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Topic: Apollo 9

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  Apollo 9 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apollo 9 was the third manned mission in the Apollo program, a ten day earth-orbital mission launched 3 March 1969.
Apollo 9 was the first space test of the complete Apollo spacecraft, including the third critical piece of Apollo hardware - the lunar module.
Apollo 9 gave proof that the Apollo machines were up to the task of orbital rendezvous and docking.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apollo_9   (870 words)

 Project Apollo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Project Apollo was a series of human spaceflight missions undertaken by the United States of America (NASA) using the Apollo spacecraft and Saturn launch vehicle, conducted during the years 1961–1975.
The second was an explosion on Apollo 13, in whose aftermath the deaths of three more astronauts were averted by the efforts of flight controllers, project engineers, and backup crewmembers.
Apollo returned 381.7 kg (841.5 lb) of rocks and other material from the Moon, much of which is stored at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory in Houston.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apollo_program   (3977 words)

 APOLLO MISSION CONTROL PHOTO PLUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Apollo 9 CM Pilot David Scott is being hoisted up in a new rescue net (a Billy Pugh net) to the Navy helicopter after splashdown in the Atlantic recovery area after a successful ten-day earth-orbital space mission.
The Apollo 9 Prime crew are pictured in front of both the simulator console and, at extreme left rear, the spacecraft simulator used to train astronauts for flights to the moon.
Apollo 9 was an Earth orbital mission designed to test docking procedures between the CSM and LM as well as test fly the Lunar Module in the relative safe confines of Earth orbit.
www.apollomissionphotos.com /index_org_ap9.html   (3673 words)

 Apollo 9
Apollo 9, which was composed of a command module (CM), a command service module (CSM), a lunar module (LM), and an instrument unit (IU), was launched by a Saturn V rocket on March 3, 1969, from Cape Kennedy.
On Apollo 9 the CM and LM were separated and some maneuvers, including docking, were completed, but the LM did not land because this was an earth-circling mission.
Apollo 9 splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean on 13 March after a mission elapsed time of 241 hrs, 0 mins, 54 secs.
www.apolloexplorer.co.uk /default.asp?libsrc=/apollo9.htm   (163 words)

 Apollo 9
The Apollo 9 flight readiness test began on January 19 and was successfully completed January 22, in preparation for a February launch.
The Apollo 9 mission would be open-ended, allowing the mission plan to progress from one step to the next on the basis of real-time success.
Payload: Apollo CSM 104 / Apollo LM 3 / Saturn S-IVB-504N.
www.astronautix.com /flights/apollo9.htm   (7466 words)

 Apollo Program
The Apollo 1 Command Module capsule 012 was impounded and studied after the accident and was then locked away in a storage facility at NASA Langley Research Center and later transferred to permanent storage with the debris from the Challenger accident in an abandoned missile silo at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL.
The Apollo 8 spacecraft consisted of a command module similar to Apollo 7 except that the forward pressure and ablative hatches were replaced by a combined forward hatch, which would be used for transfer to the Lunar Module on later missions.
Apollo 13 was intended to be the third mission to carry humans to the surface of the moon, but an explosion of one of the oxygen tanks and resulting damage to other systems resulted in the mission being aborted before the planned lunar landing could take place.
filer.case.edu /~sjr16/advanced/20th_close_apollo.html   (8991 words)

 Space Mission Patches - Apollo 9 Patch
Apollo 9 was the "D" mission in Owen Maynard's plan of missions:
This "plaque" (from the NASA photo 69-HC-0098) deviates far more from the original than does ap09-aw2: the Saturn V has become much fatter, the yellow oval is far smaller, and tilted close to 45 degrees; the spacecraft are smaller and closer together; and most noticable of all, the lettering is no longer Eurostile Extended.
The Apollo 9 crew with their mission patch [ap09-aw3] at a press conference on 25 January 1969.
genedorr.com /patches/Apollo/Ap09.html   (731 words)

 collectSPACE - news - "Apollo 9 spacecraft lands in San Diego"
Apollo 9 itself is in remarkably good condition considering the decades since it flew.
Apollo 9 had taken quite a beating on re-entry, and the effects are still very evident.
The success of the ten-day Apollo 9 mission in March 1969 paved the way for the Apollo 10 crew to take the Lunar Module within nine miles of the Moon's surface as a "dress rehearsal" for the successful landing of Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969.
www.collectspace.com /news/news-052604a.html   (1568 words)

 Apollo 9   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Apollo 9 wasn't a very exciting mission, but it was very important.
Apollo 9 was launched on March 3, 1969.
Apollo 9 was the most complex mission yet.
members.tripod.com /ApolloMan/Apollo-9.htm   (121 words)

 NSSDC Master Catalog Display: Spacecraft
Apollo 9 was the third crewed Apollo flight and the first crewed flight to include the Lunar Module (LM).
Apollo 9 was composed of a command module, a command service module (CSM), a lunar module, and an instrument unit (IU), and was launched by a Saturn V rocket.
Apollo 9 splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean on 13 March 1969 at 17:00:54 UT (12:00:54 p.m.
nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov /database/MasterCatalog?sc=1969-018A   (815 words)

