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Topic: Anti-revisionist

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 HAYWARD: Fate of Jews in German Hands 1/9
Like all Revisionists, Holocaust Revisionists are skeptical of the claims of 'establishment' historians, and believe that the wider historical profession generally fails to present the origins, courses and consequences of wars in an honest and even-handed manner.
By the 1970s, however, Revisionists in numerous nations around the world were gaining access to aerial photographs of the concentration camps, original blueprints of the alleged gas chambers, German documents relating to the 'Jewish question', military reports and a variety of other sources that had previously been classified and locked away in archives.
Revisionists might do well to remember that all historical sources contain biases and flaws, so in at least an absolute sense memoirs and oral sources are no less reliable than contemporary records such as letters and diaries, newspapers, police reports, or diplomatic and military dispatches. /Hayward/hay1.html   (12551 words)

 Smith's Report #78
Revisionists are playing a central role in an international effot to see to it that this will never come about.
On the other hand, for those revisionists who are most concerned with the abuse and fabrication of the historical record, they should continue to expose the falsehoods on which the current World War Two narrative is based.
The fact that the revisionist conference in Beirut was cancelled is not a cause for celebration. /report/sr78.html   (2673 words)
Revisionist scholars proved that the British and French had for some time been considering the invasion of Belgium in the event of a European war, and that English officers had travelled over Belgium carefully surveying the terrain against this contingency.
After the first World War, the Revisionist verdict as to the responsibility for the war was very generally accepted by scholars and intelligent public leaders, but little was done about it in the way of revising the European post-war system that had been based on the lies and propaganda of wartime.
Revisionist historians soon tackled the propaganda concerning the Spanish-American War which had been fomented by Hearst and Pulitzer and exploited by the war camp among the Republicans of 1898. /Archives/a219.htm   (10220 words)

 Shofar FTP Archives: orgs/american/ihr//ihr.newsletter/ihr.0492n86
Revisionists do not "deny the Holocaust." They acknowledge that large numbers of Jews were stripped of their rights and property, cruelly deported to horrible concentration camps and ghettos, and that many hundreds of thousands of Jews died or were killed during the Second World War.
Revisionists part company with establishment historians in that Revisionists deny that the German State had a policy to exterminate the Jewish people (or anyone else) by putting them to death in gas chambers or killing them through abuse or neglect.
Revisionists also maintain that the figure of 6 million Jewish deaths is an irresponsible exaggeration, and that no execution gas chambers existed in any camp in Europe which was under German control. /~nizkor/   (7443 words)

 Anti-Revisionist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Leninists called themselves "anti-revisionists" because they opposed the revisionists; that is, opposed the Social Democrats who believed that Marx's ideas should be revised to allow for the possibility of socialistic progress without revolution.
In its original sense, "anti-revisionism" was used at the beginning of the twentieth century during the split between Leninist groups and Social Democracy.
The term, while positive, and useful in differentiating an opposition from the Radical Left from those affiliated with both Trotskyism and Left Communism, is usually controversial among those who claim to adhere to it. /wiki/Anti-revisionist   (618 words)

 Music under Soviet rule: Debate/Question of Dissidence/3
Since the revisionist case is that the composer was not only a secret dissident for much of his adult life but also expressed this outlook in the majority of his mature music, it is inevitable that anti-revisionists, in countering the dissident conception, seek to divest certain works of their supposed or potential dissident content.
For example, David Gutman, writing in Gramophone (March 2000), refers to "revisionist orthodoxy" concerning the Eighth Quartet: that the work is "an anti-Communist tract-cum-suicide note".
Much of the revisionist literature is concerned with such case-by-case examination of the provenance of evidence in the Shostakovich debate -- an examination made in public and with the support of citations. /~aho/musov/deb/qod3.html   (3212 words)

Khrushchev had made his speech to the 20th Congress of the CPSU heralding the onset of modern revisionism (revisionists surfaced in a number of parties and tried to destroy, for example, the CPGB) and the imperialists launched a fierce international anticommunist campaign.
The revisionists, the betrayers of the revolutionary cause of the working class, have left no means untried in an effort to substitute bourgeois democracy for proletarian democracy, in opposing the dictatorship of the proletariat, in combating the dictatorship of the proletariat.
The WPK also pointed out that in order to achieve their invidious aims, the modern revisionists concentrated on attacking the leader, the supreme person of the revolution, trying to impair his authority and damage his prestige. /athens/pantheon/5666/korea.html   (2795 words)

