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Topic: Angua

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In the News (Mon 22 Oct 18)

  Who's Who: Angua
Angua replaces Terry's prototype female werewolf Ludmilla Cake, and clearly owes a debt of inspiration to Conina the Barbarian Hairdresser and perhaps even Herrena.
Angua's family are from the Uberwald, an evocatively named region where vampire and werewolf nobility prey on terrified villagers.
It isn't always possible to relate to the actions of a semi intelligent troll or a cowardly wizard etc. Angua can be depended on to react to any situation in the same way as the reader might (except the transforming into a dog bit, of course) as opposed to some humorous exageration.
www.discworldmonthly.co.uk /whoswho_angua.php   (601 words)

Angua is a member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, originally hired as part of an affirmative action plan by Havelock Vetinari.
Angua has also made friends with Gaspode, a matty, hairy canine who had gained the talent of human speech due to sleeping near the Unseen University.
Angua assists Vimes in another diplomatic mission in Monstrous Regiment, and is mentioned in Going Postal as being difficult for criminals in Ankh-Morpork to avoid.
www.danceage.com /biography/sdmc_Angua   (851 words)

 Angua - QuakeWorld Wiki
At the same time mr(s) angua also had a team fortress career going as a sniper in clan SoF (Soldiers of Fortune), and soon transfered this nick to the DM clan aswell.
Angua got bored of this after a season and went back to quakeworld, to join former late spartacus members Xerial and Javve in clan =X=.
Angua then went on freelance a couple of months, playing in a "mixteam" called Gatugeng with Haj, Manu and Slabby..
wiki.qwdrama.com /Angua   (437 words)

 sam_storyteller: Transformations; PG, AU. Vimes/Angua.
Angua, who'd never been in her Captain's bedroom, was stunned.
Angua could hear them talking in the background, could hear Vimes scream as the coffee sent him too far the other way, but she didn't register any of it.
Angua had dropped back, to check down a side-alley, and was just catching up when she looked to the sky and swore.
sam-storyteller.livejournal.com /71028.html   (7857 words)

 Интервью: [cMF] Angua – QuakeWorld.ru   QW   #qw.ru @irc.quakenet.org
Angua: Начал играть примерно через год после появления Quake, играл по сети с братом (Daver), через пару лет появился и-нет и я, Daver, Nikita и Marx организовали клан Spartacus, мы заовнали все кланы, какие смогли.
Angua: Нынче рулят команды, в которых 4 универсала, чтоб и с квадом бегали, и красный пасти могли.
Angua: Да не, я не за квадом/пентой слежу, я гляжу, спекают ли меня, не я ли на вершине tracklist'a, это типа из той же оперы, что и моя любовь к превару.
www.quakeworld.ru /interview.:)?id=38   (1135 words)

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