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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Aperture: Exposure: Glossary: Learn: Digital Photography Review
Aperture refers to the size of the opening in the lens that determines the amount of light falling onto the film or sensor.
For instance, a 25mm aperture diameter on a 100mm lens has the same effect as a 50mm aperture diameter on a 200mm lens.
These "relative apertures" are called f-numbers or f-stops.
www.dpreview.com /learn/?/Glossary/Exposure/Aperture_01.htm   (335 words)

 Aperture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The pupil of the eye is its aperture; the iris is the diaphragm that serves as the aperture stop.
Reducing the aperture size increases the depth of field, which describes the extent to which subject matter lying closer than or farther from the actual plane of focus appears to be in focus.
The terms scanning aperture and sampling aperture are often used to refer to the opening through which an image is sampled, or scanned, for example in a drum scanner, an image sensor, or a television pickup apparatus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aperture   (1934 words)

 Apple Aperture First Impressions
Aperture is not an attempt by Apple to run a raid on Photoshop.
Incidentally, if you are using Aperture and also the popular IViewmedia Pro 3 cataloging program, you should look at Annoture, a program that allows for the passing of metadata between the two programs.
The underlying Aperture concept is that you only need to have your raw file; all other derivations are simply treated as Versions, and you can have any number of versions with little overhead.
www.luminous-landscape.com /reviews/software/aperture-none.shtml   (1935 words)

Aperture, however, affects the depth of field and therefore which portions of the image will be in focus.
Aperture is the degree to which the iris or diaphragm inside the lens is opened.
The area of the aperture is proportional to half the diameter squared.
www.photo.net /making-photographs/exposure   (2851 words)

 Apple - Aperture
Aperture — enthusiastically adopted by some of the world’s finest professional photographers —; set the standard for professional photo management applications.
Those of you already using Aperture should visit the What’s New page to see how much more productive and creative you can be with Aperture 1.5.
Important Note: Aperture updates, such as the Aperture 1.5.2 Update, cannot be used to update previously downloaded versions of the Aperture Trial.
www.apple.com /aperture   (562 words)

 What is Synthetic Aperture Radar? -- Sandia National Laboratories
Synthetic aperture radar complements photographic and other optical imaging capabilities because of the minimum constraints on time-of-day and atmospheric conditions and because of the unique responses of terrain and cultural targets to radar frequencies.
Synthetic aperture radar technology has provided terrain structural information to geologists for mineral exploration, oil spill boundaries on water to environmentalists, sea state and ice hazard maps to navigators, and reconnaissance and targeting information to military operations.
Range measurement and resolution are achieved in synthetic aperture radar in the same manner as most other radars: Range is determined by precisely measuring the time from transmission of a pulse to receiving the echo from a target and, in the simplest SAR, range resolution is determined by the transmitted pulse width, i.e.
www.sandia.gov /radar/whatis.html   (798 words)

 Celestron -- Telescope Basics
The clear aperture of a telescope is the diameter of the objective lens or primary mirror specified in either inches or millimeters (mm).
For example, a globular star cluster such as M13 is nearly unresolved through a 4" aperture telescope at 150 power but with an 8" aperture telescope at the same power, the star cluster is 16 times more brilliant, stars are separated into distinct points and the cluster itself is resolved to the core.
This is the ratio of the focal length of the telescope to its aperture.
www.celestron.com /tb-trms.htm   (2665 words)

 ATPM 12.01 - Review: Aperture 1.0.1
The machines that I tested Aperture with are a PowerBook G4 15″ with a 1.5 GHz G4 and 1 GB of RAM, and an iMac G5 20″ with a 2.1 GHz G5 and 1.5 GB of RAM.
Aperture’s got a very flexible workspace, featuring four configurations that Apple considers standard, including a mode for rating and organization, a mode for organization, a mode for adjustments and filters, and a “standard” mode that will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s used Final Cut.
Aperture, instead, stores each and every change you make as a separate file, but don’t worry about eating up disk space, it stores the changes to each photo as a series of actions, allowing multiple versions in small amounts of disk space.
www.atpm.com /12.01/aperture.shtml   (1409 words)

