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Topic: Anthem of Ukrainian SSR

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  History of Belarus (Great Litva)
In 1632 joint forces of GDL and Poland sent by the King and Grand Duke Uladyslau surrounded, defeated and taken prisoners Russian (Muscovy) army, in defense of Belarusian city of Smaliensk.
Russians (Muscovites) have summoned their courage to come back to Belarus only in 20 years, when Ukrainian Cossacks of Chmielnicki revolted against the rule of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and joined their forces with Muscovites (tsar Aleksei Mikhajlovich) to perform the bloodiest carnage in the history of Belarusian nation - Russian War of 1654-1667.
The joint session of the CEC of the Lithuanian SSR and the CEC of the BSSR in Vilnya decided to create the Lithuanian-Byelorussian SSR that comprised the territories of Minsk and Vilnya provinces.
www.belarusguide.com /as/history/history.html   (2810 words)

 Uzbek SSR
In 1930, the Uzbek SSR capital was relocated from Samarkand to Tashkent.
In 1936, the Uzbek SSR was enlarged with the addition of the Karakalpak ASSR taken from the Kazakh SSR.
Uzbek SSR was Sharaf Rashidov, head of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan from 1959 to 1983.
libraryoflibrary.com /E_n_c_p_d_Uzbek_SSR.html   (532 words)

 Ukrainian population - history of Ukraine, demographic studies of Ukraine
The roots of the Ukrainian nation are found in the Trypillian culture that evolved in the Middle Dnipro region in the third millennium B C., the heritage of the Scythian tribes, and the Chernyakhiv culture.
Its lands extended to the Gulf of Finland and the largest lakes of Karelia in the north, to the upper course of the Volga in the east, and to the Syan and Western Sub rivers in the west.
The destruction of such a large segment of the Ukrainian nation, whose biological potential was undermined for an entire century, was accompanied by a ban on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the physical liquidation of the Ukrainian intelligentsia.
www.gmdh.net /pop/history.htm   (1134 words)

 Azerbaijan SSR -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Azerbaijan SSR (Azeri: Azərbaycan Sovet Sosialist Respublikası(ASSR), Turkish: Azerbaycan Sovyet Sosyalist Cumhuriyeti(ASSC), Азәрбаjҹан Совет Сосиалист Республикасы; Russian: Азербайджанская Советская Социалистическая Республика, often shortened to АССР) was the name given to Azerbaijan when it was part of the Soviet Union from 1936 to 1991.
The constitution of the Azerbaijan SSR was approved by the 9th Extraordinary All-Azeri Congress of Soviets on March 14, 1937.
Azerbaijan SSR - Lithuanian SSR - Moldavian SSR - Latvian SSR - Kirghiz SSR - Tajik SSR - Armenian SSR - Turkmen SSR - Estonian SSR
en.wikipedia.ifc.com.pl /wiki/Azerbaijan_SSR   (1209 words)

 Moldavian SSR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Anthem of Moldavian SSR The Moldavian SSR (Moldovan Cyrillic: &1056;&1077;&1087;&1091;&1073;&1083;&1080;&1082;&1072; &1057;&1086;&1074;&1077;&1090;&1080;&1082;&1101; &1057;&1086;&1095;&1080;&1072;&1083;&1080;&1089;&1090;&1101; &1052;&1086;&1083;&1076;&1086;&1074;&1077;&1085;&1103;&1089;&1082;&1101;, Romanian: Republica Sovietic&259; Socialist&259; Moldoveneasc&259;, Russian: &1052;&1086;&1083;&1076;&1072;&769;&1074;&1089;&1082;&1072;&1103; &1057;&1086;&1074;&1077;&769;&1090;&1089;&1082;&1072;&1103; &1057;&1086;&1094;&1080;&1072;&1083;&1080;&1089;&1090;&1080;&769;&1095;&1077;&1089;&1082;&1072;&1103; &1056;&1077;&1089;&1087;&1091;&769;&1073;&1083;&1080;&1082;&1072;) was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union from 1940 to 1941 and from 1945 to 1990.
The territory of Moldavia east of Prut river was further broken into pieces, its northern (North Bukovina) and southern (Bugeac) parts were assigned to Ukrainian SSR.
The USSR government encouraged the developing of a "Moldavian culture", said to be distinct from the Romanian one, as well as a Moldavian language, which was claimed to be different from Romanian (although even the Soviet linguists disagreed with this).
moldavian-ssr.iqnaut.net   (603 words)

