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Topic: Animas River

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Converted WP file 98ca-056
If, on the other hand, the river were not running in the area south of the north channel, it would not make sense for Hubbs to convey such an area of property through a presumption that their conveyance includes the property they own to the center of a river; the river was not running there.
The center of the river for the purposes of the disputed boundary is the center of the main channel of the river as it existed in February 1943.
As we conclude that the property boundary is the middle of the north channel of the river, we remand to the district court to determine the area between the northernmost boundary of the north channel and the middle of the channel as it existed in February 1943, as that area belongs to the City.
www.supremecourt.nm.org /pastopinion/VIEW/98ca-056.html   (4663 words)

 Colorado Guide - Recreation Search Results   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Animas River flows south from the San Juan Mountains north of Silverton through Durango to the San Juan River in New Mexico.
The Animas is a rather large river by southwest Colorado standards, but unlike other large rivers which are sometimes not as scenic, the Animas is gorgeous.
The Animas River is large by southwest Colorado standards (100 feetwide in some places) and there is no dam interrupting its flow from Silverton to Farmington, New Mexico.
www.coloradoguide.com /recreation/Detail.CFM?Trekking__ID=2940   (1171 words)

 Animas River Drainage Basin: Silverton, Colorado to Aztec, New Mexico
The Animas River is highly incised and flows rapidly through the Animas Canyon reach transporting the metals and sediments with little addition to the bed sediments from the tributaries.
Throughout the rest of the Precambrian section exposed in the Animas Canyon reach, lead from the stream sediments sampled from tributaries draining the Precambrian rocks differs substantially from that in the bed sediments of the Animas River in the Canyon reach.
upper Animas River at Silverton Colo. and from sediments from the main course of the Animas River.
pubs.usgs.gov /of/1997/ofr-97-0151/html/stpmw12.shtml   (2624 words)

 San Juan River Guide Service in Colorado from Rainbow Lodge - Animas
The river is then best fished from a raft after it starts to clear, allowing you to work the banks of the river with streamer patterns.
This river is a freestone and therefore is susceptible to big temperature changes as well as rain and winter run off or drought.
It is a river that can be a little better suited to a intermediate angler, however it can be a very good river for a person wanting to really learn a lot about trout fishing at his or her beginning stage.
www.sanjuanfishing.com /animas.htm   (772 words)

 Fly Fishing Colorado's Animas River
Located in southwest Colorado, the Animas River is a beautiful freestone fishery well populated with rainbows and browns and a few cutthroat and brook trout.
North of Silverton the Animas is a small stream which gathers volume from several streams as it approaches Hermosa.
The Animas is known for being a "water trap" since it is surrounded by several huge mountains and is encased for much of its journey in a gorge.
www.flyfishingconnection.com /animas.html   (811 words)

 Friends of the Animas River
Friends of the Animas River is pushing for ordinances that would only approve development predicated on real water, not just water rights on paper.
As this as an example of what could easily occur in the Animas River watershed, FOAR proposes that no development, already approved or otherwise, get consideration for ground breaking unless there is proof that, over the long term, and in relationship with other water uses and plans, there is constant real water.
Friends of the Animas River, as a driving force of the Coalition to Save Perins Peak, went on a large scale education campaign to let people know the importance of our local wildlife sanctuary and generated a great deal of public support against a trail or a land swap.
www.foar.org   (622 words)

 Animas River Stakeholders Group - ARSG   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The mission of the Animas River Stakeholders Group (ARSG) is to improve water quality and habitats in the Animas River through a collaborative process designed to encourage participation from all interested parties.
The Animas River Stakeholders Group, a collaborative group of citizens, agencies, corporations and landowners, is looking for an intern(s) to help with organization and management of their data.
The Animas River Basin database is a collection of data gathered since 1990 to the present.
www.waterinfo.org /arsg/main.html   (553 words)

 Raft the Animas River with durango rivertripper's in Colorado
Raft the Animas River with durango rivertripper's in Colorado
The Animas River (River of Lost Souls) was named by Father Escalante back in the 1700's while searching for a route from Sante Fe, New Mexico to California.
The Animas as we call it now is one of the last runnable free flowing rivers in the United States.
www.durangorivertrippers.com /animas.html   (590 words)

 Animas River again on endangered list
The Animas River was listed as the nation’s ninth most-endangered river in an environmental group’s annual survey of waterways.
Most rivers are on the list for a year, but the Animas was first listed in 1998 and has been on the list almost every year since, said Eric Eckl, a spokesman for the group.
Rivers are listed as either endangered or threatened, but the classifications are not related to the same categories used under the Endangered Species Act.
www.durangoherald.com /archives/1news4259.htm   (686 words)

