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Topic: Apollo 13

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Apollo 13
Apollo 13 was scheduled for lift off in March, 1970, but more planning time was added and the liftoff was rescheduled for April 11, 1970.
The flight of Apollo 13 went as expected and the crew even did an interview from space with the media.
Apollo 13 was in trouble because the oxygen vent was not working.
www.moonconnection.com /apollo_13.phtml   (654 words)

  Apollo 13 Summary
To be sure, the Apollo 11 and 12 collections contained significant numbers of small rock fragments which differed markedly in composition from the bulk of the mare-derived materials; and there was every reason to believe that many of these "exotic" fragments represented ejecta from impacts in the distant highlands.
Apollo 13 was launched about five months after Conrad, Gordon and Bean returned from the Moon.
Congressional support for Apollo had been weak for years and now there was a new President who was less than an ardent fan; and, while prediction of the political impact of serious accidents is far from an exact science, any accident was bound to raise questions about the credibility of NASA and its programs.
www.solarviews.com /eng/apo13.htm   (3817 words)

 Exploring the Moon: Apollo 13 Mission
Apollo 13 was the thirteenth in a series of missions using Apollo-specification flight hardware and was to be the third lunar landing.
The configuration of the Apollo 13 spacecraft was nearly identical to that of Apollo 12.
As a result of the electrical disturbances experienced during the Apollo 12 launch, several experiments were performed prior to and during the launch of Apollo 13 to study certain aspects of launch-phase electrical phenomena.
www.lpi.usra.edu /expmoon/Apollo13/Apollo13.html   (924 words)

 Apollo 13
In the year that it took to discover and correct the cause of the Apollo 13 failure, the scope of the remaining missions was altered.
Apollo 12 was moved up from September 18 to September 13, 1969; and Apollo 13 was moved up from December 1 to November 10.
Payload: Apollo CSM 109 / Apollo LM 7 / ALSEP / S-IVB-508.
www.astronautix.com /flights/apollo13.htm   (3607 words)

 Apollo 13 Accident
This blurry photo taken by the astronauts shows the extent of the injury to the Apollo 13 spacecraft, which exposed most of the inside of the service module to space.
The Apollo 13 malfunction was caused by an explosion and rupture of oxygen tank no. 2 in the service module.
It was removed from Apollo 10 for modification and during the extraction was dropped 2 inches, slightly jarring an internal fill line.
nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov /planetary/lunar/ap13acc.html   (850 words)

 Apollo 13
Apollo 13 was intended to be the third mission to carry humans to the surface of the Moon, but an explosion of one of the oxygen tanks and resulting damage to other systems resulted in the mission being aborted before the planned lunar landing could take place.
Apollo 13 was launched on a Saturn V on 11 April 1970 from pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center.
A television broadcast was made from Apollo 13 from 02:24 UT to 02:59 UT on 14 April and a few minutes later, at 03:06:18 UT Jack Swigert turned the fans on to stir oxygen tanks 1 and 2 in the service module.
www.apolloexplorer.co.uk /apollo13.htm   (495 words)

 All-Reviews.com Movie/Video Review: Apollo 13
Apollo 13 was the mission that hit disaster in space.
APOLLO 13 is director Ron Howard's tale of that jinxed journey.
Apollo 13 was the second time human beings attempted to walk on the moon so, of course, Americans were bored stiff and did not care.
www.all-reviews.com /videos-2/apollo-13.htm   (649 words)

 Apollo 13 - "Houston, we've had a problem"
This is an audio clip between the crew of Apollo 13 and Mission Control in Houston during the voyage of Apollo 13 to the moon.
"Since Apollo 13 many people have asked me, 'Did you have suicide pills on board?' We didn't, and I never heard of such a thing in the eleven years I spent as an astronaut and NASA executive.
I did, of course, occasionally think of the possibility that the spacecraft explosion might maroon us in an enormous orbit about the Earth - a sort of perpetual monument to the space program.
www.maniacworld.com /Apollo_13.htm   (252 words)

 SPACE.com -- Who Are the Apollo 13 Astronauts?
Even before his Apollo 13 mission Lovell held the title for "world's most-traveled human," with 572 hours in space and nearly 7 million miles (11.3 million kilometers) under his belt.
Swigert served as a member of the support crews for Apollos 7 and 11 before being assigned to the backup crew of Apollo 13.
This knowledge proved invaluable during Apollo 13, when Haise and his crew mates used their lunar module as a "lifeboat" for the return to Earth.
www.space.com /news/spacehistory/apollo13_bios_000411.html   (1247 words)

