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Topic: Answering machine

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In the News (Sat 16 Feb 19)

  Answering machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An answering machine, also known as an answer machine (especially in UK and British commonwealth countries), ansafone (tradename [1]), ansaphone (tradename [2]), answerphone or telephone answering device (TAD), is a device for automatically answering telephone calls and recording messages left by callers when the party called is unable to answer the phone.
However, answering machines that use magnetic tape cannot be found in most stores today.
The male singer laments that while trying to reach his girlfriend, he encountered her answering machine, and left a message that was cut-off before he could complete.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Answering_machine   (409 words)

 A $10 Linux Answering Machine
Our answering machine requires the zaptel drivers and the Zapata library, both of which are available from the Asterisk web site.
Our answering machine displays caller ID information to standard out and saves voice mail in files with the date and time encoded into the file name.
The code for the answering machine is in a single C file which is available here.
www.linuxtoys.org /answer/answering_machine.html   (1633 words)

 Halfbakery: Door Activated Answering Machine
I have often found that the problem with my answering machine is that I tend to forget to check for messages when I get home.
This could be solved by attaching a wire from your answering machine to a small device on your door, which would recognize whenever the door was opened.
I thought this would be a machine that turned itself on when you went out the door, ensuring you never forgot to turn it on.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Door_20Activated_20Answering_20Machine   (616 words)

 Answering Machine - Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Download.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
Answering Machine will serve you as a personal secretary.
It will answer your calls, play prerecorded message of your choice, and record a message for you.
It has all the features of a conventional answering machine.
www.download.com /Answering-Machine/3000-2320_4-10258778.html   (189 words)

 GoodQuotes.com - Funny and Inspirational Quotes
Being reincarnated as an answering machine is the pits.
Hello, this is John’s answering machine reminding you that yesterday was the last day of the previous period of your life.
The machine answering this message is connected to a 5000 volt power supply, and a relay which is wired to this small kitten.
www.goodquotes.com /answeringmachine.htm   (7691 words)

 Creative Answering Machine Messages
Ron's new answering machine is in the shop for repairs,so please leave your message when the toast is done...
This is not an answering machine -- this is a telepathic thought-recording device.
Hello, this is Marlin's answering machine reminding you that yesterday was the last day of the previous period of your life.
www.main.com /~anns/other/humor/answeringmachine.html   (2812 words)

 Answering Machines Reviews: Product Reviews Comparison Reports (via CobWeb/3.1 planet03.csc.ncsu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
For standalone answering machines, the most comprehensive review we found is from Consumer Reports magazine.
Digital answering machines have completely taken over the market from the older varieties that record on tapes.
Digital answering machines are faster and quieter, and they let you bounce from message to message, picking and choosing which messages to keep or discard.
www.consumersearch.com.cob-web.org:8888 /www/electronics/answering_machines   (943 words)

 A $10 Linux Answering Machine LG #120
Our answering machine program is a couple of hundred lines of C code in a single file.
Our answering machine uses drivers and libraries which are a part of the Asterisk open-source PBX.
Asterisk can work as an answering machine, but Asterisk is huge and has a steep learning curve for installation and configuration.
linuxgazette.net /120/smith.html   (1625 words)

 Computer Answering Machine Software:PC Call Recording Software (via CobWeb/3.1 planet03.csc.ncsu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
Pc answering systems use a digital chip in voice modem to process voice signals, which are stored in computer hard disk as a stream of bits.
Second, pc answering system is simply easier to use: like a CD player, you can move back and forth between messages with the touch of a mouse click.
Third, pc answering machine can offer advanced features such as mailboxes and message transfer, which are especially invaluable to business users.
www.kengolf.com.cob-web.org:8888 /en   (699 words)

 Answering Machine
: Having an answering machine with a clear message can help your caller know exactly what information they should record (e.g., their name, the time they called, and a short message).
Call Hank and leave a message on his answering machine.
Then, search the Internet for voice mail and answering machines services that you could use to communicate with others and practice your phone skills.
www.esl-lab.com /phone/phonerd1.htm   (265 words)

 Answering Machine Messages
Her answering machine just eloped with her tape deck, so I'm stuck taking her calls.
I'm sorry, but my answering machine is out of order, so the voice you are hearing is actually me. (Fairly boring message:) This is John.
P (A friend was at a mutual friend's sister's house, and when she went out for beer, he changed her answering machine message.
www.eyrie.org /~thad/strange/amm.html   (9672 words)

