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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Antelope Canyon Tours by Roger Ekis
The mysterious and haunting beauty of Antelope Canyon (also known as "Corkscrew Canyon") awaits the adventurous traveler who seeks to discover one of the most spectacular -- yet little known attractions of the Lake Powell area.
Antelope Canyon Tours begin at #22 South Lake Powell Boulevard, near the intersection of Lake Powell Boulevard and North Navajo Drive in the heart of Page.
Antelope Canyon Tours is in good standing with the Navajo Nation.
www.antelopecanyon.com   (304 words)

  Antelope - MSN Encarta
Antelope, common name applied to a diverse group of hollow-horned mammals that belong to the same family as cattle, goats, and sheep.
Antelope horns are always slightly curved, and in some species, such as the fl buck, they are shaped like a pair of corkscrews, spiraling in opposite directions.
Antelopes that live in forests tend to stay in the same area all their lives, but species that live in open habitats often migrate to feed and breed.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761573948/Antelope.html   (1829 words)

 Antelope at AllExperts
Antelopes are a polyphyletic group of herbivorous African and Asian animals of the family Bovidae, distinguished by a pair of hollow horns on their heads.
Antelope horns are almost always slightly curved, although in some species such as the flbuck, they are shaped like a pair of corkscrews spiraling out in opposite directions.
Antelope species common to forests tend to stay in the same place all their lives, but species that live out in the open often migrate to feed and breed.
en.allexperts.com /e/a/an/antelope.htm   (1616 words)

 antelope. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The horns of antelopes, unlike the antlers of deer, are unbranched, consist of a chitinous shell with a bony core, and are not shed.
The spiral-horned antelopes are the bushbucks (including the nyala and the sitatunga), kudu, eland, and bongo.
The gnu (or wildebeest) and the closely related hartebeest and damalisk are horselike antelopes of the grasslands.
www.bartleby.com /65/an/antelop.html   (442 words)

 Antelope Canyon: slot canyon near Page, Arizona
Antelope Canyon is located near Page on Navajo Nation land, just outside the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and close to AZ 98 a few miles east of town (at milepost 299).
Both may be approached from AZ 98; the upper canyon (also known as Corkscrew Canyon) is reached at the end of a very sandy 2 mile 4WD track south of the road near milepost 299, and it is this part which is usually visited.
Lower Antelope Canyon is between AZ 98 and the lake, and is reached by a short track northwards leading to a parking area from where the guided tours depart.
www.americansouthwest.net /slot_canyons/antelope_canyon/index.html   (712 words)

 Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope, Pictures
Antelope horns are nonbranching and have a bony core.
Among the largest and best-known antelopes are the oryn, gnus (wildebeests), elands, kudus, hartebeests, sable antelope, and roan antelope of the African plains.
The antelope was one of the last of the artiodactyls to develop.
www.codywyomingnet.com /nature_wildlife/antelope.php   (711 words)

Living on rocky outcrops and on mountan sides, these small antelope with short pointy horns occur sparsely in the Muchinga escarpment of the Luangwa Valley and occasionally in the north of the country.
Unlike the coat of other African antelope, their olive-yellow coat speckled with grey is stiff and brittle serving as a cushion to ward off the shocks of hitting rock walls as they jump.
Plentiful in Luangwa and Zambezi Valley, these furry orange antelope with thick, heavily ringed V shaped horns, are gregarious and graze along the floodplains near permanent water.
www.zambiatourism.com /travel/wildlife/antelope.htm   (1764 words)

 Ancient Antelope Run
ÔÇťAntelope are among the swiftest four footed animals in America and because of their keen sight and hearing and the open country in which they lived, it was impossible to hunt them as the Sioux hunted buffalo.
Men were sent to drive the animals toward the blinds: when the antelope came to the line of rocks they would not cross over, but ran parallel with the line.
Antelope rushing up the hill would be caught between the lines and rush past the blinds in such a closely packed group that hunters could scarcely miss.
www.azantelope.org /Facts___Research/Ancient_Antelope_Run/ancient_antelope_run.html   (1135 words)

 Realty Times - Real Estate News and Advice - Local Market Conditions
Antelope is a wonderful community with a combination of older and newer homes.
Antelope is a convenient location because it is not too far from where ever you would like to go in Sacramento.
Antelope was one of the first areas to notice the current slow down.
realtytimes.com /rtmcrloc/California~Antelope   (376 words)

