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Topic: Anti-corporate

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

 Anti-corporate activism
Corporation leaders, the critics say, are not inherently more evil than anyone else and so are no more likely to attempt atrocities or large-scale criminal activity than the general population.
They believe that since corporations structurally answer only to shareholders, all human interests never make the bottom-line and are ignored, unless the corporation can be exposed and shamed for their illegal and immoral activities.
A more recent trend, blossuming in the 1990s, involves the relatively unchecked power of multi-national corporations that cross borders to do activities that would be illegal in their home countries (child slave labor, extreme environmental abuse, sweatshops, interference with government, etc), either directly or more often through subcontracting. /wik/Anti-corporate_activism

 Anti-Corporate Activism
Corporate Watch – This UK-based Web site is the first place an anti-corporate activist might want to stop.
The Web Site of Anti-Corporate Activism – Developed by UNC Ph.D. student Pat O’Neil, this site provides an organized set of links to and descriptions of specific anti-corporate sites as well as umbrella organizations.
This site is not so as concerned with commercialism (the group itself offers a free T-shirt with donations of $75 or more) as it is with the social responsibility of organizations. /courses/law357c/cyberprojects/spring01/ROP/anticorporate.html

 Activism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Activism, in a general sense, can be described as involvement in action to bring about change, be it social, political, environmental, or other change.
There are many different forms of activism; a select list follows.
This page was last modified 08:50, 4 Nov 2004. /wiki/Activism

 UK Indymedia Success of Flotilla Protests signals a new era in anti-Sellafield Activism
The main point of the whole exercise was to provide dramatic fodder for the corporate media cameras and thus get their attention focused on the dangers of continuously producing large quantities a unimaginably toxic radioactive substance with a half-life of 250,000 years (that's 50 times the length of recorded human civilisation).
The dramatic success of the Nuclear-Free Seas Flotilla offers hope of a new era of anti-Sellafield activism as intensive corporate media coverage penetrated even the British corporate press.
Backed up by Greenpeace's skilled abilities in using corporate media, the drama of small boats searching the Irish sea to tell BNFL's ships to fuck off was irresistible even to the BBC (who's reporters expressed anger at the restrictions imposed on their reporting by headquarters). /front.php3?article_id=41201&group=webcast

 Serebella: Society, Activism, Anti-Corporation
Anti-corporate activism Anti-corporate activists believe that the increasingly massive corporations are becoming equal...
No Logo - Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies News on the politics of brand hegemony and corporate power, and of acts of organized and disorganized resistance from all over the world.
Activism Activism, in a general sense, can be described as involvement in action to bring about change,... /directory/Society/Activism/Anti-Corporation

 Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports The buds of May
But beneath the mainstream radar, Alessio Lunghi, vilified in the rightwing press for his activities with the Wombles, is an eloquent advocate of a new pattern of "social centres", squatted and springing up around the UK, as putting anti-corporate activism into practice.
But such surreal antics did pose questions for those with sympathies for a world of fair trade, sustainable living and democratic accountability for transnational corporations.
If violent protest (the 2000 May Day, Genoa and Gothenburg), peaceful protest (the 1.5 million strong anti-war march in London) and traditional representative democracy (turnout 59% and falling) are all seen to be failing, what methods will work? /Politics/apathy/story/0,12822,1227131,00.html

 Anti-Everything - Activism
If this means standing outside McDonalds, Starbucks, Nike, Gap, Asda (Wal-Mart), or indeed any corporate chain, and giving leaflets to people - so be it.
It needs to spell out the issues in crystal clear terms, and suggest solutions and next-steps that people can take to become more involved in the struggle. /pages/activism.htm

 anti-corporate : Melbourne Indymedia
He argued that the taxes that would be increased to collect extra revenue are targeted at individuals, not the corporate sector.
It is a budget that "maintains the status quo by helping the corporate sector out" which "doesn't address the issues of the day in a fair and equitable manner."
This week it allocated an extra $2 billion for public hospitals and the education sector that is to be spent over the next 4 years. /features/anti-corporate

 Asymmetric Threats and Challenges
A growing number of protest groups are using the Internet to wage guerrilla-style campaigns to damage brand image, hit profits and disrupt the business continuity of their corporate targets.
Politicians and CEO‘s would be wise to take note of the Swarm Factor - a new force of grassroots activism galvanised by information and communication technology.
An unintended consequence of the war on Iraq may well be increased support for Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda network.

