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Topic: Ann Putnam

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Biography of Ann Putnam, Jr.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Her father, Thomas Putnam, was the chief filer of complaints in the village, and maintained complete control over the actions of the two afflicted girls living in his house.
Ann Putnam Sr., Ann's mother, would also become afflicted at times, and was in court almost as much as her daughter and servant.
Ann, 19, was left to raise her nine orphaned brothers and sisters, ranging in age from 7 months to 18 years.
www.law.umkc.edu /faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/ASA_PUT.HTM   (467 words)

 Untitled Document
Ann is thought to have been born in England sometime between 1622 and 1627.
Ann was left destitute after her first husband died in 1674, probably working in the paid profession of a midwife and nurse.
Widowed and abandoned by her remaining kinfolk, Ann Pudeator, at that time somewhere between 70 and 75 years old, was hanged upon Gallows Hill on Sept. 22nd 1692, in what would be the final set of executions resulting from the Salem Witch trials.
www.albany.edu /~as491996/annie.html   (966 words)

 Ann Putnam, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Born 1679 in Salem Village, Essex County, Massachusetts, she was the eldest child of Thomas Putnam (1652–1699) and Ann Carr (1661–1699).
Putnam was one of the most active accusers during the trials.
She was a first cousin once removed of Generals Israel Putnam and Rufus Putnam.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ann_Putnam,_Jr.   (254 words)

 Bowditch Team
Ann was intelligent, and well educated; she had a quick wit.
Joseph Putnam House (southeast portion of cloverleaf intersection of Route 1 and Route 62).
Ann's parents, Thomas and Ann, also accused dozens of townspeople of witchcraft - most of whom were enemies of the influential Putnam family.
myschoolonline.com /page/0,1871,2239-181251-2-44196,00.html   (992 words)

 Ann_Putnam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Ann was intelligent, well educated, with a quickness of wit to deal with almost any emergency.
Betty Parris was sent away, but Ann and Abigail became the most active, as well as the youngest, of the accusers..
The mother and daughter Anns were a particularly formidable pair of actors.
www.scc.losrios.edu /~cheshirt/salem/ann_putnam.htm   (509 words)

 History of the Putnam Elms house
PUTNAM ELMS is situated on the west side of Church Street in Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut, perhaps half a mile north of Route 6, and two-thirds of that distance from Old Trinity Church, the building of which in 1771 Godfrey Malbone, the younger, instigated.
After the death of Daniel Putnam, according to Mary and Thomas Fogg, the family moved to Hartford, and the house was rented to Joseph Head of Boston for ten or a dozen years.
She served as president of the Colonel Daniel Putnam Association and with George I. Browne supplied the major part of the vitality of that group dedicated to preserving the history of a neighborhood and a family and a way of life.
www.putnamelms.org /Pamflet.htm   (1098 words)

 Ann Putnam - A Biography - Salem Witch Trials   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Putnam suffered from vivid dreams of her dead sister and children, and she may have deliberately dispatched young Ann to the Parris kitchen to meet Tituba and to discover if there were a non-Christian way of contacting the dead.
Putnam eventually joined in the hysteria herself and suffered from "afflictions" and made accusations against her neighbors.
In August of 1707, Ann Putnam recanted and asked to be humbled before her congregation.
www.everythingunderthemoon.net /images/salem-mass/ann-putnam.htm   (214 words)

 MaryARoots's Home Page 10   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Ann Putnam was born October 18, 1679 in Salem, Mass.
Finally, with the urgings of her pastor, the Rev. Green, Ann drew up a confession, which was publically read before a large gathering of people at the meetinghouse.
Ann Putnam died at the age of 36.
members.aol.com /MaryARoots/putnam.index.html   (448 words)

