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Topic: Antonio Pigafetta

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Antonio Pigafetta Summary
Pigafetta was among the survivors, and at the behest of King Charles V, he wrote about his experiences in Primo viaggio inforno al globo terraqueo.
Antonio Pigafetta (c. 1491 – c. 1534), was an Italian navigator born in Vicenza.
During the trip, Pigafetta collected numerous data about geography, the climate, the flora, the fauna, and the inhabitants of the places that the expedition visited; his meticulous notes were to serve as invaluable documents to future explorers and cartographers, mainly due to his inclusion of nautical and linguistic data.
www.bookrags.com /Antonio_Pigafetta   (544 words)

 FYI: Antonio Pigafetta, First Round-the-World PR Man - BBA Communications
Don Antonio, né Antonio Pigafetta, was born, circa 1498, to a patrician family in Vicenza, Italy.
After a sound early education, young Antonio wanted to travel (is this beginning to sound familiar?), to see what he described as "the very great and awful things of the ocean." He got a job as secretary to the Papal Ambassador to the Court of King Charles I, in Valladolid, Spain.
While at the Spanish Court reporting to Charles, Antonio passed his story to the Italian Pedagogue, Peter Martyr, who, in turn, instructed his acolyte, Maximillian of Translvania, the natural sone of the Cardinal Archbishop of Saltzburg, to write an account of the expedition in Latin for his father.
bba-intl.com /bbafyipigafetta.html   (1293 words)

 The Mariners' Museum | EXPLORATION through the AGES
Antonio Pigafetta was his name, and his obsessive record-keeping gives scholars the chance to sail along with Ferdinand Magellan and hear all manner of shipboard gossip, without all the boring, official clutter that fills logbooks, such as course and wind direction and so forth.
Pigafetta was born sometime around 1491 in the Italian town of Vicenza, and could claim to be a citizen of the powerful city-state Venice, which controlled Vicenza.
Pigafetta, with an easy manner and an eye for the unusual, produced a very readable account of the first successful circumnavigation and gave readers a glimpse into the manners and customs of the native people encountered, as well as information on local flora and fauna.
www.mariner.org /exploration/index.php?type=travelwriter&id=7   (1224 words)

 Lawrence University Publications: Lawrence Today   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Antonio Pigafetta, one of the few survivors, wrote the authoritative account of the journey in his stead.
In Pigafetta’s account, the European world first learned of Patagonia, and through his depiction was engendered the fascination which would draw Europeans to the region for centuries to come.
Although modern scholastic impressions of Pigafetta are not terribly favorable (Percy Adams calls the chronicler “superstitious and addicted to the marvelous, delighting to record wonders and exaggerations”), more contemporary audiences read Pigafetta with wonder, creating a martyr of Magellan and a hero-by-proxy of Pigafetta, whose fame far outstripped his actual literary merit.
www.lawrence.edu /news/pubs/lt/fall04/giants.shtml   (1928 words)

 Ferdinand Magellan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
The San Antonio was a great loss because it had most of the supplies.
I was glad I was on the Victoria because it made it the rest of the way around the world with me and 17 other men, while the Trinidad was captured by the Portuguese and the crew members were hanged as pirates.
Pigafetta for telling me about Ferdinand Magellan and his incredible voyage.
www.eyewitnesstohistory.net /magellan.htm   (662 words)

 Ferdinand Magellan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Antonio Pigafetta, a wealthy tourist who paid to be on the Magellan voyage, provided the only extant eyewitness account of the events culminating in Magellan's death, as follows:
However, Antonio Pigafetta had been making notes about the language, and was apparently able to continue communications during the rest of the voyage.
Pigafetta mentions some of the technology of the court, such as porcelain (which was not yet widely available in Europe), and spectacles (eyeglasses were only just becoming available in Europe).
www.knowledgehunter.info /wiki/Ferdinand_Magellan   (2486 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
It is a miracle that the diarist, Pigafetta, through all this mayhem, did manage to be one of the handful of survivors.
Pigafetta, the chronicler, was one of the men who accompanied the captain.
Most versed in nautical charts, he knew better than any other the true art of navigation, of which it is certain proof that he by his genius, and his intrepidity, without anyone having given him the example, how to attempt the circuit of the globe which he had almost completed.
muweb.millersville.edu /~columbus/data/art/SCHUES01.ART   (2465 words)