 Spaceflight :Project Apollo
Apollos 9 and 10 were launched in early 1969 to test equipment and practice procedures for the lunar mission.
Apollo 10 astronauts Thomas Stafford, John Young and Eugene Cernan flew a “dress rehearsal” of the first lunar landing mission, with Stafford and Cernan descending to within 50,000 feet (14,240 meters) of the Moon's surface.
Apollo 13 suffered a catastrophic explosion in a Service Module oxygen tank at about the midpoint of its lunar journey on April 13, 1970, but the three astronauts, James Lovell, Fred W. Haise, and John L. Swigert, safely returned to Earth through the heroic efforts of their ground support team in Houston.
www.centennialofflight.gov /essay/SPACEFLIGHT/apollo/SP19.htm   (1915 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Metro -- Aerospace Museum lands Apollo 9 module
Apollo 9 and its three-man crew, launched March 3, 1969, from Cape Canaveral, Fla., conducted the first tests in space of the lunar excursion module, which at one point was more than 100 miles from the command module while both were in Earth's orbit.
The Apollo 9 command module, nicknamed "Gumdrop" by its crew, was powered only by 16 small monomethylhydrazine thruster rockets for adjusting position during re-entry, Myers said.
The Apollo 9 module will then be moved to permanent exhibit space inside the museum proper and join the full-size mock-ups of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo modules.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/metro/20040206-9999_1m6apollo.html   (777 words)

 Space Program - Apollo
Apollo 7 spent S-IC booster showing were on Apollo 9, the Lunar Module would be.
Apollo 11 in lunar orbit as the LM prepares for landing.
Apollo 16 explores from the LEM on the Descartes Highlands.
members.tripod.com /spacecapsule/apollo.html   (1481 words)

 Apollo 9 - ExampleProblems.com
McDivitt, Scott and Schweickart were given this mission, with Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders being assigned to a later, similar Earth-orbit test (E Mission), this time using the Saturn V to carry both the CSM and LM.
However, production problems with the LM meant that the D Mission would not be able to fly until the spring of 1969, so NASA officials created another "C-Prime" mission to go inbetween the C and D missions, involving the CSM (with no LM) making the first manned flight to the Moon.
For this and all subsequent Apollo flights, the crews were allowed to name their own spacecraft.
www.exampleproblems.com /wiki/index.php/Apollo_9   (680 words)

 Apollo 9 NASA Mission Reports   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This would be the first time that all of the Apollo hardware would be flown together and it would put one more piece in place towards the goal of reaching the Moon before the end of the decade.
Apollo 9 also provided the world's first dramatic look at astronauts spacewalking around the Command, Service and Lunar Module, and returned some of the most beautiful pictures ever taken of the LEM floating above the blue oceans of Planet Earth.
Apollo 9, The NASA Mission Reports finally puts in one place four of the most important documents from this auspicious flight...
www.countdowncreations.com /misrepa9.htm   (298 words)

 collectSPACE - resources: review - "Apollo 7" and "Apollo 9" DVDs
Schweickart's bout with motion sickness on Apollo 9 has been well documented, and he's very forthcoming about it during a post-flight chat over the flight's 16mm film clips.
The television transmissions on both Apollo 7 and Apollo 9 are grainy, and at times, look like the sonnagram of an expectant mother.
Apollo 9 provides the more complete story of its mission, but Apollo 7 is a quality product as well.
www.collectspace.com /resources/reviews/dvd/apollo7_apollo9.html   (1163 words)

 The Apollo Program (1963 - 1972)
Apollos 7 and 9 were Earth orbiting missions to test the Command and Lunar Modules, and did not return lunar data.
Apollos 8 and 10 tested various components while orbiting the Moon, and returned photography of the lunar surface.
On the Moon with Apollo 16: A Guidebook to the Descartes Region
nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov /planetary/lunar/apollo.html   (483 words)

 The Apollo Society - ASA#1 Shoot Moon
Apollo 9, launched March 3, 1969, was the first flight test Saturn V/Apollo Spacecraft in full lunar mission configuration.
Apollo 10, launched on May 18, 1969, was a full dress rehearsal of the landing mission and also a reconnaisance mission in which potential landing sites were reconnoitered.
The Apollo Society is a non-profit educational and scientific research organization dedicated to the advancement of space exploration and the establishment of human communities beyond Earth.
apollo-society.org /shootmoon.html   (957 words)

 Apollo Program - Apollo 1-9
Though Apollo 1 did not launch, two of the gold medallions were carried into space with the crew of Apollo 9 as a tribute to their lost fellow astronauts.
Apollo 7 was the first time a pen (pencils were utilized prior to this) would be carried into space for mission use and it was an resounding success.
Apollo 8 carried the first men to the moon and Apollo 11 carried the first men to the lunar surface.
www.farthestreaches.com /apollo.htm   (1761 words)

