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Topic: Annan Plan

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In the News (Sat 19 Jan 19)

  Plan Sverige
Plan är en av världens största biståndsorganisationer som arbetar för och tillsammans med barn.
Plans utvecklingsarbete utgår från FN:s Barnkonvention och alla barns rätt att överleva, utvecklas och delta.
Genom fadderskapet bidrar Plan även till att öka förståelsen mellan olika kulturer och människor.
www.plansverige.org   (175 words)

 Protest against Annans unjust "plan" for Cyprus
The unethical Annan plan must be changed so that it does not legalise theft and ethnic cleansing and guarantees that the refugees can to return to their homes in safety and that their democratic rights in the place the choose to reside are respected.
Annan’s “plan” violates 10 United Nations Security Council Resolutions which demand a solution based on a Federation and not on the Swiss model which is a Confederation and the basis of his plan.
Instead the “plan” allows the occupation troops to remain, it allows the illegal colonists whose presence its regarded by the UN as tantamount to genocide to remain, and prevents the refugees from retuning to their homes.
www.argyrou.eclipse.co.uk /GenocidePlan.htm   (3973 words)

 Annan Plan for Cyprus Totally Explained
The Annan Plan was a United Nations proposal to settle the Cyprus dispute of the divided island nation of Cyprus as the United Cyprus Republic.
In February 2004, Papadopoulos and Denktaş accepted Kofi Annan's invitation to resume negotiations on a settlement on the basis of the Annan plan.
The plan was placed before the two communities in a simultaneous vote in the reunification referendum of 24 April 2004.
annan_plan.totallyexplained.com   (2891 words)

 Plan – improving children's lives in developing countries
Plan has welcomed UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's call for a “coalition of conscience” to help millions of children avoid lives of hunger and illiteracy.
Plan Japan has made history by becoming the first non-governmental organisation (NGO) to be awarded ’The Privacy Mark Certificate’ by the Japanese Government
Plan is providing vital help to children and their families hit by flooding in North Sudan
www.plan-international.org   (119 words)

 American Hellenic Institute: Action Alerts
Are you aware that the veto provisions in the Annan Plan are contrary to the Bush administration’s “democracy initiative” for the Middle East and elsewhere?
Are you aware that the Annan Plan provided for the Greek Cypriots to compensate themselves for the loss of the use of their property and destruction caused by the Turkish military?
Are you aware that the Annan Plan removes the right of Greek Cypriots to go to court to seek damages from Turkey for the loss of use of their property?
www.ahiworld.org /action_alerts/110805.html   (1039 words)

 The UN Annan Proposal For the settlement of the Cyprus question
The drafters of the UN Annan Plan claim their plan to be based in principle on the Swiss constitutional model.
It should be noted and it is therefore argued that the UN Annan plan either derogates from key features of the Swiss constitutional model, or, omits to adopt and incorporate key neuralgic articles, thus neutralizing the central theme and the overall philosophy and functionality of the Swiss constitutional model.
Determines that possible solution of the Cyprus problem based on the UN Annan plan will be economically viable it that the Cyprus economy will be able to withstand the economic cost of the solution.
unannanplan.agrino.org   (2275 words)

 [No title]
Speaking to reporters in Nairobi, Annan also described the situation on Sudan's border with Chad as "very fragile and volatile" and said the United Nations might post observers there.
Annan will take part in high level talks on the Darfur crisis on Thursday in Ethiopia, aiming to stabilise the region and improve access for humanitarian workers while pressing ahead with the implementation of the political process.
Annan has invited officials from the U.N. Security Council's permanent members to Thursday's talks in Addis Ababa, along with others from Egypt, Gabon, the EU and the Arab League.
www.alertnet.org /thenews/newsdesk/L15625786.htm   (977 words)

