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Topic: Anthony Heinsbergen

  Anthony Heinsbergen
HEINSBERGEN, ANTHONY B. Anthony Heinsbergen was not a famous painter in the sense of his fellow Dutch American contemporaries, such as De Kooning, Mondrian, and Hopper.
The Heinsbergen Company, headed by the elder Heinsbergen’s son until his death, has been engaged in the restoration and maintenance of many of the murals that were created during the artist’s lifetime.
Anthony Heinsbergen was born in the Netherlands on December 13, 1894.
www.nnp.org /nni/Publications/Dutch-American/heinsbergen.html   (554 words)

 Anthony B. Heinsbergen
Anthony (Antoon) B. Heinsbergen (1894-1981), nationally acclaimed Dutch-born muralist, was born in Holland on December 13, 1894.
Heinsbergen's keen sense of color and vivid palette, along with his innate ability to combine distinctively different architectural vocabularies into a visually cohesive mixed idiom, were handsomely illustrated in the Hotel Tioga.
Heinsbergen assistants, brothers Tom and Frank Bouman, were largely responsible for the final installation of the Tower Theatre murals, and completed painting them at night by fllight to assure that they would achieve the proper fluorescent effects.
historicfresno.org /bio/heinsber.htm   (984 words)

Heinsbergen begun painting while still a boy and as a young man he worked as an apprentice painter and was one of the first students to take formal training from Mrs.
Heinsbergen's company grew to employ more than one hundred and eighty decorative painters involved with a wide variety of wall and ceiling murals for corporate offices, churches, synagogues, civic auditoriums, libraries and other ornate structures of the era.
Anthony Heinsbergen built a home in the Los Angeles district of Pacific Palisades on the south slope in the Santa Monica Mountains.
language.school-explorer.com /info/Anthony_Heinsbergen   (356 words)

 Anthony B. Heinsbergen
Throughout his career Heinsbergen collaborated with the most prominent architects of his day on buildings of all types, but his artistic reputation is indelibly linked to theater decors.
Heinsbergen also created the highly-stylized "Leda and Swan" wall murals and the gracefully curvilinear "Leaf and Vine" ceiling motifs for Fresno's Tower Theatre of 1939.
Heinsbergen's classically-derived ceiling panels in the college library's lofty reading room have survived impressively intact for well over half a century.
www.historicfresno.org /bio/heinsber.htm   (984 words)

 Save the Lorenzo - About the Lorenzo - Interior Murals
Heinsbergen completed a number of commissions in Fresno, including murals or architectural ornamentation for the Tower Theatre, Fresno Memorial Auditorium, Pacific Southwest Building, and the 1933 Fresno State College Library (now Fresno City College Library).
During the latter years of his career, Heinsbergen participated in the restoration of a number of fine theatres, including the Oakland Paramount in the early 1970s.
Anthony Heinsbergen died on June 14, 1981, at age 86.
www.savethelorenzo.org /about/interior_murals.html   (193 words)

 Fox FAQs
ANTHONY T. One unique feature of the Fox Theatre’s interior was six dazzling canvas murals on the walls of the auditorium featuring different periods of the discovery, settlement, and development of California.
Heinsbergen used a variety of painting styles for his murals, but he is largely remembered for his "delightful mish-mash of byzantine sumptuousness, Art Deco cubism and pure kitsch, perfect for the timeless and vulgar opulence of moving-going."
Heinsbergen noted that an initial sampling of them indicated four were covered with a water-based paint and could be easily restored.
www.fullertonheritage.org /Advocacy_Issues/foxhistory.htm   (2877 words)

 Wiltern Theater Tickets - Wiltern Theater Los Angeles
It was creatively designed by architect Stiles O. Clements and decorated by the muralist Anthony Heinsbergen.
The Wiltern Theater was finely repaired and refurbished, with the restoration of the famous original Heinsbergen murals through the A.T. Heinsbergen and Company, led by Anthony Heinsbergen, Jr., who was the son of the late designer.
Through the extremely careful and effortful restoration of the Wiltern Theater, it was successfully completed in 1985 with modern facilities.
www.barrystickets.com /los-angeles/wiltern-theater   (2347 words)

