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In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  Apollo 10 Mission Overview
Apollo 10 was a “dress rehearsal” for the landing missions that would follow and as such, it was a fully configured spacecraft.
He was pilot of Gemini 3, back-up pilot for Gemini 6, command pilot on Gemini 10, back-up command module pilot for Apollo 7, command module pilot for Apollo 10, and back-up commander for Apollo 13.
He was the pilot of Gemini 9, back-up pilot for Gemini 12, back-up lunar module pilot for Apollo 7, lunar module pilot on Apollo 10, and back-up commander for Apollo 14.
www.lpi.usra.edu /expmoon/Apollo10/A10_Overview.html   (651 words)

  Apollo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto, and the twin brother of the chaste huntress Artemis, who took the place of Selene as goddess of the moon.
Apollo's role as the slayer of the Python led to his association with battle and victory; hence it became the Roman custom for a paean to be sung by an army on the march and before entering into battle, when a fleet left the harbour, and also after a victory had been won.
Apollo was attributed the epithet Musagetes as the leader of the muses, and Nymphegetes as "nymph-leader".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apollo   (4971 words)

 Apollo 7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Since it was not carrying a lunar module, Apollo 7 could be launched with the Saturn IB booster rather than the much larger and more powerful Saturn V.
For nearly 30 years the Apollo 7 module was on loan (renewable every two years) to the National Museum of Science and Technology of Canada, in Ottawa, along with the space suit worn by Wally Schirra.
Apollo 7 was the only manned Apollo launch to take place from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station's Launch Complex 34, as all subsequent Apollo (including Apollo-Soyuz) and Skylab missions were launched from Launch Complex 39 at the nearby Kennedy Space Center.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apollo_7   (722 words)

 Apollo 7
Walter J. Kapryan of the MSC Resident ASPO at KSC told the KSC Apollo Program Manager that one of the primary test objectives of the SM-102 static-fire test was to determine system deterioration caused by the static-fire sequence and exposure to residual hypergolics trapped in the system during subsequent prelaunch operations.
Apollo Program Director Samuel C. Phillips wrote to his two principal counterparts at MSFC and MSC, Lee B. James and George M. Low, to express his concern that the launch-release wind constraint for the Saturn IB, currently 45 kilometers, was perhaps the most restrictive of all such constraints.
At the November 10 Apollo Executive meeting Phillips presented a summary of the activities; James gave the launch vehicle status; Low reported on the spacecraft status and said he was impressed with the way KSC had handled its tight checkout schedule; Slayton reported on the flight plan; and Petrone on checkout readiness.
www.astronautix.com /flights/apollo7.htm   (6705 words)

 Apollo Missions - Encyclopedia FunTrivia
Deke Slayton flew on the ASTP, Fred Haise on Apollo 13, Alan Shepard on Apollo 14, and Gus Grissom died on the launchpad of Apollo 1.
Apollo 15 was the first use of the Lunar Rover on the Moon.
Apollo 8 was the first mission to go to the moon, and therefore the first mission that used an LOI.
www.funtrivia.com /en/History/Apollo-Missions-10284.html   (925 words)

 Apollo 11 Encyclopedia Articles @ LaunchBase.org (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon.
Apollo 11 Saturn V launched from the Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969 at 13:32 UTC (9:32 A.M. local time) and entered Earth's orbit 12 minutes later.
The crew decided the Roman numeral XI would not be understood in some nations and went with Apollo 11; they decided not to put their names on the patch to "allow it to symbolize everyone who worked on the moon landing".
www.launchbase.org /encyclopedia/Apollo_11   (2848 words)

 Apollo 11 Encyclopedia Articles @ LaunchBase.com (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It was the fifth human spaceflight of the Apollo program, and the third human voyage to the moon.
The Saturn V carrying Apollo 11 took several seconds to clear the tower on July 16, 1969.
In addition to fulfilling President John F. Kennedy's mandate to land a man on the Moon before the end of the 1960s, Apollo 11 was an engineering test of the Apollo system; therefore, Armstrong snapped photos of the LM so engineers would be able to judge its post-landing condition.
www.launchbase.com /encyclopedia/Apollo_11   (3096 words)

 WallySchirra.Com - Apollo VII   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Apollo's flotation bags had their first try-out when the spacecraft, a "lousy boat," splashed down in the Atlantic southeast of Bermuda, less than two kilometers from the planned impact point.
Apollo 7 accomplished what it set out to do- qualifying the command and service module and clearing the way for the proposed lunar-orbit mission to follow.
The real point is, on Apollo 7 we were taking off after the loss of what was called the Apollo 1 crew, who died during a test on the launch pad a year and half earlier.
www.wallyschirra.com /apollo.htm   (2285 words)

 Precursors to the Landing Missions
The crews of Gemini 5 and 7 spent eight and fourteen days in space, respectively and, although they had far less elbow room than the Apollo crews, they proved beyond any doubt that there were no physiological or operational barriers to the conduct of a ten-day lunar mission.
The Apollo team did its best to make sure that equipment and procedures would work the first time they were tried in flight; and the successes of the unmanned test series and of Apollo 7 and Apollo 8 continued unabated into the final year of the decade.
The crew of Apollo 9 demonstrated the readiness of all of the major components of Apollo; however, the margins for error in the first landing mission were very tight and, once again, it was a weight problem with the LM that forced a change of plans.
www.solarviews.com /eng/apopre.htm   (3338 words)