 Anti-Corporate Control Page
Basically, 3,000 corporate heads, national heads, corporate media biggies, and other totally rich ruling class folks will be having a five day long coctail party at the ritzy Waldorf Astoria in midtown Manhattan.
Because of the lack of mainstream media attention to social justice issues, it is imperative that we get the word out on our own and let the world know what is going on in Seattle without relying on the biased corporate owned media.
However, a multitude of corporate committees advise the U.S. negotiators; under the trade advisory committee system, over 500 corporate representatives have security clearance and access to FTAA documents. /socialist.htm

 [pandora] Counteracting Anti-Corporate Activism on the Web - Pandora Project Archive
Counteracting Anti-Corporate Activism on the Web was an online seminar conducted on June 20, 2001 by the Public Relations Society of America, to impart information to corporate customers on current trends in online anti-corporate activism and on ways to counteract it.
------- Forwarded Message Follows ------- From: "geert lovink" To: Subject: uit een recente rtmark mail Date sent: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 11:57:57 +1000 * A conference session on techniques to counter anti-corporate activism, normally available for $225 to corporate clients, is available to activists for free at, thanks to an anonymous donor.
The overarching theme of the seminar is the difficulty of protecting a corporate image against citizen activism on the Internet, an open forum where there are no copy editors or censorship committees. /pipermail/pandora/msg00453.html

 Ending Corporate Governance: Revoking Our Plutocracy
Corporations had limited duration, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years -- they were not given forever, like corporate charters are given today.
We can initiate referendum campaigns, or take action through state legislatures and the courts, to end constitutional protections for corporate persons.
For making corporate managers and directors liable for the harms done by corporations. /corporations

 The Witness
I wanted to write about anti-corporate activism, and I knew that a lot of the young people who were getting involved felt they were over-marketed-to, but also that they had the freedom to go after these corporations, because they in no sense expected job security, or basically anything, from them.
What we've seen is a convergence of all these pockets of anti-corporate activism -- all these people deciding to go after corporations in a way that uses the power of corporate marketing against itself.
By reading marketing books and magazines, I came across this idea that has gripped the corporate world in the last 15 years: If you want to be a successful corporation, you don't just have to advertise more and better. /archive/nov2000/interview.html

 The Guerrilla War of Anti-Corporate Activism
Companies today are facing a rising threat from advocacy networks that deftly exploit the revolution in information and communication technology to launch information warfare and mobilise direct action against corporate targets.
With the public‘s distaste for corporate misconduct heightened in the wake of the recent wave of corporate scandals in the US, the threat to companies from grassroots advocacy networks has come even more into focus.
The information for this presentation is derived from active research that has included talking to both sides of the line: advocacy groups and their corporate targets. /41

 Counteracting Anti-Corporate Activism on the Net, Part I
These companies and hundreds of others have been or are the victims of highly visible, Internet-based boycotts, smear campaigns, online extortion, stock devaluation by short sellers, and other anti-corporate activism.
Counteracting Anti-Corporate Activism on the Net, Part I
By not addressing obvious high-profile situations on a corporate web site, it can appear that the company is hiding something. /exacts/EA060.html

 Welcome to Corporate Watch
ON Thursday 7th October, claiming that it was acting as a “good corporate citizen”, the British web-hoster, Rackspace Managed Hosting, handed over two Indymedia servers to the American authorities.
Well-attended public meetings held in Hounslow and Hillingdon have led to the formation of new anti-incinerator groups affiliated to SAIN.
“If you listen carefully to the celebrating voices, those of the rich and powerful in their corporate offices and government buildings, you can pick up a nervous undertone.

 Public Relations Society of America: Counteracting Anti-Corporate Activism on the Web, in the Streets, Against Individuals
Anti-corporate activism is the subject of growing concern to all companies.
This commentary comes from unsatisfied customers, disgruntled current and former employees, competitors, stock manipulators, class actions attorneys, extortionists, activists, and others seeking to pressure companies or cause reputational damage.
Managing these threats will be one of the dominant management and communications problems in the future. /news/68434.html

 Hand-To-Brand-Combat: A Profile Of Naomi Klein
The activism includes "culture jamming", whereby ads are subverted by "guerrilla artists" to send anti-corporate messages out to the public; jammers paint hollow skulls on the faces of Gap models, or change an Apple ad featuring the Dalai Lama and the slogan "Think Different" to "Think Disillusioned".
Isn't it governments that we should be aiming at, since it is governments, initially led by Reagan and Thatcher with their dramatic lowering of corporate taxes, which gave the corporations such power in the first place?
Others humiliate corporations on TV, take over roads, jam ads, gather wherever there is an international summit (Auckland, Vancouver, Manila, Birmingham, London, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur, Cologne, Washington DC, Seattle, Prague), wreck a McDonald's before it has even been built (the Peasant Confederation in Millau, France). /views/092300-103.htm - No Logo
It then reaches its core argument - the now uneasy struggle between corporate power and anti-corporate activism - via sweatshop labour, submerged identity and subversive action.
Beyond this she reaches her core argument - the now uneasy struggle between corporate power and anti-corporate activism - via sweatshop labour, submerged identity and subversive action.
This study examines the power of the logo, noting its increasing capacity for making the product subservient. /books?whatfor=0006530400

