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Topic: Antimony oxide, tri

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In the News (Tue 22 May 18)

  Antimony - LoveToKnow 1911
Antimony and its salts may be readily detected by the orange precipitate of antimony sulphide which is produced when sulphuretted hydrogen is passed through their acid solutions, and also by the Marsh test (see Arsenic); in this latter case the fl stain produced is not soluble in bleaching powder solution.
Antimony may be estimated quantitatively by conversion into the sulphide; the precipitate obtained is dried at too° C. and heated in a current of carbon dioxide, or it may be converted into the tetroxide by nitric acid.
Antimony trifluoride, SbF 3, is obtained by dissolving the trioxide in aqueous hydrofluoric acid or by distilling antimony with mercuric fluoride.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Antimony   (3116 words)

 Environment Writer Chemical Backgrounder Antimony
High-purity antimony is used as a dopant in semi-conductors; intermetallic compounds of antimony such as aluminum antimonide, gallium antimonide, and indium antimonide are used for thermoelectric devices such as infrared detectors and diodes.
Antimony is a moderate fire hazard in the forms of dust and vapor when exposed to heat or flame; it is a moderate explosion hazard in the form of dust when exposed to flame.
Antimony metal is stable under ordinary conditions and is not readily attacked by air or water; it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.
www.environmentwriter.org /resources/backissues/chemicals/antimony.htm   (1209 words)

 Antimony Sulfide - UK Rocketry & Pyro forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
When you say you can't make it, do you mean antimony sulphide or antimony metal (or both), and when you say synthetic antimony does not work well, do you specifically mean in glitter, or in any pyro composition.
OTOH, if antimony oxide cannot be reduced with carbon at temperatures attainable with charcoal and a forced air supply, I could halve the cost of my order.
For the first half (oxide ->metal) I quote Lancaster: “It is usually prepared by heating the native sulphide (stibnite) with scrap iron, or with poorer quality ores by burning off sulphur in a reverberatory furnace to produce the oxide — which is then reduced with carbon”.
www.ukrocketry.co.uk /forum/index.php?showtopic=590   (732 words)

 U.S. Patent: 5272206 - Vulcanized blends of thermoplastic elastomers and EPDM rubber and method for making - December ...
Exemplary of ester forming derivatives there may be given the acetates of the diols as well as for example ethylene oxide or ethylene carbonate for ethylene glycol.
Exemplary of the suitable known catalysts there may be given the acetates, carboxylates, hydroxides, oxides, alcoholates or organic complex compounds of zinc, manganese, atnimony, cobalt, lead, calcium and the alkali metals insofar as these compounds are soluble in the reaction mixture.
Especially preferred are the organic titanates such as tetra-butyl titanate, tetraiospropyl titanate and tetra-octyl titanate and the complex titanates derived from alkali or alkaline earth metal alkoxides and titanate esters, most preferably the organic titanates.
www.everypatent.com /comp/pat5272206.html   (5098 words)

 TRI Explorer Report (COFA)
TRI Explorer is using an interim data set that includes revisions submitted to EPA as of August 1, 2001 for the years 1988 to 1999 (i.e., revisions submitted to EPA after this time are not reflected in TRI Explorer reports).
Users of TRI information should be aware that TRI data reflect releases and other waste management of chemicals, not exposure of the public to those chemicals.
TRI data, in conjunction with other information, can be used as a starting point in evaluating exposures that may result from release and other waste management activities that involve toxic chemicals.
www.leanweb.org /maps/ibervill.html   (542 words)

Trying to get under it and move it with the arm of a back-hoe would be suicidal and other means would have to be employed.
I had been trying to tie a single filament of steel wool between two wires to use as a detonator but the wool was far too thin and weak to stay together.
I tried to be tough in front of my friend but I was in tears from the pain and my hand felt like it had been run over by a car.
perihelionvfx.com /ORRIHKAL.html   (14860 words)

 Ch110_Lec 21
Some metals, such as iron, are "passivated" by the formation of a thin oxide coating by the acid and so are protected from both it and other acids.
Oxides and sulfides are the most common minerals formed by most metals (e.g.
Oxides of all but polonium and oxygen are acidic.
www.humboldt.edu /~rap1/C110/C110Notes/C110_lec21.htm   (905 words)

 Thermoplastic polyetherimide ester elastomers - Patent 4556688
When used herein, the term "diols" and "low molecular weight diols" should be construed to include equivalent ester forming derivatives thereof, provided, however, that the molecular weight requirement pertains to the diol only and not to its derivatives.
Exemplary of the suitable known catalysts there may be given the acetates, carboxylates, hydroxides, oxides, alcoholates or organic complex compounds of zinc, manganese, antimony, cobalt, lead, calcium and the alkali metals insofar as these compounds are soluble in the reaction mixture.
Especially preferred are the organic titanates such as tetra-butyl titanate, tetra-isopropyl titanate and tetra-octyl titanate and the complex titanates derived from alkali or alkaline earth metal alkoxides and titanate esters, most preferably the organic titanates.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4556688.html   (3755 words)