  Kibris Op-Ed: The Annan Plan: Securing Cyprus' Future for All
One of the difficulties in evaluating a settlement based on the Annan plan is the considerable amount of misinformation – even disinformation – circulating about the plan itself.
On the contrary, the Plan explicitly enshrines the principle of bi-zonality, asserts the political equality of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and declares the two constituent states of the United Cyprus Republic are of equal status.
In short, under the Annan plan, the Turkish Cypriot State would be the self-administered and political equal of the Greek Cypriot one, controlling its own political processes and territory.
www.americanembassy.org.cy /USpolicy/sp-Kibris_oct6_03.htm   (1437 words)

 Protest against Annans unjust "plan" for Cyprus
The unethical Annan plan must be changed so that it does not legalise theft and ethnic cleansing and guarantees that the refugees can to return to their homes in safety and that their democratic rights in the place the choose to reside are respected.
Annan’s “plan” violates 10 United Nations Security Council Resolutions which demand a solution based on a Federation and not on the Swiss model which is a Confederation and the basis of his plan.
Instead the “plan” allows the occupation troops to remain, it allows the illegal colonists whose presence its regarded by the UN as tantamount to genocide to remain, and prevents the refugees from retuning to their homes.
www.btinternet.com /~argyros.argyrou/GenocidePlan.htm   (3973 words)

 Kofi Annan's reform plan
Annan said that the present commission has members whose purpose is not to strengthen human rights.
Annan urged rich countries to increase financial aid and debt forgiveness to poor countries that govern responsibly.
Annan also urged the security council to guarantee that there would be no more disputes like the one that divided members over whether to go to war in Iraq.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2005-03/28/content_428780.htm   (479 words)

This relative success of Kofi Annan’s plan can be explained by the fact that there had already been a decision on Cyprus’s membership in EU since May 1, 2004, and that the pressure on both Cypriot and Turkish sides was extremely intensive.
Without discussing the plan in detail, we would like to remind that the Greek population rejected Kofi Annan’s plan on the April 24 referendum by 76% of votes, meanwhile the Turkish community said “yes” to the plan (67% of votes).
So apparently, the support of Annan’s plan by Erdogan’s government was aimed at deceiving the international community, first of all, the Europeans, raising Turkey’s chances for the EU membership in the guise of the “peace-loving” state.
www.spectrum.am /eng/articles.php?id=14   (2187 words)

 UN Annan Plan - Turkish Daily News 23 February 2004  Yuksel Soylemez  End game in Cyprus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
As Annan and Denktas have said, it is the citizens of Greek Cyprus and the KKTC who will make the final decision before the May 1 deadline as to whether or not the island joins the EU as a unified state.
But the Annan plan envisages the use of their rights "sovereignly," which is legally less than the concept of sovereignty.
As Kofi Annan said, never before have the two parties come so close to an agreement, and he congratulated both the leaders, Denktas and Papadopoulos, for taking the risky diplomatic initiative of putting their careers on the line.
unannanplan.agrino.org /turkish_daily_news_23_february_2004.htm   (2963 words)

 US Endorses Annan's Plan  on Cyprus - 2004-04-01
Secretary-General Annan announced his intention to put the plan to a simultaneous referendum in the two parts of Cyprus after leaders of the island's rival communities failed to hammer out a deal between themselves on terms of a settlement.
He said the plan would allow a substantial number of Greek-Cypriots to return to homes left behind in 1974, when the northern section of the island was seized by Turkish troops who invaded after a Greek-inspired coup in Nicosia aimed at uniting the island with Greece.
Annan urged the two sides not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to "seize this chance for peace" in a united republic of Cyprus.
www.voanews.com /english/archive/2004-04/a-2004-04-01-9-1.cfm   (575 words)

