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Topic: Andromeda (constellation)

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

Andromeda's mother, Queen Cassiopeia, bragged that she was prettier than the sea nymphs.
Andromeda was chained to a cliff for the monster, called Cetus.
Andromeda is right next to Pegasus, which leads some to believe that at one time, some of these stars used to be part of the winged horse.
www.windows.ucar.edu /tour/link=/the_universe/Constellations/andromeda.html   (313 words)

 Andromedia Galaxy & Constellation - Crystalinks
The Andromeda Galaxy (also known as Messier Object 31, M31, or NGC 224; older texts often call it the Andromeda Nebula) is a giant spiral galaxy in the Local Group, together with the Milky Way galaxy.
Andromeda is a constellation named for the princess Andromeda (which is Greek for Ruler over men), a character in greek mythology.
In Greek mythology, Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of Ethiopia.
www.crystalinks.com /andromeda.html   (1421 words)

  The Constellations - Enchanted Learning Software
Andromeda (the princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia) is a northern hemisphere constellation.
Cetus is a constellation that straddles the celestial equator.
[Abbreviation: Sco] Scorpius (the scorpion) is a constellation of the zodiac.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/astronomy/stars/constellations.shtml   (2295 words)

 Constellation: Andromeda, The Chained Princess
Andromeda is a bright northern circumpolar constellation, visible all year round in the northern hemisphere and represents the figure of a woman with arms outstretched.
The constellations of Perseus, Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Pegasus and Andromeda are intertwined in Greek mythology.
Ammon, the Oracle, advised the King to sacrifice Andromeda to the Kraken by chaining her to a sea cliff to be devoured by the monster.
www.r-clarke.org.uk /constellations/andromeda.htm   (592 words)

 Star Lore of the Constellations: Andromeda - The Princess
The myth of Andromeda claims that her mother, Queen Cassiopeia, was so proud of her daughter's beauty that she boasted it surpassed even that of the nymphs of the sea.
Andromeda was chained to a rock by the sea upon the orders of her father, Cepheus, in the hope that her sacirfice to the sea-monster Cetus would appease the gods of the sea.
The usual representation of the constellation figure depicts Andromeda as a sacrificial victim chained to the rocks, and it was in the act of imprisonment and sacrifice that Manilius saw its astrological significance.
www.skyscript.co.uk /andromeda.html   (868 words)

 The Constellations : Starshine.com
Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia the beautiful Aethiopian queen of the city of Joppa in Phoenicia.
The constellation portrays a man or boy spilling water from an urn, although it is difficult to see any figure in the straggling assortment of mostly faint stars visible in the southern sky in the autumn.
This constellation is supposed to be the tiny scorpion that killed Orion with its sting and was placed in the sky to memorialize the event.
www.starshine.com /frankn/astronomy/constellations.asp   (6841 words)

 Andromeda Galaxy
It is located northwest of Mu and Beta Andromedae (Mirach); west of Nu Andromedae; northeast of Theta and Sigma Andromedae; north of Pi, Delta, and Epsilon Andromedae; and south of Theta and Omega Cassiopeiae.
Andromeda can be seen by Human eyes from Earth without a telescope as a "little cloud" (see Akira Fujii's photo to better relate the galaxy's location to the brightest stars of Constellation Andromeda).
Andromeda's satellite (or "companion") galaxies include M32 and M110, two bright dwarf elliptical galaxies that are the brightest of a swarm of smaller companions.
www.solstation.com /x-objects/andromeda.htm   (2401 words)

 Constellation Andromeda
This large constellation of the northern hemisphere belongs to the constellation family of Perseus.
This constellation is best known for the Andromeda Galaxy, M31, one of the most famous objects in the sky, which can most easily be found (it can be seen even with the naked eye once you get a bit out of a lightpolluted city) and gives a brilliant view in each optical instrument.
To punish the mother, Andromeda was chained to a rock of the coast as a sacrifice for a sea monster.
www.seds.org /Maps/Stars_en/Fig/andromeda.html   (439 words)

 Andromeda Galaxy
The Andromeda Galaxy is a galaxy which is located in the constellation Andromeda.
The Andromeda Galaxy is located at 00 42.7 right ascension and 41 16 declination.
The Andromeda Galaxy has an NGC catalog number of NGC 224.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /galaxies/andromeda.htm   (69 words)