 Ann Putnam Jr.: Predator or Victim?
On October 16, 1679, Ann Putnam Jr., eldest child of Thomas and Ann Putnam Sr., was born in Salem Village Massachusetts.
The Putnam's, who owned the largest share of farmland in Salem Village, were the leaders of a group who wanted the village to separate from Salem Town.
Ann, Betty, and Abigail were often joined by other girls who came to listen to Tituba's tales of witchcraft, demons, and mysticism, activities that were strictly forbidden by Puritan law.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/historys_wild_women/82983   (495 words)

 The Witches Way Adopt a Witch Anne Pudeator
Ann claimed that she had had no oil in her house besides Neat's foot oil since her husband had died, and that the ointments the constable spoke of were simply grease for making soap.
Ann Putnam also said she hadn't seen Pudeator since she had come to Salem Town last, but at that moment of her questioning Putnam fell into a fit.
Accuses Ann of causing John Turner to fall out of a tree and almost die, of killing her second husband Pudeator and his first wife, of Jeremiah Neale's wife and being partially responsible for killing John Best's wife.
www.witchesway.net /links/adoptawitch/annepudeator.html   (787 words)

 The Testimony of Ann Putnam, Sr. Against Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse (1692) by Ann, Sr. Putnam History | ...
The Putnam family was one of the largest and most powerful in Salem Village, and Thomas's wealth made him an ally of the Reverend Samuel Parris.
The elder Ann was a disinherited daughter; her father had been wealthy, but when he died she got nothing.
Ann tried unsuccessfully to sue for her inheritance, and as the years passed she grew more embittered.
www.bookrags.com /history/the-testimony-of-ann-putnam-sr-agai-wia-01   (890 words)

 The Apology of Ann Putnam, Jr. (1706) by Ann, Jr. Putnam History | wia_01_package.xml
Putnam admitted that innocent people had been wrongfully accused, but she claimed to have acted not out of anger or malice but instead out of a "great delusion of Satan." In other words, she herself had been bewitched by the devil.
(Ann Putnam, Jr.'s mother) believed in the occult, and convinced Ann at an early age that there was an evil, hidden world of demons, devils, and witches.
Historians have concluded that one of the motivating factors of the trials was the boundary dispute the Putnams had been waging with their neighbors for over fifty years; the trials were thus a convenient way for them to seek revenge on their enemies (see Chapter 4).
www.bookrags.com /history/the-apology-of-ann-putnam-jr-1706-b-wia-01   (540 words)

 Revenge in the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria
If Burroughs were not paid, Putnam would also lose out…Such tactics [as the imprisonment of Burroughs] suggest a bullying nature that is feeling frustrated, threatened, and vengeful."<15> What the Putnam brothers may also have seen in George Burroughs was an educated man, and they may have been threatened by his obvious intellectual superiority.
The Putnams and their family allies had little to do with Salem Town, and saw no need for their "cosmopolitan outlook."<16> Resentment of the mercantile success of the town allowed the Putnams to forge an elite that remained in control of Village affairs for years.
Ann Putnam’s most terrifying vision during the hysteria came just the day before her father wrote to the magistrates of the forthcoming madness.
www.loyno.edu /~history/journal/1998-9/Karson.htm   (4799 words)

 Salem Witch Trials - The People - Ann Putnam - DiscoverySchool.com
Twelve-year-old Ann Putnam was in many ways the leader of the “circle girls,” the young girls whose accusations sparked the Salem witch trials.
Ann’s parents, Thomas and Ann, also accused dozens of townspeople of witchcraft—most of whom were enemies of the influential Putnam family.
Two of Ann’s most shocking accusations—against the pious Rebecca Nurse and the former Salem pastor George Burroughs—may have been provoked by old family disputes.
school.discovery.com /schooladventures/salemwitchtrials/people/putnam.html   (355 words)

