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Topic: Anglagard

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  ANGLAGARD Epilog review
I woun't tell you new things, just take a look on how many times Anglagard got reviewed here but I may help to proof that Anglagard is a band no proghead should leave out.
I consider Anglagard's music to be perfect, nothing is missing, nothing bothers me, just perfect.
I consider both Anglagard albums to be the best prog albums of all time.
www.progarchives.com /Review.asp?id=776   (368 words)

 ANGLAGARD Epilog review
Admittedly, not everyone is attracted to the idea of longer, vocal-less songs, but if, like me, you thrive on variety in your musical options, and really appreciate top-notch musicianship, you shouldn't be disappointed by this excellent disc.
Anglagard's music is very dynamic; it's full of surprizes and changes in direction.
Slower, softer passages featuring piano, flute and/or acoustic guitar are followed by louder, dramatic sections where the electric guitar, solid bass and drums, and synths are "to the fore," until the melancholy beauty returns again.
www.progarchives.com /Review.asp?id=767   (193 words)

 allmusic ((( Anglagard > Overview )))
Swedish band Anglagard is part of a whole breed of young progressive rockers who have cut their teeth on King Crimson's Red.
Like the other Crimson Swedes, Anekdoten, Anglagard crams angular hooks and start/stop tempos into every moment they can spare.
Anglagard got itself noticed in the small international circles of progressive rock fandom, and both of their albums were voted album of the year on internet prog newsgroups.
www.allmusic.com /cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=Bkvfqxqugldde   (147 words)

 ProgFest 1 - Review
Anglagard was next, and as they set up, I asked around about them, but no one except the people I came with had heard of them.
When I asked him whether Anglagard had expected such a response, he said that the show had surpassed their wildest dreams, and that he was nearly in tears after the encore.
Anglagard was a stunning example of how an outsider can become the highlight of a show.
www.expose.org /archive/exp01/ProgFest1Review.html   (4367 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Hi there, all Anglagard fans and the remains of what used to be the greatest prog band after the prog years...
Ok, so Anglagard doesn't like live tapes being passed around, but as time passes, I get the impression no new album is coming.
Hi, I recently discover Anglagard, but it were a revelation and an inspiration for me. I love it.
cgi04.puretec.de /cgi-bin/gb?clsid=fb0859c85e839603f76fa98ff83cce34   (4501 words)

 Tone/Anglagard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The only Crimson similarity I >hear with Anglagard is the fuzzy guitar tone that Fripp used to use.
Anyway, I think Anglagard's similarities to KC are broader and more subtle than guitar tones, etc. Listen to the violent volume contrasts between the quiet, delicate Mellotron and flute passages and the jarring loud sections on Epilog (how anyone could find this album "disappointing" is mind boggling to me).
On the surface Anglagard sounds more like a souped-up Genesis, but their approach to the music and the atmosphere they created seems to owe a lot to King Crimson to me.
et.stok.co.uk /articles/380-12.html   (398 words)

 CD Baby: ANGLAGARD: Hybris
The musicianship is superb, and I especially was enamored with the heavy use of mellotron.
My regret is that I did not hear of Anglagard until recently, as I would have loved to see them perform.
For anyone like me having lived through the ascent and demise of symphonic rock in the seventies, this is a real revelation.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/anglagard   (782 words)

The comparisons to all the prog greats are obvious but Anglagard somehow manages to carve out their own sound as well.
The main problem I have with this band is that when I see their name, I read it as "Analguard", which would be a pretty good name for an ointment for piles.
He has both the Anglagard studio albums for $18 apiece, and the live album for $15.
www.mikeportnoy.com /forum/printable.aspx?m=660878   (973 words)

 ANGLAGARD Hybris reviews and MP3
Anglagard made two excellent albums during their (saddeningly) brief existance.
Anglagard have found a near perfedt logic when creating their signature sound on "hybris", to make an album that sounds like one of the great prog masterpieces of the 70s, dont use instruments that weren't around in the 70s!
Anglagard is a compilation of all the thnigs that made the best of the best in the 70's prog era.
www.progarchives.com /Progressive_rock_discography_CD.asp?cd_id=69   (7015 words)

 Recenzja Anglagard - Hybris [PL]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Needless to say, all Anglagard members are virtuosos of their instruments.
I am fairly sure that for most of those who already owned this album (I had only had a copy), a chance of hearing one more Anglagard song will be a sufficient reason to order this remastered edition.
After that there was only a live album Buried Alive, recorded at Progfest '94 and Anglagard disbanded.
www.caladan.art.pl /cd/anglagard_hybris_ang.html   (539 words)