 The Farm Chicks—Preservation
The 1931 Fox Theater, designed by Robert C. Reamer, was a well known and beloved landmark in Downtown Spokane.
Anthony Heinsbergen, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after interior designers, created one-of-a-kind Depression-era murals which cover the walls of the lobby, mezzanine and lounges of the theater.
A unique remnant of the era of exotic atmospheric theaters of the 1920s and '30s, it is the only remaining large Art Deco theater north of San Francisco.
www.thefarmchicks.com /preservation_sep05.html   (540 words)

 Gary Nisbet :: Statement and slide show
As a young artist I apprenticed with the master muralist Anthony Heinsbergen working on the restoration and decoration of historical landmark buildings.
My days were spent scraping through layers of paint and metallic leaf revealing decades of images layered one over the next.
Connection, rhythm, ceremony, purpose, belonging; the newly formed arrangements painted over the history of collaged surface seems an appropriate juxtaposition to represent everyday life.
www.garynisbet.com /statement.htm   (152 words)

 Anthony b - Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard » Anthony Pinn   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Anthony (Antoon) B. Heinsbergen (1894-1981), nationally acclaimed Dutch-born muralist, was born in Holland on December 13, 1894.
Anthony B. Pinn is the Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities and Professor of Religious Studies.
Anthony B. Schryvers, Ph.D. The bacterial receptor protein, transferrin-binding protein B, does not independently facilitate the release of metal ion from human transferrin.
pageoff.com /?q=anthony-b   (1181 words)

 Wiltern Theatre Information
Albert Landsburgh and is renowned for its Art Deco design containing decorative plaster and tile work along with colorful murals painted by Anthony Heinsbergen.
The theater had been poorly maintained - many of the murals and plasterwork were damaged, many of the fixtures had been sold off or pillaged, and portions of the ceiling had crashed onto the ground floor seats.
To restore the theater to its original state required some expert craftsmanship to repair what was there (including A.T. Heinsbergen, the son of the original painter) and some creativity to replace what had been lost (including salvaging vintage Art Deco seats from the soon to be demolished Paramount Theater in Portland, Oregon).
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Wiltern_Theatre   (834 words)

 Stage fight / Showdown over Orinda Theater changed lives, defined city   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Anthony Heinsbergen, who decked the walls of more than 750 theaters, including Oakland's Paramount, and was once the subject of a touring Smithsonian Institution exhibition, created opulent murals with bare-breasted maidens, some inspired by his wife.
But by the 1970s, the theater was neglected and its style was unappreciated: Art Deco reminded some of the Depression; its big screen showed second-run flicks that few attended.
It was late 1981 or early 1982, she said, and she went to see David Lynch's "The Elephant Man," and was fascinated by Heinsbergen's murals.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2003/01/17/CC129287.DTL&type=printable   (2273 words)

 Westways Magazine - Archived Issues   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The theater's grand opening on June 4, 1930, featured MGM's premiere of Marion Davies's musical, The Florodora Girl; a Metronome newsreel; a cartoon with recorded orchestral accompaniment; and a brief stage piece titled The Rose Garden Idea.
Little of architect B. Marcus Priteca's art deco exterior prepares one for the stunning interior, designed by Priteca in conjunction with muralist Anthony Heinsbergen.
The breathtaking decor, with its golden zigzag-style columns, statues, chandeliers, and intricate geometric motifs, has been called the most spectacular theater interior ever built in Los Angeles.
www.aaa-calif.com /westways/0102/offramp.aspx   (366 words)

 The Grand Chair Affair
He has worked for several years as a decorative painter, performing many of the tasks that one sees exemplified in the magnificent interior of the theater.
In addition, he is currently working on the Pacific Palisades home built by Anthony Heinsbergen, the man responsible for the original decoration of the Warner Grand.
He is also working on assembling a book about the Heinsbergen legacy, which comprised over 700 projects including the Biltmore Hotel and the Pantages theaters.
www.grandvision.org /grandchair/shriver.shtml   (169 words)