 Pronghorn Antelope
Issuance of antelope hunt permits has paralleled the population decline through time, and it is the reduction of these hunt permits that have caught the attention of the hunting public.
Pathology results of late winter antelope carcass samples sent to the veterinary pathology lab at Texas AandM University in the 1990's indicated malnutrition to be the cause of death.
Coyotes haze antelope toward fences and catch them as they slow to crawl under the barrier or haze them toward corners where fast movement is restricted.
www.tpwd.state.tx.us /landwater/land/habitats/trans_pecos/big_game/pronghorn   (811 words)

 Antelope Island State Park | Utah.com
Rich in scenic beauty and natural features, Antelope Island is the perfect place to view the Great Salt Lake and experience the vast solitude of the Great Basin.
The island was without its namesake antelope for many years, but they were reintroduced in 1993 and can now be seen in many areas of the park.
Antelope Island State Park is seven miles west of I-15 exit #332 near Layton.
www.utah.com /stateparks/antelope_island.htm   (379 words)

 The Virtual Zoo: Antelope   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Antelopes are herbivorous, ruminant (or cud-chewing) mammals belonging to the family Bovidae and order Artiodactyla.
Africa is the home for most antelopes, although a few are known to live in Asia and the mountain goat, a close relative, lives in North America.
The North American pronghorn is often mistaken as part of the antelopes, though it's not a true antelope.
library.thinkquest.org /11922/african/antelope.htm   (265 words)

 Antelope Patrol Home Page
Antelope, common name applied to a large group of hollow-horned ruminants belonging to the same family as cattle, goats, and sheep.
Unlike deer, which they resemble, antelope have unbranched, hollow horns that are never shed.
Pronghorn, mammal, related to the antelope, that is considered the fastest animal in North America.
home.earthlink.net /~leathermans/antelope.htm   (175 words)

 Antelope, Oregon in Wasco County
Antelope is positioned 44.91 degrees north of the equator and 120.72 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Antelope Valley was probably named in 1862 by members of the party of Joseph Henry Shearer, while packing supplies into the John Day mines.
Howard Maupin came to Antelope in 1863 to operate a horse ranch, becoming the caretaker of the stage station which was established by Henry Wheeler in 1864.
www.a2zgorge.info /community/towns/antelope.htm   (1345 words)

 GORP - Antelope Canyon - Arizona
Antelope is the source of the most haunting and memorable slot canyon photography.
Antelope is a slot canyon, and this spectacular section of it less than a city block long, so visiting it is more in the nature of visiting a natural temple than a typical day hike.
Lower Antelope is closed indefinitely to the public because of the August 1997 flash flood which swept 11 hikers and tons of mud and debris into the canyon.
gorp.away.com /gorp/activity/hiking/antelope.htm   (746 words)

 Antelope Hunting Guides, Outfitters, Lodges, & Camps
Pronghorn antelope grow to be 36 to 40 inches tall at the shoulder.
Pronghorn antelope are found in the four deserts of the American Southwest, and from Saskatchewan, Canada south to Mexico.
Hunters harvest the pronghorn antelope with rifles, flpowder and bow and arrows.
www.worldclassoutdoors.com /antelope_hunting.htm   (1014 words)

Antelope is a symbol for the antenna of your hair, which attaches you to Great Mystery by its long cords of light.
Antelope clans have been many, and the power of Antelope people is great.
Antelope arms you with the Bow of Authority, and forces you to act on behalf of self, family, clan, nation, and finally Mother Earth.
www.apogeephoto.com /marla/antelope.htm   (553 words)

 Antelope Canyon Slot Canyons
Antelope Canyon drains from the south into Lake Powell and is unremarkable except for the two slot canyon areas, which are located on either side of Highway 98 about five miles out of Page.
Upper Antelope is also one of the easiest slot canyons to visit, since you’ll be driven right up to the entrance, there are no drop-offs inside, and the ground is sandy and fairly level throughout.
A more challenging slot than Upper Antelope, this one is entered through a slit in the rocks at ground level, where a series of ladders take you to the bottom of the gorge.
www.blackrabbit.com /antelope.htm   (1660 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions: Antelope Valley   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Though communities such as Littlerock have retained their agricultural character, the Antelope Valley has undergone tremendous change and growth in the second half of the twentieth century with a shift from agriculture to defense and aerospace development.
Mining continues today in and around the Antelope Valley, where besides gold, silver, and copper, the ores and minerals extracted over the years include antimony, borax, calcium, chloride, feldspar, granite, gypsum, iron, lead, lime, limestone, marble, potash, rotary mud, salt, silica, tungsten, uranium, volcanic rock, and zinc.
In 1853, Fort Tejon was established in the mountains on the western edge of the Antelope Valley.
www.colapublib.org /history/antelopevalley/faq.html   (6609 words)