 Apollo 13 ITIL www.ITILsurvival.com all your ITIL ITSM Service Management process documents, books, cds, elearning
The 'Apollo 13 - an ITSM case experience' ™ (formerly known as 'Apollo 13 - an ITSM case experience') or Apollo 13 ITSM simulation game is an intense, one-day training in which ITIL concepts and processes are experienced through the use of an interactive game.
Apollo 13 ITIL is an intensive one day training in which the ITIL concepts and processes are not only explained, but also experienced by the course attendees through the use of an interactive game.
Apollo 13 ITSM (formerly Apollo 13 ITIL simulation) simulation Game approach: At the start of the game the team receives a balanced scorecard which represents their Service Level Agreement with NASA.
www.itilsurvival.com /Apollo13ITIL.html   (656 words)

 John F. Kennedy Space Center - Apollo 13
Apollo 13 was supposed to land in the Fra Mauro area.
The tank was fixed, tested at the factory, installed in the Apollo 13 service module, and tested again during the Countdown Demonstration Test (CDT) at the Kennedy Space Center beginning March 16, 1970.
The Apollo 13 command modules normal supply of electricity, light, and water was lost, and they were about 200,000 miles from Earth.
www-pao.ksc.nasa.gov /kscpao/history/apollo/apollo-13/apollo-13.htm   (2297 words)

 NASA Apollo Mission Apollo-13
Apollo 13 was supposed to land in the Fra Mauro area.
The Apollo 13 command modules normal supply of electricity, light, and water was lost, and they were about 200,000 miles from Earth.
However, data from Apollo 11 (which had not sent its LM ascent stage crashing into the Moon as in subsequent missions) showed that its mechanisms could survive seven or eight hours in space without water cooling.
science.ksc.nasa.gov /history/apollo/apollo-13/apollo-13.html   (2337 words)

 Apollo 13   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Apollo 13: The IMAX Experience is a new experience for movie critics because it shifts the focus from content to medium.
In addition, the themes in Apollo 13 of scientific innovation, historical significance and courage are ideally suited to museums and science centers, where many IMAX screens are located as well.
Apollo 13 is not so much about how technology can be destructive as about how human innovation and courage can restore and control technology’s influence.
www.culturevulture.net /Movies5/Apollo13.htm   (623 words)

 HD DVD Review: Apollo 13 | High-Def Digest
The Apollo 13 is due to launch, though the media frenzy has begun to subside amid waning interest in the space program (leave it to America -- only twelve months go by and landing on the moon is already old hat).
Apollo 13 is both a gripping thriller (even if we know the outcome), a moving human drama and a wonderful recreation of an landmark cultural moment.
Also unique about 'Apollo 13' is that the film was re-released to IMAX theaters last year, reframed from its original 2.35:1 theatrical aspect ratio to a more IMAX-friendly 1.66:1.
hddvd.highdefdigest.com /apollo13.html   (1970 words)

 Apollo 13 Flight Summary
After the successful completion of Apollo 11, the first manned landing on the moon (commanded by Neil Armstrong in the command module Columbia and lunar module Eagle) and Apollo 12, NASA was ready for its next mission to the moon.
Apollo 13, the third manned lunar landing and exploration mission, had been tentatively scheduled in July 1969 for launch in March 1970, but by the end of the year the launch date had been shifted to April.
In August 1969 crew assignments for Apollo 13 were announced: James A. Lovell commanded the prime crew, which included Thomas K. Mattingly II as command module pilot and Fred W. Haise as lunar module pilot.
sps.k12.mo.us /khs/science/earth/lessons/astronomy/apollo_13/apollo_13.htm   (1759 words)

Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 commander, said he was never superstitious and neither was his crew.
This is the insignia of the Apollo 13 lunar landing mission.
Represented in the Apollo 13 emblem is Apollo, the sun god of Greek mythology, symbolizing how the Apollo flights have extended the light of knowledge to all mankind.
www.angelfire.com /fl/Jacqmans/paap13.html   (551 words)

 BBC ON THIS DAY | 14 | 1970: Critical explosion cripples Apollo 13
An explosion on board Apollo 13 has caused one of the most critical situations in American space history and put the lives of the three astronauts on board in severe jeopardy.
If all goes to plan Apollo 13 is due to splash down at approximately 1900 BST on Friday 17 April.
The Apollo 13 mission was to have been man's third Moon landing.
news.bbc.co.uk /onthisday/hi/dates/stories/april/14/newsid_2780000/2780767.stm   (543 words)

 Apollo 13: A True Life Space Adventure - Associated Content   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The exception, of course, was the flight of Apollo 13, which in April of 1970 suffered an explosion in the spacecraft’s service module and came nearly to a total loss of the ship and crew.
Attending is a whose who of the Apollo program, including one Pete Conrad, future commander of Apollo 12 and Skylab 1, who offers a toast to the crew of the “dress rehearsal” of his own expedition to the Moon.
Apollo 13 has been praised for its meticulous attention to historical accuracy, down to the exact layout of the controls on the Apollo space craft.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/14844/apollo_13_a_true_life_space_adventure.html   (1152 words)