 Nikon MicroscopyU: Anatomy of the Microscope - Numerical Aperture Light Cones: Interactive Java Tutorial
As the angular aperture is varied with the slider, the size and shape of the illumination cone entering the objective front lens is altered.
The angular aperture is expressed as the angle between the microscope optical axis and the direction of the most oblique light rays captured by the objective (see the tutorial figure).
Theoretically, the highest angular aperture obtainable with a standard microscope objective would be 180 degrees, resulting in a value of 90 degrees for the half-angle utilized in the numerical aperture equation.
www.microscopyu.com /tutorials/java/objectives/nuaperture/index.html   (597 words)

 Nikonians Photo Glossary
Aperture Priority Auto Exposure, (A mode) when the user sets the aperture and the auto camera sets the most appropriate shutter speed.
A lens with an automatic aperture diaphragm that can be kept wide open, at its widest aperture, until the shutter is released, regardless of the aperture setting for the exposure.
When the shutter is released, the aperture automatically stops down to its pre-set opening so that proper exposure is made, and instantaneously returns to its widest aperture.
www.nikonians.org /html/resources/photography-glossary.html   (3485 words)

The aperture is a hole in a diaphragm in the lens also known as Iris.
With the advent of automatic cameras the aperture is sometimes combined with the shutter and here the shutter does not open fully if a small aperture is selected but stops opening to create the chosen aperture.
In that to let the correct amount of light in to the film or sensor the aperture is closed down to match the lengthening of the time the shutter is open.
www.geocities.com /nikon5700itee/aperture-shutter.html   (1454 words)

 Amazon.com: Apple Aperture 1.0 (Mac DVD) [Old Version]: Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Aperture lets you import photos from a wide variety of sources and preserves the method you used to organize files when you drag folders from your hard drive and drop them into Aperture.
Aperture is also not a full digital asset management program, but if you are only working in photography, with some tweaks to your work flow and archiving system, you probably won't need one.
Aperture not allowing changes to the raw image files is similar to using an "Adjustment Layer" you toggle on and off on a Photoshop file.
www.amazon.com /Apple-Aperture-1-0-Mac-Version/dp/B0007LW1RC   (6827 words)

 Macworld: Review: Aperture 1.0.1
Aperture is designed to handle the entire workflow of a typical photography job: importing images from a camera or a media reader, sorting and culling through those images to find the best shots, polishing those picks as needed, and then printing or otherwise presenting or exporting the final photos.
Aperture has stringent dietary requirements: you need a Power Mac G5, preferably a dual-processor, dual-core, or Quad model, with one of 11 supported video cards, which work with OS X’s Core Image technology to enable Aperture’s editing features.
Aperture’s metadata-management features are excellent; you can easily create and add keywords, apply one image’s metadata to a group of other images, search for images based on metadata, and much more.
www.macworld.com /2005/12/reviews/aperture/index.php   (1716 words)

 Abandoning Aperture - O'Reilly Digital Media Blog
Aperture’s non-destructive editing architecture means that you need to take care to copy out both your master images, and any edited versions that you may have created.
Aperture seems to use the same logic as the rsync process and without looking at the code or studying the data flow, i'm gathering they would have used this.
Aperture *should* be smart enough when the volume is back online and I restart the import, to either continue the import where we left off or that if I re-import, it would not duplicate some images that were already successfully imported [end rant]
www.oreillynet.com /digitalmedia/blog/2006/12/abandoning_aperture.html   (2200 words)

 Art of RAW Conversion #022 @Digital Outback Photo
Aperture is able to update/synchronize your vaults (which may have been offline previously) with the original Library (a Library holds all your projects).
Aperture will not replace Photoshop in the near future, and Apple may be well advised not to try this for some time.
Aperture’s RAW converter is likely not the best there is, though some users claim to be quite satisfied.
www.outbackphoto.com /artofraw/raw_22/essay.html   (3765 words)

The aperture of a lens is the diameter of the lens opening and is usually controlled by an iris.
In practice, unless you are dealing with a fixed-aperture lens (many simple point-and-shoot cameras have only one fixed aperture), the aperture of a lens is usually expressed as a range of f-stops.
For example, it is pretty obvious that the larger the aperture, the better your digital camera will perform in low-light situations, since a larger lens opening is able to admit more light than a smaller lens opening.
www.belarbi.net /aperture.htm   (1458 words)

 Macworld: Review: Aperture 1.5
Aperture is designed to handle every phase of the digital photography process: importing photos and managing a large photo library; selecting and sorting through large image collections to find the best ones; enhancing and optimizing images; and creating output ranging from prints to photo books to Web pages.
Aperture 1.5 also adds a new Color adjustment that lets you selectively adjust a photo’s colors—changing a blue background to green without affecting the other hues in the photo, for example.
Aperture 1.5 provides presets that make it easy to add metadata to photos—information stored along with photos, such as their exposure information, text captions, and search keywords.
www.macworld.com /2006/10/reviews/aperture15/index.php   (2458 words)