 San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Antelope
The social life of antelope depends a lot on the type of habitat they live in and how much food and water is available.
Many antelope that live in large groups at least part of the year also have special scent glands on their hooves, so they leave the herd’s scent on the ground for any stray members to find.
Antelope are herbivores, with an odd exception: some species of duikers have been known to kill and eat insects, small mammals, and birds.
www.sandiegozoo.org /animalbytes/t-antelope.html   (1530 words)

Antelope is a mature application that is in wide use as a front end to Apache Ant.
Antelope provides a set of buttons, one per target, which makes it easy to start a specific Ant operation.
In either mode, Antelope provides property and reference inspection and the ability to set properties that would be passed as parameters to Ant on the command line.
antelope.tigris.org   (582 words)

 Kinemetrics Product
Antelope takes full advantage of the extensive support services provided by the UNIX environment and standard TCP/IP network utilities over multiple physical interfaces.
The current generation of Antelope provides full functionality for seismic network and array operations and control, including real time data acquisition from field digitizers, interactive control of field equipment, system state-of-health monitoring, real time automated data processing (detection, picking, seismic event association, seismic event location, archiving).
In addition to providing specific functionality for seismic monitoring systems, Antelope provides a robust and versatile substratum of generic functions that can be used to support other non-seismic monitoring applications.
www.kmi.com /product_Content.asp?newsid=122   (305 words)

 Tibetan Plateau Project | Tibetan Antelope Resource Page
The slender, gazelle-like Tibetan antelope -- also called "chiru" -- is native to the Tibetan Plateau region, primarily in China.
As many as 20,000 Tibetan antelope are killed annually to supply the trade, with males, females and young slaughtered indiscriminately.
Ironically, the deaths of thousands of Tibetan antelope and the entire shahtoosh trade are unnecessary, because attractive, fashionable alternatives are available, including products made from the finest Tibetan cashmere (also known as "pashmina") and from yak wool, another excellent shahtoosh substitute.
www.earthisland.org /tpp/antelope.htm   (1532 words)

 Antelope Printout- EnchantedLearning.com
Some antelopes include the gazelle, eland, impala, springbok, klipspringer, oryx, saiga, waterbuck, suni, hartebeests, topi, nyala, bongo, dik-dik, kob, duiker, gemsbok, etc. They are hunted by lions, leopards, wild dogs, and other predators.
Antelopes have large eyes and ears; they use their keen sense of sight, hearing and smell to detect predators (like hyenas and jackals).
Antelopes spend most of their time grazing on grass or browsing (eating leaves and twigs).
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/mammals/antelope/Antelopecoloring.shtml   (334 words)

 Medieval Bestiary : Antelope
The antelope is so wild that hunters cannot catch it, except in one instance: When the antelope is thirsty it goes to the Euphrates River to drink, but as it plays in the thickets of herecine trees there, its horns get caught in the branches and it cannot free itself.
The antelope of the Physiologus and the bestiaries is not the animal now called antelope.
Antelope illustrations vary considerably, depicting the animal as anything from dog-like to horse-like.
bestiary.ca /beasts/beast137.htm   (248 words)

 antelope — FactMonster.com
are a group of small, straight-horned antelopes of forest and thick brush country.
is the name for a number of small, delicate antelopes with spreading horns, inhabiting deserts and grassy plains.
The flbuck, found in India, was the first antelope to be described by zoologists, and has the generic name
www.factmonster.com /ce6/sci/A0804182.html   (345 words)

 antelope: Chapter 5. Running Antelope
When running Antelope as a stand-alone application, the options "Save all files before running targets" and "Use error parsing" are not available.
That means that all properties will be reset to their original values or reloaded from property files as necessary.
On the other hand, if there are properties that are loaded via a or , Antelope will watch those files and reload the build file automatically if they change.
antelope.tigris.org /docs/manual/bk01ch05.html   (807 words)

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