 Planet Ark : UN's Annan Launches Plan to Help Africa on Climate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Annan announced the plan by six UN agencies called the "Nairobi Framework" to help developing nations, especially in Africa, get more funds to promote clean energies such as wind and hydropower.
Annan also said the UN's environment and development agencies were launching a scheme to help poor nations factor climate change into development plans, such as building roads, bridges or buildings to withstand more floods or droughts.
Annan, a Ghanaian who will step down from his UN post in December, did not mention any country by name in his address to environment ministers from about 100 nations.
www.planetark.org /dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/39017/story.htm   (765 words)

 wsa010 Morocco accepts, POLISARIO rejects UN Sahara plan
Their new report, defining the new plan, concludes that referendum process became a "zero-sum game" that each side felt it absolutely had to win, since, "due to the nature of the agreement that the UN was trying to implement, the referendum would produce one winner and one loser and the states were therefore too high."
Annan and Baker also clearly state in their report that they have lost patience with the settlement plan that was to assure the referendum.
The Baker and Annan plan is to be presented to the UN Security Council tomorrow, 26 June (not Saturday, as earlier reported on afrol News).
www.afrol.com /News2001/wsa010_un_plan_reactions.htm   (1532 words)

 Annan Plan to Overhaul U.N. Meets Resistance - New York Times
Annan's proposal, modernizing an organization created 60 years ago and bringing its recruitment, contracting and training practices in line with its vast new responsibilities, is a main objective of his as he completes his last year in office.
Annan's plan in March with the expectation that they would review it but not propose major alterations before sending it along to the overall assembly.
Annan's report that give the secretary general new responsibilities in the budgeting and personnel deployment, which the General Assembly believes are exclusively its preserve.
www.nytimes.com /2006/04/24/world/africa/24nations.html?ex=1303531200&en=79672483df352c44&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&pagewanted=all   (773 words)

 Al Jazeera English - Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The secretary-general wants more transparency in the UN Annan struck an urgent tone for his reform plan, but acknowledged that getting agreement so quickly would not be easy for the United Nations, where 191 member countries have historically been loathe to sacrifice national interests.
Annan said the next task would be persuading all 191 member states to accept his proposals.
Annan said giving any new members veto power would be politically impossible because the five current permanent council members - the US, Russia, China, France and Britain - would be unwilling to give up their veto power or allow any new veto-wielding members.
english.aljazeera.net /NR/exeres/B6C59ADF-E584-4540-B524-3B8D392BDBFF.htm   (593 words)

 Annan Plan is a ludicrous crime against humanity, say foreign experts
THE Annan Plan is a ludicrous crime against humanity, seeking to impose ethnic cleansing and apartheid provisions and is a manic attempt to further weaken Cyprus, according to foreign legal experts taking part in a Nicosia conference.
He also noted that, because of the Annan plan, Cyprus would not be able to sign the Schengen Agreement for open borders and warned Cypriots that the plan would steal EU benefits away from them.
Speaking on the "Legal and Constitutional Perspectives of the Annan Plan", Drosos nevertheless attempted a middle approach to the plan as a whole, saying that he could find elements in the proposed constitution that endowed it with a basis of legality, provided it was accepted by the sides concerned.
www.lobbyforcyprus.org /press/press2003/cywe140203conference.htm   (1562 words)

 Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ06) - Pallone: Annan Peace Plan is Basis for Negotiation Not Final Outcome
The Annan plan gives that 18 percent equal footing with the 82 percent of the Republic of Cyprus population.
The Annan plan states that laws be enacted by a majority vote in each of the houses as long as at least one-fourth of the senators from each of the two component states comprise the majority vote in the Senate.
We have to realize that as much as the Annan plan is a good basis for negotiation, it should not be the end result because if it were, I think in the long run it would actually be to the detriment to the future government of a united Cyprus."
www.house.gov /list/press/nj06_pallone/pr_mar4_cypress.html   (870 words)