 NASA - Apollo
Apollo 8 would go all the way to the moon and orbit without a lunar module; it was the first manned flight of the massive Saturn V rocket.
Six of the missions -- Apollos 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 -- went on to land on the moon, studying soil mechanics, meteoroids, seismic, heat flow, lunar ranging, magnetic fields and solar wind.
Apollos 7 and 9 tested spacecraft in Earth orbit; Apollo 10 orbited the moon as the dress rehearsal for the first landing.
www.nasa.gov /mission_pages/apollo/index.html   (438 words)

 Space Mission Patches - Apollo 7 Patch
The Lion Brothers embroidered Apollo 7 patch is a much better rendition than the AB Emblem patch.
The Apollo 7 crew pose for a portrait in the White Room.
The Apollo 7 crew aboard the USS Essex, CVS-9.
www.genedorr.com /patches/Apollo/Ap07.html   (437 words)

 Apollo 7
The Apollo 7 mission was launched on Oct. 11, 1968, carrying astronauts Donn Eisele, Walter Cunningham, and Walter Schirra, Jr., who had already flown on the Mercury and Gemini missions.
Apollo 7 spent eleven days making 163 orbits around Earth, proving that its command module would last long enough to make a trip to the Moon possible.
Apollo 7 also returned the first live television pictures from space.
www.windows.ucar.edu /tour/link=/space_missions/apollo7.html&e=747&edu=high   (221 words)

 Www.spacepatches.nl - APOLLO- Apollo7
The primary objectives for Apollo 7 were simple: "Demonstrate CSM/crew performance; demonstrate crew/space vehicle mission support facilities performance during a manned CSM mission; demonstrate CSM rendezvous capability."
The first manned Apollo flight speed skyward from Launch Complex 34 a few minutes after 11:00 on the morning of 11 October.
APOLLO 7 INSIGNIA: The official emblem of Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo spacemission.
www.spacepatches.nl /apollo/ap7.html   (484 words)

 Apollo VII CM Returns! - WalterCunningham.Com
I was present on May 5, 2004, for the installation of the historic Apollo 7 Command Module (CM 101) at Dallas' Frontiers of Flight Museum, where I have been a board member for many years.
Apollo 7, the first manned flight of the Apollo program, lifted off from Cape Kennedy on October 11, 1968, carrying Wally Schirra, Donn Eisele and myself.
Apollo 7 is also known for the first live television broadcasts from a American manned spacecraft.
www.waltercunningham.com /cm101returns.htm   (297 words)

 Amazon.ca: Apollo 7: The NASA Mission Reports : Apogee Books Space Series 11: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
And while Apollo 7 might not have matched Apollo 11 or 13 for sheer drama, the crew of Wally Schirra, Walt Cunningham, and Donn Eisele had a lot on its hands.
Apollo 7 was the first manned launch in the lunar landing program, essentially an engineering shakedown flight.
Since Apollo 7 would test the Command and Service Module in Earth orbit (not carrying the LM), and was also the first manned launch of a Saturn I-B rocket, this is the book to have for information on the CSM and booster.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/1896522645   (1302 words)

 NASA Apollo Mission Apollo-7
Apollo's flotation bags had their first try-out when the spacecraft, a "lousy boat," splashed down in the Atlantic southeast of Bermuda, less than two kilometers from the planned impact point.
Apollo 7 accomplished what it set out to do- qualifying the command and service module and clearing the way for the proposed lunar-orbit mission to follow.
The Apollo 7 astronauts went through six days of debriefing for the benefit of Apollo 8, and on October 28 the Manned Space Flight Management Council chaired by Mueller met at MSC, investigating every phase of the forthcoming mission.
science.ksc.nasa.gov /history/apollo/apollo-7/apollo-7.html   (1722 words)

 collectSPACE - resources: review - "Apollo 7" and "Apollo 9" DVDs
However, there is little mention of the Apollo 1 tragedy in any of the Apollo 7 first-disc archival audio tracks.
The television transmissions on both Apollo 7 and Apollo 9 are grainy, and at times, look like the sonnagram of an expectant mother.
Apollo 9 provides the more complete story of its mission, but Apollo 7 is a quality product as well.
www.collectspace.com /resources/reviews/dvd/apollo7_apollo9.html   (1163 words)

 Apollo 7 NASA Mission Reports
Apollo 7, The NASA Mission Reports comes with a bonus Windows CDROM featuring the NASA movie "Flight of Apollo 7," hundreds of images from Apollo 7 and exclusive interviews with Commander Wally Schirra and Lunar Module Pilot Walter Cunningham.
It was to be the first manned flight of America's lunar spacecraft and it was to the be first manned launch of Wernher von Braun's giant Saturn IB rocket.
Apollo 7 would be the longest first flight of any spacecraft or aircraft in the history of aviation.
www.countdowncreations.com /misrepa7.htm   (311 words)