 Magellan's Voyage - A Narrative Account of the First Circumnavigation
Onboard Magellan's flagship was Antonio Pigafetta, an Italian nobleman, whose job it was to keep a daily chronicle of the voyage.
The Concepcion and the Santo Antonio were sent to explore the southeast channel while the Trinidad and the Victoria explored the southwest channel.
Pigafetta could not go because he was still nursing the wounds he had suffered at the Battle of Mactan.
www.tomandcathymarking.com /reviews/magellans_voyage.htm   (3955 words)

 Secret Gospels, Sacred Sites: Lost 5
In 1521, Antonio Pigafetta, a thirty-year old Italian cartographer, who paid a large amount of money to join the most pivotal voyage in maritime history, witnessed the killing of the expedition’s Portuguese captain in the Philippine shores of Mactan.
Pigafetta saw how his dying captain turned many times to look at his men retreating to their boats as the natives put an end to his life, this forty-year old man, Ferdinand Magellan, the first European to reach the Philippines.
I availed of Pigafetta’s only surviving account because it is the elegiac voice of a witness, one who, in so many ways, made it back full circle.
personalwilli.blogspot.com /2006/10/lost-5.html   (1456 words)

 Magellan, Ang Unang Español - 2
Pabungad ni Antonio Pigafetta, kung paano at bakit siya sumama sa paglakbay, at bakit isinulat itong aklat.
Dumalo si Pigafetta sa pagsamba ng mga babaing pari sa dios ng mga tagapulo.
Ang mga dinanas sa paglakbay sa barkong Trinidad ng mga tauhang naiwan nina Pigafetta sa Maluku.
www.elaput.com /mageln02.htm   (833 words)

Antonio Pigafetta of Vicenza, an Italian gentleman who has left the best history of the voyage, went as a volunteer in Magellan's suite.
The best is that of Antonio Pigafetta, a volunteer in the fleet, It is printed in Ramusio, and exists in four early MS.
The latter was perhaps the original language of this work, which was addressed by Pigafetta, as a knight of Rhodes, to the Frenchman Villiers de l'Isle Adam, grand master of the order of the Hospital of St John.
www.ermeland.de /magellan.html   (1902 words)

 Casa Pigafetta
Casa Pigafetta was built by Stefano da Ravenna in 1444, which is when the trilobed single-arched windows on the facade date back to.
In 1481 the building was renovated by the jurisprudent Matteo Pigafetta, who was also responsible for the Renaissance-style portal.
On the facade of the adjacent house there is a plaque in honour of the Vicenza-born navigator Antonio Pigafetta.
www.gruppo4.com /sivi/cit_e/ce06_e.htm   (113 words)

 Ferdinand Magellan
According to Pigafetta, the ringleader in the plot was Juan de Cartagena.
Soon the San Antonio drew near enough for her captain to announce joyfully that the ships had sailed more than 100 miles into a deep narrow channel with strong tides and no sign of fresh water.
Pigafetta vividly recalled: "They ate biscuit, and when there was no more of that they ate the crumbs, which were full of maggots and smelled strongly of mouse urine.
members.tripod.com /khleo/magellan.htm   (4707 words)

 Guevara Antonio de - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Guevara Antonio de - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Guevara, Antonio de (1480?-1545), Spanish writer, born in Treceño, Santander Province.
He became a Franciscan monk and in 1518 was made court...
encarta.msn.com /Guevara_Antonio_de.html   (157 words)

 Francesco Antonio Pigafetta
Pigafetta's narrative is the only account of Magellan's expedition, as the history that was written by D'Anghiera by order of Charles V. was destroyed during the storming of Rome by the army of the Constable de Bourbon in 1527.
The work ends with a dictionary of the dialects of the nations that were visited by Pigafetta, and in particular of the inhabitants of Philippine and Molucca islands.
The remainder of Pigafetta's life is unknown, but the date of his death is recorded in the archives of Vicenza.
www.famousamericans.net /francescoantoniopigafetta   (495 words)