 OpinionJournal - The Real World
Annan is presenting his new improved save-the-world reform plan, conveniently timed to serve as a distraction from the oil-for-fraud, sex-for-food, theft, waste, abuse and incompetence stories that for the past two years have bubbling up around the same U.N. he already reformed for us back in 1997.
Annan that every dollar taxed away from the citizens of the rich nations of the world is a dollar less that's available for these same private citizens to buy goods for which there is genuine market-driven demand--that being the real engine of development.
Annan's chiding the Security Council and General Assembly that when they assign tasks to the Secretariat, they must take care "that they also provide resources adequate for the task." Yes, but as Oil for Food illustrated, even $1.4 billion in administrative funding was not enough to provide honesty and competence.
www.opinionjournal.com /columnists/cRosett/?id=110006456   (1302 words)

 washingtonpost.com: Annan Outlines Plan For U.N. Role in Iraq
Annan is urging the United States and other key Security Council members to support a plan that would turn over power to a provisional Iraqi government, backed by a U.S.-led multinational force, within three to five months, while moving more deliberately to draft a new constitution and hold elections, senior U.N. officials said.
The initiative reflects mounting concern by Annan that the U.S. plan to keep political control until the Iraqis have cleared several political hurdles, including elections by the end of 2004, will fuel greater resentment toward the United States and its military allies.
Annan said establishing a new transitional government could serve as a basis for a resumption of U.N. participation in the political process.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A25310-2003Sep30?language=printer   (575 words)

 Ataturk.com - Annan Plan
At the closing of the Cyprus talks in Bürgenstock on 31 March 2004, the UN Secretary-General submitted the final version of the Annan Plan to the approval of the two parties with these remarks: “The choice is not between a settlement plan and some other magical or mythical solution.
Annan’s disappointment was reflected in his Report on his Mission of Good Offices in Cyprus, dated 3 June 2004, where he stated “the rejection of such a plan by the Greek Cypriot electorate is a major setback.
Throughout the period of negotiation of the Annan Plan and all its predecessors, and for a period of more than forty years, the Turkish Cypriots have been subjected to physical and economic deprivation and debilitating uncertainty.
www.ataturk.com /content/view/31/66   (1520 words)

 Cypriots to vote on the Annan Plan - Deccan Herald   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
UN mediators strove mightily on Wednesday to secure agreement on a plan to reunite Cyprus, divided since Turkey occupied the north in 1974.
Annan launched a last ditch effort in order to resolve the 40 year old Cyprus problem ahead of the May 1 European Union entry of the Greek Cypriot majority republic.
Whatever happens here, the Annan plan will be taken home to Cyprus and submitted to separate referenda on April 20.
www.deccanherald.com /deccanherald/apr012004/f6.asp   (291 words)

 The Annan plan means
The Plan introduces the idea of temporary, as well as permanent derogations from the aquis communautaire including restrictions in free movement and settlement of Cypriots to the entire territory of Cyprus and restrictions in owing property.
According to the plan Greek Cypriots are only allowed to visit the "Turkish Cypriot state" in percentages with maximum quota, and if they want to stay there overnight they will have to obtain a special permission by the Turkish Cypriot authorities, that would have the broad discretion not to allow them to stay.
The Plan starts from the principle that compensation is the easiest way to solve the property issue, while other doors must remain open in order to allow for the variety of existing preferences among both displaced owners and current occupiers(‘users’).
www.lobbyforcyprus.org /statements/annan_plan_means/will_it_work.htm   (1693 words)

 Press Release:The United States and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus complete the first round of talks on the ...
The plan is a comprehensive document that provides both a blueprint for a functioning government and a roadmap to a brighter future in the European Union for Turkish and Greek Cypriots.
Through negotiation and adoption of the Annan Plan, the Turkish Cypriot community would become part of the European family next May, with all of the advantages that family membership entails.
The United States does not want to see a return to the dark days before 1974; we are convinced that the Annan Plan provides enough safeguards for all people on the island to be able to trust in their hopes and enjoy the benefits of joining Europe.
www.americanembassy.org.cy /USpolicy/pr-AnnanPlanRemarksSept30_03.htm   (2782 words)

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