The western Ukrainian principality of Galicia, founded in the 12th century, suffered less from the Mongol invasion than the rest of the area, and was annexed by Poland in the 14th century.
In addition, Ukrainian peasants who fled the Polish effort to force them into servitude came to be known as Kossacks and earned a reputation for their fierce martial spirit.
Ukrainian writers and intellectuals were inspired by the nationalistic spirit stirring other European peoples existing under other imperial governments and were determined to revive Ukrainian linguistic and cultural traditions and re-establish a Ukrainian nation-state.
www.ukrainetour.com /tourinfo/Ukraine-history.htm   (964 words)

 Moldavian SSR - Wikipedia Mirror   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Previously, on October 12 1924 the Soviet Union set up an autonomous Moldavian ASSR as a part of the Ukrainian SSR between Dniester and Bug rivers, and it gave many rights to the Romanian minority there, possibly to encourage a dissent of the Romanian Moldavians.
The date of the transformation of Moldavian ASSR into Moldavian SSR and its split from the Ukrainian SSR to become a separate republic of the USSR was August 2 1940.
The USSR government encouraged the developing of a "Moldavian culture", said to be distinct from the Romanian one, as well as a Moldavian language, which was claimed to be different from Romanian (although even some Soviet linguists disagreed with this).
wiki-mirror.be /index.php/Moldavian_SSR   (622 words)

 Soviet Union
In its final years it consisted of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics (SSRs).
Russia was by far the largest Republic in the Soviet Union in terms of both land area and population, and also dominated it politically and economically.
Three of these in particular shared some common history and were referred to as the Baltic Republics.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/us/USSR.html   (534 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Previously, on October 12, 1924 the Soviet Union set up an autonomous Moldavian ASSR as a part of the Ukrainian SSR between Dniester and Bug rivers.
The date of the transformation of Moldavian ASSR into Moldavian SSR and its split from the Ukrainian SSR to become a separate republic of the USSR was August 2, 1940.
Political and academic positions were given to members of non-Romanian ethnic groups (only 14% of the Moldavian SSR's political leaders were ethnic Moldovans in 1946), although this changed as time went on.
en.encyclopediahome.com /wiki/Moldavian_SSR   (542 words)

 Ukrainian Travel
Ukrainians are the descendants of several peoples who inhabited the vast area extending from north of the Black Sea to the borders of Russia, Poland, Moldova, Belarus and Slovakia.
However, Ukrainian origins are overwhelmingly Slavic and non-Slavic nomads mostly lived in the steppes of southern Ukraine and had little influence on the ancestors of modern Ukrainians.
Ukrainian national identity developed in opposition to foreign rule in the 19th century.
www.artistbooking.com /trips/210/ukrainian-travel.html   (1369 words)

 Latvian SSR - Avoo - Ask Us A Question - The Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, short: Latvian SSR (in Latvian: ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Latvian SSR was formally annexed into the Soviet Union (USSR) on August 5, 1940, when it nominally became the 15th constituent "republic" of the USSR.
The Latvian SSR, along with the other "Baltic Republics" was allowed greater autonomy in the late 1980s, and in 1988 the old pre-war Flag of Latvia was allowed to be used, and replaced the Soviet Latvian flag as the official flag in 1990.
Since independence, the Communist Party of the Latvian SSR was discontinued, and a number of high-ranking LSSR officials faced prosecution for their role in various human rights abuses during the LSSR regime.
www.masticnyus.com /profile/Latvian_SSR   (800 words)