The Huntridge Theatre was designed in the "Streamline Moderne" style by renowned theatre architect S.Charles Lee and decorations (which, sadly, were lost by the 1980's) were conceived and executed by renowned muralist Anthony Heinsbergen.
The tower rises 75 feet above the theatre, the letters in the neon Huntridge sign are each seven feet high and three feet wide and they contain more than 1,000 feet of neon tubing.
We hoped that pictures of the theatre from the early days would be posted, but we only have a links to another theatre designed by S. Charles Lee--Fresno, California's historic TOWER THEATRE.
www.fivefoottwelve.com /HPATFiles/HARCH.html   (175 words)

 Downtown bank murals: a big mix-up | www.azstarnet.com ®
The National Register documents say they were painted by famed Los Angeles muralist Anthony Heinsbergen and suggest they were part of the building's original decor when it opened in 1929.
The bank's 2002 listing on the National Register was part of a city-sponsored effort to get 10 significant Downtown properties added to the register at the same time.
I suspect he (muralist Heinsbergen) did something associated with the building, and somebody wasn't as diligent as they should have been about what."
www.azstarnet.com /sn/printDS/67779   (631 words)

 Rescue Me: Page 9 | Home Entertainment
The Auburn Schine, a 1938 Moderne theater by famed architect John Eberson, is that rare gem—a single-screen neighborhood theater owned and operated by a private owner.
Status: Six murals created by Anthony Heinsbergen and Co. and several handcrafted wrought-iron chandeliers grace the auditorium.
Some of the plasterwork and hand-stenciled artwork survived with the original proscenium and drapery, and functional dressing rooms and orchestra pit.
www.hedmag.com /The-Latest-The-Best/Rescue-Me-9.asp   (458 words)

 Entertaining Workplace: From Men's-Lounge Murals to Feather-Pattern Glass Ceiling Stars, Fox Theater Treasures Delight ...
Teams of designers and artisans were assembled in each city to carry out a grand vision for the emerging film industry.
For Spokane, Fox employed Dutch-born designer Anthony Heinsbergen, who had a flair for combining the older, more classical art nouveau style from Europe with the rectilinear geometry commonly associated with art deco in the United States, said Jeffrey Greene, president of EverGreene studios in an interview last May.
Thus, Heinsbergen's motif in Spokane is something of a fanciful Hollywood interpretation of art deco, a style that emerged from modernist and art nouveau movements in Europe in the late 1800s.
www.remodeling.hw.net /industry-news.asp?sectionID=153&articleID=444990   (1285 words)

 Heinsbergen Decorating Co - 1920's Heinsbergen Decorating Co Panels
Heinsbergen Decorating Co - 1920's Heinsbergen Decorating Co Panels
3 Carved, silver leafed and hand painted wood panels by the famous Heinsbergen Decorating Co., Los Angeles.
Anthony Heinsbergen (1894-1981), the foremost designer of movie theatre interiors, created over 750 theaters nationwide during America's golden age of Movie Palaces, such as the Pantages, Wiltern and Tower Theatres.
www.1stdibs.com /item.php?id=65014   (224 words)

 Fresno's Historic Tower Theatre
The mysterious glowing murals were the design of Netherlands muralist, Anthony Heinsbergen (1895-1981).
Local architectural historians have accredited Heinsbergen's assistants, brothers Tom and Frank Bouman, for the final installation of the Tower Theatre murals, and actually painting them at night by fllight to assure that they would achieve the proper fluorescent effects.
The glory days of the past behind it, the Tower Theatre building now functions again as a community meeting place for performing arts and lectures.
www.tower2000.com /history/index.html   (944 words)

 Yuma in Bloom
The terrazzo tiles in the entryway were saved, as were the lobby’s New Deal-era bas-reliefs, celebrating manly agricultural workers.
In the audience chamber, workers repainted the wheat-shaft sconces, but hardly had to touch the two large Anthony Heinsbergen murals.
The seats were refurbished and re-covered in a modern fabric, the flooring was replaced and termite-proofed, and the original houselights and sconces cleaned up.
www.stage-directions.com /backissues/june04/yuma.shtml   (1036 words)