 The Apollo Astronauts
During a pre-launch test for Apollo 1, astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee died when a fire broke out in the cockpit of their spacecraft on January 27, 1967.
On Christmas Eve 1968, Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon.
Apollo 13 ended in near disaster when oxygen tank 2 exploded 55 hours into the mission.
homepage.univie.ac.at /horst.prillinger/astronauts   (797 words)

 A tribute to Apollo: Apollo 7
Apollo 7: Erster bemannter Testflug für das Kommandomodul and erster Dreimannflug ins All
Innerhalb der Mission zeigte sich Apollo 7 von seiner besten Seite und das auf einem Flug, der länger dauern sollte als der Flug später zum Mond und zurück.
Apollo 7 brachte zum ersten Mal seit langem das Auge der Öffentlichkeit in einem bis dahin noch nie dagewesenem Interesse zurück.
www.space-odyssey.de /sspecial/apollo7.htm   (514 words)

 Welcome To Spacecraft Films   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Apollo 17 mission was the last of the Apollo lunar landing missions - and took place December 7, 1972 - December 19, 1972.
The Apollo 17 EVA coverage in this disc set includes both the television transmissions and the air to ground audio from the astronauts during the traverses between stations.
The Apollo 17 second EVA was the longest Apollo lunar EVA, at 7 hours and 37 minutes, and contained the longest traverse of any mission at 19.5 km.
www.spacecraftfilms.com /apollo17.htm   (2242 words)

 Apollo 7
Preceded by: Apollo 6 - Followed by: Apollo 8
Apollo 7 was the first manned mission in the Apollo program to be launched.
It was an eleven-day earth-orbital mission, the first manned launch of the Saturn 1-B launch vehicle, and the first three-man American space mission.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ap/Apollo_7.html   (59 words)

 The Apollo Society - ASA#1 Shoot Moon
The Apollo program arose from the ashes of Apollo 1 with the successful launch of Apollo 7 on October 11, 1968.
Apollo 10, launched on May 18, 1969, was a full dress rehearsal of the landing mission and also a reconnaisance mission in which potential landing sites were reconnoitered.
The Apollo Society is a non-profit educational and scientific research organization dedicated to the advancement of space exploration and the establishment of human communities beyond Earth.
www.apollo-society.org /shootmoon.html   (957 words)

 Apollo 1, and 7 through Apollo 17 Missions/Astronauts - Information Sheet - Joe Frasketi's Space Covers
Tragedy struck on the launch pad during a preflight test for Apollo 204 (AS-204), which was scheduled to be the first Apollo manned mission, and would have been launched on February 21, 1967.
There were no manned flights between the Apollo 1 Tragedy of January 27, 1967 and the Apollo 7 flight of October 11, 1968.
Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) and other instruments were deployed on the Moon.
www.spacecovers.com /misc/ap1-17_mission_info.htm   (1011 words)

 ✓ Apollo_7 - Weltraummedizin.de - Weltraummedizin
Apollo 7 war der erste bemannte Flug des neuen amerikanischen Apollo-Raumschiffs.
Swigert kam später in die Ersatzmannschaft von Apollo 13, bei der er auch tatsächlich kurzfristig in die Hauptmannschaft nachberufen wurde.
Evans kam später in die Ersatzmannschaft von Apollo 14, während Pogue für Skylab 4 nominiert wurde, ohne vorher Ersatzmann gewesen zu sein.
weltraummedizin.de /index.php/Apollo_7   (3387 words)

 Apollo 7 Mission Summary
pollo 7 was launched from Cape Kennedy, Fla., at 11:02:45 a.m., EST, on October 11, 1968 from launch complex 34 on top of a Saturn IB.
The spacecraft crew consisted of commander Walter M. Schirra, Jr., command module pilot Donn F. Eisele, and Walter Cunningham as lunar module pilot.
Apollo 7 carried a lunar module pilot, but no lunar module.
www.zip.com.au /~mdinn/spaceexpo/7sum.htm   (254 words)

 Apollo 7
Apollo 7 prime crew during water egress training in Gulf of Mexico
Member of Apollo 7 crew hoisted to helicopter during recovery operations
Persian Gulf are of Iran, Qeshm Island, as seen from the Apollo 7 spacecraft
www.apolloexplorer.co.uk /photo/html/as7/default.htm   (578 words)

 Apollo 7 quiz -- free game
Apollo 7 was one of two manned Apollo missions launched from Pad 34.
Who was on the crew of Apollo 7?
Only one of the three crewmembers of Apollo 7 flew another mission after this one.
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz.cfm?qid=154152   (111 words)

 Image of the Day
Apollo 7 was the first manned Apollo mission
Lost in the glare of the first Moon landing by Apollo 11 and later lunar adventures, the Earth-orbiting flight of
Adding to the tension surrounding Apollo 7: It was the critical first manned flight of an Apollo spacecraft following the disastrous 1967
www.space.com /imageoftheday/apollo7_iod_day2.html   (283 words)

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