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Topic: Animated films

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Animated Films
Animation, fairy tales, and stop-motion films often appeal to children, but it would marginalize animations to view them only as "children's entertainment." Animated films are often directed to, or appeal most to children, but easily can be enjoyed by all.
It was the earliest surviving example of an animated film.
Animated star Mickey (with Minnie) was redrawn with shoes and white, four-fingered gloves.
www.filmsite.org /animatedfilms.html   (2171 words)

  Animation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Generating such a film tends to be very labour intensive and tedious, though the development of computer animation has greatly sped up the process.
The "classic" form of animation, the "animated cartoon", as developed in the early 1900s and refined by Walt Disney and others, requires up to 24 distinct drawings for one second of animation.
Because animation is very time-consuming and often very expensive to produce, the majority of animation for TV and movies comes from professional animation studios.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Animation   (575 words)

 Animated Films
The animation studio TerryToons was established in 1929 by newspaper cartoonist Paul Terry (1887-1971) and Frank Moser (1886-1974).
Animators at Warner Bros. Studios began to challenge the style, form and creative content of Disney's pastoral animations in the early 1930s and after.
In the self-reflective animation, a tormented Daffy Duck struggles against the malicious, off-screen animator himself (revealed at the end as Bugs Bunny, although Jones admitted he was the culprit), as his character is redrawn, and the props, soundtrack, and backgrounds are changed as Daffy's chances as an emerging cartoon 'star' are sabotaged.
www.filmsite.org /animatedfilms2.html   (2372 words)

 Animated Films
Submitted to animated film festival, Annecy, France; also for Danube award in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia and at the workshop on youth programs at European Broadcasting Union in Copenhagen.
This film was sold to 9 foreign networks: in Holland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Monte-Carlo, Finland, Scotland and National Education Television in United States.
Animated short film conceived by Frédéric Back on theme of the French CBC TV Network's twenty years of drama and comedy series.
www.awn.com /gallery/back/filmo.eng.html   (2252 words)

 St. James Encyclopedia of Pop Culture: Animated Films
Film animators have much more time and money to fully realize their vision, and movie screens provide a vast canvas on which to present their work.
Animators studied at length the films of live actors going through the motions of the characters in order to best capture realistic human motion.
One gimmick that punctuated animated film from the very beginning was a fascination animators had with combining animation with live action.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_g1epc/is_tov/ai_2419100047   (900 words)

 Do the conventions of traditional fairytales fit in with animated films?
Film making companies are aware of the demands in the advancement of films, hence the increase in producing CG films.
Audiences see animated films because they know what to expect; they know there will not be violence, a tragic ending or any disturbing images; audiences are supplied with a safe and positive genre to enjoy.
Animated films are not limited by real life and can create any thing the filmmakers like.
www.coursework.info /i/57665.html   (458 words)

 Disney's Animated Fairy Tale Films   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
This set a standard for Disney to be known as an innovator in his field, and he later became the first person to create an animated film with Technicolor.
Disney's animated films were truly groundbreaking for their time; and this was not a case of an artist gaining critical notoriety only after his death, and contemporaries realized that Disney's films were something special.
Snow White was the first ever feature length animated film, and as such has set a precedent that Disney's company is still maintaining to this day.
clover.slavic.pitt.edu /~tales/film/disney.html   (307 words)

 Animated Films: The Lord of the Rings
This animated adaption was Ralph Bakshi's attempt at experimental filmmaking.
A sequel was planned, but when this film met with box office failure, the sequel never came off.
Rankin and Bass, the makers of the animated film The Hobbit, put together The Return of the King which helped finish up storylines left hanging in this film.
www.patriotresource.com /lotr/animated/page2.html   (193 words)

 Neuroscience for Kids - In the News - Drug Use in Animated Films
Every G-rated animated feature film that was released into theaters between 1937 and 2000 was included in the study.
For each film, researchers recorded the number of times alcohol and tobacco were used, the length of time the drug was on the screen and what character used the drug.
In those films showing the use of alcohol, wine was shown most often, followed by beer, champagne and hard liquor or mixed drinks.
faculty.washington.edu /chudler/afilm.html   (501 words)

 Silent Animated Films at the Library of Congress: Guides & Finding Aids (Motion Picture and Television Reading ...
The earliest silent animated film in the collection is The Enchanted Drawing produced by Thomas Edison in 1900.
Both of those films are also part of the Paper Print Collection which is comprised of films that for copyright purposes in the early 1900's were sent to the library as stills on rolls of paper instead of on film.
Some of the films are not yet viewable because they are archival copies, but viewing copies are being made as indicated by "ref. copy forthcoming" in the entry.
www.loc.gov /rr/mopic/findaid/animate.html   (6103 words)