 :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews :: Apollo 13 (xhtml)
"Apollo 13" inspires many reflections, and one of them is that America's space program was achieved with equipment that would look like tin cans today.
The pilot originally scheduled for the Apollo 13 mission was Ken Mattingly (Gary Sinise), who was grounded because he had been exposed to the measles.
With "Apollo 13," he correctly decides that the story is in the mission.
rogerebert.suntimes.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19950630/REVIEWS/506300301/1023   (921 words)

 Filmtracks: Apollo 13 (James Horner)
Apollo 13: (James Horner) 1995 was a most remarkable year for James Horner.
There was also a 2-CD release of Apollo 13 in Australia the same year, though it contains nothing new; the first CD is identical to the American regular release, and the second one has just more songs from that era in time.
However, at the bottom of the promos is written "Original Motion Picture Score from Apollo 13 Composed and Conducted by James Horner" and on the top right is "MCA3P-3432" written sideways.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/apollo13.html   (2061 words)

 Apollo 13 quiz -- free game
Oxygen tank no. 2 exploded in the Service Module of the Apollo 13 spacecraft, causing the moon landing to be aborted.
Ken Mattingly was replaced on Apollo 13 by Jack Swigert because of his exposure to German measles.
Apollo 13 crew member Jack Swigert was later elected to Congress, but died of cancer prior to being sworn in to office.
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz.cfm?qid=154148   (189 words)

 Apollo 13 - Lesson Plans from Movies and Film - Space Travel; Moon; James A Lovell, Jr.
"Apollo 13" is an inspiring story of survival in space.
The Apollo program landed six space ships on the moon beginning with Apollo 11 on July 16, 1969.
Three of the missions, Apollo 14, 16 and 17, were extended stays on the surface of the moon in which the astronauts used a two man Lunar Roving Vehicle to cross the Moon's surface.
www.teachwithmovies.org /guides/apollo-13.html   (633 words)

 Apollo 13 Lunar Journal : Mission Summary
There had been only a few minor glitches in the early stage of the mission and, through the first two days and into the early part of the third, the flight seemed to be defying the worst fears of those prone to an habitual state of nervous anticipation with regard to the number 13.
There was, of course, a fix; and it came in the form of an ingenious combination of suit hoses, cardboard, plastic stowage bags, and CSM canisters - all held together with a liberal application of gray duct tape.
Each of the tanks contained a stirring fan, a heating element, and a temperature-sensitive switch designed to shut everything off if the element got hotter than about 25 degrees centigrade (80 F) and none of these components was ever re-designed to accommodate the higher voltage.
www.hq.nasa.gov /office/pao/History/alsj/a13/a13.summary.html   (3861 words)

 Apollo 13 - Ex Luna, Scientia - the Mission and the Movie: Page 1
A journalist refers to Apollo 13 clearing the tower at "13:13", which is wrong: this happened at 15:13 EDT local time at Cape Kennedy, which was 14:13 CDT in Houston (19:13 UT); the clocks went forward one hour on the first Sunday in April.
Ken Mattingly was removed from the crew of Apollo 13, due to his contact with Apollo 13 back-up crew member Charlie Duke, who had German Measles (rubella); Ken had not had rubella, and therefore had no immunity.
The Apollo 7 crew had mutinied by refusing to wear their helmets on reentry, due to fears of rupturing their ear drums; Wally Schirra later went on to advertise Actifed and became a board member of the company manufacturing Kleenex.
www.space.gs /apollo13.html   (2442 words)

 Apollo 13 News
Apollo 13 on WHNT NewsChannel 19 is proud to bring you Apollo 13 on WHNT.
The highest-quality television signal from Apollo 11's touchdown zone in the moon's Sea of Tranquility was recorded on telemetry tapes at three tracking stations on Earth.
NASA Astronaut Jim Lovell, Commander of Apollo 13, To Speak at The...
www.topix.net /movies/apollo-13   (651 words)

 Apollo 13 mistakes, goofs and bloopers
Continuity: In the shot of Fred and Mary Haise at the Apollo 11 lunar landing party Mary is obviously pregnant.
Apollo 11 was nine months before Apollo 13 and Mary is supposedly 8 months pregnant at the launch of Apollo 13.
She does not have a baby during Apollo 13 and even if she was pregnant during Apollo 11 it would not have showed yet.
www.moviemistakes.com /film75   (1168 words)

 AWH: Apollo-XIII (Apollo 13)
At 43 minutes before launch the Apollo access arm is swung away from the spacecraft by 12°, this allows the white room to be quickly repositioned over the hatch to allow the crew to egress should it become come necessary to do so during an abort event.
Apollo 8, 10, and 11 flew a pure free-return trajectory until lunar orbit insertion in which the spacecraft would swing around the moon (had L.O.I. not occured) and return intersecting the Earth.
In comparision Apollo 13, by leaving the free-return trajectory, would return to the vicinity of the Earth, the closest approach would be around 40,000 miles.
myweb.accessus.net /~090/as13.html   (12519 words)

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