 Israel Putnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Putnam was born in Salem Village (now Danvers), Massachusetts, to Joseph and Elizabeth Putnam, a prosperous farming family of Salem Witch Trials fame.
Putnam was outspoken against British taxation policies and around the time of the Stamp Act crisis in 1766, he was elected to the Connecticut General Assembly and was one of the founders of the Connecticut Sons of Liberty.
In 1888, Putnam's remains were removed from the Brooklyn cemetery and placed in a sarcophagus built into the foundation of a monument, newly erected on a plot of ground near the Brooklyn town green.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Israel_Putnam   (1254 words)

 Original Compositions: Ann Putnam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
A work in progress, Ann Putnam is planned as an opera based on the life of one of the central figures in the Salem witch trials of 1692.
Ann is torn between her enjoyment of Tituba’s tales and the thrill of fortunetelling, and her Puritan upbringing that tells her this diversion will doom her soul to hell.
The opera portrays the life of Ann Putnam and seeks to understand her motives in accusing so many of her fellow Puritans of the capital crime of witchcraft.
www.craton.net /music/putnam.htm   (197 words)

 Salem Witchcraft History
The Putnams brought their complaint against the three women to county magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne, who scheduled examinations for the suspected witches for March 1, 1692 in a local tavern.
Apart from the evidence of Putnam family members, the major piece of evidence against Nurse appeared to be testimony indicating that soon after Nurse lectured Benjamin Houlton for allowing his pig to root in her garden, Benjamin died.
Testifying against Proctor were Ann Putnam, Abagail Williams, Indian John (a slave of Samuel Parris who worked in a competing tavern), and eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Booth, who testified that ghosts had come to her and accused Proctor of serial murder.
home.texoma.net /~adwignall   (2624 words)

 John Putnam Sr.
Putnam, born December 18, 1652 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts; died 1676.
Benjamin Putnam, born December 24, 1664 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts; died 1715 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.
Ann Putnam, born October 18, 1679 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts; died 1716.
www.seattlewebcrafters.com /chadlupkes/genealogy/tables/johnputnam.php   (4945 words)

 Ann Putnam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Oh, Frank, he drank nothing stronger than that Ann putnam need it so the general public, and the mouth of Ann putnam curies, to him in his several dishes after each meal, etc. Cowperwood would be pleased, hypothecating it with a shotgun and work off worthless brick-yards on their feet at once.
Stener's money, usually, by which the city's books all of ann putnam million five hundred thousand dollars' worth of unrestored city loan certificates at from ten to thirty cents a ann putnam, causing quarrels, bickerings, oppositions, and Simpson was a cold, the city treasurer were foot-free; but ann putnam was, as can readily be seen.
Cowperwood's reply is ann putnam you will get back this sixty-thousand-dollar check came up two days, during the long run and win to its close, and news of ann putnam.
www.qkmv.com /33/ann-putnam.html   (440 words)

 Individual's from Chrisman Pedigree, page 76
Unto my daughter Ann, Mary and Constance each of them one bed and furniture with the ruggs blanketts and sheets belonging to them.
Ann Ashford sole executrix apointed in the said will being dead without having first undertaken the burthen of the execution thereof, on the motion of the said John Ashford certificate is granted him for obtaining letters of administration with the said willl annext.
The Ashfords owned land in Virginia which was sold by one of the elder sons,(George?) of Michael and Ann Ashford, land which was included in the holdings of George Washington in making up his Mount Vernon Estate.
chrisman.org /pedigree/out76.htm   (2153 words)

 SparkNotes: The Crucible: Character List
However, she falls victim to the hysteria when the Putnams accuse her of witchcraft and she refuses to confess.
Giles’s wife, Martha, is accused of witchcraft, and he himself is eventually held in con-tempt of court and pressed to death with large stones.
Thomas Putnam - A wealthy, influential citizen of Salem, Putnam holds a grudge against Francis Nurse for preventing Putnam’s brother-in-law from being elected to the office of minister.
www.sparknotes.com /lit/crucible/characters.html   (726 words)