Studies of the effect of historical mining on the water chemistry of the Animas River watershed in southwestern Colorado indicate that premining metal concentrations in streambed sediment exceeded crustal abundance, were indicative of exposed mineralization in the watershed, and limited aquatic habitat in some reaches prior to mining.
The upper Animas River upstream from the confluence with Cement Creek (A-68) to Minnie Gulch supports relatively diverse and abundant stream biological communities, including brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis).
Stream segments and measured inflows in the upper Animas River account for 24 percent of the dissolved zinc load and 14 percent of the dissolved copper load measured at the gage downstream from Mineral Creek (A-72).
gsa.confex.com /gsa/2002AM/finalprogram/abstract_44249.htm   (466 words)

 Animas River Rafting in Colorado | RaftInfo.com
In high water, many consider this river to be the most difficult commercially run trip in the United States.
Thirteen thousand to fourteen thousand-foot peaks rise from the banks of the river as you face continuous sections of whitewater that leave your arms shaking from the continuous paddling.
As the high water of spring recedes, the river settles down a bit and becomes suitable for those looking for a great wilderness trip with lots of technical whitewater, but not quite the intensity of high-water runoff in June.
www.raftinfo.com /animas.htm   (215 words)

 The Durango Telegraph - Cover Story
With River Trails Ranch on everyone’s lips, perhaps there is no better time for this Saturday’s festival celebrating open space and the Animas River watershed – the second annual Bluegrass for the Animas.
The common mission of protecting the health and well-being of the Animas River – as well as a shared love of music – made for a natural partnership between the conservancy and Friends of the Animas River, Graham said.
Friends of the Animas River avoids duplicating the work of other environmental groups, so currently the group’s main priority is eradicating invasive Russian olive trees from the area.
www.durangotelegraph.com /03-09-18/local_news.htm   (742 words)

 Whitewater rafting on the Lower Animas River in Colorado, CO
Whitewater rafting on the Lower Animas River in Colorado, CO Colorado
Animas River trips begin in downtown Durango, just a few blocks from the Durango-to-Silverton railroad station.
Class III Smelter Rapids, the largest rapid on the lower Animas, comes after a relaxing 2 miles (3 km) of Class I-II whitewater on the south side of Durango.
www.e-raft.com /Regions/Colorado/AnimasLower.asp   (213 words)

 Animas River Colorado Whitewater Rafting Guides and Lodges - RaftColorado.net
The Lower Animas is a relaxing trip great for families, groups and first timers.
The river exposes several historical features of the town of Durango.
The Upper Animas is considered one of the most difficult rafting trips in the United States.
www.raftcolorado.net /rivers.php?riv=18:0   (165 words)

 Press Release - Animas River To Be Closed To River Traffic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Durango, CO – On Monday, April 5, and Tuesday, April 6, 2004, the Animas River will be closed to all vessels (including whitewater canoes and kayaks) from ¼ mile north to ¼ mile south of the new CR 213 Animas River Bridge construction zone located behind Home Depot.
Such action is necessary to protect public health, safety and welfare and to avoid hazard to human life while the girders are being placed.
River traffic should exit the Animas River at the “take-out” point located near the La Plata County Humane Society on the closure days.
co.laplata.co.us /pressrel/2004/pr032904_2.htm   (191 words)

 GORP - San Juan Rivers - Southwest Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In the lower stretches where the river spreads across the Colorado Plateau, the flow meanders through steep walls where novice paddlers can enjoy magnificent canyon scenery and the prehistoric culture of the Anasazi.
To the east of the river rises the spires of Chimney Rock Archaeological Area, a prehistoric settlement from which the Anasazi observed a miraculous astonomical phenomenon.
The San Juan is tame compared to its tributaries the Animas and Piedra.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_river/co_sanj.htm   (1404 words)

 Animas River, Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The season on the Animas River is longer than that of most Colorado streams.
For advanced to expert level paddlers the Upper Animas River between Silverton and the bottom of Upper Rockwood Box is a Class IV to V paradise of stunning beauty and whitewater excitement.
The Upper Animas River is a scenic run that is best left to highly experienced kayakers and rafters.
southwestpaddler.com /SWPaddler/sanjuan6.html   (1010 words)

 Animas River Trail Corridor-4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Extremely beneficial to the river environment, cattails have a marvelous ability to clean water which enters their swampy environment.
The river corridor is an excellent habitat for all kinds of animals.
They are most active in the mornings, evenings and on moonlit nights, feeding on shrubs, twigs and grasses.
www.farmington.nm.us /DEPTS/parks/riverwlk/rwalk4.html   (226 words)

 Class V Whitewater Rafting in Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
And this river's power is certified; abandoned railroad track, twisted by an enraged Animas, lay in several spots along its shore.
Most intimidating, however, is knowing that nowhere do roads penetrate the Animas River Canyon, formed from a squad of sky-scraping peaks, threaded by the century-old Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.
Just last night "Grandfather River" himself taught us to t-grip the paddle while responding in unison to his commands: "forward," "back," "right paddle," "stop." He showed us how to secure our feet under the raft's tube in order to stay upright amidst a wallop of whitewater.
www.mtnh2o.com /coolstuff/article.htm   (2168 words)