 SLR Photography Online
The aperture (highlighted in red) in a lens, is open at its largest size.
The aperture size is dispalyed on the LCD panel of most modern SLRs.
An older SLRs's aperture size is controlled on the lens by a ring with f numbers on it.
library.thinkquest.org /25780/guide/aperture.shtml   (227 words)

 Apple (UK and Ireland) - Aperture
Then pay a visit to the Aperture Profiles page and see why such pros as Vincent Laforet, Steve Winter and Bill Frakes have standardised on Aperture and the Mac.
Recommended for all licensed Aperture customers, Aperture 1.5.2 improves overall reliability and performance in a number of areas of the application, including contact sheet printing, Smart Albums, watermarks, Lift and Stamp, image export and versions using an external editor.
Important Note: Aperture updates, such as the Aperture 1.5.2 Update, cannot be used to update the Aperture Trial.
www.apple.com /uk/aperture   (722 words)

 Digital Imaging Software Review: Aperture
Aperture represents a different approach to the various professional digital photo workflows that have developed over the years.
Were we using Aperture to handle commercial work, we'd set up a chain of external FireWire drives for the original data, the backup and an offsite backup.
After introducing Aperture in the Preface, Chapter 1 presents "An Overview of the Aperture Workflow." Right away the concept of a customizable workflow is presented and with it, the building blocks of Aperture itself.
www.imaging-resource.com /SOFT/APT/APT.HTM   (3468 words)

 Aperture in photography
One of the trend is - the aperture value is now control via a thumb wheel on the camera (usually near the shutter release button) and the AF lens has no aperture ring to alter the value.
Basically, aperture, along with duration/timing of the shutter curtain opening, BOTH contribute to a the formation of an exposure.
For example: use larger aperture (Smaller number like f/2.8, f/2.0 etc.) with a long focal length to isolate or emphasis on expression, such as in portraiture photography; or use a smaller aperture (Bigger number like f/16 or f/22 etc..) to ensure pin-sharp details in both the foreground and the background.
www.mir.com.my /rb/photography/fototech/apershutter/aperture.htm   (1713 words)

 What Is... Aperture? - Digital Photography Tutorial - Photoxels
The aperture of a lens is the diameter of the lens opening and is usually controlled by an iris.The larger the diameter of the aperture, the more light reaches the film / image sensor.
In practice, unless you are dealing with a fixed-aperture lens (many simple point-and-shoot cameras have only one fixed aperture), the aperture of a lens is usually expressed as a range of fstops.
It is usually not too difficult to figure out that a stated range deals with maximum apertures and not max and min apertures: the mimimum aperture should be quite small at F8, F11, F16 or F22.
www.photoxels.com /tutorial_aperture.html   (1801 words)

 Inside Aperture
Aperture provides you with an organized photo management workspace right out of the box, but you can customize the user interface to suit your own particular needs and tastes.
O'Reilly Media's Inside Aperture site draws upon community expertise to provide you with tips and real-life experiences from professional shooters who use Apple's premier photo management application to organize, edit, and output their images.
At this point in Aperture's life-cycle, and with the release of Lightroom to stir up the pot, my thoughts have been turning more and more to things I'd like to see in the next version of Aperture.
digitalmedia.oreilly.com /aperture   (548 words)

 Aperture Books - Signed, used, new, out-of-print
Manuel Alvarez Bravo has said of himself, "I was born in the city of Mexico, behind the Cathedral, in the place where the temples of the ancient Mexican gods must have been built." And as this selection of photographs shows, the too are deeply rooted in the culture of the Mexican people.
Aperture 152 Crossing Borders: Contemporary Czech and Slovak Photography Fall 1998 A new generation of Czech and Slovak photographers--heirs to the legacy of such modern masters as Josef Sudek and Frantisek Driktol--will be the subject of the August 1998 issue of Aperture, featuring images never before published in the West.
Aperture 155 Optical Allusions: New Perspectives in Spanish Photography Spring 1999 Optical Allusions: New Perspectives in Spanish Photography explores a range of images and perspectives that emerged from a group of photographers in Spain during the 1990s.
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/Aperture   (1314 words)

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