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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  About Aphelion, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aphelion delivers incomparable solutions that support all aspects of club operation, from the check-in process to billing and collections.
Aphelion's mission is to design software and systems from the user’s standpoint – intuitive and easy to use, while maintaining extensive functionality.
Aphelion specializes in management solutions and electronic commerce applications which are both PC and Internet based.
www.aphelion.net /company/history.htm   (532 words)

 Apsis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about several astronomical terms (apogee and perigee, aphelion and perihelion, generic equivalents based on apsis, and related but rarer terms).
Related terms are used to identify the body being orbited.
The most common are perigee and apogee, referring to Earth orbits, and perihelion and aphelion, referring to orbits around the Sun (Greek ἡλιος).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aphelion   (592 words)

 ADCIS: Aphelion™ developer - General description
Aphelion™ is an image processing and quantitative image analysis software package for rapid application prototyping, development of new imaging techniques, training in computer vision, and application deployment.
Aphelion™ offers the latest developments in mathematical morphology from the Ecole des Mines in Paris, the most innovative tools in shape recognition, classification, image understanding, as well as optional modules for vertical applications and markets.
Most of Aphelion™'s extensive library is available as a set of ActiveX controls and DLLs, enabling OEMs to select only the necessary components used in their application, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of the final application.
www.adcis.net /Products/Aphelion/GeneralDescription.html   (376 words)

 Earth at Perihelion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aphelion sunlight is a little weaker than sunlight at other times of the year, but it nevertheless does a good job warming the continents.
Earth is almost exactly the same distance from the Sun at aphelion and perihelion, but the orbits of Mars and Mercury depart significantly from a circle.
Planets move more slowly at aphelion than they do at perihelion (see Kepler's 2nd Law of planetary motion) and, so, seasons occurring near aphelion last longer.
www.spacescience.com /headlines/y2001/ast04jan_1.htm   (991 words)

 AuraOne Announces Strategic Partnership With Aphelion Communications | NetStumbler.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aphelion has developed a unique patented sequential ultra RF multi-hopping technology that piggy-backs on existing 802.11b/g and 802.11a technologies.
Aphelion Communications, Inc., is a global wireless network solution provider that focuses on the enablement of high throughput wireless transmission technology for Wi-Fi and Wimax.
With a solid team of experienced RF and networking experts, Aphelion delivers maximum RF performance and throughput, along with several ground breaking innovations in network switching and routing.
www.netstumbler.com /newswire/2005/09/01/auraone_announces_strategic_partnership_with_aphelion_communicat   (425 words)

 NewsForge | LynuxWorks to license Apogee Aphelion IDE
At the same time, Aphelion preserves and enhances the strengths that have contributed to Java Platform?s remarkable success on desktops and servers, such as the "write once and run everywhere" paradigm.
Aphelion is a trademark of Apogee Software, Inc. LynxOS is a registered trademark and BlueCat is a trademark of LynuxWorks, Inc. VeriFone and Sapphire are registered trademarks of VeriFone, Inc All other brand names and trademarks mentioned in this document are the properties of their respective holders.
Aphelion is also available in a "desktop" configuration hosted on and targeted at x86/WinNT and x86/Win2k development platforms.
www.newsforge.com /newsvac/01/12/03/2138226.shtml   (1171 words)

 Aphelion Publications
Aphelion Publications rose out of Aussiecon 2, the 1985 Worldcon in Melbourne.
Independent distributors are now listed for each of these countries--for a number of years Mark Ziesing carried the international Aphelion banner alone out of California, and for his efforts he has a special place in Aphelion history.
Australian Science Fiction is said to be in a Golden Age, and Aphelion is proud to be part of it.
eidolon.net /aphelion/aphelion.htm   (421 words)

 Aphelion Away!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The eccentricity of our planet's orbit is mild; aphelion and perihelion differ from the mean Sun-Earth distance by less than 2%.
An old astronomer's trick is to recall that the words "away" and "aphelion" both begin with the letter "A".
All this explains why July is our planet's warmest month: Northern continents baked by the aphelion Sun elevate the average temperature of the entire globe.
science.nasa.gov /headlines/y2001/ast03jul_1.htm   (1115 words)

 Aphelion Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aphelion is a development environment and function library for imaging applications which execute on PCs under Microsoft Windows environments.
Most of Aphelion's hundreds of operators can be used on a wide variety of image formats including monochrome or colour images, binary, 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit, signed and unsigned integer, float, and complex images.
In this way they can use just as much or little of Aphelion that they need to achieve their end result, and take advantage of the power of highly optimised imaging functionality at minimal licensing cost.
www.is.irl.cri.nz /products/software.html   (543 words)