 Antimony   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
In 1998, 7,479,444 pounds of antimony waste were managed; 4,625,143 pounds were recycled on-site; 713,940 pounds were recycled off-site; 30,405 pounds were used for energy recovery on-site; 66,732 pounds were used for energy recovery off-site; 308,925 pounds were treated on-site; 90,578 pounds were treated off-site; and 1,643,721 pounds were released on-and off-site.
The 10 states in which the largest amounts of antimony were released in 1998 were: Nevada (974,006 pounds); California (159,744 pounds); South Carolina (72,365 pounds); Texas (28,576 pounds); Missouri (15,689 pounds); New York (12,330 pounds); Ohio (10,150 pounds); Michigan (8,042 pounds); Indiana (3,667 pounds); and Illinois (3,544 pounds).
The 10 facilities releasing the largest amounts of antimony in 1998 were: Getchell Gold Corp., Golconda, NV (974,006 pounds); Mclaughlin Mine, Lower Lake, CA (128,593 pounds); Safety-Kleen (Pinewood), Pinewood, SC (70,815 pounds); Safety-Kleen(Westmorland) Inc., Westmorland, CA (31,145 pounds); Disposal Sys.
www.nsc.org /ehc/chemical/antimony.htm   (1464 words)

 Modified thermoplastic copolyetherimide ester elastomers - Patent 4594377
The composition of claim 10 wherein the dicarboxylic acid component (b) is dimethyl terephthalate.
The composition of claim 1 wherein the polyoxyalkylene diimide diacid is derived from trimellitic anhydride and a polyoxyalkylene diamine selected from the group consisting of polypropylene oxide diamine and a copoly(ethylene oxide-propylene oxide)diamine having predominately polyethylene oxide in the backbone.
Although the novel polyetherimide ester of the present invention possess many desirable properties, including improved stability as compared to unmodified polymers, it may be preferred to further enhance stabilization of these compositions to heat, oxidation, radiation by UV light and the like.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4594377.html   (4083 words)

 FDA > CDRH > CFR Title 21 Database Search
[alpha](p-Nonylphenyl)-omega- hydroxypoly (oxyethylene) produced by the condensation of 1 mole of p- nonylphenol (nonyl group is a propylene trimer isomer) with an average of 1-40 moles of ethylene oxide.
Octylphenoxypolyethoxy- polypropoxyethanol (13 moles of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide).
Sulfosuccinic acid 4-ester with polyethylene glycol nonylphenyl ether, disodium salt (alcohol moiety produced by condensation of 1 mole of nonylphenol and an average of 9-10 moles of ethylene oxide) (CAS Reg.
www.accessdata.fda.gov /scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=175.105   (2364 words)

 Chemicals that Currently Lack Risk Scores   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
While 438 TRI chemicals were reported released to air or water in 2002, only 356 have sufficient data to be assigned TEPs and included in this site's risk scoring system.
Only 10% of the total mass of chemicals released to water and reported to TRI are included in the risk scoring system.
The following lists identify the TRI chemicals with reported 2002 releases to air or water that cannot currently be ranked using risk scores.
www.scorecard.org /env-releases/def/tep_missing.html   (194 words)

 Chemical manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Chemical
Manufacturers and exporters of food chemicals such as sodium aluminium sulphate for food, biscuits industry, tri n butyl phosphate as antifoam agent and aluminium sulphate for pH control in paper industry, petroleum refinery process, sewage treatment.
Also deals in flame retardant additives like antimony tri-oxide, molybdenum tri-oxide and alumina tri-hydrate and optical brightener.
Manufacturer and exporters of plasticizers and chemicals like di ethyl phthalate, di methyl phthalate, di octyl phthalate, di octyl adipate, tri butyl citrate, di iso decyl phthalate, dI-n-hexyl phthalate, tri octyl trimellitate, triethyl citrate.
www.indiandata.com /chemicals/chemicals10.html   (658 words)

 In vitro antileishmanial properties of tri- and pentavalent antimonial preparations -- Roberts et al. 39 (6): 1234 -- ...
In vitro antileishmanial properties of tri- and pentavalent antimonial preparations -- Roberts et al.
synthesized complexes of tri- and pentavalent antimony with mannan.
Sun, H., Yan, S. C., Cheng, W. Interaction of antimony tartrate with the tripeptide glutathione: Implication for its mode of action.
aac.asm.org /cgi/content/abstract/39/6/1234   (718 words)