 The Portland Mercury: News (03/20/03)
Considering the anti-corporate tone that fueled activism throughout the '90s, the message against CEOs, greed and corporate imperialism has been notably absent in the current anti-war demonstrations.
This low-key and subversive protest was perhaps the most obvious sign that anti-war activism has added more anti-corporate sentiments into its camp.
Organizers of Saturday's "shop-in" instructed participants to place anti-war leaflets in clothes, and to waste employees' time by purchasing and immediately returning items. /2003-03-20/city.html

 Corporate captives: The Acton Institute attacks Health Care Without Harm
Corporate captives: The Acton Institute attacks Health Care Without Harm
The Acton report "reflects its discomfort with religious organizations participating in a campaign to shape corporate decision making and its comfort with working closely with corporations," notes a Health Care Without Harm critique.
At a recent weekend getaway with corporate leaders from a number of countries, the Rev. Zandstra found that these leaders were mainly concerned with "value creation," how to "add economic value to their companies for the benefit of shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and society." /stories/corporatecaptives.html

 About Corporate Watch
jam-packed with news of anti-corporate activism from around the world, and cutting-edge research into corporate misdeeds and cover-ups.
Corporate Watch, 16b Cherwell St. Oxford OX4 1BG.
Corporate Watch is a workers' co-operative - which means that it is owned and controlled by all the people who work there. /pages/aboutus.html

 ADBUSTERS- Culture Jammer Headquarters
Picture tens of thousands of Corporate America flags waving at Independence Day parades...
When I first saw that photo of a hooded man in Abu Ghraib’s sickly light, arms outstretched and fingertips wired...
Perhaps you can hear it from where you’re sitting now... /home

 'Pagan witch' casts her spell in support of protest s at FTAA talks: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
OAKLAND PARK -- A spark of anti-corporate activism was lit Thursday night.
They argue the trade policy would cost jobs in the United States, and allow multi-national corporations unbridled freedom to exploit the people and environment of poorer nations.
Starhawk, a pagan witch and author from Mendocino, Calif., conjured up some spiritualist theory to convince about 80 listeners they should join thousands of others in protest against the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting next week in Miami. /business/sfl-drally14nov14,0,1114142.story

 Netocratic Party Platform
The Netocratic Party denies and opposes the power of any government or other information conglomerate to regulate or control the flow of information to the people inhabiting the territory under its influence.
The Netocratic Party opposes the use and abuse of outdated copyright and trademark laws by large corporations to suppress the free exchange of information and artistic works and to deny individual rights to freedom of expression.
The Netocratic Party supports the creation of a 21st century global information sharing alliance to exploit recent advances in space, nano-, bio-, and other technologies. /partyplatform.htm

 FTAA in Miami : People's Alliance Anti-Corporate Globalization Campaign
Thousands of activists are planning to converge on the city that week to voice their opposition to the FTAA and to corporate globalization.
On Nov. 17 -22, the leaders of North and South America (with the exception of Cuba) will be meeting in Miami for the second round of talks on the Free trade Area of the Americas.
To learn more about the FTAA and why it should be opposed please check out the following links. /corporate/ftaa_in_miami_.php

 Congress to Debate CAFTA This Spring : People's Alliance Anti-Corporate Globalization Campaign
 Expansive Corporate Privilege: The North American Free Trade Agreement established the right for companies to sue governments over public-interest laws that may limit their profits.
Many of these jobs have been moved by corporations from Michigan to “free trade zones” in Mexico.
Because of the impact on workers in Michigan, there is increasing public awareness of NAFTA, the trade agreement most responsible for this job flight. /corporate/congress_to_debate_cafta_this_spring.php - Corporate Death Penalty
We had originally planned to put up a page about consumer boycotts against corporations, but we decided that was too tame, especially in light of the unstoppable, growing tidal wave of anti-corporate activism.
Boycotts are inherently calls for reformism; once a company changes its policies, the boycott is lifted.
The purpose of this page is different--we want to put ALL multinational corporations out of business. /corp_death.html

 NYC IMC: newswire/31210
This rally will unify the plights of workers, shareholders, and pensioners in a common cause for both law and order against corporate crime and basic corporate reform,” Nader added.
“We are organizing the ‘Crackdown on Corporate Crime Rally’ to focus attention on the vast array of corporate misdeeds and to propose sound remedies that will help shareholders, taxpayers, workers, and consumers tame the reckless and out-of control corporate bosses.
“The current corporate crime wave shows every sign of worsening, as more major corporations scramble to admit massive deception of investors, looting of pension funds, self-enrichment of top executives, restatement of earnings and giant farewell compensation packages to departing bosses who wrecked their companies to further their own mega-greed,” said Nader. /front.php3?article_id=33397&group=webcast

 Anti-Corporate Activism
Anti-corporate activism is becoming a growing concern to companies and managing threats like just some of the above examples may well prove to become one of the dominant management and communications challenges in the future.
In an information age of heightened consumer awareness, companies will find themselves increasingly challenged to account over moral or ethical issues by small groups of ideologically-motivated activists who can directly counter a company‘s self-acclaimed corporate social responsibility.
Selfridges, in an official statement, denies any corporate or legal transgression. /common/48

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