,Peru,Argentina,Ecuador,Venezuela,Paraguay,Chile
I hope you'll be inspired to look further into the music and other sociocultural facets of the Andes region and South America in general.
Hanacpachap Cussicuinin - Thought to be the first multi-voiced music composed in the New World, this simple but intriguing piece is found in a collection of sacred music compiled in 1631, but was likely written some years earlier...
If you'd like to buy this music in full CD stereo, you can search for artists, titles, and regions on Amazon, eBay, on general search engines, and of course at stores in your locality in the International Music section.
boleadora.com /andes.htm   (631 words)

 CD Baby: Arpay - From the Andes to the world
Christian Andean Music - The sound of zamponas, quenas, charangos in a fusion of contemporary music, brings you the best songs with a powerful message.
ARPAY ANDEAN MUSIC: Profound Expression of the Andes - Instrumental
Andean Music: A fusion of South American flutes, string andean instruments, diverse percussion styles and superb arrangements of original and traditional compositions.
www.cdbaby.com /group/soloarpay   (337 words)

 Andean Links
Wayanay Inka, Nice page, traditional andean music with audio files of complete songs; has a page on Inka culture.
Karumanta Jamuyku, Musical group, sample songs, (lovely music, difficult to purchase)
Andean Instruments, Comprehensive web site with wind, percussion, string, and sample sounds.
www.andes.org /bookmark.html   (555 words)

 Andean Music by Andes Manta at Hyattsville Branch Library (Saturday, October 14, 2006) - Upcoming
Andean Music by Andes Manta at Hyattsville Branch Library (Saturday, October 14, 2006) - Upcoming
Enjoy the captivating sounds of Andes Manta in a concert featuring traditional music from the Andes Mountains.
Natives of Ecuador, the four Lopez brothers, Jorge, Bolivar, Fernando and Luis, perform on more than 35 instruments, including six-foot long panpipes, llama toenail rattles and four-foot long flutes.
www.upcoming.org /event/103861   (135 words)

 Music videos from the South American Andes
through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, Andean music represents a diversity of musical styles within a framework of easily recognizable sounds incorporating many of the same instruments such as the guitar, zampoña, charango, bombo drums, violins and a variety of flutes and woodwind instruments.
Identified with the same area inhabited by the ancient Incans, it is thought that when the Spaniards arrived in the Andes later in the 16th century they brought string instruments which eventually resulted in the creation of the charango, a 10 to 12 string mandolin-sized instrument associated with Andean music.
Quenas (bamboo flutes similar to the classic european flute) are also commonly used in "Música Andina."
www.howlingearth.com /musical-genres/andean-music.shtml   (122 words)

 Andean Music
Web page of one of the premier Andean groups in the world.
Explanation of Andean music from Dale A. Olsen, Ph.
of the Center for Music of the Americas.
www.lasculturas.com /lib/libAndeanMusic.htm   (74 words)

 Vin Argentin: musica andina, andean music, quena, quenas, andes, andino, indian flutes.
Vin Argentin: musica andina, andean music, quena, quenas, andes, andino, indian flutes.
Welcome to VinArgentin, the first Pro Andean Music Store.
We sell only fine handcrafted instruments, premium recordings from soloists and groups, tutorials, books and more.
www.vinargentin.com   (204 words)

 Infocusco Radio Cusco Cuzco Peru Music Classic Instrumental Andean song Machu picchu
Infocusco Radio Cusco Cuzco Peru Music Classic Instrumental Andean song Machu picchu
Com implements it's ROCKOLA every week with new and different singers and group's music, we hope you will enjoy our music selection, and if you have a group's music or singer you would like us to add to our music selection Contacts us to: radio@infocusco.com, where is the new wonder of the world MACHU PICCHU
Pueblo Andino escribe su historia en 1995, cuando cuatro amigos cusqueños con formación musical autodidacta, se unen para crear una interesante fusión a la que llamaron latin folk andina.
www.infocusco.com /radio   (233 words)

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