 Magellan Biography
Pigafetta kept a diary of the voyage and remained a staunch supporter of the Portuguese explorer.
Spanish captains Juan de Cartegena of the San Antonio, Gaspar de Quesada of the Concepcion, and Luis de Mendoza of the Victoria were plotting to kill Magellan.
Cartegena, the ringleader of a mutiny attempt, was relieved of his command of the San Antonio and held prisoner aboard the Victoria.
www.cnusd.k12.ca.us /anthony-es/explorermagellanbio.html   (932 words)

 Bergreen (Laurence) Over the Edge of the World Summary
The Venetian scholar Antonio Pigafetta is taken as a supernumerary--he will create the best chronicle of the voyage, a candid personal diary.
Antonio Salamón (master of Victoria) is brought before a court martial and condemned to death for sodomizing a cabin boy.
Pigafetta, always interested in native languages and customs, befriends and studies the giant, who has been placed in chains along with another, to be held as gifts to King Charles.
www.mcgoodwin.net /pages/otherbooks/lb_overedgeworld.html   (4884 words)

 Findbox: antonio-pigafetta
One of the men was the Venetian Military Knight Antonio Pigafetta and he had in his person the most precious cargo on that ship - his journals.
Cebuano words recorded by Antonio Pigafetta in 1521 with the help of Enrique of Malacca...
Antonio Pigafetta summary with 2 pages pages of encyclopedia entries, essays,...
www.findbox.de /antonio-pigafetta.html   (154 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Antonio Pigafetta
Of some 260 men who set out with Magellan in 1519, Pigafetta was one of only 18 who returned to Spain in 1522, having completed the circumnavigation under the captainship of Juan Sebastián Elcano after Magellan's death.
Nevertheless, he managed to recover and was among the 18 on board the Victoria, who accompanied Juan Sebastián Elcano on the return voyage to Spain.
Cebuano words recorded by Antonio Pigafetta in 1521 with the help of Enrique of Malacca
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Antonio_Pigafetta   (480 words)

 Discovery annals: Magellan’s excellent adventure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Also on the expedition was Antonio Pigafetta, determined to write an accurate account of all they experienced and encountered.
Pigafetta conversed with John at length, and they taught each other their respective languages and about each other’s cultures.
Pigafetta transcribed a vocabulary of the Tehuelche language, still considered among the expedition’s most significant accomplishments.
www.gazette.net /stories/070506/enteboo150239_31947.shtml   (559 words)

 Biblioteca Civica Bertoliana Pigafetta
Personaggio tanto affascinante quanto sfuggente, Antonio Pigafetta rappresenta ancor oggi un'irriducibile incognita per gli studiosi.
Antonio nacque a Vicenza intorno agli anni '80' del 1400 e la data della sua morte dovrebbe collocarsi presumibilmente verso il 1530.
In questi anni il progetto Pigafetta ha svolto una costante attività di ricerca bio-bibliografica, che si è avvalsa anche, con reciproca utilità, della collaborazione di importanti studiosi della letteratura di viaggio del Quattro e del Cinquecento.
www.bibliotecabertoliana.it /pigafetta/antonio.htm   (381 words)

 Magellan: Ang Unang Español - 1
Sa mga makabagong kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, tangi pa rin ang lakbay ni Magellan hindi dahil sa mga ginawa ng mga taga-Europa kundi dahil sa ulat ni Antonio Pigafetta, ang kanyang kaibigan na, bagama’t walang muwang sa paglayag ay magaling makitungo sa mga tao at malinaw sumulat.
Ang batang Carlos 5 ang nagpundar kay Magellan at tumangkilik kay Pigafetta na maki-layag nuong 1519 nang nagsisilbi si Pigafetta bilang alalay ni Francesco Chieragati, ang pangunang kalihim (protonotario, first secretary) at sugo ni Papa Leo 10 sa corte ni Carlos 5.
Kasama sila sa maraming maharlika bumuntot nang maglakbay si Carlos 5 sa Barcelona mula Zaragoza nuong 1518, at nuon narinig ni Pigafetta ang mga cuento ng hiwaga at panganib ng paglakbay sa dagat.
www.elaput.com /mageln01.htm   (775 words)