 Uniting the Movement
It was pathetic to watch these revisionists trying to slow down the pace of the bourgeois counterrevolution in Russia, and then the bourgeois camp making a meal of them, seizing the initiative at every stage, even though the turn to the capitalist "free market" was inexorably leading to the collapse of support for Yeltsin.
From this development the only positive outcome is that, unlike when they were in power, the revisionists in Moscow can no longer call on the allegiance of the international communist movement, and thereby use this fealty to subvert revolutionary developments in other countries.
The modern revisionists follow in the same footstep as the political opportunists of Social-Democracy who have long betrayed socialism and who oppose the workers' revolution. /athens/pantheon/5666/revis.html   (2127 words)

 Historians and the Irish republican struggle of the early 1900s
This rather contradicts the revisionist view of militant nationalism as conservative, backward-looking, anti-modern, especially since improvements in the condition of the working class, and militant syndicalism, were certainly a sign of modernity in the Ireland of 1913.
A key part of the revisionists’ portrayal of republicanism as an aberration, even a psychopathology, is their claim that republicans glorified violence and that this alleged glorifying is “deranged” and “extreme”.
While the revisionists like to portray their work as thoroughly modern, “scientific”, iconoclastic even, their depiction of Irish nationalism, and attempt to undermine its legitimacy, bears striking resemblance to the work of imperialist ideologues and apologists of the early 1900s. /Irishhistoriography.htm   (10041 words)

 Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism
At a 1998 conference in Salonica, the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists called for the introduction of such laws in countries that have not yet adopted them, and let it be known that it would be holding similar meetings in more than 20 countries to lobby for new or more severe anti-revisionist laws.
Nearly every revisionist can provide a good account of what it has cost him to speak out on a taboo subject, but he is not always aware of what his colleagues in other countries have had to endure.
It is a good thing that the exterminationists have at last conceded to the revisionists that the judges at the Nuremberg trial (1945-1946) accepted as true certain pure inventions, such as the stories of soap produced from Jewish fat, of lampshades made of human skin, of "shrunken heads," and of homicidal gassings at Dachau. /jhr/v19/v19n1p-2_Faurisson.html   (17828 words)

 Proletarism is anti-revisionist Marxism for the 21st century
The revisionist betrayal of Lenin's 1917 revolution by a corrupt strata of self-serving feudal lords, argues Isaev, is fully comparable to the 1914 betrayal by the workers' parties which abandoned the interests of the working class and sided with their own bourgeois rulers at the outbreak of the first world war. /proletarism?cco   (1880 words)

 The Economics of Revisionism
The Trotskyist argument, which the revisionists are taking up in an attempt to hide their treachery (as Trotsky developed it to hide his), to the effect that the state is a workers' state because it owns the main industries, and that the industries are socialist because they are owned by the state, is gibberish.
The revisionists argue that it is not a material incentive of the same kind that a share in the profits is. They say that positive material incentive of a desire for a share in the profit as distinct from the negative material incentive of averting starvation, can only operate effectively in a socialist system.
Following Trotsky, the modern revisionists hold that it is absurd to say that capitalism is developing in the Soviet Union because industry is nationalised and it is not owned by private capitalists. /Ireland/ico.htm   (6532 words)

 Skeptic Tank Text Archive File
While some polled were inclined to just give all revisionists 1 in smarts, it was understood this wouldn't be very useful to newcomers.
When the latest revisionist recruit charges in with the same old pamphlets, it's almost effortless for anyone to request a file and reply: "We covered this two years ago.
And I want to know how their minds work." To see their true colors, McVay and compatriots badger and prod revisionists until they drop the scholarly pretense by, say, calling McVay a "Jew-lover" or complaining Hitler unfortunately missed the parents of some Jewish netter. /skeptic2/holocaus.htm   (1267 words)

 RRIII, Pt. 5: The Seventh Comintern Congress and The United Front Against Fascism
The revisionists were able to seize complete control of the party and stage, not because they were all "hidden spies," "scabs," or "traitors," but because of systematic opportunist and revisionist policies, The thesis of usurpation by hidden agents to explain Khrushchevism and Chinese revisionism is insulting to the intelligence of the masses.
Here within the 7th Congress line we see Khrushchev's revisionist thesis at the 2Oth Congress that war is not fatalistically inevitable under imperialism.
They had a united front with the revisionist Communist Party. /rr3/7thcomcongress.html   (7448 words)

 HAYWARD: Fate of Jews in German Hands 4/9
'Revisionist' intellectual movement of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, the conference was dedicated by Dr. Martin A. Larson, himself a Revisionist for many decades, to the memory of his lifelong friend, Harry Elmer Barnes (1889-1968).
Willis Carto was a prominent figure at the conference, and addressed the seventy-five assembled Revisionists at the beginning of the conference and again during the plenary session.
Although the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America prevents their right to free speech being denied them, Revisionists will no longer be able to present the Holocaust in a U.S. court as an event of history open to reasonable doubt or debate. /Hayward/hay4.html   (19167 words)