 Moon near Perigee, Earth near Aphelion
The coincidence of these events permitted taking photographs of the perigean full Moon and the Sun near aphelion, all with the same camera and optics, to illustrate the difference in the apparent sizes of the Sun and Moon in these circumstances.
The Sun-Earth distance at aphelion varies slightly from year to year depending on the relative positions of the Sun, Earth, and Moon, and the location of the solar system barycentre (centre of mass), which is affected by the positions of all the planets, principally Jupiter and Saturn.
The most distant aphelion in the period 1960-2005 was 1.016759 astronomical units,[3] which we'll round off to 1.017 AU.
www.fourmilab.ch /images/peri_apo   (2477 words)

 BLABBERMOUTH.NET - APHELION Part Ways With Singer, Seek Replacement
APHELION, the Oslo, Norway-based group featuring former members of SACRALIS, OLD MAN'S CHILD, PECCATUM and DIMENSION F3H, have parted ways with singer Anette Guldbrandsen.
In other news, APHELION have finished recording all the instrumental tracks for their debut album and they hope to complete the recordings before the end of the year for an early 2005 release.
The accuracy of the information contained herein is neither confirmed nor guaranteed by Roadrunner Records, and the views and opinions of authors expressed on these pages do not necessarily state or reflect those of Roadrunner Records or its employees.
www.roadrunnerrecords.com /blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=29257   (274 words)

 Aphelion Submission Guidlines
Aphelion is more of a writer's workshop and exposure resource than anything else.
Aphelion Webzine respects the privacy of our members and will never reveal or distribute your e-mail address to any third party for any reason whatsoever.
Aphelion will accept original stories with a science fiction, fantasy, or horror theme and will not accept fanfiction stories because of the risk of copyright infringement this often entails.
www.aphelion-webzine.com /aphsubs.htm   (2713 words)

 Aphelion - Health Club Software and Fitness Center Management Services for Gyms, Clubs and Wellness Centers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aphelion provides health club software and fitness center management services to gyms, clubs and wellness centers across the World.
The overriding philosophy at Aphelion is to incorporate a high level of functionality in our health club software products.
Aphelion has been helping gyms, health clubs and wellness centers reach their full potential since 1986, and our fitness center products represent the ideas of our worldwide users.
www.aphelion.net /index.htm   (285 words)

 Earth will be far from the Sun on the 4th of July   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The tilt of the north pole toward the Sun in June causes summer north of the equator, while summer south of the equator comes six months later when the south pole is facing the Sun.
For example, northern summer on Mars lasts 24 days longer than winter because the planet is close to aphelion when the north pole is tilted toward the Sun.
At aphelion, the solar disk would shrink to 1.1 degrees, about twice as large as the half-degree solar diameter that we see from Earth.
spacescience.com /headlines/y2000/ast30jun_1m.htm   (1420 words)

 Rural and Isolated Libraries Special Interest Group: Aphelion - RILSIG newsletter
Aphelion is published by the Rural and Isolated Libraries Special Interest Group of the Australian Library and Information Association.
Preferred format is Macintosh, in MS Word or Claris Office/Appleworks, though others can be accepted.
Correction: Please note that the last issue of Aphelion for 1998 was incorrectly numbered as Vol 6 Nº 4.
archive.alia.org.au /sigs/rilsig/aphelion   (147 words)

 Mechanical Engineering-CIME: A PC marketplace for petrochemical gear. (Aphelion Inc's Petro pages ECP mechanical ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Houston, TX-based Aphelion Inc's Petro Pages ECP is an engineering software that permits mechanical engineers in the petrochemical and other process industries to locate and acquire equipment from their own personal computer.
The software supports a request for quote function and an attachment file system feature that enables buyers to include pertinent papers and data.
Moreover, Petro Pages ECP is capable of automatically categorizing proposals according to a number of specifications based on users' needs.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:20633804&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (188 words)

APHELION (formerly MANDYLION), the Oslo, Norway-based group featuring former members of SACRALIS, OLD MAN'S CHILD, PECCATUM and DIMENSION F3H, have announced the addition of singer Cecile Langlie to the group's ranks.
APHELION released two demos as MANDYLION and after a few member changes decided to start afresh in 2004 under their current moniker.
The last MANDYLION demo was awarded "Demo of the Month" in Metal Hammer magazine and the band have re-recorded three of the demo tracks for their forthcoming debut album.
www.roadrunnerrecords.com /blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=32265   (197 words)

 Aphelion Java Development and Deployment Environment
Aphelion is complete software offering encompassing two types of environments: Java Development Environments (JDEs) for creating Java applications targeted at embedded systems running various "embedded" Linuxes, and Java Runtime Environments (JREs) for deploying executable forms of applications created with JDEs on targeted embedded systems.
Aphelion JDEs are based on relevant products from IBM's Workspace Client Technology, Micro Edition (WCTME) family of products, retargeted by Apogee at customer-requested eLinux/processor platforms and integrated with basic tools from toolkits of eLinux vendors.
Aphelion JREs are comprised of Apogee-created eLinux/processor ports of J2ME-compatible Java VM, Java API class libraries, and optional API packages from suitable IBM's WebSphere Everywhere Micro Environments.
www.linuxdevices.com /products/PD5484235633.html   (232 words)