 GGM Nobel Speech
Antonio Pigafetta, the Florentine navigator who accompanied Magellan on the first circumnavigation of the world, kept a meticulous log on his journey through our Southern American continent, which, nevertheless, also seems to be an adventure onto the imagination.
He related that he had seen pigs with their umbilicus on their backs and birds without feet, the females of the species of which would brood their eggs on the backs of the males, as well as others like gannets without tongues whose beaks looked like a spoon.
General Antonio López de Santana, thrice dictator of Mexico, had the right leg he lost in the so-called War of the Cakes buried with all funereal pomp.
www.udel.edu /fllt/faculty/aml/Nobel.html   (1624 words)

 Discovery and First Mass
Magellan was given command of a Spanish fleet consisting of five ships, the flagship Trinidad (110 tons), San Antonio (120 tons), Concepcion (90 tons), Victoria (85 tons) and Santiago (75 tons).
An Italian member of the expedition, Antonio Pigafetta, served as the official chronicler and wrote eyewitness account of the expedition, entitled "Primo Viaggio Intorno Al Globo Terracqueo (First Voyage Around the Terrestial Globe) first published in Italian in 1800.
They they proceeded along the coast and anchored at the river of San Antonio slipped away and returned to Spain, dropping out of the expedition.
www.geocities.com /ebjustimbaste/discover.html   (3988 words)

 Antonio Pigafetta. Magellan le premier tour du monde 1519-1522.
Antonio Pigafetta, un jeune Italien, à qui revient la tâche de rédiger le journal de bord : fatigues et privations, échecs et succès sont présents dans chaque page.
Mais surtout, Pigafetta décrit les contrées jusque-là inconnues des Européens, dépeint en véritable anthropologue les peuples qu'il rencontre, leurs langues et leurs coutumes : le Brésil, la Patagonie, Les Philippines où Magellan est tué, les Moluques regorgeant de cannelle et de gingembre, Java et son musc, L'océan Indien et Les îles du Cap Vert.
Sur cet épisode capital de l'histoire humaine, Lonce Peillard nous donne une admirable édition du manuscrit de Pigafetta conservé à la Bibliothèque nationale, enrichie d'une postface, de notes éclairantes et d'une précieuse bibliographie." Note de l'éditeur.
www.avecdesvoiles.com /antoniopigafetta.html   (235 words)

 Pikle - The Diary Junction - Antonio Pigafetta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
Pikle - The Diary Junction - Antonio Pigafetta
Pigafetta also worked on translating the Philippine language.
The Voyage of the Magellan: The Journal of Antonio Pigafetta
www.pikle.demon.co.uk /diaryjunction/data/pigafetta.html   (287 words)

 Literacy in Pre-Hispanic Philippines
ntonio Pigafetta, Magellan's meticulous chronicler, came in 1521 to the Visayas but did not notice any evidence of writing skills in the places he visited.
Instead, he noted that the natives were impressed that he could repeat things that they had said earlier by reading back his notes.
Many other historians had similar conclusions, including Dr. Antonio Morga, Senior Judge Advocate of the High Court of Justice and commander of the ill-fated galleon-turned-warship San Diego that was sunk by the Dutch Admiral van Noort.
www.bibingka.com /dahon/literacy/literacy.htm   (1380 words)

 Entry 6   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-24)
I thought of Antonio and Magellan and I wondered if they were already on their way to the new continent.
I had to find Antonio and I felt sure he would be in one of the seaside taverns.
Antonio continued speaking, not noticing my hesitance, "The other ships, Concepción, Santiago, and Victoria, are also captained by Spaniards.
www.mysteriouscitiesofgold.com /Entry6.html   (4245 words)

 Brief Chronology Tracing Mazaua (Magellan’s Anchorage) Becoming Limasawa (Isle Without Anchorage
We shall be able to locate 1521 Butuan by the latitude of Mazaua.
Pigafetta says Mazaua was in 9 degrees 40 minutes North.
We know this is a wrong latitude because no isle exists in that latitude.
members.tripod.com /philipppines/mazauatime.htm   (1465 words)

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