 Animated Films @ Suite101: Animation, anime, cartoons, computer generated movies, Hollywood news, reviews of upcoming ...
Animated Films @ Suite101: Animation, anime, cartoons, computer generated movies, Hollywood news, reviews of upcoming theatre fare, interviews with industry insiders, and blogosphere buzz.
Many animators are posting their short films online.
Some would argue (like most of my film geek friends) that Kill Bill is virtually unspoofable by the mere virtue that Quentin Tarantino turned into a virtual parody of himself when he made the twin movies about a professional killer looking for revenge on her former boss and the father of her child.
animatedfilms.suite101.com   (441 words)

 Majority of animated films shows alcohol, tobacco use, UNC-CH content study finds
CHAPEL HILL – At least one character in more than two-thirds of animated feature films produced for children over the past 60 years in the United States used tobacco or alcohol with no indication that the practices were unhealthy, a new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study concludes.
While a third of recent non-animated films contained some kind of anti-tobacco statement, according to earlier studies, none of the animated films had any verbal message against alcohol or tobacco, they found.
The physician said he believed that in new general-audience animated films, tobacco and alcohol should be left out entirely, just as sex is left out, or the harmful effects must be emphasized.
www.unc.edu /news/archives/mar99/goldada5.htm   (747 words)

 Many animated films include use of tobacco, alcohol: 3/19   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Tobacco or alcohol was used by at least one character in 68 percent of 50 animated feature movies released during the past 60 years, with no associated pro-health messages, according to an article appearing in the March 24/31 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
As to why animated film producers include characters using these substances, the authors speculate: “There is a certain amount of character development that is associated with tobacco or alcohol use and that some stories are attempting to be historically and culturally correct.
The authors report that while antitobacco statements are made in 33 percent of nonanimated films (according to an earlier study), none of the animated films reviewed for this study contained any such statements.
www.musc.edu /catalyst/archive/1999/co3-19many.htm   (324 words)

 Depiction of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Substances in G-Rated Animated Feature Films
Parents need to be aware that alcohol and tobacco use is common in G-rated animated films, and should consider watching these films with their children and taking advantage of opportunities to talk to their kids about potentially harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco use.
Similarly, on average a film released in the early 1940's had 136 seconds of tobacco use while a film released in the late 1990's had approximately 21 seconds of tobacco use.
The presence of a bar or nightclub scene is a significant predictor for the presence of alcohol and tobacco use in the film, and the high incidence of violent acts occurring in the bar and nightclub scenes suggests that bars are exciting and dangerous places.
www.kidsrisk.harvard.edu /faqs2.htm   (960 words)

 AnimatedBliss.com - DAILY NEWS ยป Oscars: 11 Animated Films Eligible
Under the rules for this category, a maximum of three films can be nominated in a year in which the field of eligible entries numbers at least eight but fewer than sixteen.
Films submitted in the Best Animated Feature category also may qualify for Academy Awards in other areas, including Best Picture, provided they meet the rules criteria governing those categories.
The eligibility of all the films is subject to receipt of the Official Screen Credits form, and for four of the films—"The Incredibles," "The Polar Express," "Sky Blue" and "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie"— eligibility is subject to their opening in Los Angeles prior to December 31.
www.animatedbliss.com /news.asp?TID=2000   (558 words)

 Animated Films: The Hobbit
This animated version stands up much better than the other two animated offerings: The Lord of the Rings and The Return of the King.
This film was made in the bad taste days of the late 1970's.
That said, almost none of the characters are drawn as they are described in the book, but the film has several songs and is a great introduction to Middle Earth for children.
www.patriotresource.com /lotr/animated/page1.html   (153 words)

 Mormon Anime (Animated Films made by Latter-day Saints)
In addition to their impact in mainstream animated features, Latter-day Saints have also created animated films based on stories from the Bible and the Book of Mormon.
Billy Barty provided the voice of Dweedle on the animated TV series "Wildfire." And the Engemanns did voice work on the short-lived animated series "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids." Many Latter-day Saint voice actors are not listed here, but can be found on the main film actors page.
Finally, it is worth noting that there are some animated films which have prominently featured Latter-day Saint themes, but which were created by filmmakers who were not.
www.ldsfilm.com /misc/lds_anime.html   (2118 words)

 Uniting the Two Koreas, in Animated Films at Least - New York Times
Now Shim Chung has earned another reward for her selfless sacrifice: an animated version of her ancient tale has become the first film to be released at the same time in North and South Korean movie theaters.
In only 10 weeks, his newly formed team of animators was able to create the 300,000 cells required for the 1986 film.
Most of the South Korean animation industry has suffered a major slowdown, and a rising standard of living has made South Korea less of a bargain, as animation companies increasingly moved to the Philippines, Vietnam and North Korea.
www.nytimes.com /2005/08/31/movies/31chun.html?ex=1283140800&en=2ecdfeeedb2787a5&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss   (1001 words)

 Animated Films
Titles in italics are alternate titles for other films.
This list also features several direct to video series (OAV's) and a few choice television series.
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
www.alex-in-wonderland.com /MovieReviews/AnimationIndex.html   (167 words)

