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Topic: Apate

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  Encyclopedia: Apate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Daughter of Nyx in Greek mythology, Apate was the personification of deceit.
Apate works by gaining people's trust and then feeding them bits of misinformation (usually mixed in with chunks of truth to make it harder to tell the lies).
Apate is an actress whose personality is made up of all of her roles.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Apate   (720 words)

Apate was the Greek goddess of deceit, daughter of Nyx.
Apate was one of the spirits inside Pandora's box.
Article "Apate" created on 03 March 1997; last modified on 27 December 1998 (Revision 2).
www.pantheon.org /articles/a/apate.html   (34 words)

 The deception with tact- just what are you trying to say?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
When she's not in battle or hangin' out in the VV, Apate is generally out in the world, playing one of her "roles," her main one being Veronica Samson for right now, at least until she gets discovered.
Whenever Apate starts playing one, she gets REALLY into it, often to the point that she actually believes she is that person.
The true source of her confusion lies in Apate's personality-- she doesn't exist as one singular person, but rather as a collection of identities she's made.
www.haas-online.net /rpgdefreak/profiles/mythos/apate/apateperfil.html   (677 words)

 Illusion, Mass Confusion, Question-Mark Cluesin'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Apate's villain "fuku" is a big, poofy-sleeved, frilly silver dress, cinched in the middle with a wide pink sash, tied in a big bow in the back.
This is the power that Apate uses to become one of her roles.
Apate uses little half-truths and a few lies to cause a target to think in a certain way.
www.haas-online.net /rpgdefreak/profiles/mythos/apate/apatepowers.html   (450 words)

 Greek Mythology: APATE Daimon Goddess of Deceit, Guile, Trickery, Fraud & Deception ( also Fraus )
APATE was the female DAIMON (Spirit) of deceit, guile, fraud and deception.
She stormed with flying shoe through the heaven bespangled with tis pattern of shining stars, she coursed through innumberable cities with travelling foot, seeking if anywhere she could find Apate (Deceit) the crafty one.
Then subtle-minded Hera began to coax wily Apate (Deceit) with wily words, hoping to have revenge on her husband: ‘Good greeting, lady of wily mind and wily snares!
www.theoi.com /Daimon/Apate.html   (656 words)

 Ten Four :: View topic - Apate - A Half-Life Singleplayer Modification
Apate is (or more exactly: shall become) a Singleplayer Modification for Halflife.
Looking to technical evolution you could call it to play in the 1990's, but there won't be any connections to the political or social proportions at that time.
Apate takes place in reality, but not in the same as we do.
tenfourmaps.telefragged.com /phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=3658387&highlight=   (816 words)

 Apate: loose and dangerous (Once)
At the moment, he was selling a bottle of horrible inferior wine to a middle-aged couple.
Apate had switched the papers encirling it* with a far more distinguished wine.
Apate bowed and moved off, not even bothering to take their order to the kitchens.
invisionfree.com /forums/once/ar/t435.htm   (1951 words)

 Apate * People, Places, & Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
Apate * People, Places, and Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
Cut and paste the following text for use in a paper or electronic document report.
"People, Places and Things: Apate", Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant.
www.messagenet.com /myths/ppt/Apate_1.html   (250 words)

 Mjane akiri kuuza bangi ili apate chakula cha watoto   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Mjane akiri kuuza bangi ili apate chakula cha watoto
Rahma Hamisi and Jafari Shabaan, Standard Two and Four pupils of Bunge and Zanaki Primary Schools, respectively carry placards demanding re-introduction of meals as well as cautioning teachers to beware of sodomy and rape incidents in schools at Mnazi Mmo
Akasema yeye alipofiwa na mumewe, alishindwa jinsi ya kuweza kumudu maisha hivyo akaona ni bora ajitumbukize katika biashara hiyo, ili apate pesa za kuishi na watoto wake.
www.ipp.co.tz /ipp/alasiri/2003/10/21/1341.html   (343 words)

 The Coffee Plant Diseases: 1aaa American Green Coffee Beans   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
For plants that the larvae has already penetrated deep into it, there isn't much that can be done.
APATE; Black stem borers: These beetles like a single tree or small group of trees.
The tend not to do extensive damage but can affect the small group of trees.
www.gardfoods.com /coffee/coffee.diseases.htm   (2873 words)