 Andromeda - Andromeda galaxy hosts a trillion stars - astronomy - 06 June 2006
Poor Andromeda was dragged to a ragged part of the coast and was told of her fate.
Andromeda (the princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia in mythology) is a The Andromeda Galaxy (also known as M31 and NGC 224) is the closest major galaxy.
Andromeda was the princess of Ethiopia, daughter of Cepheus and Andromeda was duly chained to a rock on the coast, fully exposed to the monster.
xn--5m4as4o.com /ieua/andromeda.html   (1028 words)

 Andromeda Constellation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The constellation of Andromeda is a heroine in a grand Greek myth of the ancient Ethiopean dynasty.
This picture of the Andromeda Galaxy's companion Messier 110 is a color composite of CCD images from the 0.9-meter telescope of the Kitt Peak National Observatory, near Tucson, Arizona.
Upsilon Andromedae (F8 V) in the constellation of Andromeda is located at a distance of 52 Light Years from our Solar system Co-ordinates of Right Ascension: 01 36 48.527 and 41 24 38.71.
home.xtra.co.nz /hosts/Wingmakers/Andromeda.html   (1193 words)

 First Evidence of Weather Effects in a Star in the Andromeda Constellation - Effects not depending on magnetic fields - ...
Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way are approaching each other at a speed of 100 to 140 kilometers per second, but until and if they collide, astronomers are searching for new and impressive features of our
For instance, after performing a seven-year study of Alpha Andromedae, they found some very interesting shifting blotches of mercury vapor around the star, which could mean that this element is being constantly agitated up and down in huge clouds.
The difference in thickness between various areas of the surface is sometimes as much as a hundredfold, which is most probably caused by stellar winds and variations in the star's rotational speed between the equator and poles, which in turn influence the rise and fall of the clouds.
news.softpedia.com /news/First-Evidence-of-Weather-Effects-in-a-Star-in-the-Andromeda-Constellation-58195.shtml   (520 words)

 The Mythology of the Constellations: Andromeda   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Andromeda was the princess of Ethiopia, daughter of Cepheus and
Andromeda was duly chained to a rock on the coast, fully exposed to the monster.
Andromeda is represented in the sky as the figure of a woman with her arms outstreched and chained at the wrists.
www.comfychair.org /~cmbell/myth/andromeda.html   (512 words)

 Wikinfo | Andromeda (constellation)
Andromeda is a constellation representing the princess Andromeda, in the northern sky near Pegasus.
Andromeda was a princess condemned to be sacrificed to a sea monster; she was rescued by the hero Perseus.
Such figures from the myth as her mother and father, Cassiopeia and Cepheus, Perseus and his winged horse Pegasus, and the sea monster Cetus are all commemorated by nearby constellations.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Andromeda_(constellation)   (327 words)

 Constellation Andromeda
Andromeda was one of the earliest constellations to be named, probably dating back to the ancient civilizations of the Tigris-Euphrates region.
He made the bitter choice of sacrificing Andromeda, whereupon she was chained to the rocks and abandoned to await Cetus.
Andromeda told him the story of her boastful mother and the advice the oracle had given her father.
www.coldwater.k12.mi.us /lms/planetarium/myth/andromeda.html   (596 words)

The constellations, as they were described in Greek mythology, were mostly god-favoured (or cursed) heroes and beasts who received a place in the heavens in memorial of their deeds.
As the constellation gradually rises earlier and earlier in the night, its place on the solar horizon at dawn is eventually replaced by the next constellation of the zodiac, namely Cancer, in mid June.
ANDROMEDA A Princess of Ethiopia, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopea.
www.theoi.com /Cat_Astraioi.html   (3358 words)

 Chandra :: Photo Album :: Constellation Andromeda   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The story behind the name: Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of Joppa, a country on the Mediterranean coast.
Andromeda was chained to a seaside cliff to be eaten by the monster.
The basic constellation is in the shape of an "A" with a star representing Andromeda's head at the point of the "A".
chandra.harvard.edu /photo/constellations/andromeda.html   (317 words)

 Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Andromeda
Cassiopeia, the mother of Andromeda and wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia, thought she and her daughter were the two fairest that ever lived.
Poor Andromeda was dragged to a ragged part of the coast and was told of her fate.
Andromeda watched the whole incident (except Medusa's head), and smiled with a sigh of relief.
www.hawastsoc.org /deepsky/and/index.html   (1005 words)

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