 Anthony Heinsbergen, Untitled, or Bell Communications Around the Globe
Anthony Heinsbergen, Untitled, or Bell Communications Around the Globe
5 "A.T. Heinsbergen & Co.", Newsletter, Society of Architectural Historians Southern California Chapter, February, 1985, p.
The bibliography has been provided courtesy of Michael Several, Los Angeles, May 1999.
www.publicartinla.com /Downtown/figueroa/bunker_hill/heinsbergen_bib.html   (91 words)

 LA Weekly - LA Vida - Cruising - Ernest Hardy - The Essential Online Resource for Los Angeles
Slowly, people make their way up the red-carpeted staircase that is in the center of this secular cathedral, gathering around the crystal fountain and mural by the great theater artist Anthony Heinsbergen.
From that vantage, it becomes obvious that an optical illusion created by the strategic use of mirrors makes the narrow lobby seem wider than it actually is. The group slowly breaks up to canvas this sprawling movie palace that — top to bottom — is larger than some neighborhoods.
It comes complete with a once-spectacular grand ballroom, crying-proof baby rooms whose colorful walls are painted with clowns and animals, sprawling (and working) marble restrooms, a paneled lounge, the shell of a restaurant, and two massive balconies.
www.laweekly.com /general/a-considerable-town/cruising/15469   (1330 words)

 Bancroftiana, Number 116 Spring 2000: Paramount Theatre Archives at The Bancroft Library
From the outset of the project, Peter Botto, hired as General Manager of the newly renamed Paramount Theatre of the Arts, combined superior research and organization skills to assure that the restoration preserved the fine decorative motifs and elements of the original design.
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill were retained for new construction; but the timing was fortuitous, for Timothy Pflueger was still available to advise, and Anthony Heinsbergen, an 81- year-old designer of over 750 movie theater interiors, came out of retirement to help coordinate the restoration of the theater's decorative elements.
Botto balanced the restoration with adaptation of the Paramount for its new multiple purposes, providing a fully equipped, modern edifice with a seating capacity for 3,000, with virtually all of the original design elements either cleaned, restored, or replaced with authentic recreations of the original materials such as the carpeting and upholstery.
bancroft.berkeley.edu /events/bancroftiana/116/paramount.html   (1085 words)

 Fresno's Historic Tower Theatre
The mysterious glowing murals were the design of Netherlands muralist, Anthony Heinsbergen (1895-1981).
Local architectural historians have accredited Heinsbergen's assistants, brothers Tom and Frank Bouman, for the final installation of the Tower Theatre murals, and actually painting them at night by fllight to assure that they would achieve the proper fluorescent effects.
The glory days of the past behind it, the Tower Theatre building now functions again as a community meeting place for performing arts and lectures.
www.towertheatrefresno.com /history/index.html   (942 words)

 Cinema Treasures | Baywood Theater
Opened in 1931, the Baywood was built for W.S. Leadley and was later operated by Fox-West Coast Theatres under the Northern California Peninsula District.
Anthony Heinsbergen was responsible for the interior decoration of the theatre.
Today, most of the details on the facade have ben removed or rendered over and the interior has been partially gutted.
cinematreasures.org /theater/9547   (402 words)

 Pantages Theater
Opened on June 4, 1930 as the last and largest of a chain of theaters operated by vaudeville magnate Alexander Pantages, its interior is considered to be the most stunning example of theater architecture in Los Angeles.
Architect B. Marcus Priteca and interior decorator Anthony Heinsbergen, designed this highly ornate Art Deco style masterpiece in 1929 when it was the first American movie palace built entirely in the Art Deco style.
Howard Hughes decided to add Pantages to his RKO chain and bought it in 1949.
www.hollywoodnonstop.com /Map/pantages.htm   (293 words)

 Wiltern Theater Tickets - Wiltern Theater Tickets and Schedule
Adorning the interior were metallic leaf designs, decorative plaster and tile work and colorful murals.
The murals were designed by Anthony B. Heinsbergen and were executed under his supervision by Heinsbergen Decorating Company staff.
The richness of the Art Deco design and its coloristic opulence make the Wiltern a crowning achievement in the development of the movie palace.
www.rhinotickets.com /la-events/wiltern-theatre   (749 words)

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