 National anthems of the USSR and Union Republics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic had no anthem, and used exclusively that of the Union: the Internationale from 1917 to 1944 and the Hymn of the Soviet Union from 1944 to 1991.
Lithuanian SSR - Anthem of the Lithuanian SSR
The Anthem of the Karelo-Finnish SSR was used for the Karelo-Finnish SSR before it was demoted to an ASSR within the Russian SFSR.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/National_Anthems_of_the_USSR_and_Union_Republics   (430 words)

 Ukrainian Literature in English, 1980-1989. Artiles. Part 1
Marko Boieslav was the pseudonym of an underground poet of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).
Twenty-nine lines about the genre of Ukrainian intermediia, defined here as a "short comic or satirical sketch performed between acts of serious plays." This genre was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries and, according to the author, has influenced also some later works.
As to provincialism of Ukrainian culture, it is due primarily to "bureaucratic centralism, which has exxagerated the role of the centre to an unbelievable degree"..
www.chass.utoronto.ca /~tarn/projects/rr62-a1.html   (11902 words)

 Ukrainian Literature in English, Books & Pamphlets, 1890-1965
Ukrainian names and titles are transliterated according to the Library of Congress system, with the omission of diacritical marks.
Ukrainian literature, according to Andrusyshen, is characterized by democratic and humanitarian tendencies and by excessive sentimentality.
In his address Mathews speaks of Shevchenko's affinity with Ukrainian folk poetry, proving at the same time through his analysis of Shevchenko's versification technique that the poet was not "a simple imitator of folk-songs." In his comparison of Shevchenko with Burns, the author stresses both similarities and differences between the two poets.
www.chass.utoronto.ca /~tarn/projects/rr19.html   (17069 words)

 Estonian SSR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Estonian SSR was formally annexed into the Soviet Union (USSR) on August 6, 1940, when it nominally became the 16th constituent "republic" of the USSR.
They retained diplomatic relations with the representatives of the independent Republic of Estonia, never recognized the existence of the Estonian SSR de jure, and never recognized Estonia as a legal constituent part of the Soviet Union.
The leadership of the 'Estonian SSR' renamed the state the 'Republic of Estonia' again on May 8, 1990. /wiki/index.php/Estonian_SSR   (356 words)

 National Anthems, Hymns, Patriotic and Folk Songs
The 1998 Finnish stamp honoring the 150 anniversary of the poem that became the national anthem.
Das Lied der Deutschen - "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles …" - The National Anthem of Weimar Germany and Germany of the Third Reich [1922-1945] - Predecessor State of The German Democratic Republic and The Federal Republic of Germany.
The Old Ukrainian SSR National Hymn From Sounds of the Soviet Union.
learning.lib.vt.edu /slav/national_anthems.html   (2440 words)

De-facto, it abolished former State flag of the Ukrainian SSR, and proclaimed a blue and yellow as temporary official flag.
The State Anthem of Ukraine is the national anthem with the music of M.Verbytskiy and words, confirmed by law, which shall be adopted by no less than two-thirds of the constitutional membership of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Ukrainians approved the independence proclamation in a referendum held 1 December 1991.
www.fotw.net /flags/ua.html   (1491 words)

 Georgian SSR: Information from Answers.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Georgian SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic, საქართველოს საბჭოთა სოციალისტური რესპუბლიკა, or Sak'art'velos Sabčota Soc'ialisturi Respublika) was the name given to Georgia when it was part of the Soviet Union from 1936 to 1991.
Established as a Soviet Socialist Republic on February 25 1921, from March 12 1922 to December 5 1936 it was part of the Transcaucasian SFSR together with the Armenian SSR and the Azerbaijan SSR.
Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Georgian SSR
proxies.gr /nph-proxy.cgi/010110A/http/www.answers.com/topic/georgian-ssr   (269 words)