 EPA-Upper Animas River Watershed Stakeholders Group   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Animas River flows south about 100 miles from the San Juan Mountains, in southwest Colorado, to the San Juan River in New Mexico.
The Upper Animas River is a 200 square-mile area that is surrounded by a spectacular mountain and canyon setting in a highly mineralized geologic zone.
The Upper Animas is one of the largest areas in the State without aquatic use classification and has been targeted for changes in water quality standards.
www.epa.gov /ecocommunity/case2/animas.htm   (212 words)

 GOCO, State Parks Grant Links Bridge For Animas River Trail   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
With the new trail bridge, the trail is expected to be used by thousands of residents and even more tourists annually, enabling bicyclists and walkers to traverse the entire length of the city without ever having to cross an intersection.
The Animas River Greenway Trail has been a work in progress, with volunteers and other groups donating their time to trail construction.
Thus far, six miles of the Animas River Greenway Trail has been constructed, including three bridges, two highway underpasses and the reconstruction of the historical Swinging Bridge.
www.dnr.state.co.us /cdnr_news/parks/19995289325.html   (614 words)

 Animas River Walk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Animas River starts on the Uncompahgre Plateau north of Durango and flows through Aztec to Farmington where it joins the San Juan River.
Keep your eyes open for birds - in the air, perched on limbs, walking up and down the sides of trees, or rustling the leaves on the ground.
The river corridor hosts a number of migrating birds throughout the year, including bald eagles, blue heron and hummingbirds.
www.farmington.nm.us /DEPTS/parks/riverwlk/rwalk2.html   (197 words)

 Surficial geologic maps along riparian zone of Animas River and headwater tributaries, Silverton to Durango, Colorado
Surficial geologic maps along the riparian zone of the Animas River and its headwater tributaries, Silverton to Durango, Colorado, with upper Animas River watershed gradient profiles This map data was completed for the purpose of identifying the surficial deposits along the riparian zone of the Animas River and its major headwater tributaries.
Mapped surficial units that were deposited before and after the onset of mining were analyzed to determine the geochemical baseline of sediments in the watershed.
This coverage is that of the surficial deposits mapped along the riparian zone of the Animas River from its headwater tributaries above Silverton to Durango, Colo.
gcmd.gsfc.nasa.gov /records/GCMD_USGS_DDS-071.html   (416 words)

 USGS Abandoned Mine Lands Initiative: Animas Reports
Church, S.E., Fey, D.L., and Blair, R., 2000, Pre-mining bed sediment geochemical baseline in the Animas River watershed, southwestern Colorado: ICARD 2000, Conference on Acid Rock Drainage, 5th, Denver Colo., 2000, Proceedings: Littleton, Colo., Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., v.
Paschke, S.S., Kimball, B.A., and Runkel, R.L., 2005, Quantification and simulation of metal loading to the Upper Animas River, Eureka to Silverton, San Juan County, Colorado, September 1997 and August 1998: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2005-5054, 82 p.
Stratigraphy of late Holocene channel and flood-plain deposits exposed in a trench excavated across the Animas River valley floor 1.4 kilometers downstream of the Eureka townsite, San Juan County, Colorado, by K.R. Vincent and J.G. Elliott, Chapter E22.
amli.usgs.gov /reports/animas_rpts.html   (3960 words)

 Durango Raft Trips - River trips on the Animas River
Inaccessible Upper Animas, where Class IV and V rapids rip through 28 miles of spectacular San Juan mountain scenery before ending at the impassable Animas Gorge.
If that is not your speed, take on the Lower Animas, "The River of Lost Souls," which lends itself well to novice and family trips.
But because the place is gentler, you'll have the chance to ogle mining history and enjoy geological and natural points of interest that your river guide will point out to you.
www.creativelinks.com /recreat/kayak.htm   (460 words)

 Animas River: Durango to Bondad Bridge
Put-ins are found along the dirt road skirting the west side of the river just north of the US Highway 160 Bridge on the west side of Durango.
The biggest rapid on the entire run lies about a half mile downriver from this put-in area on an "S" curve beside the stack of an abandoned smelter.
Animas River: Durango to Bondad Bridge Topo Map
www.trails.com /tcatalog_trail.asp?AffID=mz01&TrailID=CGR012-037   (139 words)

 AllRefer.com - Animas River, Colorado (CO) (San Juan County) - (river) - Facts and Information
AllRefer.com - Animas River, Colorado (CO) (San Juan County) - (river) - Facts and Information
Animas River, c.110 mi/177 km long, SW Colo.
Capital city or county seat is shown by the symbol
reference.allrefer.com /gazetteer/A/A05211-animas-river.html   (171 words)

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