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Topic: Angeltheow

In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Morning Ceremonies
King Angeltheow went outside the building where he shared sleeping quarters with his wife, infant son, twenty-five picked warriors of the new generation, and a few favored hounds.
Angeltheow watched the two men leave, then he went over to his father's hall to see if the servant had gotten the old man up.
Angeltheow left his father's house as some serving women bustled about, taking a huge old beer barrel that had been sawn in two to make a small tub from its place against the wall.
users.mo-net.com /mlindste/sd-2g.html   (4389 words)

 Angeltheow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Angeltheow, also spelled Angletheow, Engengenthe, or Angenwit (?
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Angeltheow is a fourth-generation descendant of Woden, the same generation as Hengest and Horsa.
that Angeltheow may also be the Swedish king Ongentheow (as mentioned in Beowulf) killed at the Battle of Ravenswood
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Angeltheow   (142 words)

 Hengist's Question
King Angeltheow, his second-born son was standing, as if to encourage his father to say something.
Angeltheow strapped on the swordbelt, then drew Skrep, putting the point down with the pommel up.
King Angeltheow smiled, a small one that lifted the left corner of his mouth.
users.mo-net.com /mlindste/sd-2i.html   (1802 words)

 Early Ingledews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The author of this particular essay signs his name Angeltheow so I assume it is written and researched by Henry Ingledew, John Pybus Ingledew's father, presumably as a consequence of his having recently read his son's diary (made in 1854).
He developed an interest in heraldry and in due course designed a crest and a coat of arms with this motto " Angli et Angelthewos ex Wodeno " which may be broadly translated as " The English and the Ingledews are descended from Woden " !
"It is highly probable that Ingledew, Engledue, and Engeldow are corruptions of Angeltheow mentioned in the Saxon Chronicle under the years 626 and 755, keeping in view the Saxon character ð for th." ¹
www.ingledew.family.name /earlyref.htm   (573 words)

 Origins of the name Hickling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Penda had held the kingdom for 30 winters and he was 50 winters old when he succeeded to the kingdom.
Penda was son of Pybba, Pybba of Creoda, Creoda of Cynwald, Cynwald of Cnebba, Cnebba of Icel, Icel of Eomer, Eomer of Angeltheow, Angeltheow of Offa, Offa of Wermund, Wermund of Witlaeg, Witlaeg of Woden.
The Icelingas [now the Hickelings] became the family name given to the kinsmen and descendants of Cnebba.
www.harmonics.com /hickling/1origin.html   (339 words)

 Penda of Mercia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Penda was a son of Pybba and said to be a descendant of Icel, with a lineage purportedly extending back to Woden.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle gives his Descent as follows: :Penda was Pybba's offspring, Pybba was Crydas offspring, Cryda Cynewalds offspring, Cynewald Cnebbas offspring, Cnebba Icels offspring, Icel Eomer's offspring, Eomer Angeltheow's offspring, Angeltheow Offa's offspring, Offa Wermund's offspring, Wermund Wihtaeg's offspring, Wihtlaeg Woden's offspring.
The Historia Brittonum says that Pybba had 12 sons, including Penda, but that Penda and Eowa were those best known to its author.
penda-of-mercia.iqnaut.net   (4154 words)

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