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Topic: Animorphs

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Animorphs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Animorphs is an English language science fiction series of children's books written by K.
Animorphs are often forced to keep control of the animal's 'instincts'.
The revealing of the Animorphs' hometown as somewhere near Santa Barbara, California, is a mistake on Applegate's part.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Animorphs   (1909 words)

 Animorphs (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Animorphs (also known under the promotional title AniTV and the working title The Changelings) is a 26-episode adaptation made by Nickelodeon of the Animorphs book series.
The series was broadcast from September 1998 to March 2000 in the U.S. and Canada.
One episode required two Jakes, one of which was the real Jake and the other of which was someone 'morphed' into Jake.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Animorphs_(television_series)   (220 words)

 The Animorphs Vortex || An Animorphs Fansite
An in-depth look at the Animorphs characters, their various quirks and the things that make us love them and hate them so much.
Since this is supposed to be a complete, informative Animorphs site, I decided not to let my dislike of the TV show get in the way of there being a page for one.
ANIMORPHS is a registered trademark of Scholastic, Inc. copyrighted 1996.
members.tripod.com /ani_vortex/main.html   (441 words)

 Animorphs  6-2000
Animorphs is not as obviously occult as Harry Potter or other books or movies that deal with witchcraft and sorcery.
First of all, the "gang" which the Animorphs were referred to is not a gang, but a group of warriors defending their world from evil.
The Animorphs are fighting for the survival of earth as a free species.
www.crossroad.to /text/responses/Animorphs.htm   (11085 words)

 Online Games: Animorphs
Animorphs: Shattered Reality will be based on the best-selling book series and popular TV show.
Players can transform any of the Animorphs characters into various animals they touch to help thwart the Yeerks plans for world domination, while eluding Human-Controllers and other aliens along the way.
Animorphs will be morphing over to the PlayStation this August.
onlinegames.freecyberzone.com /article14.htm   (305 words)

 Animorphs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Her “soul”, if such a thing exists in the Animorph universe, is described as shriveling into nothingness and going dark.
Again, a process similar to morphing in Animorphs.) This might be a bit of a stretch but you’ll notice that there are FIVE Animorphs.
It is a good thing that people expose Animorphs for what it is. Even though the series ended 4 years ago, there is still a wide fan-base.
www.exposingsatanism.org /animorphs.htm   (654 words)

 Fans of the Animorphs
I don't remember any of them ever being paralyzed by fear in their first battle, or simply turning and running away (people who do that have been known to disappear and show up several hours later, cool and collected but with something odd in their eyes as they report for duty).
As a kid, Animorphs was almost taboo to me. Like I was getting away with something everytime I read it.
They were having a sale, and Animorphs books were going for RM 2.00, which American is less than a dollar.
community.livejournal.com /animorphs   (2384 words)

 Animorphs Cartoon Series (Doesn't anyone Care?) - www.ezboard.com
Besides, it's been a long time since Animorphs ended, to kids of this next generation Animorphs might be something totally new and the next best thing.
Animorphs is dead, Scholastic isn't going to want to reinvent it in any form except for possibly republishing it.
She was so unimpressed by the last one that I doubt she'd give anyone permission even if she could.
p205.ezboard.com /fmorphz9768frm1.showMessage?topicID=688.topic   (805 words)

 Animorphs TV Show
Show Summary: Animorphs was originally based on the book series created by K.A. Applegate.
Most of the episodes that have appeared are based on one of the books, but some are totally created by one of the Television crew.
Animorphs fans turned out to be far more vicious than a crowd of Red Sox fans after telling them their team sucks, so Nickelodeon cancled the show in lieu of the thousands of casulties that could have ensued from the riots.
www.retrojunk.com /details_tvshows/284-animorphs   (325 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: The Beginning (Animorphs S.): Books: K.A. Applegate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Maybe she becomes a Nothlit (a person trapped in morph), maybe she becomes infested by a yeerk, maybe she is tortured to death by former visser three now visser one.
This Animorph book was different from the previous and K.A.Applegate did a great job in ending the series.
She even leaves you hanging at the end because the Animorphs are still fighting a war that isn't quite finished.
www.amazon.co.uk /Beginning-Animorphs-S-K-A-Applegate/dp/0439115280   (1043 words)

