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Topic: Ant

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  Apache Ant - Welcome
Some of the core ant tasks such as are now able to process not only file system resources but also zip entries, tar entries, paths,...
Ant 1.7 fixes also a large number of bugs.
Instead of a model where it is extended with shell-based commands, Ant is extended using Java classes.
ant.apache.org   (591 words)

  Ants In and Around the Home, HYG-2064-96
Ants are social insects that live in colonies or nests usually located in the soil near the house foundation, under concrete slabs, in crawlspaces, in structural wood, in the yard or garden, in trees and in other protected places.
New ant colonies are started by a single fertilized queen that lays eggs and tends her brood (larvae and pupae) that develop into worker ants.
Ants present the appearance of running aimlessly about a room and, thus, named "crazy." Workers are about 1/10 inch long, with slender long legs, dark brown to fl in color, one node petiole, the profile of the thorax not evenly rounded, and the abdomen tip has a circular fringe of hairs.
ohioline.osu.edu /hyg-fact/2000/2064.html   (2303 words)

 World Almanac for Kids
The ant body consists of head, thorax, and abdomen, with the abdomen articulated to the thorax by means of an abdominal pedicel, or stalk.
Like social insects in general, ants may be termed industrious, although colony activity varies from a high degree of intensity at certain times of the day (usually early morning and late afternoon, or early evening in nocturnal ants) to lethargy at other times, as through midday or in the early hours before dawn.
Typically a “finder” ant arouses the colony, and excited nestmates may be influenced in their direction of progress from the nest by one means or another, according to species.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/animals/ant.html   (1737 words)

Ant is a Java based build tool, similar to make, but with better support for the cross platform issues involved with developing Java applications.
Ant can be configured to compile your java source code files, build your deployment JAR and WAR files, unit-test code and create projects javadoc documentation.
Ant 1.6.0 adds a lot of new features, most prominently support for XML namespaces as well as a new concept of Ant libraries that makes use of namespaces to avoid name clashes of custom tasks.
www.allapplabs.com /ant/ant.htm   (195 words)

 Extending Ant to support interactive builds
In this article, IBM software engineer Anthony Young-Garner shows you how to extend Ant to produce builds that are interactive at run time; users can follow prompts to change parameters each time they conduct a build without having to deal with unfamiliar build files.
Before reading this article, you should have basic knowledge of Ant, including an understanding of projects, tasks, and properties; for an introduction to Ant, see Malcolm Davis's article "Incremental development with Ant and JUnit" (additional articles are listed in Resources).
Using Ant's simple task API to extend its functionality is a quick way to create exactly the build process you need.
www-106.ibm.com /developerworks/library/j-antbuild   (1416 words)

 Ant Control   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Because the ants must get back to the nest for satisfactory control this strategy may be incompatible with insecticide sprays which may kill worker ants before they can get back to the nest with the bait.
Ants are a major annoyance to homeowners and are difficult to control.
Ant infestation are not easy to control and different strategies should be used depending on nest location and food preferences of the ants.
lancaster.unl.edu /pest/resources/AntControl003.shtml   (1293 words)

 Managing Wireless Builds with Ant
Ant's XML-based configuration files provide an open, standard way of defining builds which is much more flexible and less error-prone than makefiles.
Ant needs to know where the wireless toolkit is installed because it needs to find the MIDP classes, the preverifyer, the emulator, and other pieces of the wireless toolkit.
It uses Ant's javac task to specify the source and destination directories for class files, to identify the bootclasspath (the path to the MIDP classes), and to set the target VM to be version 1.1.
developers.sun.com /techtopics/mobility/midp/articles/ant   (1045 words)

 Small Honey Ant, HYG-2155-98
This ant is sometimes misidentified as a pavement ant or odorous house ant.
Small honey ant workers vary from light to dark brown, are shiny, have a triangular abdomen (the rear end of the three body regions) and are about 2-1/2 to 3 mm long.
Also, pavement ants are larger, three to four millimeters long, medium brown and have an oval-shaped gaster no wider than the head.
ohioline.osu.edu /hyg-fact/2000/2155.html   (741 words)

 freshmeat.net: Project details for Apache Ant
Ant is a Java based build tool, similar to make, but with better support for the cross platform issues involved with developing Java applications.
Ant is the build tool of choice for all Java projects at Apache and many other Open Source Java projects.
Ant shines with it's file set support so you can use wildcards to include or exclude certain files during a process.
freshmeat.net /projects/ant   (326 words)

