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Topic: Anomic aphasia

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  Aphasia: Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders
Although aphasia can be caused by a head injury and neurologic conditions, its most common cause is stroke, a disruption of blood flow to the brain, which affects brain metabolism in localized areas of the brain.
Although aphasia occasionally results from damage to subcortical structures such as basal ganglia or the thalamus that has rich interconnections to the cerebral cortex, aphasia is most frequently caused by damage to the cerebral cortex of the brain's left hemisphere.
CONDUCTION APHASIA Individuals with conduction aphasia are thought to have a discrete brain lesion that disrupts the pathways that underlie the cortex and connect the anterior and posterior speech regions.
health.enotes.com /neurological-disorders-encyclopedia/aphasia   (2515 words)

 anomic group
Anomic group: The development of a group as such begins once a number of people have come together, deliberately, but not necessarily with the same...
On the other hand, it is an anomic group because it attributes itself to the groups with a low influence not being sufficiently aware of its...
One group had anomic aphasia with a primarily semantic impairment (\'semantic\'); one group had a primarily phonological impairment, reflected...
www.jointctr.org /?Category=anomic%20group   (788 words)

Lizhao, Wang; Goodglass, Harold (1992) Pantomine, Praxis, and Aphasia.
Vijayan, A.; Gandour, J. (1995) On the Notion of a "Subtle Phonetic Deficit" in Fluent/Posterior Aphasia.
AMNESTIC APHASIA Moen, I. (1993) Perseveration in the speech of a patient with fluent anomic aphasia.
www.ims.uni-stuttgart.de /phonetik/joerg/sgtutorial/literatur.html   (16889 words)

 Speech Therapy For Global Aphasia by Stuttering Center .com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Global aphasia may often be seen immediately after the patient has suffered a stroke and it may rapidly...
Speech therapy is often provided to persons with aphasia, but does not...
Discusses causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of aphasia, the loss of ability to communicate verbally or using written words.
www.stuttering-center.com /speech-therapy-for-global-aphasia.html   (349 words)

 Elizabeth Bates CV
Bates, E., Friederici, A., and Wulfeck, B. Comprehension in aphasia: A cross-linguistic study.
Bates, E., Friederici, A. and Wulfeck, B. Grammatical morphology in aphasia: A reply to Niemi et al.
Bates, E., and Goodman, J. On the inseparability of grammar and the lexicon: Evidence from acquisition, aphasia and real-time processing.
www.crl.ucsd.edu /~bates/papers/vitae.html   (5689 words)

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