 APOLLO 9 PHOTOGRAPHIC PLOTTING AND INDEXING REPORT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The objective of this report is to provide a catalogue and index of the earth-view photographs taken from Apollo 9 and from supporting aircrafts flown during the Apollo 9 mission.
The photographs were also plotted on portions of the Army Map Service Apollo Earth Landmark Index map, scale 1:20,000,000 and reproduced at a reduced scale as Appendix A to this report, entitled Apollo 9 70mm Spacecraft Photographic Index Maps.
It is expected that there will be a continued demand for Apollo photography for scientific analysis; and to those scientists, the data and information in this report should be invaluable in the initial stages of their investigations.
earth.jsc.nasa.gov /sseop/metadata/Apollo9.htm   (1990 words)

 Space Cowboy Saloon
The story of how the crews were assigned to Apollos 13 and 14 is long and involved, and rather controversial.
After the cancellations of Apollos 18, 19, and 20, nobody ever landed at Marius Hills (although it was one of the prime candidates for Apollo 15), the great crater Copernicus, or at Davy.
Apollo 14 is on the way to the Fra Mauro Highlands.
groups.msn.com /spacecowboysaloon/apollo14underconstruction.msnw   (1166 words)

 Apollo 9
Apollo 9 was the third manned mission in the Apollo program.
First manned flight of the Apollo Lunar Module (LM).
Crew members tested the LM and practiced separation and docking maneuvers in earth orbit.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ap/Apollo_IX.html   (67 words)

 Amazon.com: Apollo 9: The NASA Mission Reports (Apogee Books Space Series): Books: Robert Godwin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
And Apollo 9 was, in stage parlance, a full technical rehearsal for a lunar landing.
Apollo 9, not surprisingly, had one of the strongest crews of any mission: Commander Jim McDivitt, who on Gemini 4 became the first rookie ever to command a multi-man space flight, went on to succeed the illustrious George Low as Apollo Spacecraft Program Manager.
Apollo 9 was where Apollo really came together--first manned LM flight, first Apollo docking, first in-space test of the moon suits.
www.amazon.com /Apollo-Mission-Reports-Apogee-Books/dp/1896522513   (2057 words)

 Welcome To Spacecraft Films   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Apollo 17 mission was the last of the Apollo lunar landing missions - and took place December 7, 1972 - December 19, 1972.
The longest of the Apollo missions, the crew of Gene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, and Ron Evans spent 13 days collecting data from lunar orbit and the surface, gathering 115 kg of lunar samples, spending over 22 hours on the surface and 147 hours in lunar orbit.
The Apollo 17 second EVA was the longest Apollo lunar EVA, at 7 hours and 37 minutes, and contained the longest traverse of any mission at 19.5 km.
www.spacecraftfilms.com /apollo17.htm   (2242 words)

 Apollo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Apollo Briefcase, a streamlined version of Apollo Professional for use in the field, allows you to create and change planograms, analyze section performance, collect shelf data and produce analysis reports.
Apollo 9.0 also offers Web Publishing which gives you an organized and efficient way to publish the planograms at the speed of electricity gaining compliance, from both the stores (Efficiency and Speed to Shelf) and vendors.
Apollo training programs allow students to master the skills required to perform space management job responsibilities, from creating store-level planograms to remerchandising sections and analyzing categories.
www.toolboxsolutions.com /apollo.asp   (848 words)

 Apollo 9 Harness Presentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Apollo 9 marked the first manned flight of all Apollo lunar hardware in Earth orbit.
This Spaceflori 8" x 10" presentation displays a segment of flown wiring from Apollo 9.
The source of the wires used to create this presentation was a larger piece formerly encased in lucite and given to NASA workers and VIPs as a recognition of their work in the Apollo program.
www.countdowncreations.com /flownap9p.htm   (117 words)

 Apollo 9, Jupiter51.com
PHOTO: The Apollo 9 Prime Crew Portrait of the Apollo 9 prime crew in their space suits.
The Apollo 9 mission was designed to test the Apollo Command/Service and Lunar Modules in Earth orbit.
The mission was also to test the LM systems in a "free flying" attitude to ensure that it performed as per specifications.
www.calgarycoin.com /jupiter51/apollo9.htm   (139 words)

 Apollo 9 - AOL Music
The original E Mission was subsequently scrubbed - Apollo 9 was the only Earth-orbit test...
The Apollo 9 mission was the first manned flight of all Apollo lunar hardware...
Apollo Missions, Apollo 1, Apollo 7, Apollo 8, Apollo 9, Apollo 10, Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 13, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16, Apollo 17...
music.aol.com /artist/apollo-9/294743/main   (152 words)

 The Apollo Program
Center for Earth and Planetary Studies RPIF collection.
*Apollo 13 did not land on the surface of the Moon.
** Apollo 1 and crew were tragically lost in fire during pre-launch test.
www.nasm.si.edu /collections/imagery/apollo/apollo.htm   (79 words)

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