 Anglagard Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
If you haven't already heard Anglagard then for the above styles and coooool mellotron this is an early 90's release that most prog people place on the top shelf with the 70's prog classics.
They are similiar to Anglagard but with a tinge of Swedish folk.
If you are a Yes fanatic then an American band called Blue Shift sound more Yes than Yes, including the more Jon Anderson than Jon Anderson vocals.
www.e-prog.net /bands/anglagard.htm   (160 words)

 ANGLAGARD discography, MP3 and reviews
One of the top 5 bands of the 90's decade in my opinion, ANGLAGARD had a premature end after 2 masterpiece studio albums and a live album.
The music is strong yet beautiful, and the constant changing moods surprise the listener every second of every song.
Many elements feature on ANGLAGARD's music: beautiful flute passages, amazing guitar work (both acoustic and electric) of course Mellotrons and Hammonds are a trademark, and last but not least, the extremelly competent drum work of Mathias Olson...
www.progarchives.com /Progressive_rock_discography_BAND.asp?band_id=18   (109 words)

 Saknadens Fullhet by Anglagard: Song Music Downloads
Sorry, at this time no downloads have been found for "Saknadens Fullhet" on album Epilog.
Check the albums tab for other downloads from Anglagard.
Become a member of MP3.com and write a review.
www.mp3.com /tracks/2067404/dl_streams.html   (82 words)

 Änglagård.net - News 2003
anglagard is one of the premier progressive outfits around
anglagard is a symphonic progressive band from sweden
anglagard is the fuzzy guitar tone that fripp used to use
www.anglagard.net /news2003.htm   (4634 words)

Quatre longues plages où se mêlent lyrisme, virtuosité et sons organiques de la grande époque sous fond de décor tout droit issu des Terres du Milieu.
Avec ANGLAGARD, c'était un retour au "vrai" progressif, le progressif symphonique qui a fait les heures de gloire de GENESIS, GENTLE GIANT, KING CRIMSON, JETHRO TULL et YES.
A grand renfort de violoncelle, de mellotron et de flûte, ANGLAGARD dessine une musique envoûtante et brumeuse qui laisse des traces indélébiles.
valedictory.chez.tiscali.fr /anglagar.htm   (377 words)

 Anglagard - Buy rare Anglagard music cds and vinyl record albums
Anglagard - Buy rare Anglagard music cds and vinyl record albums
Anglagard Music - Buy Rare CDs and Vinyl Records Albums - Hard to Find CD's & Out-of-Print LPs
Sweden, 2486, 1994 Anglagard Is Probably The First Band Of The Nineties To Have Become A Legend O...
www.musicstack.com /tsearch/anglagard/buried_alive   (114 words)

 Hey Progator.... (now about Anglagard reforming)
At the very least, I would have to fire a gun close to my ears so they were permanently damaged and I would no longer have to worry about ever hearing it.
Anglagard should consider what they are doing to us....
the thought of further Anglagard studio releases is just...
www.mikeportnoy.com /forum/fb.aspx?go=prev&m=100453&viewType=tm   (233 words)

 Concert recensie: Änglagård - Spirit Of 66, Verviers - maandag 25 augustus 2003
Jonson die overigens de hele avond heeft laten horen en zien dat hij een ware toetsenmeester is. Zijn agressieve orgelspel, vingervlugge Moog-loopjes, gevoelvol pianospel en omineuze mellotronklanken zijn een waar genot voor de oren.
Gitarist Jonas Endegard, die misschien niet zo nadrukkelijk aanwezig is in het totaalgeluid van Anglagard maar wel degelijk ook een meer dan sterke indruk achter liet, laat de keus van de laatste toegift aan het publiek over.
Mijn roep om één van de nieuwe stukken te herhalen is echter schijnbaar aan dovemansoren gericht maar ach… de schitterende gitaarmelodie uit het 11 minuten durende
www.progwereld.org /concert-recensies/anglagardlive.htm   (1107 words)

 Anglagard lyrics
All Anglagard guitar tabs, guitar chords, bass tabs, drum tabs and Anglagard lyrics are sorted alphabetically, allowing you to find your chosen Anglagard lyric or Anglagard tab faster.
Discover the keys to unlock the true potential of your guitar playing in 90 days or less - guaranteed.
Anglagard guitar tabs, guitar chords, bass tabs, drum tabs and lyrics are sorted alphabetically, allowing you to find a your chosen Anglagard lyric or tab faster.
www.tabs-lyrics.com /Anglagard-lyrics.html   (367 words)

 anglagard cds, used music, rare vinyl record albums
anglagard cds, used music, rare vinyl record albums
Find used, hard to find & out of print albums and LPs.
so others can buy rare anglagard vinyl records, hard to find LPs, out of print CD's, used anglagard cds.
www.musicstack.com /search/anglagard   (65 words)