 Answering machine … Christian Century - Find Articles
Only three had a phone in the church, which would have been answered only when I was present.
The only one to answer would have been my wife (when she wasn't working) or me. A most likely time for an answer would have been outside of "business" hours.
I think an answering machine is the best solution for the small church.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1058/is_7_121/ai_n5992724   (180 words)

 The FCC Kids Zone - History of Answering Machines
The first answering machine was a three-foot-tall machine popular with Orthodox Jews who were forbidden to answer the phone on the Sabbath.
The Ansafone, created by inventor Dr. Kazuo Hashimoto (Phonetel), was the first answering machine sold in the USA, beginning in 1960.
In 1971, PhoneMate introduced one of the first commercially viable answering machines, the Model 400.
www.fcc.gov /kidszone/history_ans_machine.html   (285 words)

 Amazon.com: Sony TAM100 Gray Answering Machine: Electronics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
Better yet, you can leave voice memos for your children in their answering machine mailboxes--instead of notes that could get lost.
The machine is foolproof and won't allow you to delete new messages accidentally.
I got an early digital answering machine from ATandT (when they really were built by ATandT) when they first came out.
www.amazon.com /Sony-TAM100-Gray-Answering-Machine/dp/B00001ZWR9   (1404 words)

 Amazon.com: Casio Phonemate TA140 Digital Answering Machine: Electronics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
You can also set the TA-140 to immediately answer calls that don't have caller ID information (caller ID-blocked calls) and set the local area code for caller ID. Unfortunately, the TA-140 supports only one local area code, making the auto-dialing feature less useful in cities with multiple area codes.
This machine, which is an exact duplication of the TA-145 except for case color, serves both as an full frills answering machine and a caller-id box.
The TA-140 can be set to answer after the very first ring if it doesn't get a positive caller ID--thus catching both anonymous calls and calls with "unavailable" info, and allowing you to screen them.
www.amazon.com /Phonemate-TA140-Digital-Answering-Machine/dp/B00000J58K   (1750 words)

 The Linux Answering Machine
The answering machine is based on the voice functions of the vgetty program that comes with the mgetty-voice package.
vgetty will answer your telephone after a few rings (default is three), play your greeting, and record the message in an.rmd file in the directory /var/spool/voice/incoming.
If a bare-bones answering machine was what you wanted, then you probably wouldn't be trying to make your computer function as an answering machine.
frank.harvard.edu /~coldwell/answering_machine   (1463 words)

 AT90LS8535 Digital Answering Machine
We decided that an answering machine was interesting because it involved interfacing many analog parts, a reasonable amount of coding, and would leave us with a finished product that actually does something.
The answering machine is one of few everyday microcontroller utilities that can be implemented fairly easily and we are really happy with our final product.
The answering machine can record up to our full 21 seconds and play it back in clearly understandable output.
instruct1.cit.cornell.edu /courses/ee476/FinalProjects/s1999/melin   (1034 words)

 Stuff: The Answering Machine
We consider it a social obligation to figure out what can be done with answering machines in addition to (or instead of) answering the phone.
We just discovered that our answering machine was being used for several years by some nutty home shopping channel.
Steve and Helen's answering machine is broken; this is their refrigerator.
www.stevewhite.org /stuff/AnsweringMachine.html   (1145 words)

 Amazon.ca: Amy's Answering Machine : Messages from Mom: Books: Amy Borkowsky   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
The only difference between any other adult who's being driven nuts by her mother and me is that I just happened to have saved my mother's voice on the microcassettes from my answering machine.
The answer is that, as a classic Jewish mother, my mom follows the tradition of adding an "ila" to my name as a term of endearment.
For the past several years, my answering machine has had a light on but nobody home, due mostly to my insane hours as a creative director at a New York ad agency.
www.amazon.ca /Amys-Answering-Machine-Messages-Mom/dp/0743422287   (1958 words)

 Answering Machine
Here is the list of those unusual messages always popping up on Jim's machine, as compiled by Ken Christ, Alex McEwan, Alex Morando, and rotondo@esslink.com.
I keep calling and all I get is a machine.
Hey, I hope you try your phone machine before dinner.
www.thesandbox.net /arm/rockford/answering_machine/index.html   (3155 words)