 Epinions.com - The Best of the Best Animated Films(Revised)
From the first animated feature to the more recent computer animated blockbusters, studios have producing many animated films for nearly a century.
By far the most prolific of these studios is Disney, who broke open the feature length animation business with the release of Snow White, a film that changed the face of the film industry forever.
This film tells the story of the romance between two dog owners and their dalmatians Pongo and Perdita.
www.epinions.com /content_3472203908   (1155 words)

 animated short films   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
A dozen Flash animated films about that baked god among among baked goods: the muffin.
Bambi vs. Cthulhu (2001) A free animation found at Newgrounds, this is a free Flash animation by Sean Parkinson.
This is the first animated film she directed in England...
www.moviestown.com /articles/2/animated-short-films.html   (400 words)

 CNN.com - Entertainment - G-rated animated films surprisingly violent, study says - May 23, 2000
LOS ANGELES -- A study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health concludes that G-rated animated films contain a surprising level of violence, and that the violence is increasing.
The challenge here is that all of the films are very different in nature, and there is a wide range in terms of the amount of violence in all of the films."
The study, which examined 74 G-rated theatrical films available on video, was published in Wednesday's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.
archives.cnn.com /2000/SHOWBIZ/Movies/05/23/g.rated.violence   (825 words)

 Animated Films
Animated Films are not just cartoons that kids can watch, and some are not cartoons adults want to watch.
The Disney studios cheat their die-hard fans every time they put out lower-quality films such as the films that completed the Aladdin trilogy.
The animators at Disney have created a very un-Disney-like character in Stitch, but the story of love and family is evident.
www.suite101.com /welcome.cfm/animated_films   (473 words)

 Animated Films Articles
The movie "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" is a fanciful experience rich in special effects, but some scenes might scare the young, and the film's length is not meant for the active.
It deals with some issues the children's-film-powerhouse usually avoids, but the film is a good mix of animation and action.
Dreamworks' new animated attempt, "Shrek", is a hilarious look at the life of a non-conformist.
www.suite101.com /articles.cfm/animated_films/1-20   (631 words)

 Animated Features 1
Films that are primarily live action that have animation sequences, bits, titles or computer generated characters (TWO GUYS FROM TEXAS (1948), SO DEAR TO MY HEART (1949), THE PINK PANTHER (1964), CASPER (1995), MONKEY BONE (2001), STUART LITTLE 2 (2002), SCOOBY DOO (2002), GARFIELD: THE MOVIE (2004) are not included on this list.
Film must have had: Newspaper advertising, Movie Trailer, TV Spot advertising, pressbook, one-sheet movie poster (video poster does not count), a U.S. film distributor, local printed newspaper review (trade paper reviews do not count).
In this animated western, a government agent is sent out to track down a missing U.S. senator and battle a gang planning to flmail the railroad company.
www.cartoonresearch.com /feature.html   (3275 words)

 Violence in G-rated Animated Feature Films, press release of Tuesday, May 23, 2000, Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, MA--G-rated animated feature films are not as violence free as their rating suggests.
A study of G-rated animated feature films available for rental finds that acts of violence in these movies are common, and that the amount of violence in this popular form of children's entertainment has risen dramatically over the years.
Though violent content in such films has always varied widely, the average amount of time depicting acts of violence in children's animated films has gone from approximately 6 minutes in 1940 (Snow White introduced the genre in 1937) to 9 and a half minutes in 1999.
www.hsph.harvard.edu /press/releases/press05232000.html   (714 words)

 Disney's Other Animated Films
But, since the feature animation people already had their plates full, Disney let their TV animation people make the movies.
Their TV animation unit had just started, so this film couldn't have been made by them.
We follow the adventure of an iguanodon, who's raised by lemurs, and is reunited with his own kind when a meteor hits the Earth, and they begin a trek to the only unaffected land they know of.
www.angelfire.com /hi/chaosinabox/otherdisney.html   (3402 words)

 Lion's Gate, Jim Hill, Animated Event Films   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Hill's first column is titled "Is the Inside Joke on its Way Out?" It examines the repercussions of animators inserting "jokes" into animated films, many times only on one frame.
In an article titled "What's wrong with this picture?" MSNBC states that this summer's movies are bypassing big name stars in favor of "mid-level actors" or animated films.
One part of the article states, "At least six of the major event films this year are animated or rely on new visual technologies: Atlantis, Shrek, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Cats and Dogs, Osmosis Jones and Trumpet of the Swan all fit that profile."
www.digitalmediafx.com /Newsletter/animation03p.html   (887 words)

 CGTalk - Animated short Films, where are they?
Maybe that's only for free downloads tho, since feature films are often on DVD before the awards show.
But the place to see these shorts are at animation festivals and conferences and whatnot.
Check the websites for the film in question and see if it mentions what film it played with.
forums.cgsociety.org /showthread.php?t=137960   (333 words)

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