 Flex Ant Tasks - Adobe Labs
If you are not yet using Ant to build your Flex applications, you can take advantage of these custom tasks to quickly and easily set up complex build processes for your Flex applications.
Download the Flex Ant tasks ZIP file and view the license agreement.
The simplest method of specifying options for the Flex Ant tasks is by specifying the name and value of command-line options as a task attribute.
labs.adobe.com /wiki/index.php/Flex_Ant_Tasks   (2385 words)

 Ant Identification Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ants also have a constriction between the thorax and abdomen that gives them a "pinched-waist" appearance.
Ant species can differ widely in their food requirements and behaviors.
To help identify ants, they are grouped into "one node" and "two node" ants.
lancaster.unl.edu /pest/ants   (273 words)

 Ant Anatomy learn about the body parts of ants
If you have every seen an ant find a food source, it is not long before the ant communicates to his friends and their are many ants there.
Ants are closely related to wasps and other stinging insects.
The nervous system of ants consists of a long nerve cord that also runs from head to rear with branches leading to the parts of the body, kind of like a human spinal cord.
www.infowest.com /life/antbody.htm   (467 words)

 Enterprise Java Community: TSS Featured Entry
The second part is the task, which lets you create a build hierarchy - where you have a master builder (no jokes, please) at the top of a hierarchy which goes down through your project tree and trundles through building stuff as it goes along.
The end result is that despite the facilities ANT gives you, you still end up with a bunch of build.xml files that keep defining the same targets over and over again in the same way.
Finally, after years of employing various ANT hacks to try to achieve some kind of reasonable modularity (antmerge being my favorite), the ANT guys have finally turned their heads to a slight angle from where it was originally pointing.
www.theserverside.com /blogs/showblog.tss?id=Ant1.6   (1489 words)

 The Ant:
The estimated biomass of the ants has been approximated to be roughly equal to that of humans.
Ants engage in war, sew silk, garden, enslave other ants, and are one of the few species other than humans truly capable of altering their surroundings.
Myrmecologist very often identify ants by the appearance of the head, as it is often highly specialized and accordingly varies greatly between species.
jlibsch.web.wesleyan.edu /Ant/Morphology   (357 words)

 Openmake - Solutions - Ant | Catalyst Systems Corporation
In the Java case, instead of calling "javac" and "jar" directly (the Java equivalents of the compiler and the linker), Ant is called and used as a "meta-compiler".
Ant normally requires manually scripted XML build files to detail how to call specialized Java classes.
Ant is well established as a "front-end" to Java compiles, and is well understood by Java Developers.
www.openmake.com /dp/ant   (284 words)

 Dr. Dobb's | Ant, cpptasks, & Multiplatform C/C++ Projects | July 29, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ant is a platform-independent build utility that uses XML as its script language.
In Ant, the name of the target is not identical to the name of the produced file, which is an advantage in this case, since the output file name might differ between platforms.
The standard Ant tasks provide a platform-independent replacement for shell commands or built-in command interpreter commands, which have caused trouble in the past even if the same variation of Make was used on all platforms.
www.ddj.com /184405433   (2561 words)

 ANT Biography: Hollywood Poker Celebrity Poker Player
Since he first saw Whoopi Goldberg’s solo-act on HBO, New Hampshire native ANT was dedicated to the pursuit of becoming a comedian.
ANT’s high-energy performances also won him a role in Dirk Shafer’s acclaimed, Circuit and an appearance in the film Twin Falls Idaho – a favorite at the Sundance Festival.
ANT can be seen hosting VH1's number one hit show Celebrity Fit Club and in comedy clubs across America.
www.hollywoodpoker.com /green-room/celebrity-poker/biographies/ant.html   (163 words)

 Insecta Inspecta World - Army Ant
Army ant colonies consist of the queen, the queen’s brood (her eggs), soldiers, and the workers.
The main castes in an army ant hierarchy are queens, workers and soldiers.
Unlike other ants, army ants do not have compound eyes, but instead have single eyes (but they are still blind).
www.insecta-inspecta.com /ants/army/index.html   (554 words)