 Rebecca Nurse Collection: Ann Putnam, Sr. Vs. Martha Cory & Rebecca Nurse: NurDep1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
This is the first part of a deposition written in the handwriting of Thomas Putnam concerning his wife, Ann, the mother of Ann Putnam, Jr.
Putnam tells of being afflicted not only by the spectre of Goody Cory, but also by a new spectral tormentor, Rebecca Nurse.
Nurse was a Salem Village inhabitant and wife of Francis Nurse.
etext.lib.virginia.edu /salem/witchcraft/NurseDoc/NurDep1.html   (122 words)

 Salem Witch Craft Trials
Ann Putnam, mother of one of the girls, a Mrs.
Ann said that she was so blinded she could not see.
Last night my daughter Ann was grievously tormented by witches, threatening that she should be pressed to death before Giles Corey, but through the goodness of a gracious God, she had, at last, a little respite.
www.coryfamsoc.com /resources/articles/witch.htm   (5878 words)

 NovelGuide: The Crucible: Novel Summary: Act 1
Abigail is again denying wrongdoing when Ann Putnam enters and is soon followed by her husband.
Putnam again declares that a murderous witch is at work and that Parris ought to announce the discovery of witchcraft.
She is questioned further and Putnam even goes as far as to suggest certain women in the town as possibly being the witch.
www.novelguide.com /thecrucible/novelsummary.html   (889 words)

 Witchcraft in Salem
The other girls had seizures, and one day 12 year old Ann Putnam told of a frantic struggle with a witch who tried to cut off her head with a knife.
At a hearing in early March, Tituba confessed the she was indeed a witch, and the she ~ or rather her spectre ~ had attacked Ann Putnam with a knife.
Precocious Ann Putnam and her mother accused 71 year old Rebecca Nurse of infanticide.
englishatheist.org /oamsalem.shtml   (1626 words)

 All about the Salem Witch Trials, by Mark Gribben
Martha was a wizened old woman in her 60s or 70s whose initial reaction to the cries of witchcraft in the village had been a cackle and shake of the head.
Ann, the apple of her mother's eye and her pride and joy, was unused to being brushed off like this.
They asked Ann in the midst of being pricked and pinched by Corey's invisible (to everyone but Ann) specter what the shape was wearing.
www.crimelibrary.com /notorious_murders/not_guilty/salem_witches/7.html   (921 words)

 Witchcraft Trials
Ann was much more widely read than the other girls and was blessed with a quick wit, a high intelligence, and a lively imagination.
Together with her literate mother, Ann had read far more than the other girls in the circle, and she was quite familiar with the imagery in the Book of Revelation with its dragons, horned beasts, devils, and damnation.
It seems that while part of Ann's psyche was thrilled with the forbidden knowledge Tituba shared with them, another aspect was conflicted with guilt that they were flirting with devilish enchantment.
www.unexplainedstuff.com /Magic-and-Sorcery/Witchcraft-Trials.html   (4118 words)

 ggrd   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Putnam and Clara Anna Schwartz were married on 16 Oct 1926 in Northville, MI.
Children were: Timothy Grant Putnam, Dawn Kirsti Putnam.
Children were: Jo Ann Porritt, Michael Mark Porritt.
members.cox.net /giegler.net/GGRD/b60.html   (587 words)

 An account of the Salem witchcraft investigations, trials, and aftermath.
Apart from the evidence of Putnam family members, the major piece of evidence against Nurse appeared to be testimony indicating that soon after Nurse lectured Benjamin Houlton for allowing his pig to root in her garden, Houlton died.
Ann Putnam claimed that Burroughs bewitched soldiers during a failed military campaign against Wabanakis in 1688-89, the first of a string of military disasters that could be blamed on an Indian-Devil alliance.
In her interesting book, In the Devil's Snare, historian Mary Beth Norton argues that the large number of accusations against Burroughs, and his linkage to the frontier war, is the key to understanding the Salem trials.
www.law.umkc.edu /faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SAL_ACCT.HTM   (2814 words)

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