 Revisionists vs. Anti-Soviets
Stalin revisionists are to be found among nostalgic anti-"reform" Communists in Russia, and among some on the "academic left" in the USA, who wish to remove a principal moral justification for US anti-Communism in the Cold War.
Points formerly disputed have been conceded, eg by many revisionists the horrifying death toll of Collectivization and the role of Western Communists in Soviet espionage, and by many anti-Soviets a Great-Purge (1936-1938) death toll in the low rather than the mid-to-high millions.
In the West, disagreements between revisionist and anti-Stalinist scholars have become less sharp in recent years. /rus/revision.html   (763 words)

 AAARGH: Index + Why we are here
Revisionists as such do not concern themselves with races or racism, with the taboos established by the fiat of this or that group, with any political tenet, nor with any suggestion that truth should be submitted to any political power or reason of State.
Many revisionists have spent and are still spending a enormous amount of energy to fight cases in courts.
This book is the last-ditch attempt to fight the revisionists. /engl/engl.html   (9675 words)

 Still Going...
The dilemma for the VCP is thus: If its admits error in the "Revisionist, Anti-Party" affair then it concedes that its policies over the last three decades--so costly in Vietnamese lives and the economic opportunity foregone--were also wrong.
The "Revisionist, Anti-Party" affair--as one of the most serious internal purges of the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) became known--still confronts the communist leadership today.
The origins of the "Revisionist, Anti-Party" affair trace back to 1956 when new Soviet leader Khrushchev denounced Stalin at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. /0697/still.htm   (1398 words)

 Pro-White activists arrested in Iceland? - Page 2 - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
The only televised discussion between a revisionist and an anti-revisionist took place in April 1979 when professor Robert Faurisson debated German holocaust specialist professor Wolfgang Scheffler on the Italian-language Swiss TV.
Of cause, these laws, which grossly violate the principles of free speech and free historical research, reveal the weakness of the official holocaust version: If the revisionists were wrong, it would be amply sufficient to refute them publicly, for example in TV discussions.
Also in May 1996, historian Udo Walendy, who had published the revisionist quarterly Historische Tatsachen, was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment for "trivialising the holocaust". /forum/showthread.php?p=359793   (2508 words)

 The Memory Hole: Anti-war Propaganda
Harry Elmer Barnes, wearing his revisionist historian hat, briskly retraces the steps taken to get at the facts of the First World War and in the process provides not only the context necessary for understanding the Second World War, but the tools as well.
Revisionist historian, James J. Martin, puts the 'Day of Infamy' into perspective with this excellent introduction to the topic.
Key references are cited here for the student who wishes to delve into the most important literature pertaining to this watershed event in the history of the modern warfare state. /antiwar2.html   (2115 words)

 Margo Todd: Reformation to Revolution: Politics and Religion in Early Modern England
Margo Todd has brought together in Reformation to Revolution essays representing "revisionist" and "anti-revisionist" arguments on both political and religious issues which did, or did not (as each historian argues), contribute to civil war.
This middle position, Todd asserts, arises from the earlier, revisionist interpretations having been influenced and modified by anti-revisionists' discoveries.
Todd's prologue provides a helpful introduction to the historiography of the subject, briefly relating the route of the debate from the construction of the civil war as a "Puritan Revolution" to a reactionary war of embattled Calvinists maintaining the status quo, leading to a position somewhere in between. /emes/emesbook/feature2.html   (609 words)

 The CODOH Revisionist Forum :: View topic - News! Open Letter - Paul Grubach to A. Mathis on Debate
The person debating must be an intellectual/scholar that has a good knowledge of the both the revisionist and traditional view of the Holocaust, and he/she must be willing to debate in an intellectual and scholarly manner.
If I debate in The Revisionist, then I can rest assured that the debate will be academic, intellectual, name-calling will be eliminated, and both of us will be guaranteed of equal time and space.
Mathis is a competent intellectual who has a good knowledge of both the revisionist and traditional view of the Holocaust. /viewtopic.php?t=759   (2822 words)

 Antisemitism And Racism
After the anti-revisionist law was passed in 1995, a number of fundamentalist Christian political and religious organizations continued (openly or covertly) to defend “freedom of expression” for Holocaust deniers.
For opportunist reasons and for reasons of “political correctness,” ultra-right parliamentary parties dropped the “revisionist cause.” Previously, several VB and Front national leaders had expressed their support for Holocaust denial.
BandH has organized (or taken part in) numerous propaganda events glorifying Nazism, including a “revisionist congress” (2 March 2002; see below), and a ceremony in honor of Adolf Hitler’s birthday (20 April 2002). /Anti-Semitism/asw2001-2/belgium.htm   (3291 words)