Ants Invasion were forced to withdraw from ANTFEST due to logistical problems.
As previously stated, in addition to the three new Ant Remasters, Sony Music UK will also be creating a limited edition, collectors box set to coincide with the release of the three remaining remasters - Strip, Friend or Foe and Vive Le Rock.
In addition to the three new Ant Remasters due to be in stores March 1, 2005, Sony Music UK will also be creating a limited edition, collectors box set to coincide with the release of the three remaining remasters - Strip, Friend or Foe and Vive Le Rock.
www.adam-ant.net /whatsnew.html   (3697 words)

 The Sum of Ant
Ant is designed to be a portable way to replace make.
Ant was to be platform independent, so the obvious implementation choice was Java, which is fine, mostly.
XML abuse is rampant, and ant is far, far from the worst offender.
www.artima.com /weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=7435   (1031 words)

 FAQ on ANT Building Process by Roseanne Zhang, Java Programmer Certification
ANT is a Java based building tool, which is similar to make, and so much better than make.
Knowledge about ant is not enough, you need an elegant and simple design, you need great naming convention, you need to optimize the code reusability and flexibility, you need a least maintenance system...
When ant cannot do it, then try use your hand to delete it, if you cannot, it is clear it is "Windose".
bobcat.webappcabaret.net /javachina/faq/ant_01.htm   (2768 words)

 Ant : Java Glossary
If something you want to do is not built-in to Ant, you can add it by writing Java code that implements one or more of Ant's interfaces, then hooking it into ant, usually with a taskdef.
Ant is designed so that you can add pretty well anything similar to what you see built-in.
Ant gives you very little explanation of why it does what it does and the documentation is abysmal.
mindprod.com /jgloss/ant.html   (2169 words)

 Using Ant with WebSphere Studio Application Developer -- Part 1 of 3
Ant is a Java -based build tool that is a subproject of the Jakarta Apache project.
Ant comes with a large number of built-in tasks sufficient to perform many common build operations.
The above section Why use Ant explained that one reason to use Ant is that it is written in Java and you can therefore write new Ant Tasks in Java to extend the build capabilities (as the EJB development team did for the J2EE Ant Tasks).
www-106.ibm.com /developerworks/websphere/library/techarticles/0203_searle/searle1.html   (2618 words)

 Stranger than Fiction
The smaller worker ants care for the queen and her eggs.
The smaller male ants and the larger queen ants all have wings.
Colored dots painted on the backs of ants according to the type of work they are observed doing show that ants have specific jobs.
home.att.net /~B-P.TRUSCIO/STRANGER.htm   (377 words)

 jGuru: Ant FAQ Home Page
How to make ANT keep source line numbers When I build with ANT 1.3, exceptions show source code line numbers.
The task is used for this type of construct in Ant.
Pass command line argument to build file Hi All, Here is what I intend to do: I need to set a property value which is passed by a command line argument.
www.jguru.com /faq/Ant   (950 words)

 Gigantiops Destructor -- Cool Ant Stuff For You! : CafePress.com
The Gigantiops Destructor Store is named after my favorite ant, Gigantiops destructor, a very cool ant with gigantic eyes that hunts by sight and then leaps on its prey like a grasshopper.
This store is the result of one myrmecologist (someone who studies ants) who just thinks there should be more cool ant stuff in the world.
A tribute to the ant death spiral: a circle of army ants, each one following the ant in front, becomes locked into a circular mill.
www.cafepress.com /gigantiops   (321 words)

 Website design, content management, ecommerce, online marketing - Red Ant
Red Ant offer a comprehensive range of digital services for any potential online marketing strategy.
We work with you to understand your online objectives and goals, ready to develop innovative solutions that provide real business benefits.
Whether you are looking to increase traffic and awareness, refine user experiences or transform your digital brand.
www.redantdesign.com   (74 words)

 ANT Software Limited   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ANT is the leading provider of software solutions and services enabling broadcasters, telco operators and cable and satellite companies to deliver compelling digital media content to consumers.
Saleha Williams, Executive VP Commercial, ANT will be speaking at the IPTV Forum on 21st June at 2pm on the subject of: Make or Break?
ANT will be sharing the stage with the BBC, Virgin Media and BT at the TV Evolution Summit.
www.antplc.com /index.htm   (160 words)

Hi We 've just upgraded Ant from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 and we 're experiencing problems with zip files created with the "zip " task.
Hi all I 've been using ant for a bit now but I find I need to reference the documentation more and more as I start to add greater functionality.
Hello I 'm using ant 1.5.1 for my build process and I 've run into a scenario I 'm having trouble with.
www.ant-tasks.com /29.html   (1180 words)

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