 Hydrated Lime, Hydrated Lime Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters of Hydrated Lime
Manufacturers and exporters of hydrated lime, quick lime, calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide, burnt lime powder, calcium oxide powder, milled lime and other lime products used in bleaching powder, cement paints, refractory cement and steel industry.
Suppliers of precipitated calcium carbonate, activated calcium carbonate, oyster shell calcium carbonate, precipitated silica, zinc oxide, stearic acid, titanium dioxide, china clay powder, whitening powder, calcite, barytes and hydrated lime powder.
Exporters of acids, chemicals and ETP chemicals including hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, tri sodium phosphate, caustic lye, caustic flakes, aluminum sulphate, ferrous sulphate, hydrated lime, sodium hypochlorite, sodium meta bi-sulphite.
www.indianchemicalportal.com /hydrated-lime.html   (883 words)

 Calcium Carbonate - Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers,Calcium Carbonate Suppliers & Exporters
Exporters and manufacturers of chemicals, oxides and minerals like calcium carbonate, oyster shell, purified talcum, china clay etc. Also deals in processed minerals for veterinary industry, glue industry, rubber industry, paint and cement industry.
Engaged in supplying and exporting industrial chemicals such as zinc oxide, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, manganese oxide, manganese sulphate, cobalt sulphate, cobalt carbonate, sodium selenite, potassium iodide, calcium iodate.
Suppliers of animal feed chemicals including feed grade zinc oxide, cobalt sulphate, manganese sulphate, cobalt carbonate, copper sulphate, copper carbonate and di calcium phosphate.
dir.indiamart.com /impcat/calcium-carbonate.html   (1883 words)

 Other Chemicals India,Other Chemical Industry India,Other Chemicals Manufacturers India,Other Chemical Suppliers India
Orion Chem Private Limited - Engaged in manufacturing of diglycolic acid, 2,3 dimethyl- 2,3 dinitrobutane, tris-1- (2,methyl aziridinyl) phosphine oxide, antimony tri sulphide, mato (bonding agent), tetra nitro oxanilide, hydrazine nitrate, hydrazine carbonate, lead ferro cyanide, hydroxyl terminated poly butadiene and glycidyl azide prepolymer.
Anchor Chemicals Industries - Manufacturers of chromium acetate, chromium chloride, chromium fluoride, chromium nitrate, chromium formate, tungstic acid, sodium tungstate, ammonium paratungstate, cobalt nitrate, calcium tungstate, cobalt oxide, cobalt chloride, cobalt acetate, sodium molybdate, epoxidised soyabean oil and ammonium molybdate.
Growel Group - Supplier of more than 600 different chemicals spanning one of the widest range of applications for surface treatment including intermediates used in manufacture of plastic chemicals.
www.surfindia.com /chemicals/other-chemicals   (1316 words)

 Zinc Oxide - Zinc Oxide Manufacturers,Zinc Oxide Suppliers & Exporters
Importer of zinc oxide, potassium carbonate, boric acid, soda ash dense, soda ash light, lead oxides, arsenic tri-oxide, sodium nitrate, selenium metal powder, potassium nitrate, potassium permagnate and barium carbonate.
Engaged in export and wholesale supply of zinc oxide, zinc salts, zinc borate, zinc chlorides, zinc diacrylate, zinc chromate, zinc dithiophosphates used for the applications like rubber, latex, adhesives and tape, lube oil and zinc chemicals.
Manufacturer and exporter of aox zinc oxide that is used as an activator of organic accelerators in the process of vulcanization of all rubbers.
dir.indiamart.com /impcat/zinc-oxide.html   (1787 words)

 Textile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The study focus on aspects related to 39 products of inorganic chemicals including supply, demand, market prospects and market opportunity.
Ferric Chloride, Zinc Chloride Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Hydorgen Peroxide (H2O2)
The study was compiled and published in June 2005, consisting of 339 pages and available in the English or Indonesian edition.
www.cic.co.id /products/05_inorganic.htm   (273 words)

 Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
1327-53-3 1,4 P012 1 (0.454) Arsenic oxide As2O5...................
10102-44-0 1,4 P078 10 (4.54) 10544-72-6 Nitrogen oxide NO.....................
10102-43-9 4 P076 10 (4.54) Nitrogen oxide NO2....................
ecfr.gpoaccess.gov /cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ecfr&sid=b6641e185c176c33e47787085175f3e0&rgn=div5&view=text&node=40:   (2608 words)

 Iron Oxide, Iron Oxide Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters
Manufacturers of red Iron Oxide powder, ferric Oxide powder and grey Iron Oxide powder.
Exporter of quartz, quartzite, quartz grits and powder, potassium and sodium Feldspar lumps and powder, red Iron Oxide lumps and powder, talc and soapstone and other non-mettalic minerals.
Manufacturers of antimony tri chloride, anitmony tri Oxide, antimony penta sulphide, antimony tri sulphide, antimony metal power, antimony tir sulphide lumps, zinc sulphide(zns), Iron sulplhide.
www.indianindustry.com /minerals/5794.html   (1625 words)