 Anthem of Lithuanian SSR
The State Anthem of the Lithuanian SSR (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Tarybu Socialistines Respublikos Valstybinis Himnas) was the national anthem of Lithuania when it was a republic of the Soviet Union and known as the Lithuanian SSR.
The anthem was adopted by the Lithuanian SSR government in 1950.
The music was composed by Balys Dvarionas and Jonas Švedas, and the words were written originally by Antanas Venclova.
libraryoflibrary.com /E_n_c_p_d_Anthem_of_Lithuanian_SSR.html   (161 words)

 Independent for four years plus, Ukraine still lacks Constitution (12/31/95)
Thus the Ukrainian Parliament is pressured to adopt a new Constitution by June of 1996.
For example, Ukraine's national symbols - the state flag, the coat of arms and the national anthem - are all determined by law.
Some Communist and Socialist deputies were troubled that the system of councils also is abolished in this new Constitution, and during the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Council last week rejected the draft document, suggesting that the working committee use the last Constitution of the Ukrainian SSR as a model to work with.
www.ukrweekly.com /Archive/1995/539502.shtml   (1048 words)

 Amazon.com: National Anthems of the USSR and Union Republics: Music: Aleksandr Aleksandrov,M. Burkhanov,Balys ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The National Anthem Of The USSR - The Choir And Symphony Orchestra Of The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre Of The USSR/Yu.
The National Anthem Of The Ukrnian SSR - The Choir And Orchestra Of The Shevchenko State Academic Theatre Of Opera And Ballet/S. Turchak
The National Anthem Of The Tajik SSR - The Choir Of The Aini State Theatre Of Opera And Ballet Of The Tajik SSR
www.amazon.com /National-Anthems-USSR-Union-Republics/dp/B000056T9D   (1246 words)

 Soviet Union - Questionz.net , answers to all your questions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
During the resultant Ê- Recognised 1922 civil war, Communist forces known as Dissolution 1991 Reds fought against the Whites, the Currency Ruble pro-monarchist forces and their European and American allies.
The war Time zone UTC +3 to +11 ended with the victory of the Red Army (1917-1944) The and the establishment of the Soviet Union, the world's first communist National anthem International, (1944-1991) Hymn of state, on December 30, 1922, with the Soviet Union Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin as its leader.
Internet TLD.SU (still in use) The Soviet Union was the successor state of the Russian Empire but was smaller as a result of the independence of Poland, Finland and the Baltic States.
www.questionz.net /Countries/USSR.html   (1096 words)

 Ukrainian SSR - Article from FactBug.org - the fast Wikipedia mirror site
However, Russian was considered the language of international communication, thus putting Ukrainian at a disadvantage.)
The Ukrainian SSR (Ukrainian Українська Радянська Соціалістична Республіка, Russian Украи́нская Сове́тская Социалисти́ческая Респу́блика) was created on December 25, 1917, and was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union since the USSR was formed in 1922.
Crimea was transferred to the SSR in 1954 from the Russian SFSR.
www.factbug.org /cgi-bin/a.cgi?a=376732   (151 words)

 Belarusian Statehood
The anthem that was used before in a Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic sounds very ironic today when the national movement fights against the President's course on dissolution of Belarus in Russia - " We are Belarusians.
A complete melody of current Belarusian anthem in wav format is saved as a zipped file (~2Mb) here.
Our national symbol "Pahonia" or in English -"Chase"- is the same for Belarus and Lithuania since it comes from the days when Belarusians and Lithuanians were unified in one big commonwealth of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Rus'.
www.belarusguide.com /statehood   (5654 words)

 SovMusic.ru - Alphabetical list
This song was Spanish Anthem during the Civil war in Spain in 1936-1938
Anthem of the USSR played on the church bells.
English version of the anthem of the USSR
www.sovmusic.ru /english/alphabet.php   (1198 words)

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