 Amazon.com: Animorphs: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
First, and perhaps most importantly considering the license, this game just doesn't feel or play like an Animorphs game; it plays like a fairly bad Pokemon clone that had the Animorphs license grafted onto it at a late stage of development.
Animorphs fans will find this game to be a major letdown, and non-Animorphs fans will probably find it simply pointless.
The Animorphs are coming to Game Boy Color-play as Cassie, Jake, Rachel, and Marco as you in your battle to...
www.amazon.com /Scholastic-Animorphs/dp/B00004SVL3   (1233 words)

 Animorphs - Movie Info - Moviefone
Did anybody read the animorphs series of books when you were 13 years old or so?
Amazon.com: Animorphs - The Invasion Series, Part 1: The Invasion...
Animorphs - Cast & Crew, movie showtimes, plot, synopsis, exclusive features, trailers, clips, theater listings, reviews, message boards, dvd, videos, rentals and more on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /movie/animorphs/1125433/main   (138 words)

 Fredy's Animorphs Ring
I'm writing the backstory which is slightly different from the books because there are two OC Animorphs.
Animorphs the Continuing takes place where book 52 leaves off placing the story in the hands of you the writer.
An Animorphs RPG set 500 years in the future.
e.webring.com /hub?ring=crash12   (381 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Television: Programs: Science Fiction and Fantasy: A: Animorphs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Animorphs on TV - Fan site with tidbits about filming, photos, and reviews of episodes by the fans.
Epguides.com: Animorphs - A guide listing the title and air date for each episode of the series.
Garn's Guides: Animorphs - Episode guide with cast information for each episode and directing and writing credits as well.
www.dmoz.org /Arts/Television/Programs/Science_Fiction_and_Fantasy/A/Animorphs   (213 words)

 Rachel's Animorphs Galaxy
I have lost all interest in Animorphs, and have no desire to continue with this site.
It is similar to Animorphs, yet the plots are more entangled and complicated.
The characters are more realistic, and the language is rough enough for teenagers to understand.
animorphs.warp0.com /New-Layout   (102 words)

 Animorphs Shattered Reality
ANIMORPHS: Shattered Reality puts the player in control of the main characters from the ANIMORPHS series of children’s books.
In ANIMORPHS: Shattered Reality, the evil Visser 3 has gathered the final piece of the continuum crystal, which he intends to use to destroy the Animorphs and take over the world.
However, the device he has created that will enable him to use the continuum crystal as a weapon misfires and shatters the crystal.
www.psxa2z.com /gpgs/BT0041.html   (317 words)

 Animorphs TV Show - Animorphs Television Show - TV.com
Animorphs was originally based on the book series created by K.A. Applegate.
Most of the episodes that have appeared are based on one of the books, but some are totally created by one...
Tell the world what you think of Animorphs, write a review for this show.
www.tv.com /animorphs/show/3249/summary.html   (245 words)

ANIMORPHS is one of the highest rating books in America.
A TV show will be coming out on September 4th, at 8:30 p.m.
Mine is "Kaylee's Writing Club" this is where we write our OWN Animorphs stories.
expage.com /page/animorphs4eva   (205 words)

 Animorphs: Shattered Reality for PS - Animorphs: Shattered Reality PlayStation - Animorphs: Shattered Reality PS Game
If there's a silver lining to Animorphs: Shattered Reality, it's that it would make an excellent game for children who aren't yet old enough to tackle the meatier fare of "real" video games.
An animorph game that turned out to be bad.
Posted Dec 29, 2005 6:26 pm PT Tell the world what you think of Animorphs.
www.gamespot.com /ps/action/animorphsshatteredreality/index.html   (190 words)

 Amazon.de: The Conspiracy (Animorphs (Paperback)): English Books: Katherine A. Applegate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Jake's grandpa's death was woven into the story, with comparisons between the battles that his granpa was in and the battle Jake's fighting now, instead of just being there to make the plot work.
This was one of the best animorph books ever and definitly the best Jake book ever.
This is not one of the best animorphs but it still is good like all the animorph books are.
www.amazon.de /Conspiracy-Animorphs-Paperback-Katherine-Applegate/dp/0439070317   (786 words)