 Techieindex.com :::::::: Product - Aphelion(tm) (Apogee Software, Inc.)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
At the same time, Aphelion preserves the benefits that made Java so successful for use on desktops and enterprise systems, such as short and less frequent development cycles, simple and reliable runtime deployments, less costly technical support and maintenance of o deployed
Aphelion is a complete software offering that fully facilitates and supports development and deployment of many types of Java applications targeted at a wide range of embedded systems.
The development environment is provided in form of a cross-development configuration (XDC) of Aphelion JDE (Java Development Environment) hosted on Windows/x86 or RedHatLinux/x86 development platforms (customer's choice) and targeted at the requested RTOS/processor platform.
www.techie.techieindex.com /techie/product/productDescription.jsp?id=1084   (219 words)

 aphelion-About our School   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Now entering our eighth year, Aphelion is a pilot project of our new model of personalized learning.
Aphelion is a student centered, highly nurturing learning environment that is empowering the learning process.
When I finally broke out of the classroom, and started to work under the Aphelion format, I was refreshed.
www.charismagics.com /aphelion/mission.html   (104 words)

 The Weather Notebook | Aphelion
You will notice that dates for aphelion and perihelion do not coincide with the solstices they are close to two weeks later.
To add to the confusion, the earth is moving faster at perihelion than at aphelion, so technically, winters are a few days shorter in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern.
Also, due to the fact that it takes a while for the earth to store up or give off heat, the actual coldest and warmest times of the year are usually a month or more following the solstices; this is known as heat lag, and it is even more pronounced for water than for land.
www.weathernotebook.org /transcripts/2003/07/07.php   (344 words)

 6(h). Earth-Sun Geometry
The Earth is farthest from the sun on July 4th, or aphelion.
Position of the equinoxes, solstices, aphelion, and perihelion on the Earth's orbit.
The Earth's axis is not perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic, but inclined at a fixed angle of 23.5°.
www.physicalgeography.net /fundamentals/6h.html   (1627 words)

 Equinox Audio - Aphelion
The Aphelion is a mid-sized floor standing speaker capable of high SPL in medium sized rooms.
The dynamics of the Aphelion are in a class of it's own due to the use of aluminum cone bass drivers and titanium tweeters, high quality crossover and rigid cabinet.
Aphelion - Point of a planets orbit farthest from the sun
www.equinoxaudio.com.au /products/speakers/aphelion.php   (117 words)

 Aphelion Investment Finance comapny offers loans for two-wheelers like bikes scooters in india
Aphelion Investment Finance comapny offers loans for two-wheelers like bikes scooters in india
Being one the market leaders, Aphelion has innovated the way to minimize the loan-approval time as low as possible.
The company has also employed the concept of "Tailor-made Loan(s)" and introduced a range of schemes that are competitive in true sense.
www.aphelion.co.in /aboutus.htm   (231 words)

 aphelion on Encyclopedia.com
Electronic Recovery Inc. Announces an ACH Interface for Aphelion Software Users.
Green Hills Software and Apogee Team to Provide IBM-based J9 Java Solution; Green Hills Software INTEGRITY RTOS Now Available with Apogee's Aphelion Java Offering.
Cocom Accelerates the Digital Media Home with Aphelion Technology Ventures.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/a1/aphelion.asp   (195 words)

 Aphelion @ Outcrier.com - Educated Online Buying Power for Today's E-Consumer
Currently, there are 0 coupons and 0 specials in our database for Aphelion.
If you are aware of any Aphelion coupon codes or special deals not listed in our database, please submit a support form or comment form and let us know.
Aphelion is a software company that provides management software and consulting for automobile, recreational vehicle, marine, motor sport and trailer dealerships.
www.outcrier.com /v_view.php?vid=373   (329 words)

 Aphelion Aphrodites Mp3s @ MetalHordes.com
The Aphelion Aphrodites were born in 1997 by the voice of Priscila and the solo guitar (and backvocals) of Alvaro.
Since then only they stayed as the true core of the band with a few elements coming and going.
In 2001/2002 the remaining elements joined the band: Ricardo in the drums, Jorge in the keyboards (who has already left the band), Sandra in the bass (also left the band) and Joel in the rhythm guitar.
aphelionaphrodites.metalhordes.com /forum/register.php   (122 words)

 Amethystium, Aphelion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sophomore albums tend to scare me. I'm always afraid that a band or artist will, at best, be able to match the level of the first release, but rarely do many of them surpass it.
I'm happy to say that Amethystium's second album, Aphelion, has improved upon what was already working well on the first CD.
For those of you unfamiliar with Amethystium (which is essentially Oystein Ramfjord), think of Enigma, Deep Forest, Delirium and the like.
www.rambles.net /amethystium_aph03.html   (437 words)

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