 Other Chemicals Chemicals Business & Industries Mumbai Maharashtra Indian States
Modern Chemicals and Plastics - Manufacturer of speciality chemicals, coated additives, paint driers, PVC additives, PVC stabilizers and plastic chemicals.
Zirconium Chemicals Private Limited - Manufacturer of zirconium chemicals like zirconium oxide, zirconium basic carbonate, zirconium sulphate etc used in various industrial applications.
TEL Group - Provide chemicals for water treatment, metal treatment, pulp & paper, rubber and wood and also offer financial, construction and real estate development services.
www.surfindia.com /mumbai/business-industries/chemicals/other-chemicals   (933 words)

 105 ASJ Tape, MSDS, Compaq, EXTOL
Harmful vapors may be released under certain fire conditions, necessitating the use of self-contained, positive pressure, breathing apparatus.
Hydrogen Chloride, Halide, Ammonia Compounds, Nitrogen Oxides, and/or Sulphur Oxides could form under fire conditions.
Water, strong oxidizers, acids and halogenated compounds should be avoided.
www.extolohio.com /MSDS/Compac/105_asj.html   (222 words)

 Safety & Health Services - Chemical Compatibilty
Combustion by-products may include oxides of phosphorus, Phosphine, and phosphoric acid if water is present.
Absorbs moisture from air with avidity, forming meta, pyro, or orthophosphoric acid depending on condition of absorption.
Separate from water, acids, halogens, silicates, sulfates, nitrates,carbonates, phosphates, oxides and hydroxides of heavy metals, organics, and Teflon.
www.bnl.gov /esh/shsd/Programs/Program_Area_Chemicals_Compatibility.asp   (4487 words)

 Chapter 4: Occupational Hygiene Preventive Measures - SafeWork
Calcium carbide, paint (nitrocellulose based), body filler (mixture of metal oxides and resins), thinner, lacquer, enamel, sodium hydroxide, 'rubbing compound', 'glasso'
Tere phthalic acid, monoethylene glycol, sodium sulphite, hydrazine, titanium dioxide, antimony oxide, cutting oils, trichloroethylene, chlorine
Silver oxide, propane, foundry sand, gasoline, nitro-synthetic-finish-lacquer, 'power thinner', limestone, ziny, trisodium phosphate, sodium hydroxide, sodium cyanide, Osazol EN 143 (developer), sulphuric acid, nickel, silver nitrate, Makrolux (brightener), Ni Konz., hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, gold, potassium cyanide, Sphühex (foaming agent)
www.ilo.org /public/english/protection/safework/papers/smechem/ch4.htm   (749 words)

 [No title]
www2.siri.org /msds/f2/cjs/cjsyc.html   (1590 words)

 Soda Ash Importers,Lead Oxides Importer,Zinc Oxides Buyers,Soda Ash Buyers,Lead Oxides Importers,Zinc Oxides Buyer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Importers of Soda Ash, Lead Oxides, Zinc Oxides, Arsenric Tri-oxide, Sodium Nitrate, Selenium Metal Powder, Antimony Trioxide, Cobalt Oxide, Potassium Carbonate, Borax, Boric Acid, Barium Carbonate, Potassium Permagnate and all other glass chemicals.
We are the importers of Soda Ash, Lead Oxides, Zinc Oxides, Arsenic Tri-Oxide, Sodium Nitrate, Selenium Metal Powder, Antimony Tri-Oxide, Potassium Carbonate,Borax, Boric Acid and exporters of Cadmium products, Lead Oxides, Zinc Oxide and Copper Oxide.
From the days of sheer hard work to the present times of success and wide spread recognition we have always believed in the superiority of our product which has enabled us to grab a major share of market.
www.indiamart.com /nmrk   (347 words)

 Turnkey Project Agencies,Turnkey Project Consultancy,Turnkey Project Consultants,Turnkey Project Agencies India
We offer lead battery recycling services, secondary lead smelting solutions, lead refining services, lead alloying services, lead smelting solutions, lead oxides manufacturing, pollution control plants on turnkey basis.
Offers turnkey project consultancy and manufacturing services for oxygen and nitrogen plants, acetylene gas plants, nitrous oxide plants, tanks and filling stations.
Providing consultancy servicing for turnkey projects for production of ores and chemicals like manganese ore, iron ore, manganaous oxide, manganese dioxide, sponge iron etc.
catalogs.indiamart.com /services/turnkey-project-agencies.html   (2578 words)

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