 Ground and Sky review - Änglagård - Hybris
A dark edge emanates from the tracks, but not excessively so.
The dynamic range is key to Anglagard's identity, as they shift smoothly from aggressive sections to subtle acoustic passages.
From the classical piano introduction of "Jördrok" to the building intensity throughout "Vandringar i Vilsenhet", with everything from minstrel like guitar flourishes, delicate flute, and furious keyboard/guitar work, this band offers the listener a wide spectrum of sound.
www.progreviews.com /reviews/display.php?rev=angl-hyb   (1195 words)

 rec.music.progressive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Part 4/8   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
And we strive to highlight emerging talent in the progressive realm: Echolyn, Prometheus, Ozric Tentacles, Episode, Cairo, Djam Karet, Ancient Vision, Anglagard, Witsend, Kalaban, plus many, many others.
A typical edition of the magazine includes exclusive, in-depth interviews with progressive rock artists (past issues have featured the likes of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Jordan Rudess, Mastermind, Änglagård, Bill Bruford, Marillion's Mark Kelly, Nik Turner's hawkwind, etc.), plus dozens ofconcert and album reviews, tour intineraries and information on new album and video release.
Anglagard, Brand X, Happy the Man, Gryphon, National Health, Yezda Urfa,...
www.faqs.org /faqs/music/progressive/general   (8916 words)

 www.mindview.be - 25/08/2003 — Anglagard — The Spirit Of 66- Verviers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
www.mindview.be - 25/08/2003 — Anglagard — The Spirit Of 66- Verviers
25/08/2003 — Anglagard — The Spirit Of 66- Verviers
Na 8 jaar van inactiviteit was bij ondergetekende alle hoop verdwenen Anglagard nog ooit live te mogen aanschouwen.
www.mindview.be /modules.php?name=News&file=print&sid=253   (132 words)

 Anglagard Music CDs at Songsearch.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Anglagard Music CDs, DVD Movies, Music Videos, Songs, and Song Titles
Swedish Band Anglagard Is Part Of A Whole Breed Of Progressive Rockers Who Have Cut Their Teeth On King Crimson's Red.
We have over a million items listed from all over the globe.
www.songsearch.com /catalog/a/anglagard.html   (177 words)

 Comments for Anglagard, Epilog - WWW Music Database   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Comments for Anglagard, Epilog - WWW Music Database
If Anglagard was still around they would flip Sinkadus over and eat them alive.
Kick ass Mellotron, Killer bass lines and a drummer that must be on steroids.
www.roadkill.com /MDB/comments.phtml/19690   (84 words)

Concerning the reissuing of the Anglagard studio albums...
Hi, Anglagard was linked here, where will the album be released?
Where can i get a shirt of anglagard in this world ?
www.exergy-music.se /bbs/34.html   (211 words)

 Anglagard search page
Out of the garden of playtime, out of the bower of rest,
Anglagard would I follow, music that calls to a
Saluting the morn With the long clear note of the hunting-horn
twomusic.2itb.com /anglagard.html   (49 words)

 Lyrics - Kung Bore by ANGLAGARD from album UNKNOWN (Free Words of the song)
Lyrics - Kung Bore by ANGLAGARD from album UNKNOWN (Free Words of the song)
You are viewing lyrics of Kung Bore by ANGLAGARD from the album UNKNOWN at LyricsAndSongs.COM
The Lyrics above are the lyrics to Kung Bore and are (absolutly correct)
www.lyricsandsongs.com /song/65735.html   (292 words)

 Anglagard - Shopping, Merchandise, Links, News, Pics, Reviews and more
Thanks for visiting StarBump.com, your source for Anglagard merchandise, Anglagard articles and other Anglagard information.
Below you'll find items relating to Anglagard including Anglagard Photos, Anglagard eBay Auctions, Anglagard links, news, updates, and more!
If you host a site relating to one of our thousands of topics, be sure to link to us!
starbump.com /pages/a/n/Anglagard.shtml   (238 words)

 House of Angels (Anglagard)
Colin Nutley won the Guldbagge Award for Best Direction for his work on Anglagard, which was also nominated for the Guldbagge for Best Film (1992).
Contemporary tale about a worldly young woman who arrives in a tiny rural hamlet to claim a manor house and forest land that she has inherited from her grandfather, a man that she never met.
All films sold by 1-World Festival of Foreign Films are in North American format
www.1worldfilms.com /Sweden/houseofangels.htm   (138 words)

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