 Music under Soviet rule: Debate/Question of Dissidence/4
When revisionists say that Shostakovich's music is dissident, they do not mean that it is "about politics".
They mean that it concerns the universal trials of life (and the varieties of actor on that stage) taken to extremes of nuance and intensity which free democratic societies never experience.
In his case, this impact was brutally immediate: the revolutionary overthrow of a corrupt traditional order involving an unprecedented socio-cultural upheaval and the destruction of millions of lives. /~aho/musov/deb/qod4.html   (4299 words)

 Jewish Group Demands More Anti-Revisionist Laws
Actually, the anti-revisionist laws that are already in place, and the IAJLJ conference's call for more such legal measures, confirm the tremendous importance of the Holocaust story for Jewish-Zionist interests, and underscore the inability of defenders of the orthodox Holocaust story to respond to revisionist evidence and arguments with compelling evidence of their own.
Given the record, the IAJLJ call for harsher anti-revisionist laws is likely to be successful.
If revisionist arguments were really as absurd as these Jewish legal experts contend, there would hardly be a need for laws to punish anyone espousing them. /jhr/v17/v17n4p22_Weber.html   (437 words)

 Owen Gager: James P. Cannonism
The Logan group, ex of Wellington, who have now emigrated to Australia, was reduced to a servile group of correspondents with New York, the ‘anti-revisionist’ mirror image of its ‘revisionist’ enemies in the Fyson group who fallow equally slavishly the American SWP line.
The reason why the so-called “anti-revisionist” groupings in the United States have not examined the growth of a Cannonist theory of the SWP is simple: they also share in the support of, and elaboration of, this theory.
The Workers’ League’s incapacity to grasp the problems of chauvinism led to its surrender, in international relations, to the British chauvinism of Healy’s Socialist Labour League, the abandonment of political independence being the only way in which Wohlforth could avoid his own surrender to American chauvinism. /history/etol/document/swp-us/tpd01.htm   (2854 words)

 Holocaust-Denial Literature: An Additional Bibliography
Although individual revisionists may have different motives and beliefs, they all share at least one point: that there was no systematic attempt by Nazi Germany to exterminate European Jewry.
The Holocaust deniers, who prefer to call themselves "revisionists" in an attempt to gain scholarly legitimacy, have refused to go away and remain as vocal as ever--Bradley R. Smith has continued to send revisionist advertisements to college newspapers, generating publicity for his cause.
With the exception of David Irving, most works by Holocaust revisionists are not reviewed in the mainstream press or in academic journals. /~drobnick/holbib2.html   (6198 words)

 An Assessment of the Garaudy/Abbe Pierre Affair
A bevy of politicians came onto the scene, mostly anxious to insult the revisionists who were deprived, as usual, of the right to respond to the enveloping wave of attacks, calumnies, and defamation.
I regret it for the two men in question and for the French revisionists, although, for revisionism itself, this affair has, despite everything, marked a new advance on the world scene regarding the search for historical truth.
In the body of the work, P. Guillaume was subjected to being called a "liar," a "pervert," and a "bastard" (page 57), and the reader's attention was turned to the trials "which, ironically, assure the revisionists of a veritable and unexpected publicity windfall" (page 60). /viewpoints/vpgarap.html   (6002 words)

 Newsletter 200
Then, as I reflect on how far the Revisionist attitude has infiltrated the world, then I smile to myself because I recognise how fragile the world of the anti-Revisionists is. They are on the run and they fear Revisionists.
If it was not for revisionist researchers, and this is a point conceded by Raul Hilberg, myths such as the existence of gas chambers within all German concentration camps, the making of soap from human fat and German responsibility for Katyn would still be taught unquestioningly.
If it were not for revisionist researchers, legends such as the existence of gas chambers in all German camps, the making of soap from human fat and German responsibility for Katyn would still be in vogue. /newsletters/n200.htm   (6314 words)

 Glossary of People: Bl
Bland therefore became a member of several anti-revisionist formations in Britain.
Bland came to the conclusion that Stalin had been in a minority position in the Politburo, surrounded by hidden revisionists too clever to openly attack Marxism-Leninism; further, they had straight-jacketed Stalin by means of erecting the “Cult of Personality,” which was then used as a weapon against him.
The Society continued till the revisionist take-over of the PSRA by Ramiz Alia, at which point Bland resigned from the Albania Society. /glossary/people/b/l.htm   (2284 words)

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