 Be Not Deceived   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In I Corinthians 3:18, Paul wrote, "Let no man deceive himself." Our English words "deceit and deceive" are translated from two Greek words apate and dolos.
Apate means "to cheat, deceive or beguile; that which gives a false impression, whether by appearance, statement or influence." Dolos means "a bait or snare, to deceive or beguile, to corrupt."
Only the obedient and the faithful will inherit eternal life (Matt.
www.truthmagazine.com /archives/volume28/GOT028074.htm   (261 words)

 Apate by duelcub from LiveJournal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Results 1-3 of about 3 for the Apate (0.02 sec)
que tipo tan mas andrtogino si no fuera por su sombra de barba pensaria ke es mujer apate ke me saco una buena lana por las inyecciones y demas pobre shamash se enfermo de calentura y hasta hoy medio se esta recuperando yo tambien estoy enfermo el sabado crei que estaba cansado por...
Also helps finding: pate aate apte apae apat ppate qpate wpate spate zpate xpate opate Apate
www.ljseek.com /filter4/duelcub/Apate   (183 words)

 Apate from LiveJournal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Adam called and told me he'd be hjome soon and to put the pizza in the oven.
Put the pizza in the oven 25 minutes later, the pizza fell apate in the oven.
Her realm was in the far West beyond the land of Atlas.
www.ljseek.com /search/Apate   (438 words)

 Chris' 2nd Poetry and Song Page
I never thought my heart could bleed out so much feeling and that I'd be able to arrange it all...
After Thanatos I wrote Eris, Apate, Moros, then Philotes.
The rest of my poems on this page are written in reverse chronological order (as you can see by their dates).
www.angelfire.com /scifi/whitewing/poetry2.html   (1200 words)

 John Bridge Ceramic Tile Forums - View Profile: apate
John Bridge Ceramic Tile Forums - View Profile: apate
Welcome to John Bridge / Tile Your World, the friendliest DIY Forum on the Internet
apate is not a member of any public groups
www.johnbridge.com /vbulletin/member.php?u=5185   (66 words)

 Apate at Music Crawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Also Try: apate, apate lyrics, apate pictures, apate news more...
Also Try: apate, apate lyrics, apate pictures, apate news, apate downloads, apate mp3, apate reviews, apate interviews, apate biography, apate discography, apate tours, apate store, apate cds, apate dvds, apate records, apate books, apate magazines, apate apparel, apate posters, apate concert tickets, apate sheet music, apate tabs, more...
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Music Crawler Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
www.musiccrawler.net /search/apate.html   (211 words)

 VN Boards - In Midgard, What server has the worst population?
You'll have to look hard for any jerks.
Score of Lunatics on Alb/Gareth, mature people only!
Pick up groups really suck =(I have no patience for them.
vnboards.ign.com /message.asp?topic=73047082   (1029 words)

 YoungAfrican.Com - Uchaguzi Tanzania 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Nyerere akasema hakuna mgombea aliyepata kura zaidi ya asilimie 50% (kwenye katiba ya CCM hakuna sehemu inayosema kuwa mshindi lazima apate 50% and above to be nominated.) Akasema kura zirudiwe na watu wawili wa juu ndio wapigiwe kura, ndio Mkapa na Kikwete wakapigiwa kura.
Dot I was always fascinated by this, sikuwa na hakika kwamba katiba haikusema hivyo na actually ni Nyerere aliyesema hivyo.Can we confirm this for sure?
If American women would no longer need jewellery, my administration would consider imposing sanctions on Apartheid South Africa
www.youngafrican.com /yaforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3291&whichpage=6   (2084 words)

 Ten Four :: View topic - The Apate Single Player mod
Ten Four :: View topic - The Apate Single Player mod
Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2003 6:48 pm Post subject: The Apate Single Player mod
While browsing past posts I can aross this:
tenfourmaps.telefragged.com /phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=498436&sid=6a18c44ebae1081dad1d50196f25589b   (117 words)

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