 Scholastic Canada: Animorphs FAQ
A: No. Each ANIMORPHS book can be enjoyed on its own, with the possible exception of the three 'David' books (#20, #21 and #22).
A: Because of the nature of these two characters (hawk and Andalite), Tobias and Ax initially had less to relate about the ANIMORPHS and their adventures.
A: Since book titles and schedules, as well as those of the TV show, are subject to many changes, ANIMORPHS information is not posted on the official Web site until it is final, complete and accurate - and that is what you get when you find something new on the official ANIMORPHS Web site.
www.scholastic.ca /animorphs/animfaq.htm   (719 words)

 [Downloads Channel] - Animorphs: Know the Secret
Animorphs is a 3D adventure in which you use your powerful mental resources to break secret codes, make your way through complicated mazes, and solve complex puzzles that will help you discover the ultimate secret.
The Earth's survival is in the hands of a bunch of kids--the Animorphs.
Based on the best-selling book series and TV show on Nickelodeon, you become one of the Animorphs, able to acquire animal morphing powers and draw on animals' strengths to complete each mission.
downloads.ugo.com /downloads/game_demos/action/Animorphs:_Know_the_Secret.shtml   (347 words)

 Complete TF Animorphs Line
But, whether we like it or not, Animorphs are technically a part of the Transformers universe, if in name only.
These pictures were taken from the Official Animorphs page (http://www.animorphs.com) and represent a part of Transformers history.
Towards the end of the Animorphs run, Marco/Beetles purchased at Wal-mart scanned as Rachel/Shark; it's possible, although unlikely, that some made it to toy stores.
www.mindspring.com /~dmalderman/ymc/coolstuff/animorphs.html   (209 words)

 Animorphs for GBC - Animorphs Game Boy Color - Animorphs GBC Game
Buy It Based on the popular television series, Animorphs lets you control any of the show's five teenagers, each with the ability to transform into any animal they touch.
Like the show, the books were the best, but I just wasn't feelin this game.
Posted Feb 25, 2006 12:34 am PT Tell the world what you think of Animorphs.
www.gamespot.com /gbc/adventure/animorphs/index.html   (170 words)

Well, this is probably the last update I'll ever make on The Gateway Animorphs.
It was a great site, but now that Animorphs is over so is it.
I claim no athority to Animorphs, It is the property of Mrs.
www.geocities.com /justin6898/mainpage.html   (112 words)

 animorphs on deviantART   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
This is the best Animorphs RP you'll see this side of the Mississippi.
Anvision is a website that is for anything Animorphs including art.
All the details are listed at: [url][link] We need OC Yeerks, Animorphs, Andalite, etc. We are going to start the entire thing from the beginning.
animorphs.deviantart.com   (1173 words)

 Amazon.com Books: Science Fiction / Animorphs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Animorphs #47: The Resistance (Animorphs) by K.A. Applegate (Paperback - Nov 1, 2000)
Animorphs #52: The Sacrifice (Animorphs) by K.A. Applegate (Paperback - April 1, 2001)
Animorphs #37: The Weakness (Animorphs) by K.A. Applegate (Paperback - Jan 1, 2000)
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/3303   (239 words)

 The Adrenaline Vault | Velocity Servers | Demos | Animorphs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Do you have what it takes to be one of the Animorphs?
Turn-based style of combat with more than 12 animals to create a tactical combat party.
Exploration, adventure, cool action and combat sequences immerse the gamer in the Animorphs world.
www.avault.com /pcrl/demo_temp.asp?game=animorphs   (135 words)

 Animorphs TV Show   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The Animorphs TV Show has been showing on Nickelodeon everynight at 8:30 PM.
Sadly, there will be no Animorphs TV show because of a Nicktoon's Thanksgiving Marathon.
There will soon be a scrap book of the Animorphs TV Show.
members.aol.com /TIGERWU17/TVShow   (169 words)

 Animorphs Cheats Codes and Hints for PC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Animorphs Cheats Codes and Hints for PC Video Gamer Network
Don't forget to also look on our User Submitted Cheats for Animorphs page to get a list of cheats which have been sent in to Super Cheats by the public.
Below you'll find all the articles and other things we have on Animorphs for PC...
www.supercheats.com /pc/animorphs.htm   (284 words)

 The Animorphs Reference Page | Old Poll Results
If you were offered the choice to be an Animorph or not, would you accept?
Are the Howlers inocent for their crimes because they cannot help being what they are?
If you knew there was the possiblility of your matter getting hit in z-space, would you still morph?
animorphs.8m.net /result.htm   (138 words)

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