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  Anglic languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Anglic languages include Old English and its descendants.
Anglic also refers to the two Anglian dialects of Old English namely Northumbrian and Mercian.
Anglic was also a simplified form of spelling intended to make the language more accessible to an international audience.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Anglic_languages   (168 words)

 (Text Template)
It would be quite possible to take the view that the Anglic varieties should be treated according to the existing passive presuppositions, and their study subsumed under other areas such as literature, folklore, descriptive linguistics and local history.
Accordingly, it is necessary to make recommendations for the Anglic varieties on consideration of the practical issues involved in their potential development, the most important consideration being that of literacy.
According to the principle that demarcation of Anglic varieties should be undertaken on the basis of their practical utility in a context of literacy, the following examples illustrate the problems associated with writing both Shetlandic and Doric as standard Scots.
myweb.tiscali.co.uk /wirhoose/but/wan/anglic.htm   (4229 words)

 [Traveller] Library Data
A distant descendant of Terran English, Anglic was the language of the Rule of Man (-2294 to -1776).
Anglic remained a common interstellar language for trade and commerce during the Long Night.
Within the Imperium, any Anglic speaker can understand almost any other, but isolated communities on worlds with little contact with interstellar trade lanes shift their speech patterns to form dialects.
www.electric-rain.net /Traveller/TAS.html   (19706 words)

Throughout the anglic group of languages, where there is a group of anglic speakers with a consciously separate cultural identity, those anglophones are collectively described by an adjective whose meaning is
This adjective is then used as the name of their particular variant of anglic (except in the case of English, which I'm trying to render capable of conforming to this pattern).
The primary import of this is that, when it comes to classifying the Anglic languages, the only clade which includes the English and Scottish vernaculars is the whole group – these two were already evolving separately before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
www.chaos.org.uk /~eddy/bits/anglic.html   (2223 words)

 ConLang Travel Phrases
Alphistian, Anglic, Anglish, Baanzish, Blitz English, Ceqli, Dastmen, Esperanto, Folkspraak, Folksstem, Gilo, Glosa, Goesk, Ido, Inglisx, Interlingua, Interlingue / Occidental, Jameld, Laádan, Lango, Lingua Franca Nova, Lojban, Lúsiaquia, Mirad / Unilingua, Mondlango, Nordien, Occidental, Románico, Romanova, Sermo, Slovio, Somish, Spocanian, Sraelish, Unilingua, Uryuomoco, Volapük, and Ygyde
Alphistian is the official language of Alphistia, an imagined micronation created by Tony Skaggs beginning in 1967.
Anglic takes English and replaces words with Germanic or Greek roots with Romance ones.
www.travelphrases.info /languages/conlangs.htm   (1145 words)

 Academic Coronese - A brief primer
Anglic dub 735 151 ppm bud foo ya ya ya oof deëlop ec wë on jazuïk ëw, dub 685 451 ppm bud ifti baral foo foo-ifti yo oof ref l_udc1684632005-46 l_udcl 567463353-12 fer.
Tim-hehe 23rd os an yo foo-ifti Anglic wë tim-bez foo-ifti ya ëw wë om and o1 ëw jazuïk ref l_udcl65876513-4 fer.
Foo foo-ifti ya oof yo brazna Anglic jazuïk wë on smould ëw sbesed spas-afta on kroub.
www.orionsarm.com /linguistics/Coronese.html   (1613 words)

 Definition of anglic - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
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