 Lenny Zeltser - The Canonical List of Answering Machine Messages
This is not an answering machine—this is a telepathic thought-recording device.
(On a male's answering machine, otherwise reverse genders) BEEP.
(A friend was at a mutual friend's sister's house, and when she went out for beer, he changed her answering machine message.
www.zeltser.com /humor/answ.machines.html   (6814 words)

 Mac360 - Your Mac As Answering Machine Gets Personal.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
It answers your phone, plays whatever message you want, directs your callers to different mail boxes for each person, plays individual mail box recordings, and will forward a copy of the message to you via email.
PhoneValet, used for setting up your Mac to be the MOAAMM (mother of all answering machines for your Mac)-- the answering machine.
All the standard answering machine features are there, too.
www.mac360.com /index.php/mac360/more/your_mac_as_answering_machine   (1236 words)

 Halfbakery: Poetic Answering Machine
Wonderful, this answering machine be, It recites messages, as poetry, It takes their words and makes a haiku, With 17 styles, just for you.
A song, a ballad, or maybe an ode, It all depends on the chosen mode, A limerick, a sonnet, or maybe blank verse, And best of, no need to rehearse.
At one time, it took me an hour to be able to tell the lady who left a message was actually telling us that the gas inspection was next tuesday...
www.halfbakery.com /idea/Poetic_20Answering_20Machine   (466 words)

 NPR : Amy's Answering Machine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
For years, Borkowsky, an adult, thirty-something former New York advertising executive, has been receiving messages like this one on her answering machine: "Amila, I hope you're on your way home.
Borkowsky has been collecting the messages for more than a decade and she decided to compile them into a CD and book titled Amy's Answering Machine.
She got the idea for the project after playing some of the tapes on stage during her stand-up comedy act a few years ago.
www.npr.org /programs/morning/features/2002/may/amy   (380 words)

 Answering Machine
Answering Machine for scripting your own professional call center business scripts using a voice modem.
Email Answering Machine is your text to speech Telephone Answering Machine, useful in answering your emails when you are not present.
IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, call attendant, info-line and interactive voice response (ivr) program for Windows computers with voice modems or professional telephony line devices.
www.downloadjunction.com /product/software/7881   (386 words)

 Answering Machine
The most basic type of telephony application is the answering machine.
Active Call Center allows customized answering machines to be deployed quickly and easily.
For an example of an Answering Machine, refer to the Quick-Start Tutorial and the Answering Machine example Call Tree located in the Examples folder.
www.sunny-beach.net /manual/349.htm   (84 words)

 Marzipan's Answering Machine - Homestar Runner Wiki
Marzipan's Answering Machine is probably one of the most overlooked sections on the Homestar Runner website, likely because it has little or no animation.
The messages often dive deeper into interpersonal relationships between the characters, with each short message packed with insight.
The answering machine cassette tapes on versions 1.0 through 8.0 never stop rolling.
www.hrwiki.org /index.php/Marzipan's_Answering_Machine   (295 words)

 Answering Machine Messages
We used to call it an answering machine, but this is a high-tech world and we're in a high-tech business, so we don't call it that any more.
So they added the "answering machine," which will cleverly record your message and play it back at the wrong speed, to make everyone who calls you sound like they have partaken a large supply of helium.
I'm sorry, but my answering machine is out of order, so the voice you are hearing is actually me.
www.users.nac.net /cmacina/joke-ans.html   (9965 words)

In winter 2005/2006 it snowed a little, the radiator dripped and the heating broke down, but The Answering Machine sat in their bedroom in Manchester with little heaters and wrote songs anyway.
Things that make The Answering Machine happy are biscuits with chocolate on (although chocolate is not essential), anoraks with toggles, frisbees and knitwear.
Just thought that we'd let you know that The Answering Machine are now featured in Xfm Manchester's 'In the City' blog.
www.myspace.com /theansweringmachine   (773 words)

 AudioComedy.net: Funny Answering Machine Messages
some of these are funny messages that have been left on answering machines, the others are funny messages that you can use yourself.a few of them are pretty lame.
Answering Services Answering Service - Yes, that`s what i ment!
Funny Answering Machine Messages - Da Da Funny Answering Machine Messages - Message - If you`ve got to be formal
www.audiocomedy.net /answering   (227 words)

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